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Scripting Episode 5

By Fire And Blood on

Continuing our ongoing exercise in guestimation as to the content of the GAME OF THRONES scripts. Our rough Season One outline can be found HERE. Episodes 2 – 4 can be found here: Episode 2, Episode 3, Episode 4. As … Continue reading

UK’s tallest man auditions for Gregor

By Winter Is Coming on

I’ve heard from a reliable source that Neil Fingleton, the UK’s tallest man and self-described world’s tallest actor, has auditioned for the role of Gregor in Game of Thrones. The audition occurred a few weeks ago in London, so it … Continue reading

Lose one Tamzin and gain another?

By Winter Is Coming on

A very interesting couple of tweets from young British actress Tamsin Egerton was just spotted over on Twitter. First, Egerton says she is headed to Ireland “end of June to December” for filming. She then follows up with another tweet saying she’s … Continue reading

Original score for opening credits likely

By Winter Is Coming on

David Benioff and Dan Weiss haven’t been heard from on Westeros very often since the pilot was filmed (I guess they are busy or something), but they did have a few minutes recently to answer a message from WiC reader … Continue reading

Televisionary: “blown away” by pilot

By Winter Is Coming on

The writer of the popular TV blog Televisionary recently had a chance to watch the pilot of Game of Thrones. In a recent post, he mentions the Dany recasting news and drops in his thoughts on the pilot. The Chicago … Continue reading

Multi-ethnic Dothraki?

By Winter Is Coming on

Based on some intriguing tweets, it looks like they may be casting the Dothraki people a little darker than most had expected. Of course, the books describe the Dothraki people as having “copper skin” and “dark, almond-shaped eyes.” With the … Continue reading

Emilia Clarke is Daenerys

By Fire And Blood on

As has been put forth (and finally confirmed by George R. R. Martin’s Not A Blog), English actress Emilia Clarke has assumed the role of Daenerys Targaryen recently vacated by Tamzin Merchant. And yes, that would be Clarke with an … Continue reading


By Fire And Blood on

As though we weren’t scrambling enough with the Daenerys news, those pesky people at Westeros decided to go and uncover yet another audition tape. This one depicts an Irish actor / DJ named Kristian Nairn auditioning for Hodor. Hodor? Fire … Continue reading

Mo Ryan scoops new Dany

By Fire And Blood on

Followers of the Chicago Tribune’s Maureen Ryan on Twitter (or MoFo’s, as we’re typically known) got a nice little surprise around 5:00 ETA when she tweeted a link to her latest article: The Watcher An excerpt from the exclusive: I … Continue reading

Filming delayed until “late July” per GRRM

By Winter Is Coming on

In a recent comment on his Not A Blog, George R. R. Martin confirms what I had suspected, that principal photography on the first season of Game of Thrones is being pushed back until late July. He also mentions his … Continue reading

More roles confirmed being cast

By Hear Me Roar on

Returning from LepreCon, GRRM updates us again: I should never go away, though. The amount of stuff that builds up when I leave, even for a short trip like this one, is truly daunting. Hundreds of emails, huge stacks of … Continue reading

Production status update: May 2010

By Winter Is Coming on

With the end of May creeping ever closer and no casting news, one wonders whether HBO’s initial target of a June filming start date is feasible. This production listing from the Irish Film & Television Network states only that production … Continue reading

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