Casting Speculation

Lose one Tamzin and gain another?

A very interesting couple of tweets from young British actress Tamsin Egerton was just spotted over on Twitter. First, Egerton says she is headed to Ireland “end of June to December” for filming. She then follows up with another tweet saying she’s actually going to be leaving on June 7th, which is sooner than she thought, and will be there for 6 months. Egerton recently wrapped filming on the upcoming romantic comedy Chalet Girl and as far as I can tell she is not attached to any other projects at present.

Winter Is Coming: So what are the chances she is talking about Game of Thrones? Let’s see, for starters, she has to be talking about a TV series. It is very rare for a film to have  a 6-month shoot. And there aren’t that many TV series’ filming in Ireland. And certainly not many that would be following almost exactly the shooting schedule of Thrones.

On the flip side, she is scheduled to arrive June 7th, when we know that they won’t be filming until July. It’s possible they want the actors there early for costume fittings and rehearsals though. Still I can’t quite figure what role she would be playing? She would make an excellent Shae, but do they really need the actress playing Shae to be present for the entire shoot? The only other role I could see her fitting would be Doreah, but then she would be in Morocco, not Ireland. Hmm…

UPDATE: It’s been pointed out that Starz’s Camelot is set to be filming in Ireland in June. It seems much more likely that she would be headed there for that than for Game of Thrones. She’s probably been cast in a major role in that production, such as Lady Guenevere, which would explain the extended stay. So, false alarm.

UPDATE: ScreenTerrier reports that it was in fact for Starz’s Camelot and in an added, Game of Thrones-related twist Jaime Campbell Bower (Ser Waymar Royce) will be playing King Arthur.


  • As I'm always the conspiracy theorist, I'll point out that June 7th is just a little while after the Stark kids are having their get-together. We already heard production isn't starting until late July, but still…

    • Yeah, I noticed that earlier. Wasn't sure if it was the same thing, it sounded to me like it was just another meet-up for them and not necessarily related to the show? But I agree the timing is interesting.

  • The Stark kids on Twitter have been messaging each other that they're seeing one another in a week, so it seems like June 7th would fit right in with that schedule.

  • Yep, they've been tweeting about it today actually: IsaacBranFlakes: @Maisie_Arya @sophieRRturner Only a week!! So excited!!

    No idea what this girl could be playing though.

    • Sophie was initially replying to our own JacMac's Tweet of a few days ago about next week being the British school holidays, so the three kids are off school and are excited about that. Given their comments today about stopping Tweeting, something else might be up or they might be realising people are getting the wrong end of the stick.

      I do wonder if the HBO delay to late July was done to avoid clashing with school time for so many of the cast (not just those three, but whoever's playing Jeyne, Rickon, Tommen, Myrcella and Robert Arryn as well).

  • If she's in the show (looks like she probably is), she's either Shae or Doreah…she really looks like a Shae to me, though.

    Edit: Okay, looking at some other pics of her, now I'm gonna say she looks more like a Doreah to me, in fact she looks exactly how I imagined Doreah.

  • This could be a table read, actually, mixed in with a "We're about to begin – here's what we expect from all of you" meeting with the cast. If that's the case, my guess would be for Egerton as Shae.

    But it's only a guess.

  • I could see Shae being present for the entire shoot. She's practically attached to Tyrion's hip (or other parts…) in most of his chapters.

    I imagine HBO would want to play up her role in the series anyway, for the effect of making Tyrion a more complex character and adding a little bit more sexytime to the show.

    If that's the case, Peter Dinklage is one lucky guy.

    • Shae only meets Tyrion in Episode 8 (which is also Tywin's first appearance). She doesn't need to be around before then. In Season 2/ACoK, yes, she'll be far more prominent.

  • Probably a lot of rehearsals – riding training, weapons training, etc. All sorts of things to prep for, so I wouldn't be surprised about them going in nearly a month early.

  • Correct me if I am misrembering, but doesn’t Shae only appear in GOT (spoilers?) after Tyrion comes down from the Vale? That’s passed halfway through.

  • Yes, Egerton is going to Ireland for filming of a U.S. TV series, as per this YouTube interview about 1:30 in.

    However, lets not forget that Camelot is filming in Ireland starting this summer (and possibly Borgias as well?), and presumably over a similar timespan as GoT. Also, from what I can tell, she seems like an actress who'd seek a bigger role than Doreah, and it makes no sense for Shae to be around for the start of filming…

    Film Ireland posted on the 24th that filming on Camelot was to begin in June.

    And, she's British — would she really write Ireland and not Northern Ireland? I've gathered that people from the U.K. tend to be fairly particular about that distinction.

    My guess is that she's been cast Guinevere or some other such character in Starz's Camelot. .

    • Yes, at first I was pretty convinced it was for Thrones but as I was writing the post I was like "why is she going so early? And why is she staying so long if she's just a minor character? And why is she saying Ireland instead of Northern Ireland?" I decided to go ahead with the post because despite those questions, I couldn't think of any other series it could be.

      I should have just checked the handy What's In Production listing over at IFTN and I would have seen Camelot right underneath Thrones.

      Bah, I hate making mistakes like this.

        • Agreed. Your speculation can prove to be incorrect, but that doesn't make you personally *wrong.* You qualified everything.

  • Assuming this is about Thrones, which seems likely enough, I don't know why she'd necessarily need to be in a "major" part like Shae or Doreah. She very well might be one of them, or she could be an attendant to the Queen or some young Knight's wife who's on screen in a slew of episodes but not someone we'd recognize from the books. As many characters as GRRM has fleshed out in the series (and boy-howdy there are a lot of them!) there are still thousands of less important people that never get named.

  • Hopefully the Stark children will email WiC a photo of their June gathering, so it can be posted for a topic.

  • Quick unrelated note: I updated the Pics of Momoa as Conan post with a link to an article in The Cimmerian webzine. The pics are from stills they had up at Cannes, and Jason Momoa is looking huge. Awesome.

  • I could do without posts like this… Discuss among a core group of people first perhaps to track down hints, but get the story right first, then post.

    But it's your site, do what you want. I think it is in your own best interests to take this site to a higher level though.

    • I'm of the opposite opinion. It's a fansite not a newsletter, and this was speculation now news.

      • I've got to go with John on this one. It's nice if Winter wants to double-check before posting things, but I'm 100% against us *expecting* him to verify everything before posting it in the "speculation" category. Rumors like this will be knocked down quickly enough by the fans here digging.

        It was posted as speculation, the language was less than definite, and the post was updated with accurate information as soon as it was given. It's your site Winter, and you can do what you want, but as has been pointed out in the past, D&D are already posters on the Westeros site, and Winter Is Coming serves a much different purpose.

        In my opinion, you handled the speculation factor of this fine.

        • Come on, spacechampion!

          It happens.
          IMO, it is not a big mistake at all, it is a fan blog, and excellent one IMO.

          We are all "amateur – diggers" here by our own choice and mistakes happen.
          We are not journalists with professional contracts and so.
          These are the things we do for love :D

          In fact, I was very close yesterday to post a "news" of Laura Linney joining the GoT – some guy on some forum wrote that down.
          He corrected himself later – he had Lena Headey in his thoughts.

          • I didn't say it was a big mistake, just that I could do without it. I would like to see the rumours and speculation on a separate section of the site, instead of the default that everything goes to the front page, but that's just me.

            To clarify, it's not getting something wrong I'm really objecting to. I just don't care for all the rumours and speculations getting such prominence on the site, especially if supported by such thin evidence. There is a difference between rumours you hear about, and rumours you start yourself. The overanalysis of every random actor's tweet or actor's blog is tiresome too when those actors have no confirmed connection to the show. The real news will come out in time, so I just don't understand the urgency you guys feel to manufacture it before anyone from the production announces something or even just drops hints like GRRM did.

            Again, I didn't say it was a big mistake, but it is annoying.

          • Again, I'd totally agree if it weren't for the fact that there's a "speculation" tag.

            I get that it may be annoying to have to try to figure out if something is real or not any time something like, "Hey, is it possible that _________ is auditioning for game of thrones?" but some of us REALLY like that kind of stuff, and Winter's pretty good about labeling stuff for what it is.

    • I agree with you spacechampion. Although this is a fan site, I take pride in being as accurate as possible with my rumors and speculations. I think I have a fairly good track record.

      I made a mistake on this one. I did some quick research on IMDb and Google, but not enough. I should have referenced the IFTN Production list to find out if there were any other possible shows she could have been referring too before making the post. If I had, I would have seen Camelot on there and not made this post.

      I got a little carried away and jumped the gun and I apologize. It won't happen again.

      • Hey, it's a great site regardless. You might want to ask the owners of other sites like tips on how to improve it, best practices, hard lessons learned. I'm mainly concerned with you maintaining a good relationship with HBO and the producers so we get great exclusives and inside info here. :-)

  • Since she won't be in the show apparently, I'll just mention that she appears to be super hot. I thought I should say that.

    • Uhuh. After this speculation has been despeculated I'll leave my mark on this thread with agreeing on your post.

  • I agree with paulo, she is super hot, but she doesn't really look like Shae to me, so I'm pretty glad that this is a false alarm. Still, she might get a nice little publicity boost out of this; Emilia Clarke is up 1,313% this week on IMDB's starmeter thing.

  • Since we are off topic, and talking about that other series here is my perfect cast for the Excalibur remake, which I guess starts filming Winter/Spring 2011.

    Arthur: Gerard Butler
    Guenevere: Sophia Myles
    Lancelot: Michael Fassbender
    Morgana: Eva Green
    Gawain: James Purefoy
    Kaye: Ewan McGregor
    Mordred: Cilian Murphy
    Galahad: Jim Sturgess
    Uther: Liam Neeson
    Igraine: Helen Mirren
    Merlin: Bill Nighy

  • She looks like she might make a good Margaery Tyrell, if it should happen that Camelot is no longer running by the time that role needs to be cast (IIRC, Margaery doesn't actually appear until the beginning of A Storm of Swords).

  • Sir Gadabout, the Worst Knight in the Land (2002) TV series …. Princess Elenora
    she's a veteran at this

    • Wow, EVA GREEN as Morgan La Fay, that is stunning, hit the floor front page entertainment news. They also cast Ser Royce, Mr. Jamie Campbell Bower as Arthur.

  • Wow, Ser Royce, Jamie Campbell Bower is Arthur, and EVA GREEN, Morgan La Fay, that is stunning, hit the floor news.

  • That Camelot casting news about Eva Green, justs completely overshadows Thrones, it's like casting Nicole Kidman as Cersei. I am just dumbfounded over this, kudos to Starz though. Starz must have paid a fortune to Ms. Green, but they don't have near the epic sized cast that Thrones will field onscreen.
    Looks like D&D have some catching up, hopefully I foresee big news concerning Littlefinger, and Tywin as a counterweight.

    • No, Eva Green is not nearly a Nicole Kidman. She's like a Lena Headey. To me they are both hot and nobodys. And yes I saw The Dreamers. Yes I saw 300. I don't care if they have perfect breasts and vagina hairs.

      "Starz must have paid a fortune…" no, it doesn't have a fortune. D&D are doing just fine.

      If AGoT was being done by Starz it would be dreadful.

      • By the way The Dreamers is a great movie; Eva Green will probably never get a chance to be in an excellent movie like this ever again. It was how she was discovered, and sadly beautiful women who are discovered aren't always going to soar through an amazing, unique career (unlike Nicole Kidman).

        • Steve, my fault for not clarifying my meaning pertaining to Eva=Nicole, I meant the role not the actress. To me Ms. Green is the perfect Morgan, while I always looked on Nicole as the perfect Cersei, this is not a slight to Ms. Heady either, for I have to come to absolutely love the casting choice for her. I agree with you that Eva and Lena are about on the same notoriety level and that is a shame as Lena has a more impressive resume. I also am adding Angelina Jolie to that short list of beautiful contemporary actresses that rise to an amazing career.
          It is though a sad state of affairs when a actor can be too beautiful for their own good, and this is a more recent state of being for Hollywood, as it use to be the norm back in the Golden Days of the 30's-60's. Look at Bette Davis, Elizabeth Taylor, Sophie Loren, Vivien Leigh, Katherine Hepburn, Olivia De Havilland, Deborah Kerr amongst dozens of others from that time. Most of these actors in modern times would not have risen to that staus, as they would have been handicapped by their classic beauty. I forgot who said it back in the 80's, but someone made the statement the ugly people took over Hollywood.

          • I always thought of Charlize Theron as the perfect Cersei; it's weird how characters are so different to different people, isn't it? Just goes to show that all of the "I don't like this casting choice, he/she doesn't look like X." comments are moronic.

          • My perfect Cersei would've been Cate Blanchett (yes, I definetely had to say this absolutely important nugget of information). Otherwise I agree with you.

    • Comparing Eva Green with Nicole Kidman? Eeeeh?
      Lena Headey is even bigger than Eva Green because of the fanatic Terminator-fans out there. Also she has starred in 53 different productions where Eva only has starred in 8. She is really only famous as Vesper.

      • Now read your second post and I retreat. Beauty is not only a handicap in Hollywood but also in life. I mean no-one takes me seriously either because of my stunning good looks.

        But seriously. With enough talent female actresses surpass their beauty. Angelina Jolie and say, Megan Fox arent good actresses enough. They will always only be a face and a body.

        Others like Michelle Pfeiffer and Nicole Kidman advance to the next level as future Meryl Streep-ish actresses and earn respect.

        • You're entitled to dislike Angelina Jolie's performances, but putting her on the same level as Megan Fox is just moronic.

          Angelina Jolie carried a movie in HBO by herself when she was an unknown, and made herself an star overnight. (Gia)
          Angelina Jolie outshined Winona Ryder in a film made to service Winona Ryder at her career's peak . (Girl, interrupted)
          Angelina Jolie is the only actress to my memory who has been at the same level than Denzel Washington in any movie that Denzel has ver starred. (The bone collector)
          Angelina Jolie's interest in a movie has made the runners of that movie to change the genre of the main character and rewrite the whole thing to accomodate her in it. (Salt)
          Angelina Jolie was chosen for Clint Eastwood to star in one of his movies. Freaking Clint Eastwood! (Changelling)
          Angelina Jolie has won an Oscar and been nominated for another one, nominated twice to the Emmys, nominated 5 times to the Golden Globes (won 3) , 4 times to the SGA (won 2) and a lot of different awards and prizes too many to mention. She's not even forty.

          Now, Megan who?

          • What he said.

            I can't name more than three or four actresses who can literally carry an action movie and look as though they belong. Sure, her personal life is the epitome of weird, and her lips are the size of Firestone tires, but as an actress few can touch Jolie's intensity.

            That chick's got balls.

            Fox's infamous "boldness" comes from her saying "fuck" whenever she feels like it (and who doesn't do that these days?) and the fact that she called Michael Bay "Hitler."

          • I was a teenager when I first saw Hackers, and after that I've figured she can do whatever the hell she wants.

          • I'm assuming you meant gender? How do you know they changed it for her? I had never heard of this movie until I saw the preview the other day. It looks like something Matt Damon would do honestly. It looks like a bourne film.

        • I'm not going to repeat any of Dennai's (very good) points, but there's also no way that Michelle Pfeiffer and Nicole Kidman even compare to Meryl Streep.

          Michelle Pfeiffer had a great 5 year run from 1988-1992, but her career has been in a serious downswing ever since. If you're most recognizable role in the new millennium is a supporting part in Hairspray, then you're no Meryl Streep.

          Nicole Kidman had a decent run early in the decade with Moulin Rouge and The Hours, and maybe The Others and Birth, but her career is also in a downswing, mostly due to her over-botoxed forehead and incredibly stiff performances. She's more likely to win a Razzie these days than an Oscar. In fact, she did, for Bewitched.

          Angelina, on the other hand, won an Oscar in 2000 and was nominated again in 2009, showing more staying power than those two combined. You can bet that Michelle and Nicole would jump at the chance to trade careers with her. We'll have to see how she ages, but if anyone is going to ascend to the "next level" as a new Meryl Streep, my money's on Angelina Jolie.

          • I am not exactly sure what you said. I can safely say however that I would have sex with any of them. Even Meryl Streep if I was drunk enough.

          • What I like about Angelina Jolie is her selection of films, she shows great instinct and manipulation. Why I say manipulation is that she purposely alternates her roles between fanboy action and serious drama, therefore keeping her fanbase intact while also maintaining her image among Academy Members as a serious actor. She also excels at instinctively choosing the right film roles to accept (will have to wait and see if Salt maintains this streak), Her film afterwards, The Tourist with Mr. Depp, is a serious Hitchcockian drama, then back to action with Serena in which she plays the villainess this time around.