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Editorial speculation: Character cuts II

By Fire And Blood on

Continuing from this post, where I only scratched the surface, I’ve now dug all the way to the bottom of the barrel for possible “named” roles which have the potential for being cut. To my eyes there are more than … Continue reading

GRRM at LepreCon

By Winter Is Coming on

George R. R. Martin was a guest of honor at LepreCon this weekend, where he had the usual reading followed by a Q & A. WiC reader Lord Ned’s Head was there on Friday and Saturday and was kind enough … Continue reading

More Thrones audition videos

By Winter Is Coming on

A few more Game of Thrones audition videos have popped up on the ‘net the past few days. The first video is of Irish soap actress Bronagh Waugh, who looks to be reading for the part of Doreah, despite what … Continue reading

Casting Varys

By Winter Is Coming on

As casting continues, I think it’s time we continue our look at some popular fan choices for the upcoming roles. This time around we’re going to be looking at the role of Varys. For the role we’ll need someone who … Continue reading

Pics of Momoa as Conan, looking a lot like Drogo

By Winter Is Coming on

A few spy pics of Jason Momoa as Conan have surfaced and it isn’t very far off from what Jason may look like as Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones. Winter Is Coming: Wow, he’s looking pretty ripped. It is probably … Continue reading

Editorial speculation: Character cuts

By Fire And Blood on

George R. R. Martin recently mentioned a number of the characters who’ve made the show, so I thought it high time to open a discussion about the characters that might not — and more importantly the story changes these cuts … Continue reading

GRRM speaks again: Casting on-going

By Hear Me Roar on

In his latest Not A Blog post, Martin updates us on the casting front. Things are moving along, and they are casting roles roughly as they appear in the story: Yes, casting is on-going for the HBO series, so I’ve … Continue reading

Another Tudors actress auditions for Dany

By Fire And Blood on

Winter Is Coming poster Abyss recently discovered a You Tube video in which English actress Charlotte Salt gives an audition (or at least provides footage of a practice run) for the role of Daenerys Targaryen. Salt is probably best known … Continue reading

Press clippings: LA Times and PlayStation mag

By Winter Is Coming on

Two mentions of Game of Thrones in the press recently. First was over at the Los Angeles Times blog ShowTracker where they highlighted GRRM’s interview with Mo Ryan. They pull some quotes from the interview and reference the buzz and … Continue reading

GRRM hands in script

By Winter Is Coming on

George R. R. Martin has a new blog post up and informs us that he has handed in the first draft of his script of episode eight. He notes it is likely too long and too expensive, both problems that … Continue reading

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