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Possible new director revealed

It has been widely assumed that Tom McCarthy, the director of the original Game of Thrones pilot, would not be returning to film season one. At least, not in its entirety. We haven’t heard much about any possible new directors, until now. According to this tweet, it looks like Irish director Brian Kirk will be stepping behind the lens for two episodes of Thrones‘ first season. Kirk is a veteran television director with directing experience on The Tudors, Dexter, The Riches, and HBO’s Boardwalk Empire.

Winter Is Coming: Kirk seems like a solid, if unspectacular, choice to helm a few episodes a season. Television directors don’t have as much creative control as film directors, most of the look and tone of the series will have been set by David, Dan and McCarthy via the original pilot. It is up to the subsequent directors to continue that vision. Still Kirk is obviously talented, judging by some of his awards and nominations, and has experience directing some high-quality television dramas. And hey, if he’s good enough for Martin Scorsese, he’s good enough for me.

[Thanks to The_Rabbit for digging this up!]


  • Really dont know about series directors, but again i will trust in the producers and HBO in general.

    Maybe some of the posterswith more knowledge about directors may have something to say.

    To me if he’s good enough for Martin Scorsese, he’s good enough for me.[2]

    PS: To soccer fans: The Cup is Coming:…remember 94!!! ..Greetings from Brazil :)

    • His track record is solid. I enjoyed the Dexter episode he directed and I am confident that Scorcese saw in him some qualities. Good news for us Thrones fans!

      Oh, one more thing…Boa sorte para a Copa, Quiet Wolf. Se Portugal não ganhar espero que seja o país irmão a ganhar :) Cumprimentos

    • I'm counting down the days for the World Cup. US should be able to get out of their group. If not, it will be a huge disappointment.

      And your group of death just got a lot less deadly with Drogba out. I suspect Brazil and Portugal should advance without too much trouble now. Such a shame for Cote d'Ivoire, they would have been a dangerous team but to lose Drogba really hurts them.

        • I feel sorry for Drogba..well alittle…but the man lost his edge after Lucio Roar in his face…LOL.
          WIC: I think you are underestimate de Cote d'Ivoire team…they are skilled and forgod´s sake they are fast really fast…and know they have motivation..but sure Drogba is a great lost for any team in the world.

          94: middling team plus Romário = champions LOL (lets Spain, Portugal and Argentina at each others throat…this year we go Littlefinger's stile baby….I hope!) :)

          Covenant: Espero que ambas seleções estejam clasificadas no último jogo, e que vocês fiquem em segundo…..boa sorte contra Espanha!! hehe.

      • Your first match is vs England :x
        If you win that I'll be very surprised (and disappointed, being British and all)

        • Me too. (Although with Ferdinand out, that helps the Yanks chances.) But the US doesn't need to win against England to advance as they should be able to handle Algeria and Slovenia. At least, I hope so.

          • Ah, I don't really follow football I just like to see England win. I thought it was straight knockouts in the world cup.

            For this weekend, we shall be enemies!

          • Here in Spain we're more excited than ever, having the best national team on our history, just winning Euro'08.
            I think this is our best chance to finally become a winning team after so many disappointments
            Still, many things can happen in a World Cup.

          • Now or ne'er, my Furia Roja :)

            Anyway, we got this proverbial bad luck. I've got the feeling *something* is gonna happen, either another blind referee as in '94 and '02 or someone missing a crucial penalty as in '98. Wish I were wrong, but that's our history :(

          • We SHOULD be able get out of our group, but our history is still spotty. We did well in '94 and '02 (where we even beat Mexico to make it to the round of 8), but '98 and '06 were total embarrassments (we lost to freakin' IRAN in '98, and went 0-0-1 in '06, though there we were in the "group of death" and were actually the only team to get a result off of eventual winners Italy.

            We're in a relatively soft group this year but our team has been pummeled by injuries. Donovan and Dempsey are a dynamic duo, though, and should provide enough offense to get by so long as our defense can avoid mistakes.

          • Yeah, the injury to Onyewu is the killer. He doesn't look like he is anywhere near match ready. He was one of the keys to the US's Confed Cup run. Without him the defense is average, at best. Thankfully, as you say, a weak group and good form of late from Donovan and Dempsey will hopefully be enough to get the US into the knockouts.

      • I am kinda sad we're in the same group. Adds to the thrill, but I would like both our teams to advance past the first round … if not both, then Slovenia, of course. Football is the one team sport in which I support team US.

        • Yeah, I was bummed to see you guys in our group as well. I guess the silver lining would be that if the US doesn't advance, it probably means Slovenia did (I really don't see Algeria winning a match). Obviously, best case scenario is we both advance. :)

      • Yes, Drogba´s injury was unfortunate but the Cote d´Ivoire medical team seems confident that the he might be able to play the match against Portugal. I´m not as optimistic as WiC about Portugal´s chances in the Word Cup though…the team wasn´t able to win against Cabo Verde! Anyway I think this time it´s going to be difficult to predict who will win…

    • The Dutch had a huge let-down today. Our man of glass is probably out with an injured hamstring. Still enough quality left to beat the crap out of Brazil in the quarterfinals!

      • HA! the history tell us something different… but what the deal here. Every single CUP we meet in the quarterfinals….C'mon give us a break FIFA

        • 98 was semi-finals, that cup was ours, you stole that game. The goal of Bergkamp against Argentinia still gives me goosebumps. Brazil made it Zidane way too easy in the final, Netherlands would have kicked France's ass like they did 2 years later in the Eurocup (where the Italians robbed us in the semi-finals (2 missed penalties in regular time…)).

          • 98 was a disaster.. and we have a littleproblem with france…:) … maybe you have another shot this year… but make it sure you get the first place of your group. If not maybe you should talk to a Azurra fan first( I sure are plenty of then round here) ;)

          • Pff, Azurra are out in group stage this year, along with France. They are far overrated, just look at how they were humiliated by the Dutch 2 years ago.

          • HAha we have a impassioned fan here…I Salute you my friend!…I believe you not see the World Cup back there at 74…that was a team… I guess you have a Cruyff tatoo in your chest or a number 4 T-shirt with only two "Adidas" stripes… I got mine ( number 4 T-Shirt not Cruyff tatoo).

          • Sadly I wasn't around in 74, 78, or 88 (well I was around in 88 but only for 2 years). No Cruyff (or number 14) tattoo for me. He's a national hero, but he still played for Ajax…

          • being a huge northern ireland fan im sad to say we didnt qualify, i still went to ever home match! which is a shame as i would expect every poster on this sight to support us due to our ties to GoT lol!!!!

            soooooo knurk – im backing the dutch instead!!!

          • WiC im impressed! Most folks dont even realise that northern ireland has a separate team to the republic.

            yup, we have this phenominal ability to beat the bigger teams yet lose out to some we should beat. il never forget beating england and spain at windsor. the atmosphere cant be described.

            it would be like bran beating gregor in an duel.

            due to your puling for the green and white army i am now declaring the USA my second team. fact.

          • Dont worry Gaz…Henry shall pay for that damned hand…soon or later…And i´m sad for you guys.. ( even you backing the duch…just kidding)

          • Northern Ireland wolf man…different team friendo

            im backing the dutch but brazil look strong – best defence in it and still with out any injuries…

          • Sorry about that….LOL…: about Brazil: best defense, but average ofensive…(really bad results on the shoot trainning today)..Lets hope the winds of fortune still blowing to our side.

          • no problem my man, its a common occurance.

            yeah its usually the other way round, strong offense but lacking at the back, your midfield is not as strong as it once was either.

            but the world cups history of winners (esp in recent years) is characterised with teams who have a strong defense.

            i have to say im extremly jealous of all you peolpe with home nations in the cup!

          • Dont be jealous of any of us we have our home nations in the cup. you have Thrones on you backyard ( lucky bastard!)

          • hahahaha true true…tho its hard to get near! i have tried to get into shanes castle and paint hall and been rejected!

            maybe il follow in a few other posters examples and join the extras agency!

      • Wish luck to all your teams, I ll watch the cup carefully!

        I hope we are not gonna have any trouble here on this very blog, concerning the group C. :)))

  • This brings the question: who is going to direct the reshoots for the pilot? Hollywood doesn't like it if two people direct the same film or tv episode. Robert Rodriguez resigned from the Director's Guild in order to get Frank Miller credit as a co-director on Sin City. So they pretty much have to get Tom McCarthy to come back for the reshoots, or get someone else to do it but not credit them (maybe that is done all the time, I don't know). Coming back for just a few scenes though might not make sense for McCarthy unless he is also directing the second episode. So I'm betting that is what is going to happen, if he is available.

    • Good question. I hope McCarthy will return, then. Seems a bit messy with two directors for one episode. And the one episode thats gonna set the tone for the entire series at that.

      • Like I said above, the person who gave Rabbit the scoop indicated that Kirk "starts work next week."

        If that statement is accurate, would it indicate that it might be for the reshoots?

        • It may be likely that the directors(including McCarthy) may go over things together to make sure everyone is on the same page – and just general pre-planning and such. I'm also not aware how series directors work, but maybe since McCarthy is so responsible for setting the tone of the show, he has to "pass the torch" on to the other directors and make sure everything stays congruous with his and D&D's visions.

          I'd imagine there's a lot of that going on and that the other directors don't just show up on the day their episode starts shooting. I am talking out of my ass though, as usual :)

    • Directing, and the crediting that goes along with it, tends to work a bit different with TV than with the movies. On a feature film, the director is pretty much the creative overseer for the entirety of the project. On television shows, since directors come and go, that responsibility is more in the hands of the executive producers. They'll usually give the scripts a once-over, at least, for continuity's sake, and will try to keep the tone of the show consistent despite a directorial revolving door.

      In that vein, individual scenes can be directed in an individual episode without that person necessarily receiving director credit for that episode. I'm relatively certain that much of the Morocco stuff, once the show gets going, will be handled by a 2nd unit anyway. That sort of thing happens pretty routinely.

      The Rodriguez thing was more that did the reverse: he wanted to give a co-director credit to someone that wasn't involved in the making of the actual film at all, just because in his mind the graphic novel was the source of much information for the specific shots. The DGA was not cool with that, so Rodriguez resigned.

      • I'll agree largely with that, but you are wrong Miller wasn't involved in making Sin City. He really was on set and directing shots. That's pretty evident from the DVD set.

  • There's another interesting thing. When Rabbit asked for confirmation, and apologized for possibly being intrusive, the poster replied:

    "No worries. Don't know when it'll be officially announced but do know he starts work next week!"

    Now, to *me*, that means pre-production, not that they're shooting next week but still…

    Wouldn't that mean that he could be working on the reshoots?

    Grain of salt for the knowledge of the poster and all that, but it seems kind of odd to me that he'd start work in June if he wasn't going to direct until later in the season.

    • the Stark Kids are saying something about castles..that means the reshoot already begun or I miss something??? Unfortunely I dont have a Twitter account.

    • I'm pretty sure he is going to be starting on pre-production work, not actual filming. The tweets from the Stark kids were just about a social get-together, not any filming. We're still looking at late July as the start time for filming.

      Since it seems like he is getting an early start on production, it is likely he will be directing some early episodes. I don't know how the reshoot is going to work so I have no idea if he would be working on the pilot stuff. The tweet specifically mentions "two episodes" so I would guess that means he is working primarily on two complete episodes, possibly 2 and 3.

      • Maybe it would be ideal if McCarthy stays for the reshoot and another episode, then passes the torch, as you say. Then again if he's around to work with Kirk, and together they establish what needs to be established creatively, that also gives a very solid base. Speculation, speculation …

      • Yeah, I don't know exactly how the hand-off from director to director goes, but it definitely seemed to me like they wouldn't bring him more than a month early if he weren't involved in the first few episodes. Who knows, though? Maybe, like Chris said, they get all the directors together to talk over the entire series. Still, just like the "two episodes" makes it sound to you like he's working on two complete episodes (which I can completely see) the "starts work," makes me think that he's going to continue working once he starts next week.

        • I'd be really interested to know how shows handle this in general. I've always thought it was interesting that shows had different writers and directors for each episode and yet you can't really tell when you watch the shows as they all still have similar writing and direction.

          There must be some sort of blueprint to follow and a lot of communication with either the producers or the original director, I would think.

        • Yep. That's why we're all wondering what exactly him "starting work next week" meant regarding which episodes he would be directing.

  • Well I'm from Chile (that little country near Argentina), so forgive for my bad english.
    The latinamerican football is the best. I don't see any european contry winning the cup (maybe Spain). I hope Chile win's, but Brazil have more posibilities.

    pd: "Irlanda del Norte no tiene posibilidades, Chile le acaba de ganar en un amistoso con el equipo de reservas" Im'm too lazy to translate :P.

    • "Northern Ireland have no chance you just got beat by Chile in a friendly"

      Well your right. We dont have a chance. As we are not in the world cup. its ususaly quite a handicap to win a cup if you not in it…..

      • Quite Wolf- can you please explain to me from a Brazilian point of view why Dunga did not summon Pato to the world cup? it doesn't make any sense to me.. i think he is one of the best strikers you have at the moment (along with Luis Fabiano).

        anyhow- a disappointed Israeli cheers for joga bonito.

        • Errrr…..explain?…really?…No! no way in Hell!!!…But Dunga came from a old school. to him..Loyalty and the group factor are more important than individual skills ( Parreira's disciple). Pato is a great striker (I want himon the summoning), but that is how Dungas mind work( he plays on my national teamback in 80's and 90's).. his team is loyaltohim to the bone… and that are a strong group (win confederations cup..america cup and the south america qualifier) even don have the best option ate every position at the moment. In the end Dunga is a very stubborn man,hewillcomeback as hero or as villian number one ( anyway he lost his place as Brazilian Coach ( we are around 190 million coachs around here). time will tell

          • hehe ok i think i get it. good to know that i am not the only one to be puzzled.
            dont worry though, i think you have a strong squad anyway- i watched some qualifying games. very strong defense and the combination of Kaka and Luis Fabiano is beautiful in front of the goal.
            any football fan is a coach, not only in Brazil :D

  • I say we start a petition to have John Milius direct the episodes with the Whispering Wood and Green Fork, he is the best battlefield director in Hollywood, though Speilberg and Scott would be close behind, he also wrote like five episodes of Rome for HBO. Since the later two have a full plate, Mr. Milius should be a serious contender for those episodes.
    This puts me in the mood for the kick ass "Wind and the Lion" one of the (25) great war movies and way underrated, even Mr. Connery's brogue didn't seem out of place.

      • haha Conan definitely rules! the books are awesome too- he is my favorite childhood hero (alongside with Corwin).

  • Offtopic:
    i have an Idea to make the waiting for the series a bit shorter for us (unfortunately just in a metaphorical way). It would be fun to create a list of films/series in wich the actors/actresses have akin roles to GoT. Of course it´s impossible to find samething where Peter Dinklage is playing a noble son who is unloved by his father, but I think we can find samething for every actor/actress to get a feeling how he/she will act or look like in GoT.
    Hier are same proposals from me (I am sure the real experts can find better ones):

    Nikolaj Coster-Waldau: "Shadow of the Sword" (Has a medieval-setting like GoT and he is playing a warrior like Jaime is.)

    Sean Bean: Well, "The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring" cames in mind… (I know, Ned is nothing like Boromir, but at least it´s the right setting.)

    What you guys think of the idea?

    • I think yer two years too late with it. Check out Narwin's Photoshopping of the actors into their roles based on their previous pictures….(gonna have to google it and be wililng to wade through Cyrillic for the pictures).

  • I had a chance to talk with Ryan Dunn today. Ryan is a poster here who's done some directing and has worked for HBO in the past on promos.

    I asked:

    "There's also a question of what Brian Kirk (who a friend of his says is directing two episodes) will be doing if he's starting work "next week." Like, do all the directors meet to plan out the schedule, will he be working on the reshoots at the end of July, will he be doing episodes 2 and 3, etc."

    He answered:

    "the director is involved in the pre-pro."

    I asked:

    "But would all the directors for all the episodes be involved this early in the game?"

    He answered:

    "if he's shooting episode 2, i would say yes. it's usually a workback schedule from the shoot days to determine pre-pro could be 2 weeks before, could be 2 months before depending on the scope of that ep a commercial, for example, averages 2-3 weeks of PRE PRO. scouting (location + tech), casting (background, supporting, guest), wardrobe (duh), prod. design (duh), dialog training, stunt. yeah i wouldn't underestimate the prep time for a director especially if he's available to be hands on."

    So, I think the idea that Brian Kirk is working on some earlier episodes seems like a fair bet.