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No Thrones panel at Comic Con

Whether HBO would hold a Game of Thrones panel during the mega-popular San Diego Comic Con in July has been the subject of some debate over the past day or two. Unfortunately, it looks like HBO does not plan to have a Thrones panel, this per James Hibberd of The Hollywood Reporter.

Also interesting is what’s not going to Comic-Con: HBO’s “Game of Thrones” and NBC’s “Undercovers” are not expected to have their own panels.

Winter Is Coming: I had heard, as of a few months back, that HBO was leaning towards having a panel. But it seems recently that stance has changed, probably due to the delay in the start of filming. It’s unfortunate, but I think the timing of the Comic Con really put HBO in a tough spot. They understand the importance of this event, but I just don’t think they could make a Thrones panel work, logistically. Of course, this doesn’t rule out the possibility of them unveiling some other Game of Thrones material during the event, say some production stills, or promo posters, or maybe even a teaser trailer?

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      • While some Q&A would have been nice I have to admit that's the main thing that I personally was hoping to get out of an SDCC panel, a chance to see some footage.

      • Definitely. I'd be more than happy with some promo shots of the main characters in costume or even some stills from the pilot. I'm still very curious what the overall look of the show will be. The picture we got didn't look like a still but more like a picture that was snapped while filming, so it could end up looking much different on film.

  • Perhaps I don't get it right. Not very used to those huge cons of yours.
    Just how important are the panels on the comic con ?
    Is it really somewhat of a bad new? Or only the consequence of not having granted some promo info, posters and such?

    • It's really not that bad of news, except that no panel means a lot less "Game of Thrones" information. It mostly would have been on opportunity to hear the producers and actors involved talk about the series and perhaps learn new information or see some new images/video.

      • I will add one more "stupid question".
        What is the difference between cons.
        What is comic-con? what is world-con? octo-con?etc etc…

        All right, I am going to check the Wiki… ;)

        • A lot of it has to do with what the conventions mainly cover.

          Comi-Cons (SDCC, Emerald City Comicon, NYCC) are ostensibly about comic books, while Worldcon and Octocon are more about books.

          Of course, as we've seen in the case of SDCC, marketing arms of other groups see the general audience of these conventions as perfect places to cross-promote similar projects.

          There's often a feeling about regular attendees that these are "invasions" of their turf, seen most dramatically when SDCC fans reacted badly to fans there to see the "Twilight" panel:

  • Migrating my comments over from the other thread:

    1) Major bummer. I understand the timing thing, but it's weird that "Glee" will have a panel at SDCC and "Game of Thrones" won't. Just an example of what it's become, I suppose.

    2) We still might get some "Game of Thrones" news out of SDCC if some folks involved in it are there for other projects. Momoa (Conan?), GRRM (who mentioned in March that there's a chance he may be going), Jaime Campbell Bower (Deathly Hallows, suggested by Winter), all might get asked a "Game of Thrones" question if they attend.

    3) GRRM has already stated that the new ASoIaF calendar will be revealed at SDCC:

    So, hopefully "Game of Thrones" might at least get a mention in conjunction with it.

    4) The eternal optimist, I know that Comicon has surprise screenings and appearances from time to time. I readily admit the chances for some "Game of Thrones" action on that score is slim to none, but until we get some new information, this is all I have to hold onto.

    5) Now we pretty much know they AREN'T waiting until Comicon to announce the rest of the cast, which means I'm back to hoping some news is just around the corner.

  • I am still holding out hope for the NYC ComiCon in October. Maybe they will take a few days break from filming for it or send over those actors not scheduled to work for that period.

  • Nothing to fret about. It's too early in the process for a panel at this point, and I think that most of the "announcements" that we're holding our breath for are going to turn out to be underwhelming. I'd rather them not show up at all than show up with news about who's going to play Mycah. They'll be neck deep in filming and I'd rather have them focused on that than satiating my silly specific curiosities.

    Once it's in the can and next spring is rolling up, I expect they'll be out in force.

      • He's probably cast, or at least narrowed down to a couple of choices, by this point. He appears early (episode 3 by my estimation) and should be a significant "also starring" speaking role, but in terms of the TV series (despite his status as a character of enormous impact to the story), he's just one of many. Remember that TV tends to think in terms of screen time and lines.

    • Filming won't be impacted in any serious way by a casting announcement.

      We're talking about two completely different departments.

      That said, the idea of it being a mom & pop operation with Weiss standing on a rickety ladder to get the lighting just right while Benioff steadies it with one hand and types a press release with the other is pretty funny.

      • Well the point was that any panel that took place during just as they were ramping up filming would by necessity be pretty raggedy, with no stars, no creators, nobody actually involved with the production.

        As for a press release with the master list of the casting of minor roles, yes, obviously that would have no effect on filming. At the same time, the lack of such a press release has no effect on filming, either.

        We're pretty grossly inflating the importance of a list of actors we'll have likely never heard of imo.

        • I totally agree about the panel thing, and admit that I totally ignored that part of your post in my response, sorry. Now that GRRM has confirmed that filming is happening the day after SDCC, the idea of anyone involved would be on hand for a panel is even less than wishful thinking.

          As far as inflating the importance of the cast list, I have to think that my suggestion they might hold onto the information to announce the actors at SDCC is partially responsible for that statement. I had never envisioned a situation where that would be the only information. I just speculated that if there *was* going to be a panel they might save the info should one of the newly cast actors be someone in whom the SDCC audience would have a particular interest.

          As soon as it was clear SDCC was off the table, though, I dropped that thought entirely. I definitely agree that a chance to hear the cast list would have very little draw for non-fans of the show, although it may generate interest once the names are actually revealed.

          Still, aside from stills of actors in costume or some footage from the show, casting information is the thing I'm most excited about hearing. Even if I've never heard of ANY of the actors, I'll still be very happy to finally know who'll be bringing these characters to life.

  • If they considered having a Thrones panel but decided against it, it seems quite reasonable they might want to make a "compromise" and at least show the trailer they already made. Like… why the hell not??

  • New GRRM blog up:

    Auditions continue in Dublin, Belfast, and London for a whole bunch of parts, both major and minor, on HBO's GAME OF THRONES.

    Sometimes it is a very hard job.

    I've just reviewed the tapes of twelve young women reading for the part of Shae.

    Excuse me. I need to go take a cold shower now.

    • Well, it shows they are struggling a little, but also that they take this very seriously. I'm sure they have had a bunch of good actors auditioning, but they aren't settling for "just" good.

    • Well, GRRM did mention that they were focusing their casting in the order that the characters appear in the season. If that's true, Shae is probably one of the later roles to be cast. So that may be good news.

      They are probably juggling many castings at once, but if they are still going in order there's a good chance they have cast the biggies like LF and Varys.

      • Yes Chris, I have red it same way, or they just changed their plans – to cast everyone before the start of the shooting.

        But, I think they have someone by now (the inner optimist is awaking :) )

        • One may even deduct that they have already cast many of the roles we haven't heard anything about for awhile – LF, Varys, Lysa, Pycelle, Renly, etc.

          Most of my posts these days seem to have the sole purpose of convincing myself that its okay to check this site 10 times a day because news has to be just around the corner :)

    • Hahaha best post ive seen from GRRM in a long time, although FTBG will have a field day with it.

  • i dont really no alot about these con events so have a few questions, any assisstance greatly appreciated

    has hbo shown the premier screening of other major shows trailers at events like this?
    will there be other hbo shows at them?
    if no trailer is shown here where then to you guys reckon it will be? surly it will have to be at some big industry function right? or can these things just pop up randomly if hbo feel like it


    • They can pop up before you even know it.

      That said, the HBO marketing team is usually fairly adept at finding just the right moment. Two years ago when I was at Comic-Con in San Diego, they marketed TRUE BLOOD (season three of which premiers this Sunday in the U.S.) with posters and fliers advertising the bottled blood beverage "True Blood."

      For the first hour we thought it was an actual drink, catering to the vampire-wannabe roleplaying crowd.

  • Wow, thats right! I somehow forgot about that. I should be going to bed soon anyway…

    Also: Wow. Apparently George is horny…

    • Hah, yea. Maybe that is why casting is taking awhile, ol' Georgey boy is spending a little too much "time" watching tapes for characters like Shae and Doreah…

  • Lets look at the up side of those news, why wouldn't they be at ComiCon and change their leaning from months ago as WiC says?
    probably because months ago they thought of a different filming date, that's the only thing we know that changed, there for we can conclude that ComiCon falls exactly or just after filming starts, which for me is kind of news, speculative news, but still news.
    another thing, I'm not familiar with Comicons but I don't see why there couldn't be a trailer/teaser release, as a matter of fact, optimistic as I am I think the chances of that just grew as they have to throw us a bone after cancelling the panel.

  • They have to do some type of promo at the biggest geek fest on the planet, but no panel means good news in that all the cast will be busy by that point, so I guess filming starts prior to July 22. I really hope HBO has a comprehensive GoT pavilion with character posters, pics from the pilot, props, and extras in costume along with the most important item, a teaser trailer.

  • Just a heads up, i'll stay anon for now(I am already registered and a frequest visitor), but i have a very inside seat into comic-cons production and if I hear anything i'll make sure I let you know!

  • I can understand not having a panel, as they wouldn't have a whole lot to talk about other than production. They absolutely should have a booth with some of the actors though!