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HBO airs Game of Thrones teaser trailer!

Tonight HBO gave viewers their first look at some footage from the upcoming Game of Thrones in the form of a short teaser trailer. It aired during a 15-minute pre-show to the True Blood season three premiere. Here’s the full thing direct from HBO!

Winter Is Coming: Wow, wow, wow! That was amazing. Very haunting and atmospheric. Going in I didn’t know what to expect and I tried to keep my expectations low, and while there wasn’t a ton of footage, HBO still gave us fans plenty to talk about. Based on what I saw tonight, this show looks like it will satisfy even the worst skeptics. And if you are unfamiliar with George R. R. Martin’s epic tale, prepare to be sucked into the world of Westeros. David and Dan, my hats off to you. Can not wait until next spring!

Hear Me Roar: I got up early to watch the teaser once it was put online after days of eager anticipation. And it surely is true to its name. What a tease! Perhaps I hoped the cuts would be slightly longer, not almost subliminal, but with the ability to rewatch it at my pleasure, I see it was skillfully done. While the looks and the design choices are in part specific to the trailer (including the titles), it captures the atmosphere superbly. Taking ‘Winter is coming’ as the tag line was a no-brainer, we were right all along. I love the raven! And cannot wait for more, either. Now go forth and enjoy the frame-by-frame discussion in the comments.

Fire And Blood: Reiterating what’s been said, I want to point out that this tiny teaser still gives us so much more than we had. Now we have Ned Stark in all his glory. (Is that a dead badger wrapped around his neck? Dude’s hard.) I’m loving the details thus far … and y’all KNOW where I stand with Theon and his awesome non-wig. Let the blond flow, my formerly dark-haired friend. Say no to fake wigs! And yes, I am pleased they made “Winter Is Coming” their tag line. I welcome all the newcomers we’ll see with that.

UPDATE: HBO adds a Game of Thrones subsite to with the trailer and a positively awesome shot of Sean Bean as Ned Stark!

UPDATE: Look what just popped up in my inbox from HBO. It’s Ned Stark! Click for full res view!

Photo credit: Helen Sloan/HBO

UPDATE: WiC reader pualo has done an excellent job in extracting some great stills from the trailer. You can view them here. Also he’s located a higher-res QuickTime version of the trailer which you can view here. Lastly, he was able to find a direct link to the wide image of Ned with Ice that is using as their Thrones page background, check it out here. Thanks pualo!


  • If you remember back when people were talking about how to handle the Others so that people didn't think they were "cheesy," I advocated doing a horror take on them rather than fantasy. I remember Ryan Dunn saying the same thing. It looks like that may be exactly how they're going to go. If they do, I couldn't be happier.

    • I definitely agree with you there, I always thought they had more of a horror feel about them than a fantasy feel anyways, both genre's being ones that Martin has written great works in. Plus, horror/thrillers sell to audiences easier than fantasy.

      • Also, if you think about the classic elements of horror, vampires, werewolves, zombies, ghosts, monsters, they all have some element of fantasy to them. I sort of regard horror as fantasy with the safety off, which is sort of the same way I think of Game of Thrones.

    • Paul thank goodness you had an opinion and that you could remind us since no one cared to take a note of it. I honestly believe your name ought to be in the credits as an "Fan" who was able to guess something. Ryan Dunn should be listed there as well, I would think.

  • Hell yeah. I'm so happy! I'm so psyched, this is absolutely awesomeness on it's highest level. HBO immediately put the website up, crazy!!!

  • Totally signed up for the Game of Thrones newsletter! What an awesome new website! This is sweeeeeeeeeetttttttttttttttttt

  • nice. i've got to go to bed now, but i'm looking forward to seeing a frame-by-frame analysis by tomorrow morning. I think I've seen three naked women in there somewhere oO

  • Very nice understated logo, no real give away as to what the series is about beyond the basic setting and Sean Bean's voice.

    HBO, that was a Teaser Trailer indeed!

    Cannot wait for this year to end!

  • Thanks for posting this so quickly…I'm one of the few who doesn't have HBO, but that'll change sometime before 2011!

  • Great pic Winter, how f***ing cool of HBO to send you that pic!!!!

    God, this is so fucking sweet. HBO, you rock!

  • I loved that teaser and am also signing up for the HBO newsletter, but I would like to take this opportunity to comment on the HBO blog sites, our precious WiC and others-
    While this series of books is much beloved by us, there are plenty of people (my friend who I begged to put the cell phone up to the TV during the teaser included) that know nothing about what its all about. I think posting one or two words that spoil parts of the books, even those revealed in the first few chapters of Game of Thrones is irresponsible and mean. This is the time we must all begin to be conscious of using those spoiler alerts and warning others who may land on this site or the HBO blog. Nothing but good can come out of not ruining the anticipation for the series or for those who will now seek out the books. Just my humble opinion.

  • Woo! I live in Canada and foolishly assumed that HBO 1 and HBO 2 would be the same thing as HBO, and I had to sit there for 40 minutes, watching True Blood, praying for this to come on, and it didn't. So, very enraged at having to watch that crap, but YAY for someone videotaping it and yay for you putting a clear version on here.
    Excited as hell and hoping this will actually air in Canada.

  • when they say teaser they aren't kidding around. 20 seconds. i could barely make anything out. who are those two people fighting in one of the early flashes?

    • The two fighters might be in the Danys wedding night i guess…there are people in the back of the scene wacthing them duel..or so i think

      • There are definitely at least two men watching. The one sort of dead center looks a bit like Momoa to me,, but he's out of focus.

  • There are people fighting at Dany's Wedding and there is a scene of Ned about to execute Gared.

  • does somebody have the technology and know how to do outtake stills from the trailer? i would love to see some still shots of each "scene" in the very short trailer. for discussion and dissection and generally nerdy ohhhing and ahhhing.

  • can anybody tell what that is at the 10 second mark? is that Ned/Catylen in bed? or the twins?

  • Was this teaser the very last thing shown on the pre-show? As in save the best for last?

  • Unfortunately, even in the stills the lighting makes it difficult to make people out. I'm pretty sure Ned is with Theon, not Bran in their still btw.

    • It is Theon (after looking at the official version), the couple in Bed don't seem to have blond hair, if it is J+C we may have our first major change from the books.

  • The quick inserts are, as best as I can make out:

    – A raven flying toward Winterfell
    – 2 guys fighting, with a crowd onlooking. Obviously Dothraki at Dany's wedding
    – Horses riding with Stark banners raised (probably riding to meet the King's party)
    – 2nd shot of the Dothraki fighting
    – Ned with Bran next to him, on horseback. Ned is drawing Ice (obv. Gared's execution)
    – What appears to be Jaime in bed with Cersei undressing (back to us) in front of him. We see a reflection of Cersei in a mirror as well.
    – A ranger (Will?) riding in the snow
    – Quick inserts of the fight in the prologue, with Horses charging, Gared (?) drawing a sword, and someone (Waymar?) looking scared as all hell.

    • I think it's a brief cut from the brothel scene. Maybe they are with Tyrion, but more likely it's just some quick cut of others cavorting there.

      • my thought was 3 ladies in bed with Tyrion but you could be right. just a random scene of debauchery from the brothel probably.

      • Yeah, this is probably right. Now that I see the still, it may be two different women, but it's confusing as hell because their bodies are in almost identical positions. The room is too nice to be the Broken Tower, though, so it's got to be the brothel. I retract my earlier statements.

      • I'm guessing its a Tyrion ( possibly Ros ) scene. They''ve yet to shoot anything other than the pilot, correct? I never read the leaked script, so if there were more brothel scenes than the one where we meet Tyrion and Ros, then I could see this being a quick cut of "others".

      • The more I think about it, the more I'm sure it is Tyrion in bed with three women and not just Ros alone. They could easily have changed the scene some, really show how much Tyrion enjoys his debauches. Might be Ros is the only one with lines.

        • They definitely look like they're all moving towards someone, and if you start numbering the ladies from left to right, there's a solid dark shape that could be part of a person between 2 & 3, seen mostly under 3's left arm. Of course, it could just be a shadow. Still, who else would be with three women, right?

  • This is awesome. I totally am a GOT addict though, as you give me some and I want MORE. Like all the screaming. Like the horror movie take – kinda like The Village or whatever that movie by M Night Shaymalan was. Tyrion was definitely with a whore in one shot (with mirrors, but at first it looks like two or more women, lol). STARK BANNERS are flying in one scene when the party is coming back on horseback from the beheading of the deserter – just before they find the wolf cubs. Very clear shot of Waymar, clear shot of Theon handing ICE to Ned, lots of stuff from the opening chapter.

    Woulda liked to see a wight, but perhaps that is a bit too much to ask. Unless that one shot is of the undead ranger, in which case, I'd be satisfied.

  • Heh, Ned looks cold. The whole thing looks damned grim and foreboding, like it should; a world seen from the Stark viewpoint. I'm curious whether future teasers will show a more colorful (bright Lannister hues or a Dothraki-themed) sort of view.

    I note Theon Greyjoy is a blonde! My fear of cheap-looking wigs has not borne any ill fruit as yet!

    Love the official logo. It kind of reminds me of the old Dungeons & Dragons Planescape logo.

    • Good call on Planescape. I knew it looked sort of familiar, and it clicked with D&D and Planescape.

      Love it.

    • I don't think that is the definite title art … "Winter is coming" was done in the saem, albeit whitte font. More work to come on that, I believe. The teaser catches the atmosphere greatly, but _in part_ the overall look may be specific to the teaser. Still, we can learn a lot from it, avid as we are :)

  • That's not mirrors, that's 3 different women — they each have a different style blanket.

    • Sorry, but no. First off, there's no scene in the books nor in the pilot script that describes 3 women in bed together, nor any sort of threesome. Unless it's a quick sort of establishing shot of the brothel where we meet Tyrion, there's no scene that could possibly fit that description.

      Also, the "2 women" in the foreground have identical haircuts and identical bodies. It's either a trick of editing or a mirror with deceptive light and dark areas where the shadow and blanket blur together, I can't quite tell. And the person you think is the 3rd chick is obviously a dude, reaching over across the bed so that his back is to us.

      I'm thinking it's a quick editing cut and not a mirror. The arm position is slightly different, but it's exactly what you would expect with the "woman on the right" being first, chronologically (the blanket is still a bit over her shoulder), and on the left she has raised her elbow as the blanket has slid off.

  • I don't mind the blonde hair on Theon. I would have liked to see a shot of Tyrion or the Direwolves but that was more than enough for a teaser considering the amount of filiming completed so far.

  • ok so aside from the camera moving in thru the forest part i have:

    1. crow with message landing on Winterfell's walls
    2. fighting at Dany's wedding.
    3. horsed riders going across a northern looking landscape
    4. another clip of fight at Dany's wedding
    5. cloaked Waymar riding thru snowy forest, same from the original still we saw
    6. Ned taking Ice from Theon prior to executing Night's Watch deserter
    7. maybe Tyrion in the whore house with multiple women around him? not sure?
    8. Winter Is Coming text with Ned voice over
    9. Waymar riding thru snowy forest again
    10. close up of a face, don't know whos
    11. Game of Thrones title font
    12. close up of horses legs riding
    13. men fighting Others in the woods? (others not shown)
    14. close up of Waymars face
    15. 2011

    that is what i got.

  • Excellent.

    But alas, a true tease on the order of "Why So Serious?" (remember THAT one? Laughter and playing cards??)

    Not only does the teaser have the horror flavor I had imagined for the prologue scene (which I hope they retain, as it's the best feeling from book to screen to capture), but they also used the tagline I was sure they'd use, though some have debated its "appropriateness" to actual season of premiere.

    From last September I made those! Sheesh.


  • Loved it, best 22 seconds of anything out there right now. Okay, a slight exaggeration there, but still, this teaser makes the series "real" if you know what I mean. Its not just casting news and speculation anymore, we have something tangible to watch now.

  • First time poster, been following this blog since casting. Great work here WiC, you have my thanks.

    In regard to 7, I think it is Tyrion as well. They are all looking down on someone, and that person appears to be very short. Possibly blond!

    Pretty sure 10 is Waymar Royce

  • Love the logo, classy and understated. Definitely very Planescape influence, I would say, which is a good thing because that was the best graphic design TSR ever did – they had to step it up after White Wolfe came out with Vampire: The Masquerade.

    I really like Ice in the big photo of Ned. It's very basic and the pommel and crossguard are well worn, like they should be. Look closely at the blade, though, and you can see it's watered steel!

    My favorite shot is the CU of Waymar's face looking totally terrified.

    I certainly wish it was longer, but I'm glad HBO has it up online so quickly so we can at least pour over the stills. That's something, at least – I'll take what I can get.

  • Allow me to be the first to voice some nit picking and complaints…. Aww who am I kidding, it looks great!

  • I hate to be a douchebag but I'm slightly worried in regards to the color palette that they're going to use. Everything looks to be variations of gray. It could just be the teaser though.

    • This is pretty obviously adjusted for the trailer. This is a pretty common technique in trailers; they probably wanted to keep the palette of the scenes consistent, and matching the tone of the audio and the general horror theme. The quick shot of the brothel, for example, is obviously muted down to the max, almost black and white. Ditto for the quick shots of the dothraki fighting. Those will be colorful scenes, without a doubt. But in a trailer, particularly with the kind of smash cuts that they used, they would have stuck out like a sore thumb in that palette.

      • Yea that was what I'm hoping for and that they aren't going to use mostly dark colors throughout the production to create a grim feeling. Normally this doesn't bother me but it stood out in the trailer however like you said they probably just muted the colors.

  • As I've pointed out before, HBO is likely to produce a bunch of different GoT teasers, to be aired in conjunction with HBO's other programming. This one aired before True Blood, so no wonder they went with the horror theme.

    I'm looking forward to what they use with Entourage.

  • Uhm. I didn't get the chills. I got a good dose of "huh?"

    There was deliberately not enough to even see or make out much of anything. Seems to me that this was raw footage that has not been finished in post production so they were leaving themselves a LOT of wiggle room.

    I'm sill excited about the project and I'm still excited about seeing a trailer. But this wasn't even that. It was a flash TEASER for a teaser trailer due out at some time this Fall. Nothing more. All the "squeee" here is unjustified. I hope one day it WILL be justified — but this wasn't it.

    • agreed, the average unfamiliar viewer was probably thinking "wtf was that?", and not in a good way

      • i hadn't thought about it but we all know this series and books intimately (maybe too intimately) and even we were like "huh? what was that" and had to do a .5 second by second freeze frame and still extraction to make heads or tails of it. and even then were are unclear on some of it.

        the causal True Blood viewer probably went "uh, ok … what the hell was that?" and not in a good "oooh. that really looked cool what was that" kind of way.

        more in a "i am confused, what was that series of nanosecond flashes…was that sean bean…damn that forest looks spooky but that didn't make any sens…oh True Blood is on" … promptly put into mental rubbish bin.

        a tease trailer needs to be at least one minute and show enough to at least form some sort of coherent and appealing idea of what the show is for the viewer. this did not do that in the slightest.

        • It's not coming out for another year! There will obviously be much longer trailers appearing as we get closer to the air date. They probably wouldn't have even put anything out this early if it wasn't for the fact that the books are so popular.

        • I can't think of any specific examples while my daughter is crawling all over me but this is one of those promos where you don't know what's going on so when you see the next one you're like, "Ohhhhh,,,"

          It's not a mistake.

          Or, at least, I mean…it was intentional. They know what they did.

          • Actually, Ryan Dunn mentioned one, it looks like…the "Why so serious?" teaser.

            The difference, of course, is that Batman and the Joker are sort of household names, but this is kind of the equivalent of billboards where there's just a date and a silhouette of a character.

            On the bright side, it could have just been something like this:

    • When you've been waiting for years to see this series come to fruition, keeping track of all the optioning, casting, and any little scrap of news, this small teaser is definitely "squee" worthy.

    • I'm not sure if all the squeeing is justified, but I think you are absolutely wrong on this one. This serves the function of how a "first touch" teaser is supposed to work, and does it perfectly. Yes, there will be people going "Huh?" but that's fine at this point. You make people aware that there's another show coming down the pipes, you give people a feel for the tone and gravitas, and you get the savvy viewer understanding that this is a very real drama coming down the pipes. You combine that with the launch of the page on, and you provide a pedestal from which to begin to dispense information.

      I don't know where you get the idea that this was "raw footage" that "has not been finished in post production." How much post production finishing do you expect is required for a shot of trees in the woods?

    • The still images:
      1 – Three women in bed
      2 – House Stark riding party
      3 – Ser Waymar Royce – quite terrified
      4 – Raven at Doune Castle ;)
      5 – In the woods (opening sequence)
      6 – Theon Greyjoy hands Ice to Eddard Stark
      7 – Fighting at Dothraki wedding
      8 – More fighting at Dothraki wedding
      9 – Black Brother (Will) on horseback I
      10 – Black Brother (Will) on horseback II
      11 – Black Brother (Will) on horseback III
      12 – Black Brother(s) fighting
      13 – Will (probably still on horseback)

        • Perhaps we should rename Ice as "Wolf's Tongue" :P

          I don't know how to think about the scabbard. Yes, it has coolness, but also a hint of cheese, imo. Not sure which one is dominating.

    • No, people were confusing Theon for Bran when seeing it very quickly, before the stills were posted. It's net with Theon at the beheading scene.

  • Any thoughts on how HBO describes the show on their website?

    "Summers span decades. Winters can last a lifetime. And the struggle for the Iron throne has begun."

    "It will stretch from the south, where heat breeds plots, lusts and intrigues; to the vast and savage eastern lands; all the way to the frozen north, where an 800-foot wall of ice protects the kingdom from the dark forces that lie beyond. Kings and queens, knights and renegades, liars, lords and honest men… all will play the Game of Thrones"

    Sounds good to me. Gives it the sweeping, large scale, epic sort of feel without sounding too "fantasy" but still has the mystery of "dark forces that lie beyond"

    • Yeah, it's weird because it comes right after "Winter is coming," it's *almost *like it's a continuation of that line, but it doesn't entirely match the mood and while it doesn't overlap it's almost immediate.

      The voice that's chuckling is definitely male, and *could* be Sean Beans, but I'm thinking it may be another character's.

      If I were to guess, I'd say (in order of most likely complete and utter guess to least likely complete and utter guess):

      1) Tyrion

      Was set up to be the "anti-villain" of "A Game of Thrones," at least at the beginning, and we don't know what type of voice Dinklage is going to use for Tyrion. He can go quite low when he wants to. Who better to chuckle at anything, really?

      2) Jaimie

      Signs from the leaked pilot script indicated that this version of the story was going to set up Jamie as more of a foil for Ned. If this is the case then Jaimie may be the perfect person to laugh at the idea that Winter is coming.

      3) Robert

      Perhaps showing that Ned is cautious while Robert is uncaring and reckless? Maybe, but the laugh sounds a little too sinister for that to be the case, which is why Tyrion and Jamie come first for me. Also, I'd expect this to set up the Stark/Lannister conflict more than explore the relationship between Robert and Ned.

      4) Littlefinger

      We have no idea if Littlefinger was even cast when this trailer was made, and it may be giving a bit too much a way for his role in things. Once we know who Littlefinger is, I might take another listen. I put this one lower because I think having it be him might be too perfect.

      5) Varys

      Very low on the list. This is a chuckle, not a giggle, so I doubt it's the eunuch. Still, an honorable mention. Also very low because Varys may not even be cast yet. Almost didn't want to mention him. We'll see what he sounds like as time goes on.

      • Sounded like Ned to me. Remember that 'Winter is coming' is their catchphrase, they use it a lot and in various circumstances.

    • I think people are forgetting that Bran talks about the difference between Ned Stark and Lord Stark the former was a warm caring father who would play with his kids while the latter was a hard eyed lord who was unwavering in his duty to uphold the law. I think that they may have taken this from a time where he was talking to his kids and therefore would be much more apt to laughter.

    • The direwolf on the banner from that still also looks like a really bad CG composite.

      Now I'm beginning to see why these were nanosecond machine-gun edits.


      Still cool though… as long as they raise the bar on those composites before airing!!


      • Man, I'm glad I don't have your eyes and knowledge. I can't even begin to imagine how many things drive you nuts on a daily basis.

      • Honestly, I don't think that shot is a composite, I can usually spot those things a mile away. I know it's what you do for a living, but my eye is pretty great for that stuff, too. It doesn't even make sense to do that, though. More trouble than its worth than just using real banners.

        What it might be is that when they tinted the trailer blue, the color in banners got lost and they tried to make them really pop out white, just so we get that nice flash of fluttering banners in that shot to catch the eye. Assuming the final product isn't tinted so blue, those banners might look a lot better in the final cut. I do see what you mean that they stick out rather a lot and kind of don't fit, but I'd say that had to do with color enhancements rather than composite.

        • @Brude

          Hate to be the contrarian, but the lighting is completely wrong. The entire cavalry is in hard silhouette, and yet highlights are hitting those fake silk flags from the top front?? And the hard shadows on the leftmost flag??????

          I'm not buying it. I'm just hoping (assuming) the final composites will be solid, ie. John Adams style. I'm not super worried, but they DID include this shot in a wide-release teaser.


          • They're not all in silhouette, mostly just wearing a lot of black that is bleeding together and bleeding into their dark horses. You can see the color of their faces and there is the one rider up front in all gray (Theon, I think).

            Yes, the flags are too light, but they just don't look fake to me. I still say it just comes from tinting everything else blue. Still, it's easier to tell from an actual moving shot than a single frame for these things, at least for me…also, it's a pretty low-grade video image so that can be deceiving and hide that sort of detail, maybe.

          • As the saying goes… I'm entitled to my opinion, and you're entitled to be wrong.

            Hahahah just kidding, honestly.

            Yeah maybe you're right. I don't think so though, personally. Them's some fake azz flags, yo!

            The best news about our side-debate (besides driving Guderonomy batty), is that it means next to nothing in the scheme of things, and all will be well when we finally see the world premiere!


        • and also, with regards to whether it's even worth doing it in CG, here are two reasons (and I just had this issue with a spot I shot for Verizon).

          1. They likely didn't have final artwork for the flags at that time, or the artwork changed after the shoot.

          2. It's very hard to track in artwork onto a heavily beating flag, so much so that it is actually EASIER to track the shot, animate the 3d flag, and shade/light it to match the shot.

          Just sayin'.


          • You answered my question before I asked it. So they didn't have the final heraldry artwork done at the time of filming the pilot, resulting in the need to fake 'em up some flags? Something I would never have even thought of.

          • Do you think the shot of Ned at the execution happened later, then?

            That flag looks like it's a physical prop, and it seems to have the same artwork.

  • Just a thought before bed…

    After watching for about the 90th time, I noticed, right at the end as you see the horses hooves dashing through the snow you hear what I thought was just a horse whinnying, but it kind of shrieks off into something "other" worldly…

    Could that possibly be the shrill chattering of the others that Waymar hears?

    As I said just a thought….

  • My thoughts…
    While I didn't get quite as much as I was hoping for, the taste they did give us was great! Even though we only got a few blinks here and there I thought the teaser looked spot on. The shot I want to focus on was the longest one they gave us. Namely the trees in the forest. If this is any indication, the cinematography for this series is going to be absolutely amazing!
    I saw some folks post earlier that they were worried about a grey color palette. Remember, most of these flashes, and indeed most of the whole first episode, were shot in the North. I say the color pallete was perfect! I'm sure that as the story takes us down to Kings Landing we will see the pagentry of more colors bloom. In addition to the colors though, the grain if the film the series is shot on is completely mesmerizing to me. It is a stylistic look into Westeros that I personally love. There is nothing on TV that looks like this! Nothing even comes close! I hope to the Seven that they stick with it.

    • I agree, the shot of the forest was great cinematography. After re-watching it a bunch of times, I also noticed that the forest goes from light and summery, to dark and wintery!

  • True Blood 3.1 was a great way to start the new season! Those of us who watched were treated to a special feature after the show called True Blood Post Mortem. Its a feature with behind-the-scenes clips of actors and crew, This one talked all about the wolves they will be using this season. They went over all the very same arguments that we have had here about our direwolves. It was a well done feature and shows alot of the training techniques they use in filming the wolves such as how to get them to snarl and how to place them. I'll try to see if there is a link up on the web for it in case anyone is intererested

  • Oh. btw, I don't know if we officially crashed HBO's website, but I am there now and it is running slow as shit!

  • That I would live to see this day…. !!!!
    And who just bought a 27 inch iMac computer with an i5 CPU and the newest Nvidia? Who could see every detail of that teaser??? MOI!!!! *has an iOrgasm*

    • I'm not sure I would call the Nvidia gt120 new. The radeon 4850 either.

      Newest Imac…
      2.8GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7
      8GB 1066MHz DDR3 SDRAM – 2x4GB
      1TB Serial ATA Drive
      ATI Radeon HD 4850 512MB
      8x double-layer SuperDrive

      For $2600? Nah I think I'll pass for a company that doesn't charge $400 dollars for 2×4 gb of ddr3 1066 Ram. It costs $220 online for that. If you went with 4x4gb they charge you 1000 dollars!! $540 in profit for a part that isn't even made by Apple? WTF, why do people buy that stuff? They are selling a $1600 computer for $2600, a thousand bucks is a lot in profit per unit.

      • don't be mean, where I live no i7 yet… :( to me it's the newest and the nicest…. and I didn't pay that much.
        I love my macs because they are so easy to use. i am a girly girl…

  • Well, they really put the "tease" in "teaser". I sort of get the feeling that they threw this together just to appease the fans, which is pretty cool of HBO if you think about it. I can't really see this teaser doing much for anyone who's not a fan of the books. It was over before it even began.

    I thought it looked great for what it was. Seems D&D have nailed the look and feel I was personally hoping for. No complaints from me.

  • Enhanced Images

    I made an attempt at enhancing the frame grabs to bring out more detail. I think I got pretty much all the interesting frames.

    http:[email protected]/sets/72

    Be sure to go to "All Sizes" and see the "Large" version.


    Captured from this video file:
    Frame grabs from VLC.
    Batch edit in Photoshop just applied Auto Levels and a rather strong Unsharp Mask.

    Edit: I uploaded a second version of the darker ones, to really lighten them up.
    Edit2: PS Winter, you might want to put up this video link too. It's a little higher res than the one it shows you by default on the HBO site.

    • Okay, I decided those looked kind of like crap, so I tried a third set, using a different technique. Main difference: it looks like VLC's capture is junk. I did an OS capture and they looked much better. Plus I did some brightness and color changes in VLC this time, and just did a bit of sharpening in PS. All three sets are in there. And now I better go to bed.

      • One more thing: if anyone captured the video directly from the TV broadcast, in HD, it's going to much higher resolution than what is on the web. So there's room for some much better pictures still, if someone has that.

    • Those look really great, thanks pualo!
      Because Ran at used my inferior (low resolution) images for the teaser's official 'dissection', I posted a link to your flickr page in order for him to use your images instead – I hope, that's okay for you… :)

    • Thanks for the great images Pualo, and the enhanced video, so much better to view and use as a source to comment from.
      The Dothraki wedding scene at least from these images appears to have been shot in a very large tentlike enclosure, I definitely can see fabric walls in the background, that is more than likely Drogo sitting crosslegged on a raised dias with Dany next to him purposely blurred out. I believe the tall figure in white civilized garb near the tent entrance is Ser Jorah Mormont, here is the pic in question, there is one other standing between him and Drogo, for a better look I recommend using Pualo's video and scrolling thru the scene and freezing. I soooooo love the brutal barbaric realism feel that this snippet implies.

  • Awesome! I can't believe we got a teaser trailer with almost no warning, and a high-res shot of Sean Bean as Ned!

    Loved the teaser, thought it looked great in every way.


  • So awesome. Sure, the trailer hardly gives us anything and won't mean too much to the average viewer, but it's still just so cool to see GoT in something that seems this material. Really drives home that the series is actually happening. Just awesome.

  • I am a little miffed that it was so hard to make out the quick flashes.
    But again. They only had the shooting from the pilot. And a lot of that can´t be used due to Dany and Cat being recast.
    I think the atmosphere was really great, and connect well with how I think the tone of the prologue should be. And it is only a quick intro teaser. It sets the mood, and hopefully more fullfilling material will appear as they get further with the actual filming of the series.

  • This is freaking awesome…wow,…I think I just wet myself…..LOL! Great job! Kudos to you Winter and all the others that have maintained this site, for all the news, information, ideas and thoughts! All the best to you guys, to George and HBO!

  • I feel sort of shocked (in a good way!) – two or three days ago, we still hadn't got any news (apart from the Emilia Clarke casting) in quite a while and now we suddenly have our very first teaser trailer and picture of Eddard! Exciting, to say the least!

  • It is absolutely awesome to have a television company who actually cares about the fans of what they are producing, the Ned shot sent to WiC is big proof of that.

    Good job to all the guys who sliced screens from the teaser, got some very insightful shots.

    I just hope they don't pawn onto it as a huge significance to season 1 in the promotional material, because non-book viewers will be heavily disappointed, unless the HBO writing team have invented more scenes with the Others.

    But that aside, amazing what a few seconds of blurly footage can do to a fan? I've never seen all you folks so riled up! We have been starved of proper information for ages, jumping on rumors and secondary images, and now, I hope this is the starter to an amazing feast that awaits us in the up-coming year.

    The Soprano's of Middle Earth? I love Middle Earth, but Westeros makes it look like Teletubby Land.

    Television won't know what the hell hit it.

  • Love the teaser, even though it's so painfully short.
    For those who are afraid people will get confused in a "what the hell was that?" sort of way… well, maybe you're right, but to me this evokes a feeling more akin to "i don't know what the hell that was but i wanna watch it!" So it might get people interested,and if not now, than later (with more promos). I wouldn't worry.

    As for the blonde Theon- I'd rather he wasn't (and a wig isn't the only option), but I guess it's not that important.

  • At first i was quite disappointed. I had hoped for at least ONE line delivered by one of the actors – and not as a voice over. But we DID get to see some footage, and the atmosphere was very satisfying. As others have pointed out, they've put the same "filter" on all of it to make it fit together for the teaser, but what i see here, is that it looks very professional and big budget movie-esque. Love the grim and cold atmosphere.

    Also, unlike others – i do think many people will go "WTF was that" in a GOOD way. It won't matter much anyway, as theres still a long time (sigh) before season one airs to give the HBO viewers a proper trailer to get more exited about the show.

  • I can't believe i just saw a teaser from Game of Thrones!!!! Everything has been said here already but i want to say one thing:
    Pleeeeease everybody storm the discussion on the official HBO Game of Thrones site. They probably knew about winter is coming blog etc but they need to see the buzz on their own site.

  • The HBO site seems to have crashed, lol!

    Edit: Working. I finally got to register and voice my opinion. They want to hear from us, so log onto HBO and let your voice be heard!

  • I just got a quick glimpse of the trailer (I'm at school, so I'll watch it more carefully when I get back home). The teaser is amazing! They obviously can put a "tease" part into teasers. Can't wait to see more. I'm a bit worried though – the Ice looks a little bit too simple and common for my taste.

      • You're right, but it's Valyrian sword – sword of ancient culture and forgotten technics of forgery. I expected it to be just a little bit different from ordinary swords. Although, the more time i look at it, the more i like this look.

        PS. Great, discussion of two Poles in english ;)

  • Regarding the blond Theon — it's safe to say that we're going to have to get used to nitpicks like that, but I think it's equally safe to say that if that's the worst we have to complain about, this show is in great shape :)

    To be perfectly honest I couldn't have said for sure exactly what Theon's hair color was from the books, and I like to think I know the books pretty well. It's not important to the story at all, in the way that some other features are. And it will likely reinforce in the visual aesthetic that Theon is an outsider at Winterfell and not a Stark, something much harder to convey on screen than it is in a book (without clunky exposition). You want to minimize the number of viewers who think he's another of Sean Bean's kids.

    Worst case scenario, they might even get Renly's eye color wrong ;)

    • Agreed. I think like the idea of a blond Theon to differenciate him from the Stark kids. I had always thought viewers would be confused about that. Plus, he's a viking, isn't he?

      • I agree with the whole differentiating him from the starks point. His blonde hair will make him stand out more, which is good 'cos even though he's a major character, he doesn't exactly get up to much in the first book. At least, not as much as he does later on when he becomes a POV character.

    • Oh no,not Renly's eyes! *gasp* ;)
      Well, Theon is described as "a lean, dark youth" (first Bran chapter). And it can't be the skin colour that is meant. But you are right that it's actually of little importance (unlike the appearance of Robert's bastards). And indeed,it might serve as a means of differnciating him.
      BTW, it's not even that exactly clear what colour Alfie Allen's hair is in that shot, I mean it looks rather bright but there's a strong light source that may cause that effect.
      To conclude: We want more stills!

    • Good call on the theory that they kept him blond to help differentiate him from the Stark.

      The only downside would be that it the books, blond is a most rare color reserved to Targaryens, who all inherit it in a shade from silver blond to platinum blond, and the Lannisters, those being rather gold blond.

      But it does seem very unrealistic that every family should have their own hair and eye color. I mean, except for the Targaryans, the families have been interwedding for ages.

      So as long as they emphasize the theory of Gendry's origin on his overall look (like he's the spit image of his father) rather than his hair color, I'm fine with the show juggling around a bit with everyone's hair color when it doesn't have any bearing on the story.

  • The imagery (what I saw and heard):

    1. Opens with a distant low sun seen through an idyllic forest. Birdsong fills the air, answered by the caws of a crow. We hear a low drum beating in the distance.

    2. The sound of a dull roar of men drowns out the drum, and we cut to a crow landing on a wall at Winterfell. The sky is hazy and gray.

    3. The sound of the roaring men is joined by the sound of clashing swords as we cut to a shot of two Dothraki fighting in a makeshift, dirt-packed arena as other warriors look on. (Dany's wedding.)

    4. Back to the forest – it is beginning to turn cold, perhaps foggy, and we can begin to see some vague words in white coming toward us. Soon, the sound of thundering horse hooves rises up…

    5. Cut to a handful of Stark men on horseback silhouetted against a slate gray sky, riding past a dead tree.Two of the men carry Stark banners; the gray direwolf on a white field. One of the men in front wears a lighter gray cloak than the others.

    6. Cut back at the Dothraki fight; one of the men brings a hard elbow up into his opponent's face. The background noise is now steady, hard drums instead of horse hooves.

    7. Cut to a horsed Will, his back turned to us, riding hard up a hill – presumably away from the pile of dead wildlings he just discovered.

    8. Back to the forest. It's getting colder and colder. The white words "Winter is Coming" are forming and coming toward us as a cawing crow flies past. The sound of a sword exiting a scabbard heralds…

    9. Ned, wearing furry winter gear and a grim look, draws his sword Ice from a wolf-headed scabbard carried by a blond-haired Theon Greyjoy (also dressed for winter but not smirking as yet). Another Stark direwolf banner can be seen in the distance, as well as other men.

    10. Quick flash of a brothel scene where three topless women, their backs turned to us, descend like hungry vampires upon a bed. No figure can be seen beyond them – perhaps he is unaccountably small.

    11. Will continues urging his horse of the snowy hill.

    12. Back in the now-snow covered woods, we hear Ned Stark's voice say, "Winter is coming" just as the words Winter is Coming fly straight at us. The words explode into snow, flying right toward us as we hear a low laugh by Jaime Lannister (95% sure it's him; Nikolaj Coster-Waldau has the exact same chuckle).

    12. Back to poor Will. Close on his face; he looks slightly freaked out. His black wool cloak has a layer of boiled black leather over the shoulders.

    13. Back to the woods. Night appears to have fallen, and the snow comes down steadily. And then the blood-red title GAME of THRONES comes out of the dark at us.

    14. Flash cut to horse hooves pounding down a trail. The sound in the background is like scraping nails on glass.

    15. Cut to Gared and Ser Waymar, fighting back to back against an unseen foe. Gared's cloak is like Will's, with the leather over the shoulders, but Ser Waymar's cloak is thick black fur. A horse is acting frightened in the background. The sound of the nails-on-glass screams intensify.

    16. Close on Ser Waymar's face. He's swinging a sword, scared shitless. The nails-on-glass screams sound almost like high-pitched radio static.

    17. Cut to black. The words "2011" in white fly at us, breaking apart into a small blizzard of snow.

    • Regarding bullet piont 12: There is no trace of Ned's voice or laughter when I play the teaser, but the soundtrack is otherwise just as it was when I watched it earlier this morning. I wonder if there is some issue with my computer or if they have altered the video. I'm extremely non-tech savvy so I have no clue whatsoever. Anyone else who have had the same thing happen?

    • That's some great poetry to my ears FaBio!
      Great stuff :)
      Thanks for taking the time to write this.

      The teaser feels kind of more complete and coherent when I read it like this. The development of the prologue scene incorporated through flashes throughout the teaser is more evident this way I think :)

  • As for nitpicking, the one nitpick I do have from the trailer is that IF the scene in the brothel is indeed Tyrion with 3 women, I don't like that particular development at all. Tyrion, the regular frequenter of whores that he is, has entirely different issues than those that would cause one to seek out 3 women at once. He uses whores to fill voids that are purely emotional, and that have nothing to do with power and control. He has power and control in his life. What he lacks is affection. Thus he's the sort that would gravitate to 1 girl at a time. Ergo the ease with which he falls in love with Shae, his "faithfulness" to her and his insistence of her faithfulness to him for the duration of their "relationship", and his final reaction when, well … you know…

    That's not to say that it's entirely out of character for him – he's probably played around with multiple girls at once in the past – but it's not the best way to introduce him as a character. I had no problem with the brothel scene as it was originally written in the pilot script, but have a bit of a problem with introducing Tyrion in a way that he's not really about.

    So here's hoping that that's a red herring and that it's just a random scene of debauchery in the brothel.

    • I don't think it's purely emotional at all, if anything it's purely physical with everyone other than Shae. He knows they don't like him, they only like his gold; he just does it to satisfy his needs.

      • His needs are very clearly emotional more than just sexual. And while he's smart enough to understand that they don't really like him, that they only want his gold, etc., he finds the illusion pleasing enough to seek it out nonetheless. Just because someone understands the stripper isn't really going home with them, doesn't mean they don't seek out a fantasy that suits their individual needs.

        And there's no way that his emotional neediness suddenly emerged when Shae did. That's not how these sorts of things work. It's clearly been there ever since the emotional scarring, betrayal, and feelings of self-loathing that emerged from the Tysha debacle. We aren't privy to them directly, though, because we see them only through the eyes of a character that approaches his past with a great degree of convoluted irony.

        Certainly they were more pronounced with Shae, as the opportunity afforded upon his being named Acting Hand.

        • Sure it's been there since the 'emotional scarring', but he doesn't usually let it affect his actions until Shae gets through his (fairly weak, seeing as he wants it) defences.

          At the very least you've got to admit it's partly sexual, and that should account for this scene (and most of his whoring, IMO).

        • I think it's different with Shae in part because of what he had just gone through, just missing death at the Eyrie and at the hands of the Mountain Men, and then in battle on the Green Fork. Times are becoming much more intense, every move he makes can be life-or-death now that he's playing the Game of Thrones for real. He brings Shae into his bed to seek solace and escape and the emotional intensity associated with that leads him to a stronger attachment with her than he'd normally have. Part of that has to do with the fact that Shae is unusually talented at what she does, and a clever girl, which Tyrion respects.

    • Here's a thought: how about this is a gift from his brother Jaime that ends the scene at the brothel?
      Before leaving, Jaime says something like "you need to learn how to truly enjoy a whore" and pays the whores and whisper something to one of them and he exits the room, leaving Tyrion trying to resist but being pushed on the bed by three women closing on him…

      • Well, I don't know… I mean, isn't Tyrion the whore expert in the Lannister family, not Jaime? :D Besides, I have a difficult time seeing how Jaime would want to meddle in Tyrion's affairs with women after the Tysha episode.

        But OTOH, Jaime seemed a bit uncharacteristic (to me) in the leaked script, so maybe they're taking a bit different approach to him, and your suggestion might be in tone with that.

  • I can not stop watching that teaser. It's great. I love that concept of camera flying through summer and fall to the winter.

  • omg we have actual footage of Game of Thrones… the cinematography was amazing, and I can't get Sean Bean's voice out of my head! Oh, now I can't wait for the series… but I have to convince my parents to get HBO first…

  • The frame-by-frame analysis and excitement reminds me of the first Lord of the Rings teaser.

    This is so cool. Can’t wait to see how this all plays out.

    These are some of my favorite books. Although I never finished Feast of Crows. I need to go back and reread and then finish FoC.

    And then wait…..

  • Speaking as a mostly-lurker here, it's quite exciting to finally see some footage, however brief it is. The imagery does look a bit rough in places, but that's to be expected at this point. On the flip side, the actors look great, and clearly a lot of care has been put into both costume & setting selection.

    I'm not concerned about the "huh" factor – it's clearly a teaser, simply meant to alert the True Blood audience that there will be a new show next year that they might like (as well as throw some red meat to fans like us). And from that perspective it clearly works – the whole thing plays like a 20-second medieval vampire flick.

  • Long time lurker, first time posting here. Thanks WiC for the updates the last few years. I absolutely loved the teaser, can't wait for an actual trailer now !

    I really hope it will replace Rome as my fav show. From what we saw, I am fairly sure it will !

    • Echoing that sentiment. Rome so far, but I really am expecting GoT to exceed even that slightly.

      • My favourite HBO series is The Sopranos and I believe that not even GoT can replace it. But I'm expecting it to exceed Rome :) GoT probably will be at the level with LotR when it comes to (fantasy) book adaptations

  • At last I have time to comment:

    Likes: The foreboding atmosphere, the realistic photography, the approach to the Others as horror vs. fantasy. The look on Sean Bean's face.

    Dislike: The minimal time to see the glimpses of images. If were not for the very crafty folk here on WiC, I wouldn't saw the girls on the bed, or the crow arriving to Winterfell. That we only have a clear image of one main character.

    Loves: That everything seems to be what I expected when we first heard of an ASoIaF – HBO coupling.

    Hates: Having to wait almost a year to see this!

    • I have to think that the minimal glimpses of the images indicate that they knew this was going to be dissected a frame at a time by fans.

      • Yeah, what Paul said. They put those in so the real fans would get a little bit more out of it than people who just watch the trailer once :)!

  • First of all, looks great.
    I have one thing though. The confusion may be due to the editing of the teaser, but anyway.
    I’m hoping those Nazgul like sounds (which would be a grave error to include anything similar) are NOT coming from the Others, because after all, they are silent. This is essential to the plot.

    • IIRC, the Others are actually not silent – there are a few times when Martin refers to them speaking an alien, high-pitched language, and even laughing (cruelly, of course).

    • Thought I had posted this earlier but dont see it now: If i remember correctly the sound of the Others' sword hitting steel was described as some sort of high pitched screech in the prolog of AGoT, so the sound doesnt seem all that misplaced to me at all.

      • If thats the case I almost worry it will be seen as kind of silly if the sound persists like it does in the teaser. I do think however it would be a mistake to make the Others any thing like the Nazgul

  • Oh right you are man! I was thinking that they move silently and jumped the gun there.
    I still think this screaming is over the top and doesnt really convey the communication between them, if indeed it is supposed to come from them.

    • I seem to remember that the sound of the Others' swords on steel was described a high earsplitting screeching sound.

    • Any sound effects being used now might well be temporary. This project is still in the production phase and things like sound effects are really part of post production. I can see they might have scrounged up some temp sound effects for the pilot screenings – familiar things like Nazgul to set a mood – but I doubt whatever sound effects were used for this will be the final product. Such decisions will probably get finalized much later in the process.

      I wouldn't worry about this stuff much.

      • Another unpolished thing I noticed – backrounds to the frames of the raven landing feature the same pattern of snow on both the high and the low roof. I'm sure that's also only temporary :)

  • I assume that hound as point out the line (the Others made no sound) from the westerosi folk lore….adn again I assume that he worries if that sound is constanti when they aproach and not only they "talk" with each other ( sorry if I dont made my self clear here…self learned englihs has it flaws) :)

    • It could easily be Ned and he's not so dour he's incapable of humor. He and Robert definitely share a laugh together when they first get together.

      • I'll take your word for it. Seems thematically weird to me to pair a chuckle with "Winter Is Coming" if it's all Ned, but I'm not going to get bent out of shape about it.

          • If, like Pualo's suggesting, they just needed "a laugh" and pulled one of Sean Bean rather than it being "Ned laughing," I can understand.

            But, yeah, if you were to ask me "Who should laugh after Ned says, 'Winter Is Coming?" I'd go with anyone BUT Ned.

            Some people claim they know it's Sean Bean by sound alone, and I definitely can't claim enough familiarity with his laugh to say it's *not* him.

            Still, I'm with you. It makes little sense if it's "Ned" rather than just "a laugh."

          • Still, the question for me is, why would Ned laugh right after saying, "Winter is coming?"

            Did they put them together because they just "sounded cool," or are you envisioning a thing where Ned says to Robert, gravely, "Winter is coming," then takes a beat, then starts laughing?

          • There's a cut in the audio if you listen closely. Whether or not it's Ned laughing, it's definitely not coming from the same piece of audio.

            He says "Winter is Coming" from one scene. Then they took another piece of audio where somebody laughs and cut it together. The laugh sounds like it could mean any number of things, maybe it's a bit maniacal. I think you are putting on this all that you know about the books, but that little moment is not meant for us, but for other people who don't know the story. It conveys a more general tone, maybe. The books are very dark, but they are also very, VERY funny sometimes – but funny in an often sick and twisted way. The slightly maniacal laugh after the grim sounding statement "Winter is Coming" perfectly illustrates this.

          • So that would be the first option, then. They just put them together because they sounded cool, no specific meaning implied outside of the context of the sentence "Winter is coming," followed by some laughter.

    • Trailers are misleading. That's the nature of the beast. All the chuckle means is that the folks that edited it together were going for a sinister tone and found a good laugh to use. It may be that they're going for a slightly darker Ned than in the books (the pilot script definitely played up his status as a badass), but I wouldn't read the world into it.

      • I was thinking this was possible, so I wrote to the guy whose company did the sound design for the trailer:

        @moultonalex Really great work! So good, I grabbed headphones. Is that Sean Bean chuckling after "Winter Is Coming?" There's a bet going…

        He responded:

        @sgnp I wish I knew. They just sent us the audio – no video attached. But it is all one continuous line "winter is coming" + the laugh.

        So, I'll admit my misgiving was wrong. If it was all one continuous line, that 's all Sean Bean.

          • The last thing I got from him made me think it was audio pulled from actual footage and then sent to them:

            @sgnp i just went back to original. A man says WIC and then another man repeats it in agreement and laughs. We used the response line.

            I'm still wondering who the first man was. Robert seems like a good bet.

          • Possibly, but there are two reasons I don't think that's the case:

            1) That isn't in the added scene, at least not in the pilot script.

            2) More importantly, folks more familiar with Sean Bean than I am have reported that it's both his voice and his laugh. I don't have any reason to doubt them.

            It's true, though, that the sound designer just knew it was "two men," and didn't name the actors.

          • I don't know.

            1) The guy from the audio company only talks about 2 men, so their identity is still open for debate IMO.
            2) I don't think there was anything in the leaked script about a man saying "winter is coming" and another one repeating it, then chuckiling, so my Jaime-Ned exchange theory is still valid on that front, since we know there have been changes to the pilot script since the leak.
            3) Fire and Blood, for one, believes he is familiar enough with Nikolaj Coster-Waldau to identify him. I quote him from his teaser narrative description "12. Back in the now-snow covered woods, we hear Ned Stark's voice say, "Winter is coming" just as the words Winter is Coming fly straight at us. The words explode into snow, flying right toward us as we hear a low laugh by Jaime Lannister (95% sure it's him; Nikolaj Coster-Waldau has the exact same chuckle)."
            So he assumed "winter is coming" was said by Sean Bean, but is 95% sure the chuckle is NCW's. I would like to know how he rates the chances that both "WiC" and the chuckle are from NCW…

            I'm not saying I'm totally sure it's NCW, and I also assumed from the beginning the "winter is coming" was Sean Bean's voice. I'm just saying we don't have ground to make a definite conclusion on either possibilities, or others for that matter.

          • 1) Definitely true.
            2) You're right there, too. There's only one "Winter is coming" in the leaked pilot script so it's definitely an added line.

            3) Basically, until there was confirmation that this was all one line, the idea that "Winter is coming" wasn't Ned didn't even get discussed. That, and there are some people who are certain. We've got Ser_NA sure that the chuckle is Sean Bean's, and Samantha Hirst saying this in the"Game of Thrones preview tonight on HBO!" thread:

            "I have to lol – poor Sean Bean still can't shift that Yorkshire accent. A Yorkshire Ned………..the Yorkshirewoman in me is liking that. XD"

            Now, just using Fire and Blood as an example (sorry F&B) he, as you say, "assumed" Sean Bean was the first voice but was 95% sure about the chuckle being Jaime's. I would say that no matter what his thoughts are *now*, if he were at all unsure about Sean Bean when he posted the teaser narrative description he would have put a percentage on it like he did with Jaime and the chuckle.

            Still, I think you're entirely right that most of us weren't trying too hard to figure out if it's Ned saying "Winter is coming," because (in our minds) who else would they have saying it?

            The one thing is that since the sound designers didn't know who was who with the two men and they chose the "response line," it means that the "Well, who else would be saying it?" argument doesn't work. It wasn't chosen specifically because it was Ned.

            Just to be clear, I'm also not saying that I know enough about either Sean Bean or NCW's voice to pick them out. It could be either of them as far as I know.

          • You know, honestly, I had to come back and tell you that I'm pretty sure that almost everyone assumes it's Bean and very few people have listened critically.

            I'm not reliable any more, because I've listened and thought about it too much, and also am not familiar enough with NCW and Sean Bean's voices, but I have to say that I think your idea has merit.

            Hopefully the scene is in the final version of the show and we'll know for sure.

          • I hope so too.

            If you ask me to judge by the tone of the voice or the accent, I wouldn't have a problem saying this is probably Bean's voice. Of course, everyone should assume it's Bean. Those are Ned's words after all and he's the main caracter revealed in the teaser. It would make sense.

            However, my biggest doubt is due to the fact that the audio company confirmed they had the audio of one man saying it, then another man repeating it, then chuckling and they decided to go with the second one without knowing who'se voice it was.

            The chuckle sounds very mocking to me.
            So I have a hard time imagining Ned repeating Winter is coming with a mocking chuckle.

            Unless he's talking with his brother Benjen and the laugh is more ironic…

            I just don't see Ned chuckling after saying Winter is coming, even if it was adressed to a child. And I don't see him repeating it after someone else as a mockery. That's mainly why I doubt it's Bean we're hearing.

          • I could see it happen like this:

            Robert and Ned are talking about affairs of state and Robert says to Ned, "Winter is coming." Ned, realizing Robert is making light of the fact that *Ned* says that all the time, repeats it and laughs. Sort of a, "Haha, old friend, yes, you got me. You're hilarious," bitter laugh.

    • I think this is the work of some editing guy who was trying to make a cool creepy teaser but probably didn't read the books and don't Know that "winter is coming" and laughter don't follow one another, especially not when they are coming from Ned.

  • My two cents:

    I loved it ! First of all, it's a teaser. And, boy did it tease ! HBO did exactly what I assume they wanted to do: introduce the True Blood audience to something new, something dark, and get everyone researching the show and talking about it. In addition to feeding the fan-frenzy something exciting. How nice of them to deliver that tweet with that #GOT tag …. as opposed to a #Boardwalk Empire tag ^^

    Second, I loved the look and feel of the setting. It's much more gritty than I had expected, and I'm pleased. I realize that we saw shots from multiple scenes, but it seemed to me the "dark and gritty" look is really meant to epitomize the North. It makes me that much more excited to see the contrast of Kingslanding and the Eyrie. I wonder how much of a contrast there will be when the show finally airs?

    Some have mentioned the contrast of Theon's hair color as being HBO's way of distinguishing him from the Starks, to visually set him apart as an obvious outsider. Will they use the same principle when distinguishing the south from the north… or even the east? Maybe something bright and airy for the south, colorful for the east? ( Just speculating here. ) Or, will they try and keep that same dark and gritty look throughout?

    Thanks to all who uploading the stills. They've been great to look through. Sean Bean looks fantastic as Ned !

    • Also… "Alicia T" posted to HBO's comments with this :

      "I was watching True Blood and I saw the trailer. It looks awesome, I'll have to go get the books. Can't wait til 2011! "

      I wonder how many others the teaser has drawn to the books, or what the general HBO audience, who have never heard of GOT, thought of it?

  • Great, a wood, a crow, Ned and a couple more… I've seen fan made videos much more interesting.

    • the thing that stands out to me is that unlike a real sword used in combat that sword looks to have a "wooden" handle. swords used in combat always have some sort of absorptive wrapping on the handle. rope, cloth, leather … something. a sword with a laquer, or wooden or metal or other hard surface handle would be too prone to slipping when the hand became sweaty during extended combat. why nobody ever gets this right is beyond me … O Ren Ishi had a samurai sword in KB 1 that was an entirely slick laqured handle .. uh, not. talk about slipping out of your hand and being impossible to control after 2 minutes.

      ok. mini-rant over.

      • I wondered the same thing. But maybe Starks would wrap some leather strip around the handle when going to battle, other times when its more like a ceremonial sword it would have the bare wood? Not sure if that would be convenient in any way or even possible, though.

        • This is the North, people are wearing thick gloves which provide plenty of grip. Likely not much sweating of the palms either.

        • my exact thought too.
          just like hockey players rewrap their hockey stick blade and hand grip before every game…

          and Ned has a squire to take the wrapping away and make the handle shine after…

      • Well, nothing else in KB1 was based in realism either so why start with O Ren Ishi? It choose QT's ideas of "cool" over reality every single time.

    • I love the small metal wolfheads on the belt and scabbard of the longsword, too.

      Reminds me when I had the opportunity to see the wandering LotR movies expo. All the details on those costumes, props and prosthetics were INSANE. I specially remember Theoden's armor, it was all covered in highlyt decorated leather, forming horses and suns, even in the INNER FACE of the breastplate. And the scale hauberk covering the legs, every other scale (not more than a thumbnail big) was engraved and carved with two small horse heads. Stunningly beautiful.

      I did not expect such freaking detail and quality on GoT, we're not near the budget of a Motion picture, but I'm pleased certain things are taken into account. That make the world of westeros the richer. And I think it could help the cast a little bit to get into the right mood.

    • This interpretation of Ice is definitely one of function over form- which sums up the Starks perfectly (as opposed to Jaime's pretty golden sword made of inferior steel). I would imagine this Ice is a proper 'castle-forged' sword and not a cheap prop sword- hence the ripples of carbon.

  • FiB's description of the teaser makes me think that this was definitely meant first for fans and second for wider audience. although i do have to say that for a teaser for a tv series it would probably get my interest up even if i didn't know the source material. but watching the HQ quicktime teaser and bearing in mind what FiB said, i do have to say that this is probably one of the best constructed narrative teasers i have seen. this, of course, only applies if you are already a fan :)

  • One thing i noticed: presumably it is Gared shown fighting back to back with Waymar- even though Gared never faces down the Others- but instead deserts only to be executed by Ned? Of course it might not be Gared- it certainly isn't how I would picture him- but looks more like an Umber or similar. I would be interested to see what they've done there.

      • There's quite definitely Waymar Royce behind Gared, they're back-to-back and drawing swords. Interesting. Could it even be that the roles of Gared and Will have been changed so that Gared dies at the hands of Others and Will is beheaded by Ned? Don't know why they would do such a thing, but if Gared and Royce are fighting back-to-back on foot, and all we see of Will is on horseback, possibly fleeing…

        On another note, it seems that Ice has a sheath that has a lifesize wolf's head on it, so that the sword is drawn from the mouth of the wolf. How epic is that?

    • I just watched the HR video and that's definitely Gared fighting back to back with Waymar, you know its Waymar by the next shot of his face, same cloak as previous shot. I know the leaked script had Will and Waymar fighting back to back with Gared on his horse and bolting, did HBO change it while filming and is it now Will that flees on horseback and Ned comes across later, or does Gared mount up during the fight and flee. This could be something or maybe nothing.
      Update: You beat me too it Snowfell, but we seem to be having the same thoughts on the subject.

      • Maybe, possibly, they thought that younger and less rugged Will would be more easily symphatised in the execution scene, making more emotional impact?

        • Whatever ends up happening, it's definitely different than the leaked pilot script. In its version, Gared never leaves his horse.

        • It would be silly to put Will on the block instead of Gared. It might not be a big enough change to annoy anyone, but there's also no point to it. I don't think they'll change anything just for fun. Will doesn't even work as well, because it's important that Gared is so grizzled and experienced, because it makes the fact that he went mad from fear far more significant.

          • I can think of one reason to go with Will instead of Gared.
            Have you seen the guy's look? He looks utterly terrified and I could see him wild eyed and unable to speak when the Starks find him.
            Of course, I liked the idea of the grizzled and experienced Gared in this role as it gives more weight to the frightening power of the Others, but it could be that the producers liked Bronson Webb (Will) better for the pre-execution cut-from-reality look.

            I wonder if they will make Will go up a tree at all…

          • One thing I noticed when looking at the pilot script to find the Ned/Jaimie scene is that in the pilot script Gared doesn't run away scared. His horse freaks out so much that he can't control it any more.

            It's even more interesting in the book. I have the mass market paperback and after Gared says "No fire," he isn't mentioned again that I can see. He's definitely gone at one point, but I don't see any mention of him leaving, my guess because our POV isn't paying attention to that moment. Can anyone else verify this?

          • You're right, as far as I can see and remember. The other two leave Gared behind to guard the horses. Presumedly that gives him the chance to escape when the trouble starts,

    • Good points, also it's worth bearing in mind that what makes the Others so terrifying is that there is NO escaping them, so the idea that Gared would succeed in running away from a fight with them (something not elaborated on in the books) would lessen their impact imo

  • Is it just me, or in that still of Ned with Ice does the sword look bent/curved where the crossguard meets the handle? I assume it's just the light reflecting wierdly, but it looks odd. :s

    Awesome trailer btw, though far too short. :)

    • Noticed the same thing, but when i held up a ruler against it, it looked straight enough.

    • If you focus on the pommel-to-blade line, it looks straight, but there is a shadow on the grip below Bean's hand that creates the illusion of a curved grip at the guard level. But it really is straight.

    • This was brought up on tower of the hand, but the blade doesnt match the books description either.

      • You are referring to a fact Ice should have a dark blade? I didn't notice it first, because I always have a hard time remembering it.

        Well, I don't honestly see the reason for this change, but hopefully they have something more inspiring than the Starks are goodies, they cannot have a greatsword of evil :P

        • Not just the dark blade or the swirling look of the steel, but the width!
          Ice is this legendary sword and needs to be more than this. This is not just about aesthetics. Ice is eventually made into two swords. There is simply not enough steel here to manage that, and I think they will get caught out later on. Better they change this stuff now while they can.

  • This is great news to wake up to today, I recorded TB last night but because of Tivo issues the GoT teaser didn't show up well, I hoped WiC and HBO sites would have it and was not dissappointed so now I have seen it in all it's brief QT glory.
    I love the dark tone used for this first teaser (not a trailer folks), the pallet colors and gritty realism (non-high fantasy), thank God for HBO being king of tv drama's, they know how to produce them.
    This gives me my Thrones fix for the week, and hopefully they will have casting news by the weekend for us fans. I also love that HBO has a GoT site up and running now with that sweet Sean Bean as Ned Stark wallpaper, so please HBO add more cast and scene images weekly to your site for us.

  • Btw, I just saw the True Blood season premier… I kinda liked the look of those werewolves right at the end.

    It wouldn't suck if the direwolves looked something like that :) (Though BIGGER, please)

  • Just a small token on how great this looks: after sending him Ned's picture, he asked me "Is this a movie or something?" . The production value is high enough for that. Great.

  • I noticed that from the images of the raven flying into Winterfell, that apparently HBO at least for the pilot didn't cgi enhance Castle Dourne, I wonder if the finished episode will have cgi added to Dourne or will they keep the smaller grittier feel of this look. It would be somewhat more realistic and cool if the castles got bigger the farther south the story goes, for the viewers at least. Winterfell<Twins<Riverrun<Kings Landing, sort of a progression of time and civilization, giving the Starks a more ancient and underdog appeal.

    • Winterfell won't just be Castle Dorne though, most likey Dorne will just reperesent one tower and one courtyard of Winterfell.

      • I can see that being the case, especially now that I remember they used some castle courtyard in N. Ireland for the arrival scene. HBO using Doune as the setting for the family keep in Winterfell, and thus utilizing other castles for other keeps and structures within Winterfell would give the viewer a sense of it's massive scope and age. This would therefore keep true with the books, since Winterfell is comprised of numerous and separate keeps, towers, houses and other structures built many centuries apart within its walls.

  • Talk about the little details, if you blow up Sean Bean's Stark image, the stud(s) on his belt are wolfheads, that is cool, but not as epic cool detail as the wolfhead scabbard.

  • I like: the forest parts looked cool, and the suspense was nice too.

    Dont’ like: Theon looks nothing like I imagined him. And isn’t he supposed to have dark hair? I always imagined him more like the painting in amoka’s portrait.

    do & don’t : Ned looks different than Boromir, as I was hoping for. However, he doesn’t look like what I imagined Ned Stark to look like. But still ,not bad.

    The rest… well, not much was shown, so I can’t say if I like it or not. But those who aren’t familiar with the books, I don’t think will get ANYTHING from this teaser. Which may not be a good way to go for HBO.

    I guess I was hoping for a bit more. A few lines at least.

  • […] Blood last night, HBO aired a teaser trailer for Game of Thrones! You can watch it right here at Winter Is Coming. Although Emilia has yet to start shooting, the teaser gives us a nice taste of what’s to […]

  • Hollywood reporter just confirmed Brian Kirk for 2 episodes of Thrones. It's a good week for news so far!

  • The would-be teaser (it's too short for a real teaser) looks nice, but has too quick tempo for my taste. I guess I wouldn't get more than slightly interested if I weren't already an ASOIAF fan, so it seems to me that this were mostly fan service. A good way to go, HBO! :)

    I'm also happy that HBO didn't show too much. It will take a whole year until GoT airs and if the series is half shown in teasers and trailers already, it'll spoil the watching experience then. This is a good start. I expect longer and more attention-grabbing trailers later.

  • Thank you WIC for starting the World Cup thread. Clearly, when your dedicated fan site starts wandering it's focus into sports, even HBO can figure out that it's time for a little more hype. :)

  • Found this in the HBO GOT comments section, posted by a "Mitch J":

    "Awesome! Early birthday present for me with that trailer! I wish they had HBO in Australia! ('hint hint')
    I'm a huge fan of the books and managed to score a roll as an extra when i went over to Ireland on a holiday! (Just missed out on being in the trailer actually, i'm running behind those horses!)
    I also want to take the chance to reassure fans that HBO and all those in the production of the show have, in my opinion, done a fantastic job of costumes, (the hounds helmet is MAD!) location, designs directoring, everything! I dont have a single complaint, expecially after seeing the after effects in this trailor and what they have done! Simply Epic!
    I really couldn;t be much happier with what's been done and i think that's the general opinion of those out there?
    Thank you! "

    I don't know if we've heard from him before or if he visits this site, but any more info we could get from him would be great! (especially since it doesn't seem likely he's looking for a permanent role in GOT, no need for keeping quiet!) If you're out there Mitch, SPILL THE BEANS!

  • I thought it was good …especially since it was totally unexpected …still mad at HBO Canada though

  • I asked a few people who don't know anything about Game of Thrones to watch the trailer and tell me what they thought.

    I think this one is the most useful:

    "The teaser is quite short, there's not much to learn, but it was quite heavy on battle, which I'm not that into, but that could just be the footage they chose for the promo. They could probably edit it to look like a farce, if they wanted. Still excited, though. Anything that puts Sean Bean and Peter Dinklage on my TV every week is fine by me. Boardwalk Empire looks good."

    Shows what a thoughtful "outsider" might think.

    This one was useful, but for different reasons:

    "Some people living in the woods, prepare for winter."

    Granted, this was on Twitter, and very short, but I really think this may be what a lot of people take away from it. Just the basic images they saw, and no real feeling about it one way or another.

    This last one reminded me of one thing:

    "Though I never heard the phrase 'Game of Thrones' before this day, I am completely bereft of interest now."

    Some of my friends are jerks.

    • Resoponses I got after emailing trailer link to my two flatmates who have not read the books and are having to put up with me going on a about a show that is not even due to be aired for another year.

      "I'm excited, looking forward to more footage ;-)"

      "That didn’t show anything at all. Except the coming of winter. Not impressed yet."

  • HBO has succeeded in getting the fans interested. With this teaser/subsite they start the process of gathering outsider interest.

    Hopefully they’re taking notes from outsider comments, like the ones paulgude mentioned, and will tailor the next teaser to give a better idea than “Some people living in the woods, prepare for winter.” (Which so far seems about as spot on as someone who hasn’t read the books could perceive.)

    That said, I loved it and cannot stand the thought of having to wait for more!

  • I loved the landscapes!
    I just wonder how will they achieve that realism suthern ones, the Trident, King's landing and later on The Reach or even Dorne.
    Will be more indoor scenes as we're moving south?

    • Northern Ireland has plenty of wooded areas and rolling pastureland along with small rivers, large creeks that flow through fertile farmland and forests that can be utilized for the Riverlands and Kingswood. Morocco will stand in for Dorne more than likely and perhaps It's Atlas Mtns. for The Reach, The Vale is much harder though as neither has alpine meadows and mountains, but since we only see distant shots from The Bloody Gate and Eyrie I can see cgi mattes used in place of actual locations and some cool local Castle used for The Gates of the Moon.

  • […] Winter Is Coming пишет: It’s either a trick of editing or a mirror with deceptive light and dark areas where the shadow and blanket blur together, I can’t quite tell. And the person you think is the 3rd chick is obviously a dude, reaching over across the bed so that …. Yea that was what I’m hoping for and that they aren’t going to use mostly dark colors throughout the production to create a grim feeling. Normally this doesn’t bother me but it stood out in the trailer however like you said they … […]

  • My thoughts on the teaser:

    Really awesome to see *something* finally but it was about what I expected it would be – which was not much. Not to say it was bad, what was there looked great.

    I don't think they would have released this teaser if there wasn't already all of us crazy fans. I can't see many people seeing this and getting super excited if they haven't read the books or weren't already looking forward to it.

    Almost makes me wonder if it was catered for us and its real intent was to make sure as many of us as possible will tune in for True Blood, while throwing us a few bones.

    Either way, it was really awesome for a long time fan like me and I can't wait to see some real footage and characters in costume.

    • PS. Treme, True Blood, Boardwalk Empire, Game of Thrones, In Treatment, and a bunch of good comedies… HBO has got a killer line-up that should appeal to just about anyone.

  • Personally I'm a little surprised that there's debate about who laughs after Ned says 'winter is coming.' I thought it was perfectly clear that it was a single piece of audio, Sean Bean saying WIC and then chuckling a little.
    Yes, Ned's a Stark and he's grim and all that, but it's like someone said earlier – Ned the Lord is different from Ned the father/friend. It's completely plausible in my opinion for that to be Ned. Or is the man not even allowed to chuckle? No wonder he's grim :P

    • I was completely wrong in my speculation. It's Ned, and it's from one single line of dialog. The sound designer for the trailer confirmed it.

        • I should point out that my "It's Ned," was perhaps in error there. The only thing the sound designer confirmed was that the "Winter Is Coming" and the "chuckle" came from the same person. I said, "It's Ned" because I assumed that's who says, "Winter is coming." It may be a different character.

    • yay someone took notice of my comment. before paul found out it was only one person I thought it might be ned saying winter is coming and robert laughing at him. but no paul had to ruin that for me. oh well we cant all be right.

      • I was right there with you. I was *really* hoping they'd write back and say either, "Oh no, that's one guy saying, 'Winter is coming,' and then another guy laughing at him," or "Oh, we just put that in for effect." Since that wasn't the case, I had to admit I was completely wrong. I hate doing that, but have noticed I have to pretty often.

    • I don't think the laughter is meant to highlight Ned's 'lighter side'. Lets not forget these books are extremely dark- there is barely a moment of joy in all the material so far- and this trailer is no different- it is black. From what i took from it, the laughter is meant to be disturbing, as though the viewer (presumed to be ignorant of Ned's character) is being mocked.

      • Yeah, sorry if that wasn't clearer, I didn't mean that that was supposed to be one of Ned's lighter moments, I just disagreed with people implying that any laughter at all is out of character for Ned, like he's sombre 24/7 or something. I agree with you, I think it's meant to be dark. I took the laughter to be sort of ironic, at least for those of us who've read the books and so understand what the phrase "winter is coming" is supposed to mean; it makes it ominous, in a way. Like gallows humour, if that makes sense.

        • I agree, but the laughter is a bit weird. It sounded like it was a "bad guy", someone who was happy about winter coming because it would give them opportunities to do evil. And that kind of character isn't our Ned, exactly :P

          Anyway, it's nice that HBO is clearly higlighting Ned's character above others. This is how it's supposed to be.

          • Haha, I hadn't thought of that. That is weird. Though I must say, the image of Ned cackling to himself like an evil mastermind of some sort is highly amusing :P I hadn't put much thought into why the laughter was there, to be honest. I enjoyed the effect but didn't really consider it much further.

            Agreed! it's definitely getting me excited to see Ned Stark come to life, that's for sure :)

          • haha talk about a plot twist, suddenly finding out that Ned is twice as devious and twisted as our dear sweet Cersei ^_^

  • I still can't really believe this is happening… Two days ago there was no hint of a trailer coming our way, and then BAM… teaser and stills of Ned Stark!

    Before yesterday, none of us had seen anything besides the direwolf prop, a few set stills, and Maisie practicing with her sword in the woods. Now, we've all seen a glimpse (however brief) of the actual show! I feel like we've just passed some kind of crossroads or something! So excited!

  • Oh, quick question, Isn't Ice supposed to have a wolf head pommel…? Or was that only Longclaw..?

  • What happened to IntenseDebate? Did something about the embedded screw up the html?

  • This is pretty awesome.

    Now, we just need GRRM to finish ADWD. Perhaps release it at the same time the series start?…My dreams are crazy.

  • One other thing I noticed, trying to watch from a non-reader point of view:

    After "Winter is coming," we have a shot of Will looking into the woods, scared of something. Then the words, "Game of Thrones" happen over the woods. Then, thundering hooves appear. Then Gared and Royce "get ready" for conflict.

    If I had never read the books, with the scenes of battle and Sean Bean saying "Winter is coming" and chuckling at the end, I would think that the enemy Gared and Royce were waiting for were a riding party of armed men. The sound (I'm not debating whether or not it's actually the Others) sounds *enough* like a really weird horse that I wouldn't think twice about it. The only thing that would even remotely tip me off that something else might be out there is the kind of wild "looking around" Royce does at the end.

    This may indicate that they're going to do what some people hope: avoid directly showing any fantastic elements in the promotional material.


  • I seriously love the horror vibe i got. You never show the "critter" or the "fantastic" part of horror show in a horror promo. I hope they continue this, as going down that road is not only made of awesome, it's a route I entirely didn't expect.

  • I showed it to my friend who doesn't know the books, but enjoys HBO dramas. He said it looked cool, and he was intrigued by the words "winter is coming", but other than that he didn't really know what it was about.

    • Hi Lex,

      By friend do you mean your granddad? Your friend sounds really interesting. It's interesting that through you we get a point of view of a person who is not a fan like us. It's like, what are normal people thinking. Thanks for sharing that.

  • 1. I'm very excited. Interesting: my wife again was not moved by Sean Bean materials. He will always be Boromir to her, and not Ed Stark (shes read the Martin books). You who are married will know the wife's opinion is more intelligent than your own thus should be highly regarded.
    2. I'm too tired to point out the obvious to-nite. So I won't be able to 'tell you'. But I will tomorrow, if I get a moment. I promise 0.01% of you will respond uncontrollably to my rude suggestions.
    3. I'm glad HBO is not bothered by the fact that there is a winter is coming blog and just used the obvious tag line.
    4. After reading comments here in the last year I will never use 'no-brainer' again to describe anything …unless it relates to zombies. The zombies need attention too.

    • PS I am surprised that I haven't canceled True Blood yet, especially after the nearly worthless second season. Nice opening episode! I hope they keep it up.

    • That's a pretty good article! He clearly knows about the fanbase, etc., and did a decent job of summarizing what it's all about for the general public. Good press, in my opinion.

      • it is a good artical I just dont like the term lusting it sounds too… twincest. I prefer rabid, I can just see Paul and the_Rabbit literaly foming at the mouth, it just better imagery.

      • Nah … while I'm happy they noticed all this, more than happy in fact, they got some things wrong (like WiC is dedicated to the books, but tracking everything about the adaptation, and that we learnt about Emilia being cast from the German site – understandable mistakes of journalism under pressure). Cool to have a whole teaser article more or less all about us fans and this site, at any rate!

  • I hated Alfie Allen's casting when we first heard about it, and after seeing him in the teaser, I absolutely loathe the choice. There's nothing about poor Alfie that evokes the arrogance and cruelty of Theon Greyjoy.

    • That's pretty harsh considering that you haven't actually seen Alfie's Theon. You're really going to base this opinion off of less than a half a second of footage?

    • Seriously? From like three frames of footage? Did you want him twirling a mustache while torturing a kitten?

    • I hated Sergio's comment about the casting…I have now made up my mind about him because of his post… The thing is that I haven't, and I will not base my opinion on something from such a small post and/or frame.
      I can admit a blonde Theon threw me off, though it shouldn't really matter, we can really bitch or love things when we see the full material or at least a longer clip.

      • personaly I dont mind a blond theon just as long as the rest of the iron islanders have blond or red hair. I always saw them as vikings. well I just figured out Brendon Glesson's role in this. he should be the commander of the iron fleet

        • Yeah, the consistency is important. Hopefully they keep that in mind. Besides, Alfie's Theon doesn't even look that blond to me. It's the lightning which gives that impression, the hair on his forehead looks definetely darkish.

          When it comes to hair colours, I'm more concerned with Lannister blond and Tully red. It's difficult to turn naturally dark-haired people into those believably, since their skin tones tend to be too dark. Only a few can carry blond/red well.

          • I'm not referring to his acting. I am talking solely about his physical appearance. It doesn't work for me at all.

          • Yeah, I have the same thing with some other cast members. Alfie Allen isn't my favourite casting choice, but he isn't the least favourite either. We can only hope that they all have the necessary acting chops for their roles.

          • I personally love the choice of Alfie Allen for Theon–one of my favorite characters in the series. For Theon you need someone who can do a brash sneer with an underlying almost manic fear, and I've seen Allen do both of these quite well. Some people argue Allen doesn't have the looks to pull off the Lothario Theon, but I would argue Greyjoy gets the girls with a noble's confidence and pure brass balls. Theon's actor doesn't need to be a heartthrob with pop idol looks, he just needs to be able to do arrogance and (in the next season) portray the hurt pride that leads to his betrayal of the Starks. After that its all paranoia and fear.

            Alfie can do that. I saw him in Atonement, in bits of Casualty 1907 (a small but manic part), and in The Other Boleyn Girl. Better, GRRM said he crushed the other competition for Theon. Who cares if he's blond instead of black-haired? The hair color of the Ironmen isn't something that affects plot. Better he look slightly Slavic anyway, in my view. Better than fake-ass wigs.

            I'm not sure Sergio understands Theon very well. Theon Greyjoy is far from cruel; in fact, every death he causes weighs on his conscience, and they feed into his paranoia by the end of A Storm of Swords. He takes no joy in actual killing, no matter how he laughs about it. It's all part of his Greyjoy facade. One could argue he is far too lenient; if he'd had any of Ramsay Bolton's efficient cruelty, he might not have ended up how he did.

            Anyone–anyone–who "hates" a casting decision based on looks alone runs the high risk of cheating themselves; they come in with glass-half-empty rather than enjoying what could possibly be a great performance. It paints it in a negative light in their own minds, even before they actually see it.

            Really, I feel sorry for these kinds of people. Short-sighted and quick to judge, to say the least.

          • Main issue I got from seeing Alfie in these shots is that he looks too young – I even mistook him for Bran on first glance – to be

            repeatedly fucking some sailor's daughter as happens in the start of aCoK (even if he actually is old enough). I would get kinda squemish seeing that. :-/

          • I'm not sure where you get this idea that Theon's paranoia comes from guilt. I'd like to see you point out textual evidence to support that view. I think it's far more likely his paranoia comes from a persecution complex and a perceived lack of control. From his treatment at the hand of his brothers, to his being sent off as a ward, and to his father's rejection of his initiative, Theon has constantly experienced the domination and control by others. When he finally achieves a measure of independence, he is deathly afraid of losing it.

            And oh yeah, I feel sorry for the kinds of people who feel themselves superior to others because they hold a different opinion. Short-sighted and quick to judge, to say the least.

          • And I sure as hell don't need you to tell me that I can't enjoy GoT as much as you, FaB. I don't need your pity. I'll enjoy the show just fine. *rolleyes*

          • SergioCQH: "I think it's far more likely his paranoia comes from a persecution complex and a perceived lack of control. From his treatment at the hand of his brothers, to his being sent off as a ward, and to his father's rejection of his initiative, Theon has constantly experienced the domination and control by others. When he finally achieves a measure of independence, he is deathly afraid of losing it."

            Agreed! I'm glad you do indeed have a handle on Theon Greyjoy. I will be very pleased when Lily's little broski proves you wrong.

            But to discount guilt as a motivating factor is a fallacy. Theon feels a tremendous amount of guilt; he has delusions, toward the end, that are obviously as guilt-laced as they are paranoia-induced. He killed children, killed his own men, and is unraveling due in part to that. He feels as though he has to show a certain kind of Ironborn disdain for life–a disdain he clearly does not feel, thus the oft-repeated "It is better to be seen as cruel than foolish" theme. We're inside the head of a man talking himself into being harder than he really is. It's not just in the thoughts we're allowed to see, but in the things George R. R. Martin forces Theon to notice. It's the accusing eyes he sees, not the cheer of victory; it's Old Nan's toothless mouth opening and closing in wordless horror. Theon Greyjoy rarely takes any sort of malicious glee in taking life. He is not "cruel" in the traditional sense of the word. He is, in his own mind, desperate.

          • You had some good points, but in some matters I beg to differ.

            At first, about Theon's character. Theon is a great character, very human in many ways, but I do see him also as a cruel human. He's not a new Dark Lord or anything alike, but when weighing his cruelty or the lack of it, I take into account how he treats those who are weaker than him or in inferior positions. And Theon doesn't exactly shine as an example (e.g. he acted quite selfishly and nastily to that captain's daughter). I bet he used to tear off the wings from the insects when he was younger, and who knows, maybe he still does.

            The second thing I want to point out is that the appearance is important. Sure, it's far from being the one and only thing that does matter, but tv/movie is a very visual thing – if someone seems totally wrong for the part, it's difficult to enjoy properly his/her performance even if it was excellent. And when I'm talking about the appearance, I don't mean just the hair colour or the shape of an eyebrow, but the overall appearance, like the age, the build, the feel you get. “Hate” might be a too strong word and too easily said for disliking or disapproving before seeing that much, but couldn’t the same be said about “love”, eh? (Though it’s easier to be polite with proclamations of love than hate) Getting over-hyped at this point will just break your heart when you see the actual show :P It would probably be better not to formulate any kind of strong opinions or expectations beforehand. But would it be any fun? I guess we are all here guilty of judging quickly (or basing our judgements on a very little data) if it can be applied to the comments about casting choices which have been known for months. It’s not like we wouldn’t have had enough time to ponder our opinions over.

          • The first time I read the books, I saw Theon as cruel and arrogant.

            On my 2nd and 3rd readings, he came across as much more sympathetic.

            I didn't understand the Alfie Allen choice at first (not at all what I pictured) but now I'm starting to think that maybe they're going for that sympathetic Theon after all, in the show.

          • Yeah, Theon is a great character exactly because he isn't totally cruel or totally sympathetic, but both.

            It might be sensible to enhance Theon's sympathetic qualities, so that his doings later seem more shocking and desperate instead of being insinuated from the beginning.

  • the teaser is so dark, I mean almost black/white/blue colors only. Is this typical for teaser/trailer? Or will the colors be like this through the episodes? What do you think?

    • The teaser is tinted bluish to achieve consistency across cuts. The North will likely be bleak, but overall, the trailer does not indicate the overall look fully. As I said in the post: "While the looks and the design choices are in part specific to the trailer (including the titles), it captures the atmosphere superbly."

  • Very Cool!

    Finally we have some moving images! I think the whole thing feels very exciting and we are in for a great year as more and more stills/footage gets released leading up to the night of the first episode (can you imagine the buzz in here on that night?!?!).

    It’s a relief that you guys are finally getting to see stuff that’s been locked in my head since last November.

    I actually started reading GOT on the Winterfell set so as I read I’ve been picturing all the characters as I’ve seen them on set. For example Theon is just Alfie to me as I read his story. And likewise with the others I’ve seen (Robb, The Hound, Arya, Joffrey, Ned etc).

    I think it is a good thing as I didn’t have to build an image in my head for these characters.

    BTW – The beard is getting really annoying now! There are alot of hairy potential extras wandering about Belfast! The hanger doors on the Painthall are open most of the time now which means sets are being built.

    Not long now!

  • A comment about SPOILERS. WiC, please follow in GRRM's example and implement a strict no spoiler policy on this blog. The comments are rife with insensitive spoiler posts and are sure to ruin the surprises in the story for many people who come to this site who have never read the books. Thank you.

    • How about a just disclaimer warning about the abundant spoilers, and people can read at their own risk. There's a spoiler free forum at Westros and no spoilers would severely impede our ability to over analyze every bit of information we get. I think it's been stated before that this blog assumes we've all read the books.

  • WOW! Anyone who has read the books will hope and pray they will do justice to the series. The best book series i've ever read. This make Tolkien's LOTR look like a fairytale for childeren. The style of the teaser is kick ass.

    For now to all of you who read this, let us all pray that GRRM finishes A Dance With Dragons, The Winds Of Winter and A Dream OF Spring. For this series will become his magnus opum.

  • A bit late to the party due to being AFK on a long weekend. Anyhoo.. just wanted to say I really liked the teaser. I think it was just the right thing to plant a seed of interest for those who've never heard of Game of Thrones. It managed to condense some of the strong themes and images from the books into 20 seconds; a sense of foreboding, sex, and violence. Funnily enough very similar themes to True Blood, see what they did there ;)

    There's been some talk regards the tones used. Normally I'm not a fan of it, but in this brief case I love the change from the warm rich reds to muted hues as the sun goes down and the darkness draws in, very evocative.

    Like Paul my friends are starting to roll their eyes every time I mention GoT. I'm going to ask them to view the trailer and see what they think. I'm curious to see what their first impressions will be. Meanwhile, I've lifted the lid on the pot and taken a sniff. It smells delicious, but it's only made me hungrier ;)

  • @hound
    “This is not just about aesthetics. Ice is eventually made into two swords. There is simply not enough steel here to manage that…”

    if the ‘pointy end’ is sitting on the ground, then Ned’s sword looks to be the same size as the hand forged claymore my wife gave me as a wedding present (isn’t she awesome??). It weighs in at about 5.5 lbs (which can be confirmed by looking up claymore on Wikipedia). Then bounce over to the Wikipedia longsword article and you’ll see that a smaller longsword (still 2-handed though) weighs about 2.2 lbs (for Tommen), leaving Jamie with 3.3 lbs of steel for his sword, which is pretty standard; especially when using a shield and wielding the two-handed weapon in one hand.

    • As funny as AICN is, and I do post there occasionally as I have for years, it is actually a forum for that can't be taken seriously and is the lowest common denominator on the web. Hyping the show there is . . . . useless at best.

  • I believe I have spotted Ser Jorah in the teaser, during the second fight snippet at the 7 second mark, there is a tall man garbed in white, with a cloak, standing in the entrance to the tent, he is between the fighters and to Drogo's left. The attire looks to be what a Westeros noble would wear to a wedding, and standing so close to Drogo would be a spot of honor. Might this be our first blurry image of Iain Glen.

    It is hard to make out in the image, so I recommend downloading Pualo's enhanced QT video from page 2 and then scrolling to the snippet, the clarity is far better than any image.

      • You need to right click and save on Pualo's awesome QT video version link I provided… and then open it with QT or VLC, the video is far better in quality than the images. Just start and pause immediately and scroll slowly thru the 7 sec spot till you come to the 2nd fight snippet, the best image to examine is the 2nd to last.

  • I seen the teaser for the 100000000th time, like everyone else…but I got a question for you all. the white haired man,who appears beside Theon's left shoulder (10"mark)….he seens too wel garbed to be only an extra..maybe we are get a glimpsy from Ser Rodrik…..or maybe i see too much…. what you think???

  • @EDO

    No Problem. I haven’t heard from Extras NI yet. It’s too early. We normally get called about a week or so before we are needed and I may not get a call at the start. They will be using extras for the remainder of the year so I could be in for a wait. If I have any information that I can share, I will.

    BTW – It’s a lovely day in Belfast today (too warm for beards though!).

    There is a real sense of joy and optimism in the air after the results of the Saville Inquiry were released yesterday. I was born and grew up in Derry before moving to Belfast in 1998 so this has really hit home with me as the events of Bloody Sunday have been with me for most of my life (I was just over a year old when it happened). It now feels that we can finally move on.

    For Derry, Winter is Over.

  • Well, the trailer certainly didn't interest anyone I was watching it with. There was just too little to go on. There wasn't even enough for them to be interested in finding out what exactly it was all about. For me it's better than nothing, but I would have liked some kind of buildup, or narration, or something to start bringing the hype. Teasers like this only work well for people who know what it means, so I guess this one was more for the fans than anything else. In that respect it almost worked, and is MUCH better than not having it, but left me feeling more "eh" then wow.

  • Wow…I never used to be skeptic until I saw this teaser. I thought having a look at the stills would change my mind, but broken up into stills the teaser looks even more uninspired than I thought. The images are repetitive, too fast and they don't say much. Even the music is dull and doesn't do anything to compliment the images. It looks like the worst kind of b-grade fair. I used to be very excited about this, but now I'm just sad.