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New directing power officially added

Do you still remember this post of ours from ten days ago? I know, in the teaser trailer frenzy things get forgotten and overlooked. What should not be let to pass unnoticed, is the recent confirmation of the information we had: Brian Kirk was added to the team as the director of two episodes. According to this tweet, courtesy of The_Rabbit’s inquisitive efforts, he started working (on the preproduction) already last week. Read more about Kirk’s experience and Winter’s opinion of him in the original post.

Hear Me Roar: So now this is official. Speculation corner: who is taking the helm for the reshoots? If Kirk, does this count as the first of the two episodes, or is he doing episodes 2 and 3, regardless? The fact that he started working on the project early suggests close co-operation with Tom McCarthy, the director of the pilot, who is passing the torch to his successor. Either way, it seems that this dinamic duo is going to be responsible for establishing the tone of the series from the director’s perspective.


    • Well, he does have experience with many top series, and was nominated for Irish Flim and Television awards regularly. McCarthy is still the main guy, and has already done the most important job with the pilot.

    • Well done, Ran and Westeros! It really is cool to be in official contact with the guys, isn't it? :) missed this tweet, but looking forward to more information.

  • Not sure if this has been mentioned before but it looks like a couple new editions of "A Game of Thrones" are to be released in the US on 22nd Feb 2011. I'm guessing they will have covers tied into the show or at least a "Now a major HBO show" sticker.

  • A comment about SPOILERS. WiC, please follow in GRRM's example and implement a strict no spoiler policy on this blog. The comments are rife with insensitive spoiler posts and are sure to ruin the surprises in the story for many people who come to this site who have never read the books. Thank you.

      • I think that the biggest problem is that WiC has not got Ty (GRRMs personal assistant) to do the checking of the posts. :)

        Although I can agree that spoiler policy is useful and fair, but somehow I think if it is too rigid, it would "kill" the discussion on the WiC blog, at this stage.

        It is up to us to use the words !SPOILER! or something similar to mark the spoilerish content.

    • I think that the spoiler warnings wouldn't be out of place (and some posters are already following that style), but the strict no spoiler policy would be too much. It would kill the discussion.

      • Yeah, whats the suggestion here anyway? Banning all users that spoils something?

        Maybe putting up a warning on the frontpage to remind people to be vary of spoiling stuff like main character xxx dies by the end of book number x. But a "real" no spoilers-policy would do more harm than good here.

        • Winter can restrict posting comments only to registered users, that can do some screening. most of the regular folks here are alright spoilers wise.

    • I imagine this place will start getting heavy traffic (if it hasn't already, Winter could tell us that) so there should probably just be a caution next to the comments link. I don't think adopting a spoiler free policy would fly around here.

  • This is the one thing I'm worried about. Just like McCarthy, Kirk has NO experience with large ensemble casts on the level of Thrones. I hope they'll both do well, but I'm concerned that they won't handle it properly.

    • Unless they worked on "The Wire," then pretty much nobody does. The shows he has worked on do have fairly large ensembles, though. It's a matter of degree, and besides, not every episode will have every minor character in it. It's likely a good number of members of that ensemble won't be in whatever episodes he works on.

  • Will there any sort of ASOIAF expert on site, during the filming? Obviously the directors can't be expected to know the books very well, especially if they're only directing one or two episodes. What if one of them suggests something which would contradict an element from the books. Are D&D in charge of that?

      They have a guy hired to creat Dothraki. I'm sure there will be some kind of resident ASoIaF nerd on set to make sure things stay true. The more relevant concern I have about staying true to the books would be creative choices that differ from the original story that may come back to bite them down the line since the books aren't finished yet. EXAMPLE D&D decide to answer the Syrio Forel question once and for all by presenting a much less speculative result of his sparring sessionwith Meryn Trant by showing what happens after Arya leaves. If he gets run through in the series, but GRRM decides to bring him back later (as a FM or otherwise) in the books, it presents a huge problem. Just an example here. but you see how filming the series with books yet to come out could be troublesome. Fortunately D&D have GRRM to consult with in relevant areas. It should prevent major continuity issues, but there might be smaller ones that crop up.

  • PS I'm against banning all spoilers, but I DO think it might be a good idea to at least do something like this:


    Hot Pie dies.

    • Thank you, as long as their is fair warning then it should be fine. Frankly it's hard to make a fan page with a shit ton of speculation sans spoilers. If new readers ignore the warning, it's up to them to deal with the consequences of knowing that… (SPOILERS!)

      —- Will, and Waymar die in the prologue! Oh Em Gee!

    • What about using some sort of spoiler invisitext, so the person has to right click and drag across the spoiler to enable the text, otherwise they can skip to the non-spoiler info below the hidden spoiler text.

  • George's policy makes a bit more sense (though I have always questioned the priorites of anyone with reading time who chooses to lurk on boards when they haven't finished the source material yet) on his Not-A-Blog that it does here. George's site is first and foremost about the books. He has to consider that people who are interested but who have not yet read the story may be heading over to his site to check things out for the first time. Indeed, as the hype grows, his site is sure to become a much busier place. Also, his blog isn't really the place to discuss what happens in the books or any theories one may have about the plot. Its more of a spot for George to let lose his feelings on topics as varied as writing progress (albiet rare), politics and sports. Its also a hub for news (even though he has an official news section he usually give us info on the blog as well). It makes sense to keep spoilers out of that forum because someone may not know what they are getting into.

  • This site however, is and has been from its inception an area for discussion, speculation, and comparison (of what will be different from book to seies). Restricting spoilers here would kill alot of the discussion (and fun) we have been having for years now waiting for this to get going. That said, Winter knows what he is doing. A warning on the main page and spoiler warnings should be sufficient steps to keep people from ruining their reading (or viweing) experience.

    • and remember vote on your computer, vote at work, vote on your phone, vote on your friends computer.

      your not cheating your just casting other peoples votes for them :)

  • On the spoiler issue:
    The game has changed as of HBO having an official site, so far as any "this is the way the site has always been" arguments. NOW is a critical moment to make the decision to force Spoilertext or not. Whatever you have planned in changing this site, WIC, the SPOILER policy and tools are now at their critical importance. The longer the site goes without a spoiler policy, the more entrenched a spoilery atmosphere will remain.
    Now, if that's what you want here, never mind me. :)

  • @ WIC
    I guess since it's official you can now add Kirk to your crew list :)
    Also, your FAQ page is in need of an update (Emilia Clarke isn't mentioned in the cast list, the production start date still says June)… and of course, don't forget to add the official GOT-dedicated HBO subsite to your links!

    …whenever you have time, of course!

    Keep up the good work!

  • @WIC

    Also, just a suggestion… it might be nice to have an album with all the fan-made wallpapers, photoshopped pictures, etc. (properly credited, of course), so they don't get buried in the threads never to be seen again…
    We've seen a few already, but I expect more could be coming… and it would be more convenient for the rest of us to admire, comment (maybe?) and download :)

    I understand that this isn't a forum, so you don't want to keep a thread active forever, but this could act more like a library and maybe have it's own link in the top menu … It all depends of course if you're ready to transfer the links yourself in the library (more things to manage, I know) or if you would let the artists who are interested to share their art post it there themselves.

    Something to consider maybe when you redesign the site…