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Call for Thrones extras goes out

Extras NI, the company supplying the extras for Game of Thrones, has updated their website with a call for many different types of extras that will be needed during the filming of the first season. Here is what they are looking for, hit up the link to read how to apply:

MEN aged 16 -90 that are either:
HAIRY!!! with long hair or hair with a bit of length in it (NO SHORT HAIR)
MEN WITH BEARDS and facial hair!

WOMEN aged 16-90 that have LONG HAIR that is a NATURAL COLOUR – no modern dyes or highlights please.


BOTH men & women, aged 16 -90 with interesting, timeless, unusual and quirky CHARACTER faces and anyone with MEDIEVAL SKILLS.

We are also looking for AMPUTEES.

We do NOT need any children under 16. And you must be based in NORTHERN IRELAND.


The production’s Horse Master (NOT EXTRAS NI) is also holding an open casting for MALE & FEMALE HORSERIDERS aged 16 – 70 that OWN THEIR OWN HORSE. They need people of all looks but in particular are also looking for men and women with DARK HAIR and SWARTHY SKIN and the MEDITERRANEAN or MIXED RACE LOOK described above. Must be an event type horse (no coloured horses – preferably grey, bay, chestnut) and must be good and quiet in company.

Winter Is Coming: To any of my Northern Ireland based readers, I’d circle that June 26th date on your calendar, as you may have a shot of being in the show. It sounds like they need a LOT of extras.

Interestingly, it also sounds like they are casting Dothraki extras as well. It would be strange to get the Dothraki extras and horses in NI and have to send them all to Morocco. Paul Gude raises an interesting option though, perhaps some of Northern Ireland’s grasslands will double as the Dothraki Sea? The only other thing I can think of is they are just trying to get some Dornish-looking knights for the Tournament of the Hand.

[Thanks to Rimshot for the heads up!]


  • Hm, based in NI means being a citizen? If yes, shame, I'd be ready to take some days off from work and head to Belfast just to be a tiny part of it, seriously!

  • I am intersted in joining? I did acting in grade school and I have a nice beard. Also I have nice swarthy face. Please.

  • lol. Rimshot beat me to it, I was typing up the message I was sending your way after getting the email from NI Extras. lol.

    As it is, Dothraki wise, I am inclined to agree. I know for the pilot we took dancers over, but for just generic extras, it seems strange we'd haul them out to Morocco, so it looks probable that to save money, it's been filmed over here, be it on location or studio work. It could be for Dornish Knights, but we wouldn't need that many, and they wouldn't need women, would they?

  • I would guess a lot of the extras would just be for scenes in Kings Landing.

    Being the capital of the Seven Kingdoms and also a port I would expect there to be a large variation in the people seen there.

    Could be the Mountain clans as well though

  • I wonder if they will make use of digital extras like they did in John Addams. Not sure if that is cheaper or more expensive than doing it the old fashioned way. I'm particularly thinking about city scenes.

  • Interesting, that bit about the Dothraki in Ireland. At least I don't see any onther way to read this, connecting the same dark-complexion extras both on foot and horse. Thanks again, Rimshot!

    • Could it just be easier to do the Dany reshoots in Ireland and they need a few Dothraki extras to fill in scenes?

      • Maybe now that the series is picked up, they are able to put more money into sets whereas it was more prudent for the pilot to use existing locations or sets that were close enough to what they needed?

        • I thought it had always been the plan to shoot the Dothraki Sea scenes in Ireland. Morocco is used for Pentos, yeah, but Ireland has heaps of grass, which is the defining feature of the Dothraki Sea.

  • This makes me a bit pessimistic about the spring start date for this series. I mean, how much time will it take them to find several swarthy women with long dark hair and their own horse in Northern Ireland?! Some of these requirements are a bit on the difficult side…

    I loved the part about medieval skills too. I mean, I can see posting 'medieval skills' in one's CV… I wonder how many interviews that will get :)

    • Ireland has some Hispanic heritage, though it is unofficial. Some boats from the Spanish Armada wrecked on the coasts, and suddenly some new, non-Celtic, last names appeared in Irish parish registers. Friend of mine is descended with this background.

      Now how many people with this background live in Northern Ireland, I couldn't say.

  • this is finally the big moment all those people with swarthy skin and character faces and medieval skills have been waiting for!!!

    • I could imagine any number of uses for an amputee. The poorer streets of King's Landing need beggars of all kinds, no doubt. An amputee beggar looks even more realistic.

    • Besides King's Landing beggars, I can think of 3 other scenes where they might need amputees:

      1) The mountain clans, for the fight with Tyrion and Catelyn but also for the clan members who cut off parts of their own body to show their bravery.

      2) The battle of the Wispering wood, where Robb and his bannermen take Jaime captive.

      3) The Trident battle, where Tyrion joins his father and fights in the vanguard against the other part of the Northernmen army.

      or even for scenes of the ravages caused by Gregor Clegane in the riverlands…

  • @ Samantha Hirst – Hi, you mentioned that you got an email from ExtrasNI. Are you based in NI (you also mentioned getting a plane to Belfast)? Just curious in case our paths have crossed on a film set somewhere.

    The Amputees will probably be used during 'battle aftermath' scenes where people have arms/legs hacked off or they could be just for general background work to highlight certain scenes. They are great for 'man gets arm hacked off by sword' scenes.

    @Crystal Sky – There are actually is a diverse culture in Northern Ireland so finding people with swarthy skin may not be as difficult as you think. I agree though that dark skinned people who ride their own horses may be tricky but there are loads of equestrian centres in NI so who knows?

    There are loads of places in NI that could be used for the Dothraki Sea so it is a possiblity that they will use NI but I suspect that when they move into season 2 they will need the desert terrains of Morocco for the likes of the Red Waste etc.

    • I'm not no, unfortunately, though I'm trying to plead and beg and wrangle my way onto GoT. I work as an extra over in England, and it would cost me about as much to fly to Belfast as it costs me to get a train down to London, and I travel to London for work, so why not Belfast? XD I've subscribed to their news because I was originally going to cross over and register, but (ironically enough) I got film work on the only weekend I originally had free, so couldn't come, so didn't register.

      I think it's unlikely I'll get work, but I'll certainly let you know if I do.

  • I would be interested to see who turns up on 26th June but I won't be there as existing members aren't required to attend the open casting. I suspect they will have a busy day!

    @Nymeria – The beard is getting there! My beard is strange though. It reaches a certain length and then just stops growing! The hair is slowly getting there too. By December I'll look like Grizzly Adams!!

  • General thoughts:

    Their looking for amputees is a VERY GOOD sign that at least one battle – probably the Green Fork – is going to be done in hardcore Braveheart style. Amputees are generally utilized, in film, to simulate when a limb is supposedly chopped off in battle. Quick cut in a battle to where it looks like a dude's leg is being chopped off. What you actually had was an amputee on a (very cheap) prosthetic getting "chopped off" (probably through a weak point) and a couple of fake blood packets going off on either side.

    The Mixed Race look, combined with the long hair, is obviously for Dothraki, though the Hairy bit is probably more for clansmen. The general call, and the horse-rider call, has got to be as much for the Green Fork as for the Dothraki.

    I have a very good feeling they'll be doing up the Green Fork, and doing it RIGHT.

    • I'm quite confused now. Surely they would have mentioned in the article if they were involved with the production? But at the same time just running the article seems unusual enough for something not tied to them.

      • The BBC is a big organisation and they'd be completely different departments so I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't know anything one way or the other.

      • Yeah, this is news on the NI section of the BBC's site. Game of Thrones is a big deal for the local economy there, so it's not surprising to see it being covered by local news outlets. And a story about needing unusual extras is both news-worthy and relevant to their readers.

        • The BBC news website 'tries' to be unbiased when relating any news articles, so they would be unlikely to mention any connection with it until it is released as part of their schedule – otherwise it would be self-promotion.

    • "The demand for suitably hairy extras has been so great that some had to be recruited from local heavy metal message boards."

      Really? How come we didn't pick that up? lol

  • Interesting news – the term 'swarthy' is a bit odd though – couldn't they just say dark skinned/darker complexion? I always think of the word swarthy being slightly racist..

  • "no coloured horses – preferably grey, bay, chestnut"

    ARGH. I knew my love of piebalds would bite me in the ass.

    • Depressing cause I'm mixed race with long (WILD) brown hair. SILLY PEOPLE, being horse racist ;] I'm in the northern UK, mind…but hey, to get in GoT on Diego I'd pay to have him shipped on over.

  • Just back from the open casting event in belfast – arrived to the casting about 20mins after it started and there were plenty of people milling about – standing outside, in the foyer, by the bar and in the function room itself…. lots men with long hair and/or beards, seen a good few castee's of dark complexion too, men & women too. It all looked very rock/heavy metal concert-ish :)
    The queue for the photo's was run around the room at that stage but moved quickly, one snapshot of your face and id number and then "Next Please!"
    Seemed like a good turnout, initially at least, and am glad to say I was told me relatively short hair was long enough to be considered for casting in addition to my beard, yay!!!


    Well 25 years old, Bulgarian with Greek, Spanish and Italian blood, tanned skin and natural long dark hair..

    I know I might be late but still

    Good luck to everyone!!!!