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Roy Dotrice is Grand Maester Pycelle

George R. R. Martin has confirmed via his blog that veteran British actor Roy Dotrice has been cast as Grand Maester Pycelle.

“The old maester has lived many lives, brief but numerous. In his youth he fought in the wars that some say inspired all of this. He has been a king and a god, but he’ll always be daddy to me.”

The answer to this one will be no stranger to anyone who has ever enjoyed the series as audiobooks. Yes, it’s ROY DOTRICE, our once and future audiobook reader.

Roy is an extraordinary talent who first took up acting in a prisoner of war camp during World War II, and has been working constantly ever since. Among his many, many roles was his portrayal of King Edward IV in the classic BBC production of THE WARS OF THE ROSES. He’s also in the Guinness Book of World Records for his one-man show, the play BRIEF LIVES; most performances by an actor in a one-man show. (If you ever get a chance to see it, do. It’s a great play, and Roy is wonderful). He played Zeus in HERCULES and XENA. But for me, of course, Roy will always be Father, the role he performed on BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, where I was a writer/ producer for three seasons.

Working with Roy Dotrice for those three years was a singular honor, and one of the highlights of my decade in Hollywood. He’s the sort of actor who will take every line you write for him and make it better. Not to mention, he knows some great stories about Charles Laughton. He was my first and only choice as reader on the Ice & Fire audiobooks, and he has done an amazing job there as well… not simply reading the text, but acting it out, giving every character his or her own voice. He may be in Guinness for that as well: most voices by a single actor on an audiobook.

He goes on to confirm the news about the Hodor casting that Kristian himself already confirmed. He adds at the end what to expect from future casting announcements.

Meanwhile, casting continues. We’re close on half a dozen other roles. Some of them may be hinted at here, others will be first announced on HBO’s own GAME OF THRONES website, or through Mo Ryan, THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER, and the other entertainment media. Watch this space. Watch ALL those other spaces too, especially if you’re a fan of Harper Lee.

Winter Is Coming: So the fans were right. Dotrice it is and he will be playing Pycelle. This was something that many people suspected way back prior to the pilot being filmed when we got word that Pycelle was written out but that the actor chosen for the role, who was a “world-class thespian”, would return for the first season. Dotrice was the consensus choice and George’s clues just confirmed the suspicion. And a good choice it is. Dotrice is an experienced and respected actor that will no doubt put in a remarkable performance.

Also, it’s interesting to note George’s last statements, it sounds like we will have to keep on the lookout for surprise casting announcements. As always, keep it here for the latest casting news as soon as it breaks.


  • PS I’m a bit worried about his age, but Dotrice looks almost exactly like Pycelle in my mind.

  • Wondered that also, about Harper Lee. Huh.

    Really figured he meant Aemon. But on the other post, someone said Aemon might get cut? I hope not! He is part of Sam’s path to okayness! And seems important otherwise, due to family.

    • Nemo in the other post mentioned it might be a reference to Littlefinger, his crest being a mockingbird and Harper Lee being the author of To Kill A Mockingbird. Makes sense to me and GRRM mentioning to keep an eye on ALL those places for Littlefinger casting news must mean they've got a big name to play Baelish.

      Can't wait to find out, I'm excited!

        • It would be awesome. Also Michael Sheen or John Simm.

          Great news these of Pycelle and Hodor! Hodor boy has the look and Dotrice is a great actor.

          • That makes sense. I was wondering how they decided which venue to announce in.

            Maybe HBO will use the website to announce big names who get big roles, while THR and Mo will get the unknown actors who get big roles, or known actors who get small roles, while GRRM gets the small roles played by unknowns only the die-hard fans would be interested in… Not to say Roy Dotrice is in that latter category — maybe he's the exception for GRRM.

  • I think that Nemo got it.
    Harper Lee wrote: To kill a mockbird.
    And the mockbird is the sigil of ????
    "We all know Who"!

    Could be that I read too much too..

  • I guess this thread is also a proper place to suggest that perhaps the Harper Lee clue refers to LF. His crest is a mockingbird and HL's famous book is called "To Kill a Mockingbird"

    • Of course! Brilliant.

      Although I'd still love to see Robert Duvall in this, your explanation makes a lot more sense.

      Can't wait to see who they cast.

      • Haha, I just wrote in the other thread that I don't know which explanation is more likely (but I'm fine with both of them).

        Don't give up on Duvall!

        • I think the idea that they're going to announce LIttlefinger soon (which they're going to do *eventually* no matter what) is MUCH more plausible than Robert Duvall being in "Game of Thrones" at this point. Would I like it if he was? Absolutely! Still, I really think you're right.

  • Oh my gosh! I forgot about the mockingbird being Littlefinger's sigil. EXCITEMENT LEVEL INCREASED.

  • Wow that's a lot of news for one day! Our prayers have finally been heard. EXCITING!!!!!!!

  • Roy Dotrice thats a very good choice!!! But i'm really excited to know who's going to play Littlefinger…

  • Damn, for a second I thought the Harper Lee reference was a clue to who else might be in the mix for one of these roles…I got excited that Robert Duvall might somehow have a role (he played Boo Radley). Ah well, I'll just have to settle for the fact that we'll have our Littlefinger revealed soon.

  • Yay, this is great news!
    And omg, I really hope that the Harper Lee comment refers to LF casting announcement soon.
    I really hope that Aidan Gillen gets cast for him!

        • O.K. I just started watching BSG, and so I didn't have much of a James Callis opinion before. But I have to say (just based on the 5 episodes i've seen) he seems to stand out from the rest of the cast. If he's cast as Littlefinger I would now actually be excited. I would still prefer Tim Roth if that was possible. (By the way I'm so glad that Lena Heady is Cersi instead of someone like Tricia Helfer, maybe I haven't watched enough of BSG but I'm sorry…she's just, not good.)

          • I have to be honest, Tricia Helfer didn't really impress me in the first several episodes either. I'd even say for most of the first season…I thought she was ok, sometime kind of artificial, sometimes better, but nothing to write home about. But as the series progresses, she really grows and stretches as an actress. Give her some time…watch her grow. I still think she would have made a great Cersei, given the work I had seen from her by the end of BSG, though I am perfectly happy with Lena Heady, as well.

  • I'm excited about both of these casting. I love Roy Dotrice's reading of the audiobooks so it's great to have him involved. I was scared when they said the old maester and I thought it might be Aemon though. He's not how I picture Aemon at all. Pycelle is a much better fit! Yay!

    I think Kristian Nairn will be fine. I know some people thought there wasn't a lot of range in that Vimeo tape. But I got the impression that was more about showing how big he was, and that he could carry a small boy around. They would've tested his acting when he got the call. I'm only guessing. But I'm hopeful!

    You guys are so much smarter than me about the Littlefinger reference. I was like "Harper Lee? Is Atticus Ross going to be a director?"

    • Sadly it was taken down.

      In a related musing … there has to be some sort of "record the recording" computer program out there, right? I'm the first to admit my web-fu sucks, and would be inept at trying to take pictures of moving pictures, but I always lament when, inevitably, some juicy bit of footage is seemingly lost to the ages.

      Anyone know of any way to "back up" video footage that doesn't belong to us?

      • I have a programme called Moyea FLV Downloader which can – sort of – do this, although it sometimes requires some fiddling. There's kind of a war of programming going on between its makers and the makers of the various video channels, so it needs to be frequently updated. To be honest, I never use it these days as there's no real need, apart from if you think something is going to be taken down and you want to grab it fast.

  • If they'd be posting Littlefinger news and breaking it on the Games of Thrones page, it HAS to be a big name in my opinion. I'm very excited for these next few days and will probably be hitting F5 on several tabs until someone beats me to it and gets the scoop.

    • I have to agree there, with the tidbit of info GRRM gave on his blog and that we might learn some casting news via HBO, THR etc, to me that means some very big name talents will be attached to some of our beloved roles, and one of those big names just might be cast as Mr. Mockingbird.

      • It really does makes sense for a bigger name to be announced by one of those channels. It's also nice to see HBO is letting George toy with us with the clues for some of the smaller roles/lesser known actors.

        Again: So Excited

        I also just handed comics to a guy with the last name Snow, and it took all of my strength not to say "you know nothing"

  • Quite excited to see Roy Dotrice confirmed as Pycelle. I first "read" the books as audiobooks so his narrations are intimately connected to the text for me. In fact, I think I may be more excited to see him than any other actor cast so far.

  • Oh great glorious holy fuck!


    It's just… I was thinking 'oh no, it's not someone notable after all. They've just gone with the anonymous old guy who I've only heard of because he does the audiobooks. And who apparently was once in some trashy American series that I'd never have heard of if not for being a GRRM fan. And, oh, he was in Angel and Xena and Hercules and Hellboy…

    But then I realised that he was also LEOPOLD FUCKING MOZART. In Amadeus. You know, the film with eight Oscars (plus three nominations), four BAFTAs and four Golden Globes. And he was the fourth-biggest role in it, and he was WONDERFUL. I adore that film. I'm almost tempted to buy the audiobooks (I've never listened to an audiobook and dislike the concept), just because they're narrated by Leopold Mozart.

    I'm really surprised that between WiC and GRRM and the comments here, nobody has previously mentioned his most famous role!

    • That was my immediate thought when I read "always a father to me" as a clue, rather than Beauty and the Beast coming to mind.

    • Its a favorite film of mine, as well, although I had no idea Dotrice was Leopold. Thank you for pointing that out. Most likely the only time I've seen him on the big screen. However, flaunting its achievements like such is so something Salieri would do.

  • I don't really know much about his acting, but I hope it's better than his audiobook readings. I've said this before; I found it very difficult to listen to, being used to Stephen Fry who is, IMO, much better. His reading was made worse by the fact that he mispronounced key names, Catelyn being the obvious one. I know you're welcome to pronounce it how you like, but saying "Kate" in place of "Cat" was just…

    • IIRC, Dotrice says 'Cat'…because he pronounces 'Catelyn' as 'Cat-uh-lyn'. I remember being surprised as to how it was really spelled when I read the printed version for the first time.

      The most bizarre pronunciation was Pe-TIRE for Petyr, imho.

      • Dotrice's pronunciations have been validated by GRRM IIRC. So, whether or not you like it that's what you'll be hearing from now on… Cat-eh-lyn (Catelyn) and Jay-mee (Jaime) and Sayr-Say (Cersei) and so on.

        Anyway I LOVE Dotrice's readings. He's awesome. I listened to a demo of the aFFC reader on audible and couldn't stand it…

          • Lol, these are so weird. I haven't ever listened to the audiobooks, so the pronunciations in my head are probably mostly erroneous – e.g. I start Cersei's name with 'k', not 's' (that probably has something to do with -sei, there's a 's', so the 'c' should be pronounced differently :D)

            I just know that my world is about to crumble when GoT airs, lol.

          • Cersei also likes to say, "Sir. Say (what I tell you to say or I'll have your balls for Tommen's kitten's toys)."

            So, yeah, the alliterative element is present.

      • @Lex – he didn't read any ASOIAF but he read all the Harry Potter books (which I'm not even a fan of).

        @Katran – wait what? Has the Game of Thrones audiobook been recorded twice by two different people? I just assumed the copy I have was by Dotrice. That's the correct pronunciation of Catelyn, so I'd like to hear this version.

        • IMHO, there is no such thing as correct pronunciation of names. what you "say" may be the "correct pronunciation" of Catelyn in English not in Portuguese ( my mother language) and maybe, just maybe that was not the correct pronunciation of Catelyn in Westeros language (common language?).. ;)

          So.. If they not changes "Little Cat" fot Kittie i'm be fine…

          • The frustrating thing is, it seems GRRM, despite otherwise being excellent, is incompetant at transcribing names. Several of them seem to be 'meant' to be pronounced in an entirely different way to the way they are spelled. [Not always his false – I gather that the weird pronounciation of 'Jaime' is due to some Anglicised pronunciations of a Spanish name that we English are unlikely to have heard of but that Americans may know*] "Catelyn" is particularly amazing, since IT'S ALREADY A NAME. It's pronounced 'cate-lyn'. hearing it pronounced 'cattle-in' is going to be painful. And if he wants 'Petyr' with a long second vowel, he has to write a silent 'e' at the end! Pee-ter, Pee-tir, Pet-ter, Pet-tir, Pay-ter, Pay-tir… all those I can cope with, but 'Pe-tire' is just ignoring how it's spelled… (not to mention how we normally pronounce 'Petyr' as a name in English, though I don't know how it's pronounced in its native language).

            *Also bad connotations. "Sir" and "Jamie" are incompatible. Jamie Lannister must be either the childhood form of the later Sir James, or else the Lannister's ne'er-do-well bastard cousin. Or a snooker player.

            I just thank God they're not calling him 'Jimmy', but it's only one step away…

          • Jamie was always how I pronounced Jaime in my head, actually.

            Cat-uh-lyn took some getting used to, but it immediately made sense with her nickname of Cat (and not Cate). Also, after listening to the audiobooks, it is now how I think of it in my head, whereas it had always been cate-lyn before.

            Pe-tire is just terrible, and still grates my ears.

            However, Brienne (Brie-een) is worse. There are two N's there. That should make an -en sound, not an -een sound. Bree-en, or even Brie-en would be fine. Brie-een is awful.

          • Very strange.

            I've met GRRM twice and discussed various characters with him, heard him read chapters and so on, and he's always pronounced 'Jaime' as 'Jamie' and 'Brienne' as 'Bree-en'. However, on neither occasion did Cat come up, so who knows for that one. But Jaime is defintely 'Jamie' as he's been asked about that in interviews as well.

            I've also heard him say that the Dotrice pronounciations are not canon and not final, and that the recording of the audiobooks didn't really allow for them to call him every five minutes to find out what the pronounciations were, so they just did their own thing.

          • I actually like the names in ASOIAF, exactly because of their 'weirdness'. But as I said earlier, I pronounce them in my head very liberally, so perhaps I'm not the best judge when it comes to that are the names functioning well.

            Jaime particularly has always been one of my favourites. It's so refreshning that a member of the greatest families in the realm carries a ne'er-do-well name like that. But I can see it might also be a big turn-off for others.

        • I don't think there are two different recordings, just a different narrator for AFFC (which I haven't listened to, I only have the first three audiobooks.) And those are definitely Roy Dotrice. I always remember my favorite audiobook readers; he's probably #1 or #2 for me, and I listen to a lot of books.

    • Seeing as how much discussion this generated I want to apologize, I have the Game of Thrones audiobook but I have it read by somebody else (I assumed they'd only have recorded it once).

      Having looked more into this I think Dotrice is a great choice – I thought he was someone else!

        • Kevin Spacey is a splendid actor who could bring great depth and subtlty to Littlefinger, which the part needs. But he's MUCH TOO OLD. Littlefinger is not yet thirty, remember? Even if they age him up five years, he's still not yet 35.

          • Well, Sean Bean is also born 1959 (like Spacey), and while Ned is in fact some 5+ years older than LF, I think the important thing is that they belong to the same generation and that LF isn't physically strong-looking.

            If they can get someone highly talentet A-lister like Kevin Spacey (or my "old" favourite Robert Carlyle), it's going to be so cool that the age isn't really *that* significant. Or are you complaining about Dinklage? ;)

          • I'm not complaining about Dinklage at all. But Littlefinger's part is one that can be vastly upset by aging up the actor. Petyr being fourteen or fifteen years older than Sansa is one thing, being twenty or twenty five or thirty five years older is another. He also needs to be only a couple of years at most younger than Catelyn, and I think that making both of those happen is impossible now.

          • Well, I don't see that aging up LF is to be more condemned than with Tyrion, Jaime or the Hound. Wrt Sansa, the relationship should be creepy. And when it comes to Catelyn, I think that it would acceptable if LF weren't younger than her as long as he comes out as physically weaker than a random warrior in Westeros. His size and his inferior descent are the keys here.

            Of course, in a dream version of GoT, all the ages and age relations would be exactly correct, but we knew from the beginning that it isn't going to happen.

          • Holy Lord, that is the worst (and yet funniest) thing I've ever read on this board.

            Hmm, Sansa's supposed to be about 14. So I'm guessing you're 28 or 29. But that's okay.

  • I've listened to the Audiobooks so many times I almost know them by heart. I think Roy Dotrice is magnificent and I'm excited to have him in the cast. He's so good that you never consider how good he is or how hard it is to play so many different parts – because they all seem like different people. He particularly nails Tyrion, IMHO.

  • AW DAMN Pycelle, not Aemon?! :( I'm bummed. Aemon is f—ing awesome whilst Pycelle is a slimy weaking. I feel that Dotrice would be much better suited to Aemon. Oh well, at least we got him…

    • Slimy weaklings and great stalwarts both need good actors — or else they'll both come off as meh blahs.

      • Also Pycelle has way more screen time. He looks great for Pycelle. Aemon needs to look absolutely ancient, and obviously makeup is a part of that, so Dotrice could've done it. But I'd prefer someone genuinely older and frailer. Who are the cast suggestions for Aemon now that Dotrice is Pycelle? Olivier would've been the dream pick, of course, but Peter O'Toole would've also been perfect at this age. Someone who looks like Strasberg in Godfather II, but who can actually act :)

  • There have been three (at least) audiobook readers for the series. Roy Dotrice, Roy Avers, and John Lee.

  • Great news on the confirmations!

    I was talking to my father-in-law tonight and the discussion on an unrelated topic got me thinking about a question that could concern Thrones. I'm definately not a techie so I apologize if this seems mundane to some, but what are the chances of 3-D TVs being out in higher circulation by next May? I'm talking about the one where you don't need glasses to watch. Also, will the TVs automatically make shows 3-D or will they have to specially film the shows to get the benefit? If the answer (as I suspect) is the latter, then is there any chance we could see a 3-D Thrones next year?

      • 3D TVs require glasses. They are marketing them now. They will not shoot Thrones in 3D, its already way expensive. Thank God.

        I don't know you Lord Ned's Head, but if you ever had any sincere hope that Thrones would ever be shot or viewed in 3D, I feel sorry for your family.

        • "feel sorry for his family"?!

          listen i dont know him either, but you are completely out of line.

          what the hell is wrong with you? he just asked a question. there is no need to insult him on such a personal level.

  • ****** SPOILERS ********

    Am I the only one who doesn't want a big name for Littlefinger? Having a big name for the part will no doubt inform the viewer straight away that this is a significant character. Saying that after Ned's last scene they might have some doubts ;)

    • *spoilers*

      Believe me, I would be more than content if everyone were unknown talents, but it looks like LF is going to be a big name, and I can say I'd be devastated if someone like Robert Carlyle were cast. With him, I could be sure that he's going to nail the role and that's a happy thought.

      But I also realise what you're saying. LF and lord Varys should both seem like insignificant backround characters, and big stars make that rather impossible.

    • I agree. I'd much rather have an unknown who has the ability to be subtle for the part of Littlefinger. I just don't see any big name actors having that kind of ability. Littlefinger has to move with ease from ingratiating and sugary to more than vaguely menacing (especially in later seasons) while maintaining an air of nonchalance without being obvious about it He's one of the least open characters in the books until much later. I don't want someone who is too obvious. Littlefinger should be a mystery throughout, and a name actor takes that away. None of GRRM's characters are cookie cutter easy. In fact, I'd rather they went 100% no name actors with ability than sticking a few names in there for popularity at the expense of a suspension of disbelief.

      • Trying to mix art with business is always tricky and too often (?) the business wins. But OTOH, it's the price we have to pay in order to get the shows come true. The name actors are needed to lure the general public and sometimes the name actors are simpy better than the unknown ones.

        • No, I was implying that well-known actors are just that… well-known. It's a handicap when playing a subtle part. As an example, Kevin Spacey. Great actor. Too well-known to play Littlefinger, because the entire time he is on screen many people will be thinking, "oh, there's Kevin Spacey" instead of thinking of Littlefinger. A better example perhaps would be Hugo Weaving. Every time Elrond spoke in The Lord of the Rings movies, I kept expecting him to mention Mr. Anderson. It was jarring.

          Littlefinger requires subtlety which can't really be done by someone who brings the baggage of being well-known into the part. I think Christoph Waltz is a great example. Except for a very few roles prior to Inglourious Basterds, he was well-known only to German audiences, perhaps other European audiences as well. His entire career has been almost exclusively German-language productions. So he wasn't well-known to English-speaking audiences. A great actor? Certainly! And because he wasn't well-known to most of us, outside of German-speaking audiences, he was able to play that part to the hilt, with no problems of past associations.

          In America, we'll have a certain advantage in this over AGOT fans from the UK, because many of the actors will be largely unknown to us. Some in the UK might very well have the same problems with some of the AGOT cast as I described for myself and seeing Hugo Weaving in LOTR.

          Yes, I realize that marketing plays a par; but it need not play a huge part. We suffer still, in the USA, from the old studio system which marketed personalities rather than abilities, far too often. People who go to movies just because some name actor is in it make me wince. Sadly, that is part of marketing. I accept it as a given, but that doesn't mean I can't rail against the necessity.

          • You know, I actually think this is something similar to having a "wrong" actor for a part (with wrong I mean too much difference between a mental image and a chosen actor). Even though the actor were superb, it's hard to buy their act if you cannot see them as their role character.

            If we stick with LotR examples, I'd never managed to see Viggo Mortensen as Aragorn although he was pretty good with his acting.

          • But… Hugo Weaving was only in two other famous films by that time! And you mention only one (I'd have thought Priscilla was a more appropriate film to distort your perception of Elrond!).

            So are you saying that you want an actor who has never been in even one well-known film or series before?

            I think that if that's so much of a problem, either there's something wrong with your watching or there's something wrong with their acting. Great actors can be in many different films and portray different characters – that's what acting is!

            When you see Punch Drunk Love, do you think of the nurse from Magnolia? (Hoffman). When you see Magnolia, do you think of Born on the 4th of July? (Cruise). Or of The Fugitive? (Moore) What's Eating Gilbert Grape or The Thin Red Line? (Reilly). The Truman Show or Air Force One? (Hall). Raiders of the Lost Ark? (Molina). Once Upon A Time in the West? (Robards).

            Of course it's possible to typecast some specific mentally: I can't imagine Bean as Ned, because Bean has been so ubiquitous all my life playing mostly a fairly limited range of roles. And, in particular, I'm afraid of what HBO will do with the accents. But that's different from a blanket prohibition of… well, actors, basically. Because someone might always have seen them before, unless they're people who've never acted before.

            And there is also something else here: many 'great' American actors aren't very good at acting, and a 'great' because they look sexy and cool and have bucketloadss of charisma. In those cases – yes, sometimes you'd prefer an actual actor. But there are actors out there: a DeNiro or a Hackman or a Hoffman (either) can inhabit a wide range of roles despite being incredibly, incredibly famous. [Obviously there are also good actors who AREN'T world-famous – just pointing out that there's not theoretical contradiction].
            ((Unfortunately the problem is rather bigger with actresses. The number of good well-known actresses seems to be extremely small these days, possibly because most roles call for striking eyes, breasts and hips rather than depth of talent)).

          • The "not wanting a famous actor for Littlefinger" thing has been discussed a bit before on here, and it's not really rooted in the idea that a great actor can't play different characters from one role to the next. It's more an issue of "metacasting."

            The idea is basically that if you have a character who is supposed to be a bureaucrat, someone who fades into the background, but he's played by Gary Oldman, you might suspect that he's going to be a bit more important later on. The casting of a famous actor is a "tell," that this character is going to be more important than the events of the series let on.

            The casting of a famous actor as Tywin, for example, would be an effective "tell" that Tywin is a powerful leader.

            It has nothing to do with how well the actor portrays the character, it's how knowledge of the actor informs the viewer, outside of anything they see on screen.

            This is already an issue with Sean Bean, as several people who haven't read the book have commented about the fact that he normally plays characters who don't last long on screen. It leads to some uncomfortable silences.

          • That's a problem of perception from some people and they are the only ones to blame. Sean Bean often dies onscreen because a lot of times he plays either the villain or second fiddle. When he is the main protagonist he tends to survive to the despair of napoleonic forces.

          • Metacasting is all about perception, though, commonly-held misconceptions included.


            I put these huge spoiler tags around this in case someone who hasn't read the books comes in and sees this thread.

            Even if people draw the conclusion from a commonly-held belief that you can disprove, a wrong conclusion from erroneous information can still be problematic. "Sean Bean always dies" is a meme that persists, whether or not it exists in reality. Google "Sean Bean dies" or "Sean Bean always dies" etc.

   has even compiled a list:

            Now, does that mean I think he shouldn't have been cast? Not at all! Just that it's an example of how public perception of an actor can influence views on in-story action.


            I'm not saying that they *should* keep these things in mind when casting, however, just that they *might* and it'd be great if they did.

      • "Inglourious Basterds" just as an example. Christoph Walz was almost a completely unknown actor in the world but he did an awesome job on "Colonel Hans Landa". I hope they find an actor like him for the role of Littlefinger!

        Unknown but brilliant!

        • Eike, I don't wanna be a jerk, but its a tad rude to label someone such as Christoph Waltz (especially when you spell their name wrong) as "almost completely unknown actor in the world" when he has 94 acting credits since 1977. Just because you didn't know him doesn't make him "unknown".

          • No, he's pretty much unknown to the average US movie goer. ::chuckle:: Just saying. Nothing rude about it. I thought he was awesome as well.

            I love movies. See a lot. And I'd never heard of him. Nor had anyone else who I've spoken to. Nor anyone they spoke to.

            He's pretty unknown.

        • Completely OT, but do any of you think that Waltz might be too big a name NOW not to be typecast? I hope not, because I thought he was fantastic in IB, but I'm not sure I can see him as, for example, a loving father in some movie, without seeing Hans Landa. On the other hand, if he can manage to make Hans Landa forgotten in his future performances, he truly deserved his Oscar and can look forward to many more.

          Back on topic, if Waltz were available for GoT (I'm not sure how it works, but I don't think he is, being Austrian), which part could he play? A part that could make us go "ooooh, he's definitely not Landa anymore"? Since English is not my first language, I can't be sure if his accent is very noticeable. Some character coming from exotic parts?

          I might be crazy, but what about a cameo as Arthur Dayne? With the right hair, contacts and armour, I think he'd convey the nobility and doom of the Sword of the Morning. I know, it's weird to think about, but…

          • @the goat: Sorry for the little misstake with the "t" but almost all of his film credits are german speaking movies or TV series. So I really think that if you had asked 1 million american who Christoph Waltz is, none of them could have answered that. I saw him before in german TV but not in major roles, so I didn't realize him as an outstanding actor.

            In fact it would be hard to do not see Hans Landa in him but I think his skills are that good that he can make this up. Especially if you see him in mediaeval costume. Here's a shot of the film "König der letzten Tage":

            But I don't necessarily want him in GOT, but only an actor with his skills ;-)…

          • Re: Waltz as Dayne, I think he has the proper nobility and doom, as you said, but I for some reason have always thought that Arthur Dayne was 30-ish and Waltz is too old for that. If you have better information of his age, feel free to say so :) But could he be someone else instead? Kevan Lannister or the Blackfish maybe?
            I don't think that the possible accent is more problematic than with Nikolaj Coster-Waldau.

          • Hi Nemo, I too see Dayne as a youngish guy, but nothing in the books hints at his age. The Tower of Joy is one of my favourite parts of the saga, but very little is said about it.

            Waltz was born in 1956, so he's 54. But in "inglorious Basterds" he looked way younger; I don't know if it's just me, or if he discovered the fountain of youth.

            Kevan, yes, he'd be terrific. Blackfish, I'd love him, but he'd have to look his age or older. Hmmm… maybe with a beard, even though Brynden is supposed to be clean-shaven.

            Coster-Waldau's accent: I haven't heard it, but I hope he has a good pronounciation coach. King's landing folks strike me as having a somewhat posh way of speaking, but other than that, no particular accent, as compared to the more "exotic" Northerners or Southerners.

          • The Blackfish has no beard? o_O
            Well, I certainly hope HBO will change that! I looked at Waltz avec beard pictures and thought he would be perfect.

            It just hit me that all members of our Lannister trio are coming from different nations: Dinklage is American, NCW is Danish and Headey is British. Hopefully their accents are going to match, they belong to the same family after all.
            I think you’re right that KL folks' way of speaking should sound posh (like Queen’s English) and differ from Starks, for example.

          • Yep! No beard, and I think it fits well with his somehow fussily neat appearance (no embellishments apart from his obsidian brooch, etc.) From "Clash of Kings", don't know the page because I looked it up on an e-book:

            "The Blackfish was a tall, lean man, grey of hair and precise in his movements, his clean-shaven face lined and windburnt."

            Of course it might be that with all his worries he's let himself go a bit. I'll take a bearded Brynden anytime, if played by someone as good as Waltz!

            Still thinking about the King's Landing accent. Its denizens, at least those we meet, are mostly nobles, but it's a quite cosmopolite town, and people like Jaime surely travelled a lot. So I'd expect both traits in their speech: a general tendency to refined talk, but also accents picked up here and there.

  • Ser-say and Cat-uh-lin are the correct pronunciations. I hadn’t thought about this before but I really hope they use them in the show.

  • Hi guys!

    (off topic sorry!)

    I went to see Pearl Jam in the Odyssey last night. The band were fantastic BTW! Anyway, one the way back, just out of the car park, I noticed new ‘GOT’ direction signs have been put up.

    These type of signs are used by the production to direct cast and crew to locations where filming is taking place. There are actually quite a number of old ones all over Belfast as there aren’t always taken down after a production finishes.

    These particular signs are directing traffic that is leaving the Paint Hall to travel on to the M3.I’m not sure where they are going after that but something is going on somewhere! This could be pre-production location scouting or something else.

    I grabbed a photo with my trusy iphone on the way to work this morning (I’ve sent them to WIC).

    In other news, my best mate who plays bass in our band has just told me that his good friend is travelling from Illinois to NI for 6 months to work on the Prosthetics for GOT. I know her name but I don’t think it’s appropriate to release it just in case I get her in trouble!

    So between me, my bro-in-law’s fiancee and my best mate’s friend we have the extras, costume and prosthetics departments covered!!

    BTW – My wife hates my beard!

    • Always good to read a Rimshot appearance! Keep us informed, mate!

      And tell your lovely wife the beard's for a good cause … and that we owe her a pint of her favourite beverage if she decides to come to the next moot (if they decide to have another moot) in recognition for her suffering (just don't tell her we'll be getting you two pints).

      Do you know if they plan on going back to Doune to re-shoot?

      • I did post here a few weeks back regards Doune. I called them up and asked if there was any filming planned and was told no. I have a feeling Winterfell is now in the Paint Hall ;)

          • I'm hoping there will be a moot too! Had great fun last year and would love to meet more folks from the boards etc. I noticed GRRM mentioning "next time I visit the set". Fingers crossed he'll arrange a moot again but if not, is there anything stopping us ( folks from the various boards/blogs ) arranging one?

          • Just passing by to say hello to lovely Jackie who patiently gave me conversation until my nerves fade away and I could find the courage to make the rounds and chat with everybody else. The moot was a wonderful experience and you were a big part of the reason. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

            I'm the crazy spaniard who was nagging you all the evening, by the way.

          • Oh stop now, blush! ;) Took me a minute to recognise you there. I wouldn't say nag, just having a good blether, besides I'm sure I was as nervous as yourself.

          • If GRRM's around, then that makes it easier to organise things and to try to entice actors into showing up etc. Although of course the fans can just hang out regardless. Belfast is a great party town anyway :-)

            My guess would be that GRRM will fit in a set visit around the time of his appearance at OctoCon in Dublin (16-17 October). That saves him two time-consuming trips, and some timing estimates put the filming of his episode (#8) around that time anyway, so it makes sense. I wouldn't put it past GRRM to try to entice some of the actors to an appearance there. So around that time (either before or after) might be the best time to arrange a meet-up.

            I'd also pull out all the stops to go again, as last year was brilliant fun :-)

          • I have some vague idea actually to take vacations in Ireland around the time of OctoCon.
            It would depend of many things, my regular job, most of all – but it would be nice thing to do.

          • I'd figured GRRM would try and tie it in with Octocon but wasn't sure if filming would still be going on around then. I'll certainly pencil in those dates for a Belfast moot :)

          • Yup, we'd assumed filming would be ongoing until January, if not possibly even early February, after the delay to 26 July and the comments from last year that filming would last for 30 weeks. A lot of the comments about how long extras will be needed and so on seem to suggest that it's definitely, 100% going on until the end of December at the earliest, so yup, things should still be going on in October.

        • They might have said 'no' so hundreds of additional people don't start showing up when they shoot. They maybe are trying to keep it on the downlow.

          • It crossed my mind but the way the conversation went it didn't really sound like they were trying to put me off. I might call again (with a different voice ;) and see.

  • Hahaha, you fools! He's fooled you again! Littlefinger, pfah!!

    The Lee Harper reference was undoubtedly a confirmation of the fact that Martin has successfully reunited the greatest band to ever walk this earth: The Boo Radleys!! as cast members in Game of Thrones!

    Sice: Symeon Silver Tongue (duh)
    Timothy Brown: Tom of Sevenstrings (bass players never show up in the first season)
    Rob Cieka: The First Drummer, in the 27th Float, of the 19th Parade, during the 33rd Course (oh shit!, it was you the whole time!)(fook off, tossers!)
    Martin Carr: Marillion

    It seems this entire production (perhaps even Martin's entire saga of novels) was based upon getting the Boos to reunite. So far, however, they refuse to speak to each other. And now it appears they will retire to their respective tents; apparently because they know what happens there. Still an exciting first day of shooting on Game of Thrones!

    Also, Sice has reportedly shat in Martin's saddle. I'mmmm, not even sure how you do that.

    • Well, there are I think 5 major castles in Thrones: Winterfell, Castle Black, The Twins, The Eyrie and The Red Keep. Hard to know what the set will be, except that they've already done Winterfell exteriors elsewhere so they may or may not go back. It's also possible that they are building one of those very versatile sets that can be shifted around or easily redressed to be any or all of the castles they need.

      • I believe you're right, Brude. It could indeed be used for multiple castles. And don't forget Harrenhal, although it won't appear until later seasons.

        That quarry is perfect for King's Landing. The water frontage can pass for a river, and could be a location for shots other than castle shots, if they have use of both banks of that inlet.

        From other angles, it surely has a view out into the lough giving the possibility of shots to seaward. And that opens the possibility of shots landward from the water, so a castle built there could double as Dragonstone, Harrenhal, Storm's End, Pyke and possibly even Riverrun and Oldtown.

      • I think you forgot Riverrun.
        It will be important to show it from outside to explain why Jaime's army is split in two, thus making it easier for Robb's army to beat them. Even if they show it on a map during a planning session, they will probably show fight scenes with the army separated by the rivers and the castle in the background…

        • Slightly OT, but what do people here think about fighting scenes in GoT? It's a fine tradition in (pseudo/)historical movies that those scenes are extended – compare LotR movies to the books for example – but HBO's Rome had a different policy.