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A mystery in TIA

The tenacious UK industry blogger and fact-finder known to us as ScreenTerrier caught our attention with a seemingly random blog post he’d dug up out of thin air. An anonymous actress / insider known as TIA noted in her latest blog post, Family Rituals and HBO, that she is auditioning for a part in a “new series … which is going to be huge.”

It’s for a great part in a new series they’re doing which is going to be huge. The part will be in two seasons, eight episodes altogether. It’s the same producer from the show I was in, what seems like forever ago now, but could still work in my favour.

We, of course, assume that series is Game of Thrones … Mostly because we’re all about Game of Thrones. We’ve been known to be wrong though! On occasion. The bigger mystery is: who the bloody bleep is TIA?

A small bit of diligent snooping has us on the trail of one actress in particular that could most likely be the mysterious “TIA.” She has gone to certain lengths to conceal her identity, so we won’t shout our guess to the world. But neither do we mind giving GoT fans something to do with their time if they so choose; post what you will, we’ll just keep it off the front page.

Fire And Blood: If the series is Game of Thrones, the role in question is a mystery unto itself. Osha would make the most sense, as she appears in the first two seasons, but if HBO is looking into future seasons already, it stands to reason they could be looking to pin a few vital roles down. “Two seasons, eight episodes” could very well be Ygritte, or even Shae (if they aren’t even thinking about season three as yet).

So we have a mystery actress and a mystery role. What’s your guess?


  • I think the probability order is:

    1) Shae
    2) Osha
    3) Ygritte

    The * actress in question * has done a spectacular nude scene before (seriously, before this week's TRUE BLOOD went completely insane it was probably the most HBO thing HBO have ever done), so clearly is comfortable with kind of acting. That would be a boon for Shae, whom we usually see in various states of undress.

    I think Osha is next most likely because of her age, as she is somewhat older than Shae. However, Shae's age I don't think is critical to the role. * The actress in question * playing Osha is problematic because she is quite short. This can only work if they make Osha a very different role. Osha also fits the appearance schedule much better than Shae: maybe 8 episodes in two seasons (Seasons 1-2). Shae would have multiple appearances in Seasons 1-3, and we know from the Gendry and Theon castings previousky that they are listing roles based on their appearances in Books/Seasons 1-4.

    Ygritte I don't really see as being likely, as she doesn't appear in the books until the closing pages of A CLASH OF KINGS (Season 2) and then only in the first half of Season 3, probably not 8 episodes' worth of appearances.

    • That last scene in this weeks TB episode was the best of the year atm, I have to say even for a vamp, that's gotta hurt. I would place my money on Osha, as the woman in question does some serious athletics, so she must have a tight hard physique. I always imagined Shae as being softer in physical appearance.

    • Definately not Shae; I saw the casting call notes on spotlight a month or so ago (along with Doreah and Bronn). I remember it clearly; Number of episodes (season 1) = 2, First appearance episode 9 & Season Appearances 1-4. The role in questionis more likely Doreah. I remember Doreah definately stated Seasons appearances 1-2 & possibly a mention of 8 episodes.

  • Tia Demir was not my guess, as she seemingly does not have the resumé this blogger has. Our "TIA" has to have already worked in a television series with the producer of the show in question.

  • "the director made a comment about Eastenders being a highlight and then proceeded to not even watch as I performed my bit" – so she's previously appeared on Eastenders… well that doesn't really narrow it down but it is at least a start.

    • Other clue: "My first big break came a few years ago when I was cast in a major HBO series, which was a smash success… slightly more in the US than here but still… anyway the role was awesome but also raunchy, very raunchy!! I was naked, completely naked and romping for a whopping 2 mins on-screen action. Needless to say after all that I was fairly confident that I was on my way, it was a good role, popular show and there was certainly a large sum of fan mail – some slightly less welcome that others, I believe I received some hair in one letter and I don’t think it was from the guys head – but anyway, shortly after that I was cast in a major film with an awesome cast and a great director. This did not require nudity just a bit of kissing (which was nice), and then… well not much…."

      • This sounds like she's describing Rome, which was more successful in the US than in the UK, and certainly had its fair share of raunchy scenes.

  • She speculates in that post that getting the role would send her abroad to film. Is Northern Ireland considered "abroad" from London? "Abroad" sounds farther…

    • Yes, most English people (that I know) would consider any trip that involves getting on a boat or plane to fly to another landmass 'abroad'. We don't travel that much ;-)

  • Polly Walker, from HBOs ROME!!

    She played ATIA (Tia).

    Shae for sure! She’s awesome!!!!

  • .Expanding on the post, the actress in question confirms that shooting would begin this year and last until December, which pretty much confirms that it is THRONES and it's definitely a a Season 1 role. So not Melisandre, not Brienne, not Asha Greyjoy and not Ygritte, unless there's been some huge changes to the story.

    So, Shae or Osha. Highly improbable it would be Maege or Dacey Mormont, definitely not Mirri Maz Duur (who would be maybe 2 episodes in 1 season at best), definitely not Jeyne Poole (too old, and Jeyne is not seen after Season 1) and not Mya Stone (1 episode in Season 1 and 1 episode in Season 4, maybe). Can't think of any other female roles that would suit the number of appearances.

      • Nice. As to her connection via the "producer"… how about Frank Doelger who is a Producer on GoT and was an Executive Producer on Rome?

    • Alice Henley had a sex scene in Rome, she's been on Eastenders and her Twitter @palsey regularly retweets @TIAinlondon.

    • Sounds about right! Raunchy sex scene from Rome: check. "cast in a major film with an awesome cast and a great director": check (Cronenberg's Eastern promises). Was on Eastenders: check. I think we have a winner.

    • Definitely Henley is a Shae if ever I saw one, and by the way PW is too old for Shae, even though she still is a hot stunning beauty at 45.

    • It's almost certainly Henley. If so…I can't really see her as Osha too easily, Shae would make more sense to me. But I definitely wouldn't discount Osha….I'm just having difficulty seeing it yet.

    • Wow, she's cute! Could work as both Shae and Ygritte. She is 27 years old, so that might make her better suited for Shae, though she looks quite young.

      Two seasons, though…? For the role of Gendry, they're talking about 4 seasons. They are planning for more than the first two seasons, so maybe rather Ygritte, then…

      • I definitely think Ygritte. Slap on some red hair and she has that "attractive, but not beautiful" look Ygritte pulled well. Her eyes even look to be a tad farther than most, and (correct me if I'm wrong), wasn't that something Jon mentions a lot.

      • Except that Ygritte doesn't appear in Season 1 and would be in the maybe the last episode of Season 2 and the first few of Season 3. The actress' website also specifically says that filming of the role lasts until this December, so it is a Season 1 role.

    • No chance in hell they are casting Ygritte at this point. She comes in season 2 and they have no reason to be casting that role now. Just not worth their time, they've got enough on their plate.

      The roles can only be Osha or Shae, and assuming it's Henley as it seems, definitely she's up for Shae. EDIT: oh, or Doreah – Doreah is pretty important to Dany's development, she needs her to talk to probably in many scenes. If she's saying just 2 seasons, the role is much more likely to be Doreah. Shae is in 3 seasons.

      Also, guys, she hasn't been cast yet. Her post merely says she has an interview at the end of the week so don't jump the gun on this. She's being considered and she has history working with the channel in the past, so those things look good. But that's all it is right now.

      Also, I hope this popping up doesn't affect her chances. I suppose she would have no way to know how good we are at figuring this stuff out, considering we've been trained through the first round of casting by GRRM's clues.

  • Alice Henley maybe? I haven't watched ROME in a while, but she played Octavian's crazy wife, Livia. IMDB says she was on an episode of Eastenders too.

    Oh, hi everyone. I've been lurking here, but I figured now was a god a time as any to join in the fun.

    • Best guess so far, I was thinking it had to be a Rome actress. She's got an ideal look for Shae. Might be she can still play younger, despite being almost 30. She's got a very young looking face.

      Kerry Condon is also a possibility, she played Octavia and is the right age, don't remember a particularly extreme sex scene with her, though.

      Indira Varma too old for these clues (but still gorgeous).

      Lindsey Marshal played Cleopatra, but wasn't one of the clues "right side of 30?" I take that to mean no more than 29 – she's 32.

      So yeah, Alice Henley is the best guess, Kerry Condon is #2 possibility.

  • Polly Walker (Attia) is frakking HOT, as hot as any older woman on TV. I actually think she’s probably going for Lysa Arryn.

    • Only viable if CAPRICA is cancelled (a decision they won't take until around January, from the sound of it). I also think Walker might decide that the role is either too brief (two brief appearances in two episodes two seasons apart) or too similar to Atia.

    • I could see PW as Lysa, but I don't remember Lysa being in CoK, afterall once Tyrion left the Vale in GoT, Lysa didn't reappear till the wedding with Lord Baelish, if I remember correctly.

  • Not sure why Polly Walker couldn't play Lysa. Just because she is on one show doesn't mean she can't be on another. Sonya Walger played Penny on Lost and Olivia Benford on Flashforward and Michelle Dixon on Terminator all in the same year. If indeed its Polly and she is going for the role of Lysa, then the scheduling demands for her won't be that grueling at least for the first season. If they bagged her for Lysa that would be a tremendous get.

    • PS. I really wanted her for Catelyn. With all of her shows ended or cancelled she is likely free now. Too late i guess =)

  • I couldn't remember the scene in Rome from when I first watched the show, but given such a bold statement from Adam as "it was probably the most HBO thing HBO have ever done", I felt compelled to search it out.

    There was a little HBO show called "Tell me you love me" which blows that out of the water in terms of being the most HBO thing HBO have ever done.

    That is all.

  • Kim Dickens is another busy actress. She plays Matt's mom on Friday Night Lights, Janette Desautel on Treme, Cassidey Phillips on Lost, Kate Stark in Flash Forward and also had time to appear in the blind Side. So yeah scheduling conflicts are something to consider, but just because someone is signed onto one show it doesn't neccesarily mean she can't playt in other series. Lysa seems a role that could easily be wedged inbetween another commitment.

  • Hmm the blog says the actress is on the right side of thirty. While that may technically be true for Polly she's a little more than just to the right (though she's still smokin).

  • The impression I get from the post is that nothing’s definite at this point. Hope this doesn’t jinx anything.

    • No, she doesn't yet have the part at all. She's going in for a meeting to discuss it, maybe read for them.

    • aha, you nailed it. I couldn't quite put my finger on it, but that nose and eyes to a lesser extent look exactly like Michael Jackson

    • I'll say this, when Rome was on, the Rome message boards had some not so kind things to say about her. I think she's perfect for Shae though because I don't think Shae should be some crazy hot model. Not that I don't like crazy hot models, but Shae is a camp following whore, not a Kings landing prostitude. But I don't think this girl is unattractive at all.

  • She has an unusual look, Clanglee, it's true. Beautiful, but in an interesting and different way. She reminds me very much of Jane March. Might serve her well playing someone of Valyrian ancestry, as Doreah is – if that's the role she's up for.

    I wonder if she was ever considered for Dany? Maybe she was unavailable at first? Maybe she's just a bit too old, despite her young look? Doreah is supposed to be older than Dany, more experienced in life. I'm 95% convinced that's the role she's up for, not Shae.

  • I looked at her after we "got" the actress and immediately thought Ygritte. The post says 2 seasons, not what two seasons. There are other signs they are mapping out more than just the first season- I bet they even shoot some items simultaneously ala Jackson and LOTR. I also have to say this being an adaptation, we have to be more open on when and how characters enter and leave the story and the prominence they play. I have watched True Blood, haven't read the books but have been told by friends of the type of changes that we should be considering. Having Ygritte enter early would not be unheard of.

    • The post specifically says that the role starts filming in the summer and ends in December, so definitely a Season 1 role.

      Having Ygritte show up early is possible, but I'm not sure how. Maybe the producers would include a shot of Mance and Ygritte at the Winterfell feast, she catches Jon's eye, he spends a while thinking about who she could be, runs into her in late Season 2, etc, but that seems pretty contrived. Otherwise there's no real way that Ygritte can appear in Season 1.

  • If it is Attia (sp?) from Rome, then she would be a FANTASTIC Lysa Arryn. As a good friend of mine pointed out…she sure does "crazy" well.

  • This blogger is not Polly Walker. She said she got her big break in Rome, but Polly Walker's big break came long before Rome. Pick a movie from her early career: Patriot Games, Restoration…several others could have been her "big break."

    Also, Polly Walker is way too established to be blogging and sounding like a still up-and-coming actress. She's got a show on TV currently. This blogger is still trying to make it in the business and talking about auditioning for commercials. If someone wants Polly Walker in a commercial, they would have to pay her a pretty penny for it and she'd be more of a celebrity spokesperson, not just some actor trying to make rent.

      • Oh, the hunt that ended before it began, right… and the kill that was a big 'who cares'.

      • if you want, I will SJ "I have no freakin idea!! Lol. " Wennings,

        Dry pickings indeed. The next update here will be most likely whatever GRRM posts next.

        • I wasn't complaining about wasting anything, though. Thats the gigantic difference. My comment was not meant to be plain negative like yours, just a "i'll leave this to the proffesionals" kind of comment.

  • I think it's Doreah. She mentions filming this year and being busy with that through December… Shae is only in one(?) scene in GoT and that would probably be shot in a day. Plus, Shae is in three seasons and probably more than 8 episodes.

    Osha is the other guess, but the actress you all sleuthed up just doesn't seem like Osha…

  • Where are we getting the Rome clues? Sorry I am leaving for Europe (an Rome of all places) and we are doing the packing thing so I am unfocused at the moment. Anyway, if the clues are in fact valid, what about Kerry Condon for Doreah? Its a stretch but you could bastardize Octavia into Tia. She is the right age. She was also in an even more HBO sex scene than Henley with SPOILER her brother in bed.

    • TIA is an abbreviation for "Talented International Actress."

      Check the first post in her blog.

      • I didn't say she was. I'm just saying that Ygritte was listed in the post as one of three possibilities, and this girl looks like a perfect Ygritte IMO.

  • You people throw around the word 'perfect' whenever too often. I guess this was fun but now that I'm disappointed with this not-yet-casted, depressing struggling actress blog, I am just going to re-read AGOT for the 50th time and cry myself to sleep.

  • You guys are amazing… I don’t know how you narrowed it down to Alice Henley with the most obscure hints. I swear all of you could find Osama Bin Laden if he had a Twitter account :P

  • Damn you guys never fail to amaze me, always finding this very quickly. I agree with most, I think she would make an awesome Ygritte, but that probably can't be for now.

    And to whoever said does she look like an alien, not at all, she is good looking.

  • We're pretty much certain our semi-elusive TIA is indeed Alice Henley. Here's her show reel; hopefully it can be viewed by all (YouTube was blocking American viewings).

    Very interesting. This is a pretty damned good actress. I agree the part she's testing for is probably Doreah, who could be a bit of a scene-stealer with Henley's sauciness backing it.

    But add red hair and freckles, and Henley looks almost exactly like I pictured Ygritte. Though probably not so much now that she got her teeth fixed (both Ygritte and early Henley had "interesting" teeth).

      • Cockney and East London (same thing) is the most well-known one, but there might be a couple others like Liverpool and Jordie. It's hard to keep track of them all, there are more regional accents in England than there are in all of North America.

        And no I'm not British, I was born and raised in America, but both my parents are English and I currently live in London.

  • Yes, mostly a south-east Londoner cockney thing, although it can appear anywhere as a sign of laziness ;)

  • Well, I knew you'd all work it out pretty quickly. Just to add, she has been cast young, her recent children's TV series role was playing a 16 year old.

  • It almost HAS to be Doreah, since TIA mentions that the role would take her "abroad" for shooting. If she's currently "TIA in London", I doubt she'd consider moving wherever they are filming in the UK as "abroad" from there. Meaning she'll be filming in Morocco….lasting two seasons….and teaching Dany some pillow lessons. WOW.

  • Polly Walker would be amazing as Lysa. I love her work, she is a great actress, although her part in Caprica is utter rubbish.

  • I think Mort Effying might need to check the expiration date on his meds. That thorazine might not be working as intended. Or maybe he just needs a hug.

  • On the TIA blog she says she is suppose to hear back from HBO today… I don't count that as a written in stone promise, but good to see it is suppose to be sooner rather than later. I suppose if she's offered the role then there would be a period of negotiation too. I wonder if that means we won't hear on the blog for a while after — and if she wants to maintain the blog's anonymity then she'll have a hard time with that after the casting is announced. So might TIA continue to blog pretending she didn't get it??? She said she might have thrown out some red herrings too, so maybe the guess she is Alice Henley is wrong, or maybe that is just an attempt to snatch back her anonymity…. That girl likes to play with us. :-) She is evil and I like her.

  • My favourite part is "Knowing what they’re going for – which I won’t go into details here because the sherlocks on the scene will work out the actress far too quickly"