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Charles Dance cast as Tywin

Chalk up another one to the fans. Esteemed British actor, and fan favorite, Charles Dance has been cast as Tywin Lannister in HBO’s Game of Thrones according to Maureen Ryan of the Chicago Tribune.

Charles Dance has been cast as nobleman Tywin Lannister in HBO’s upcoming epic “Game of Thrones.”

A wealthy lord and head of one of the most powerful clans in the realm, Tywin is one of the most memorable characters in the series of George R.R. Martin novels that begins with “Game of Thrones.” Tywin is father of the despised Tyrion (Peter Dinklage) and the calculating twins Jaime (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) and Cersei (Lena Headey).

Winter Is Coming: Another slam dunk piece of casting and another assist goes to the Thrones fans. As Ryan says in her post, Dance will bring a steely resolve and a commanding presence to the role of Tywin. Can’t wait to see him starring daggers on screen!


  • Yes! I was hoping for this news, before heading out for the day.

    Along with Sean Bean, Peter Dinklage, and Aidan Gillen, this is perfect fan-favourite casting!

    Also, finally a BLOND Lannister!

  • AWESOME news! Dance has been on fantastic form lately from what I have seen, with LOST and Terry Pratchetts ‘ Going Postal ‘

    Perfect person for Twyin.

  • God, with all these fantastic actors in place they REALLY need to take this to Season 3… That’s when all the best character moments happen.

  • Belfaster: AWESOME news! Dance has been on fantastic form lately from what I have seen, with LOST and Terry Pratchetts ‘ Going Postal ‘Perfect person for Twyin.    

    He’s not in LOST.

  • I was rooting for Alan Dale, but Charles Dance was my close second choice. Awesome news, I’m thrilled.

  • I tweeted this to @westerosorg — But this is incredible casting. Not only was he one of my nightmares from playing Numpsy in The Golden Child, now he’ll be one of my nightmares in my adult years!

  • Congratulations to Charles Dance and all the fans that wanted him for Tywin, he wasn’t my top choice but I know he was for most here on WiC. I didn’t realize he was a fan of the books, that really bodes well for his scenes and hopefully it will be contagious and carry over to other performances.
    This seems to be foreshadowing other roles in the future such as Mark Strong for Stannis, since so many fan favs are getting cast. To keep this streak going WiC, how about starting a topic for Stannis, Mel and Davos, it’s not to early to get our top 5 posted for those roles.

  • I couldnt wait for this new.It is awesome.Finally we have Tywin.All of my dreams have been become realty(sean bean,Aidan Gillen.Nikolaj waldau..)only one thing……Edward Nortom as Stannish Baratheon!!
    İsn’t it good?

  • Ah, now more than ever I want this show to go to A Storm of Swords (Season 3?) Then we’ll have our famous line!!!
    “Wherever whores go.” *Crossbow bolt goes THRUM!*

  • After the disappointing news from earlier (Sky), I am thrilled to bits! I saw him first in Trinity. Not a great series, but his perfomance was fantastic. Next came an episode of Merlin. Again, the series was pretty lacking, but Dance was brilliant.

    Then came Going Postal. I am a huge Terry Pratchett fan and was rather disappointed with the first two Discworld adaptations (Hogfather and Colour of Magic/Light Fantastic), therefore I was rather skeptical about Going Postal. All my fears, however, were unfounded as it was really well done and Charles Dance as Lord Havelock Vetinari was absolutely amazing!

    Again, I’m thrilled with GOT casting!

  • First post here! I’ve been a lurker since the blog started (first found a link to it on Neogaf). Anyway…

    Is there an interview or something where Charles Dance says he’s a fan of the books? You guys keep mentioning it but I can’t seem to find a source.

  • I wanted Alan Dale but oh well I can deal with it. He was good in the few things I have seen him in.

  • YES!!!!

    To think, the first time I read about the casting I’ve been waiting all year for, it was on a display iPhone at a Wireless Wave store! This is incredible! The last really major role of the season, and sure to be one of the most memorable, and, YET AGAIN, a fan favorite takes the role!

  • Is there an interview or something where Charles Dance says he’s a fan of the books? You guys keep mentioning it but I can’t seem to find a source.

    That’s because the source is me :-) I am reliably informed (by higher powers who have provided 100% accurate information before) that Dance was working on a stage production many years ago where it was revealed he had read and enjoyed the books, and later had heard that the HBO series was in development and kept an ear to the ground about it (although it does appear that just about every British actor worth his salt has known about the series anyway).

  • What a coup!!!!! …… the anticipation for the show is at an all time high ….. again can’t wait for next year …. Do they have a release date yet?

  • Charles Dance looks like a great Tywin. I wonder if they are casting Ser Kevan or leaving him to Season 2 or 3 (if we get a Season 2 or 3)? The first season isn’t even done and we are pressing on to Season 2!! I love it. Mark Strong as Lord Stannis would be great. I could also see Julian McMahon as Stannis. For some reason, I have always pictured Mel as Eastern European/Russian. I wonder how they are going to play up the Asshai influence??

    Who is left to cast? The bloodriders, Mirri Maz Duur, Lord Frey and some northern nobles…..Greatjon, Lady Mormont and Lord Bolton??

  • Wow. Congratulations to WiC community for yet again another good call.
    As for Dance, as I was saying recently, I’m not familiar with him, but the more pictures and clips I see of him and the more I understand why the fans wanted him for Tywin.
    He has presence and cold laughless eyes.
    So glad the last big casting news is still agreeing with the fans.
    We’re in for a great treat next spring!

  • GaR, just copy and paste the links instead of clicking them and they should show up just fine :)

    Re: the actual news, I admit I was an Alan Dale supporter (mostly because his role in Lost was already 90% Tywin :D), but this looks like an awesome choice. I’m not familiar with Dance’s work but he certainly looks the part.

  • winterqueen,

    All those plus: Gendry, Lord Karstark should probably be in there, Berric Dondarion (or did we get confirmation they’re not casting him?), members of Tyrion’s group of clan’s men… I feel like there are even more.

  • My thoughts on the remaining characters to be cast:

    Maege Mormont: Probably too small fry. Will either not be present, or will be an extra in the background. It’s possible that she (plus Dacey) might turn up in Season 2 (there wasn’t time for Maege to link up with Robb so she followed him down). Arguably can be cut altogether, depending on the importance of her mission to the Reeds in Book 3 to the overall storyline. I liked Dacey and Maege’s discussions with Cat in Book 3 and their contrast with Brienne. It would be a shame to lose them, but not a calamity.

    Roose Bolton: You definitely need him in the series and it would be nice to set him in up in S1 before his major role in S2, but arguably you can have him turn up in S2 instead. Robb can simply say, “Give these orders to Lord Bolton,” to explain he’s in command of the Green Fork army and never have him appear on-screen. Not totally satisfying, but doable. If, like the Blackfish, this is the price we need to pay to get a really good actor for him in S2 (when they’re not paying Bean and Addy’s salaries any more), that’s a fair compromise.

    Walder Frey: I see no reason why they wouldn’t have Frey in S1, unless they’ve decided to ditch the Red Wedding (which would be a retarded decision) later on. You need to establish him early and you need to set up his deal with Robb. He’s in exactly three scenes in the entire book series, so he shouldn’t be expensive either. To be honest, you arguably don’t even need a major actor to play him. Pushing Frey back to S2 is only really possible if they’re holding back on the entire Robb-fighting-the-Lannister storyline until S2, which they presumably aren’t if they’ve cast Tywin and Shae (who don’t appear until that battle is about to start).

    Alternate plan for Walder Frey: have Cat ride off to meet him, but we don’t see it. She then rides back to Robb saying, “He’s agreed to let you pass and this is the price.” Then have the actual meeting between Cat and Walder as a special bit of extra content on the HBO website (like what they are doing at the moment for TRUE BLOOD), possibly to be reintegrated into the episode on DVD.

    Rickard Karstark: Can definitely wait until Season 2, but I think he needs to be there. One area where ACoK/Season 2 can be fleshed out is the whole thing in Riverrun with Jaime in captivity, Tyrion’s failed rescue mission (which is unsatisfyingly resolved in the book, as we don’t see it) and Jaime killing Karstark’s sons which sets up events in Book 3. You could delete the entire storyline and push out the Karstarks, but again it’s a nice subplot and tells us a lot about Robb.

    Greatjon Umber: The Greatjon has two crowning moments of awesome in Book 1 alone (the scene with Grey Wind and the “KING IN THE NORTH!”), and losing either would be painful. Also Robb needs somebody in his army to talk to. If we’re pushing back Maege, Rickard and Roose, that doesn’t actually leave any other Northern lords in his army to chat with. I’m hoping against hope that the Greatjon is still in it and just hasn’t been announced yet.

    Thoros and Beric: Almost certainly delayed until S3. I suspect how it will go now is that Loras will come to see Ned in his quarters about the mission to go after Gregor, Ned will rebuff him and then send orders to Thoros and Beric by letter. This saves HBO the cost of hiring those actors until Season 3.

    Timmett and Chella: We’ve heard vaguely about Shagga being cast, but nothing on the others. This seems an area ripe for pruning: turn the mountain men into one big clan led by Shagga with the others as extras at best (some woman in the background with an ear-necklace, maybe someone at the Lannister strategy meeting saying, “What’s that around her neck? Urgh!”). You lose a couple of good lines from Chella, but nothing too bad. Having Shagga around is far more important than losing those two IMO.

    Kevan Lannister: Easily disposable until Season 2 or even 3. Have Kevan as the commander of the reserve Lannister army that Robb smashes at Oxcross. Kevan escapes and hooks up with Tywin later, maybe not until Season 3. That saves the cost of casting him. Alternately, have Kevan in the frame in Season 2 commanding the Lannister forces in the West fighting Robb and beef up his role beyond what is in the books. Kevan’s only real contribution in GoT is to be Tywin’s sounding board in the strategy meetings and those roles can be transferred to minor lordlings, to Tyrion himself or simply have Tywin speak for himself (although I hope Tywin’s deathly silence followed by “They have my son!” remains).

    Think that about covers it.

  • Adam Whitehead,

    Agree with pretty much everything you said. At the moment I’m most concerned about Greatjon and Gendry being cast. I suppose it’s too much to hope that this insane fan-pandering casting would extend to my personal choice of Brian Blessed as Greatjon? Yeah probably too much to ask.

  • Absolutely wonderful news! Dance will do an amazing job. Tywin was by far one of the most crucial parts to cast correctly and I think they pulled it off perfectly.

    Off topic, IMDB has a guy named Dar Salim listed as playing the part of Qotho. Did I miss this casting at some point or is this another case of incorrect info on IMDB? I know that happens regulary.

  • Wow, another awsome choice! It’s begining to be par for the course now. Adam Whitehead brings up a good point…I’m wondering how the Frey’s are going to be handled.

  • Anybody else notice that IMDb now lists an actor cast as Qotho, Drogo’s cruelest Bloodrider, named Dar Salim? I don’t remember seeing Qotho on the HBO press release or hearing about him before.

    Might be Salim or somebody he knows added him to the list once he was cast? (assuming he is indeed cast)

  • Amongst the roles being cast a few months back, I recall GRRM listing both Mott and Gendry, so I think they’re safely aboard. I think he also mentioned Grenn for the Wall contingent.


    Brendan Gleeson as the Greatjon? That would be freaking awesome! Although at this stage paying out for Gleeson who is in a lot of demand post-In Bruges would probably be prohibitive, and likely put him back to Season 2.

    My conclusion from the spoilered morass above is that they probably need the Greatjon and Walder Frey in Season 1. There are ways of getting everyone else to hang back until S2 or S3. Not having the Greatjon means that Robb has no-one to talk to apart from his mother, which will be a bit unconvincing.

  • Syleon,

    He’d be good too. But in my head he’s always been Brian Blessed circa Henry V.

    I recall GRRM listing both Mott and Gendry, so I think they’re safely aboard. I think he also mentioned Grenn for the Wall contingent.

    I missed that mention of Mott and Gendry, but that is a relief to hear. I do remember he said Grenn would be cast. Maybe some of the other black brothers will be featured extras with possible lines later on. As long as we get Dolorous Ed come season 2. (If we get season 2.)

  • Brenden Gleeson in Braveheart is the closest thing to my mental image of the Greatjon, except with darker hair. I will be really bummed if he doesn’t make it to the show, he’s definitely my favorite Northman and I think the best guy to represent them in the show.

  • And now that the major casting is done, it’s official; this show is going to be awesome.

    With the cast and crew they have assembled and the story GRRM wrote, I think it would be hard to make something that wasn’t at least watchable. But everything is pointing towards it being pretty much amazing.

  • “Oh what a feeling, when you’re Dancing on the ceiling”. Great bit of casting news.

    Here’s a clip of Charles’ cameo in Jam and Jerusalem. A more humorous Tywin ;)

    In the clip, the village have been lied to that Charles Dance had bought a house in the area. They arrange a social event around the premise that he is guest speaker.

  • Adam Whitehead,

    Unless they want to play Robb as a sniveling mommas boy…which would really ruin the effect the RW has on viewers and readers…something I do not think will happen.

    It’s a shame In Bruges was such a damn good movie, because Gleeson would be fantastic, also he would have some HP friends to talk with(not that this fact would influence the decision)

  • Time to update that Cast page again! i think WiC left out a placeholder for Ser Ilyn Payne. GRRM mentioned watching casting tapes for him so there’s definitely a role there.

    How about Mirri Maz Duur? She’s not mentioned on these forums much, but it’s a small but vital role.

  • byryn: i think WiC left out a placeholder for Ser Ilyn Payne. GRRM mentioned watching casting tapes for him so there’s definitely a role there.

    Good call! I plan to update the cast page this weekend.

  • Brendan Gleeson was my dream casting for King Robert. He does such a great job of switching between extremely jovial and condescendingly perturbed at the drop of a dime – which is exactly why Ned feels so uneasy around his old friend.

  • The completist in me has to make a list of who they haven’t announced casting for yet. I’m sure some of will be pushed back to later seasons, some will be “featured” extras, some will be cut completely. Have I left anyone out:

    Illyrio Mopatis (maybe)
    Ilyn Payne
    Meryn Trant
    Tobho Mott
    Rickon Stark (non-speaking?)
    Myrcella Baratheon (non-speaking?)
    Tommen Baratheon (non-speaking?)
    Jhiqui (non-speaking)
    Mirri Maz Duur
    Jeyne Poole
    Kevan Lannister
    Maege Mormont
    Roose Bolton
    Walder Frey
    Rickard Karstark
    Greatjon Umber
    Beric Dondarrion
    Boros Blount
    Desmond! (non-speaking)
    Bryndan “Blackfish” Tully (pushed to Season 2)

  • I was also an Alan Dale fan, but Dance was a close second for me. Now that I look at some more pictures of Dance and remember some of the roles he’s played, I now think he may have been the best actor for the job. What a coup!

    I’m on board for Brendan Gleeson for the Greatjon. He really looked the part in Troy:

  • All of the casting news is simply amazing!

    For Roose I’ve always pictured one of my professors from college.. pale, glaring, arch, highly intelligent, and quietly in control in the classroom. A nice enough guy, but that was his appearance and demeanor. Willem Dafoe-like. So yeah, Willem Dafoe for Roose Bolton.

    And please let there be a Hot Pie in season 2.. Arya’s frought journey through the war-torn countryside with him is one of my favorite parts of the series.

  • The more I look at photos of Charles Dance, the more I can’t believe I ever saw anyone else as Tywin. I used to think Alan Dale looked perfect, but man… Charles Dance was BORN to play Tywin! His face IS Tywin; can’t wait to see him with the sideburns/mutton chops.

  • Dance looks like a believable father of NCW and Lena Heady, i’d say. Then again, i tend to think people look similar when others don’t…

  • This is so great news!

    Waking up to find the only major role left is covered by your (and many others) absolute favourite actor…

    Just thinking on the exchanges between Dance and Dinklage (the other D&D on GoT, hehe) got me shivers.

  • Brendon Gleeson is the best choice for Great John. And how about Julian Sands for Roose Bolton? He is creepy and gaunt enough, put a black wig on him and I can see him as the lord of the dreadfort with its dungeons filled with flayed victims. He just reeks of malevolence in the warlock movies

  • Brad,

    Willem Dafoe was an original thought of mine aswell, though he is american, and I just can’t see him pulling off the soft spoken yet frightening voice Roose has I guess I thought Jason Isaacs because he looks closely to this depiction of Lord Bolton.

    If he had black hair and his face became more sucked in it’s spot on.

  • I hope they re-cast Roy Dotrice as Walder Frey, even if they have to delay Frey’s appearance. Then again, according to GRRM, Dotrice could be healthy again in 3-4 months… which means he could probably still play Frey in Season 1.

    Roy Dotrice for Walder Frey!

  • This is flippin’ fantastic news!!

    Charles Dance oozes intellectual menace. Check out Going Postal, Bleak House and even The Golden Child where he stole the show.

  • Awesome news. I did not have an actor pegged that I wanted as Tywin, but Charles Dance was on the list for sure. Great choice.

    If this show didn’t do well . . . well I just can’t imagine that.

  • The only problem with Game Of Thrones is that there are SOOO many roles… and so little time (only 10 episodes). Even the big names (Aidan Gillen, Charles Dance) may have very few lines. In effect, most of the roles are small roles…

    UNTIL Season 2 and 3.

  • Worth pointing out for fans of minor fiction-related irony that Charles Dance played a minor henchmen to Julian Glover (our new Pycelle)’s lead villain in the James Bond film For Your Eyes Only.

  • Dance is an excellent actor, even if I’d see him better as Roose Bolton ;-)
    Good news, anyway: actors like him will surely increase the quality (that seems to be higher every day) of the show…

  • OMG!! I go offline for three days, and I come home for all these amazing casting news – the cherry on top being Charles Dance, my number one favourite for Tywin, actually getting the role! Unbelievable. Life is magical and full of joy. :D

  • I am disappointed, Alan Dale was my absolute favourite and my exact mental image of Tywin. Having said that, I am sure Charles Dance will make a great Tywin.

  • Adam Whitehead,

    Great summation. Any thoughts about Donal Noye? He has a few strong scenes in the first book if I remember correctly, and he becomes an important character later on (especially in Storm of Swords).

  • Experimenting with my Twitter account – BTW, congrats for the refurbishing of the site, if I haven’t said it already!

    Charles Dance – I’m speechless. I’ve loved him since the Eighties. Those eyes will shatter TV screens all over the world. I like the Lannisters we have already, but his looks just scream “Lannister”.

    For the rest, I’m still rooting for the Mormonts to make it, sooner or later. They’d be a very interesting contrast with Brienne: they are women warriors, while Brienne is a Knight, no matter her gender. Hope this wasn’t spoiler-worthy.

    Some great ideas up there:
    Roose Bolton = Jason Isaacs or Julian Sands. They need to have those two somewhere.
    Greatjon = Brendan Gleeson. Oh yeah!

  • I’d say Colm Feore is perfect for Roose Bolton, but he’s apparently in the Borgias so possibly not available. He was filming Thor recently and 24 two seasons ago, to I guess he’s getting better known. The thought that the guy who played Pierre Trudeau on the CBC getting on GoT as Roose Bolton makes me smile.

  • Well, I don’t think Dance is ideal. I think that while he’s menacing, it’s often a kind of flat, cliche menace, and he’s more ‘grumpy and dangerous’ than ‘hard as iron’ in my view. I’d have preferred someone like Ben Kingsley or, best of all, Patrick Stewart (those who think of him only as Picard need to see his evil roles as Karla and Sejanus – the former more icy than a glacier, the latter entirely amoral to a chilling extent).

    That said: Dance is probably one of the best they could have found for their level of money.


    On missing characters: why are people ignoring the flashbacks? Surely you can’t tell GOT without flashbacks??? They’re a massive part of the story! You need Rhaegar, Lyanna, and the knights at the ToJ. And maybe Aerys. And does Tyrion’s wife appear in the first book? If so, her too. Yes, you could just have everyone sitting around saying ‘hey, you remember when…’, but that works even less well on screen than it does on paper.

    I’d be very surprised if we didn’t at least get the ToJ flashback. And the Trident, although you could have everyone wearing helmets in that one if you don’t want to cast Rhaegar.

  • Wastrel,

    I’d give all to see the Tower of Joy. But since we haven’t heard a word about a possible casting for Arthur Dayne, I fear that if even we get the flashback, it will be as in Ned’s feverish dreams, with vague ghosts who, alas, don’t need to be cast.

  • Gaines,

    Perhaps some of the advice he gets could come from Mormont and Aemon. It would be a easy place to cut back. Similar to the way the blackfishs lines in S1 is taking by Vardis Egen and Rodrik Cassel.

  • David Tysklind,

    I loved Prochnow in “Dune” and “Das Boot” and well, practically everything he has done. But isn’t he a bit old for Roose Bolton? Just my personal view.

    On the other hand, Prochnow in a cameo as Jason Mallister?

  • Wastrel: I’d be very surprised if we didn’t at least get the ToJ flashback. And the Trident, although you could have everyone wearing helmets in that one if you don’t want to cast Rhaegar.  Quote  Reply

    I’ve been thinking about the Tower of Joy flashback and it just seems like it could give them too many problems to film it straight. Not really knowing whether those characters will be needed in the future and not having the exact details of the event to work from would be a nightmare.

    I think if its in there it will be extremely vague and dreamy.

  • Oh, man, he looks perfect. I think its the nose.

    Now if he only has the right voice, it will be incredible.

  • Adam Whitehead,

    To Adam’s thoughts on characters:

    Maege: I suspect she/the ladies of Mormont will be recurring background characters in the books. So I don’t think losing them completely is a good idea.

    Roose: I think you can get away without him in season 1 for the reasons you describe. It would be far cheaper to cut him and save him for season 2.

    Walder: Because of the Red Wedding, you really need to set him up early on. If you don’t, the wedding loses its impact/becomes a bit more predictable since we don’t “know” him on screen.

    Rickard Karstark: Has to be there or Season 2 loses emotional impact. Then it’s just about Robb’s personal reaction. If he’s there in season 1 it’s more integrated so that you get Robb’s personal reaction plus more worry about the political fall out with his lords.

    Great John: Needs to be there so that we can see Robb has some abilities to be a ruthless tactician and the “boy” can win the loyalty of these very hard people. The two moments with the Great John are what make Robb a believable threat.

    Thoros/Beric: As I said in a different post, I think we’ll see them from the background. Remember, Thoros goes from being a fat man to a scrawny worn man when we actually see him up close. Surely they can get a fat extra to wear a red robe. Beric also changes. Surely we could see a man from the back with the proper tabard, and if he doesn’t match exactly in Season 3, well, there’s reasons.

    Timmett & Chella: Yes, they can be pared down or cut. Chella makes a good contrast as another warrior woman, so I don’t think they’ll cut both Chella & Maege. Timmett could be a non-speaking part. It would increase the creepy menace of him.

    Kevan: He is competent, that’s part of the character, so having him be in charge of the destroyed back up would seem uncharacteristic. I think he should be in Season 1 to provide a sounding board/bridge between Tyrion and Tywin (which is what he does in the book). It also allows for contrast with Tywin who is a figure of legend and glory, and the younger, overlooked brother who isn’t jealous and isn’t a toady. You don’t really get those often on TV.

  • Lex: I hope they re-cast Roy Dotrice as Walder Frey, even if they have to delay Frey’s appearance. Then again, according to GRRM, Dotrice could be healthy again in 3-4 months… which means he could probably still play Frey in Season 1.Roy Dotrice for Walder Frey!  Quote  Reply

    I’m so for this…and Rami Malek for Ramsey Snow (Bolton)

  • On flashbacks: I think they will go for the dreamy, blurry Tower of Joy. The only real, meaty flashback I think will be the Harrenhal Tourney, and that’s on season 2 (or 3?)

    Roose Bolton: My hopes are high for Zeljko Ivanek as Roose Bolton. He’s been on plenty of HBO’s shows before, and does the creepy, silent, menacing type like no one.

  • Caedes: Roose Bolton: My hopes are high for Zeljko Ivanek as Roose Bolton. He’s been on plenty of HBO’s shows before, and does the creepy, silent, menacing type like no one.    

    Yes please! :) We need some Slovenians on the show as well. Not unlikely at all!

  • Aargh I can’t believe it! My boyfriend and I were having a conversation the other day about who they should cast as Tywin and I couldn’t remember the name of the actor who I thought would be perfect. THIS IS HIM! So pleased!

    And if Dotrice could come back as Walder Frey that would be amazing too. His rendition of Lord Frey in the audiobooks is hilarious.

  • Caedes: On flashbacks: I think they will go for the dreamy, blurry Tower of Joy. The only real, meaty flashback I think will be the Harrenhal Tourney, and that’s on season 2 (or 3?)Roose Bolton: My hopes are high for Zeljko Ivanek as Roose Bolton. He’s been on plenty of HBO’s shows before, and does the creepy, silent, menacing type like no one.  Quote  Reply

    That would be fantastic

    Dotrice as Walder would be great too. Hope he feels better.

  • Gregory Kelton,

    I don’t know whether he will. I’d find it very amusing, despite the fact I’ve been waiting for ADwD for years, but I think the backlash from readers with no sense of humour may stop him doing it. A pity, because it would be funny.

  • I always pictured the Greatjon Umber to look exactly like: Brian Thompson.

    As far as Roose Bolton is concern, a skinnier Tom Hardy, but after Inception and Mad Max, he’s now a pipedream.

  • Syleon,

    Lol Cillian Murphy as Ramsay- Cillian Murphy gets no respect anymore after Batman and was it Redeye? He seems typecast as a creepy dude now.

  • Michael,

    It is funny that Cillian Murphy’s name came up as I just saw Inception yesterday. I don’t think this would happen as Murphy only seems to do movies, but I could totally see him as Prince Rhaegar in the flashback sections (if they do the house of undying and false spring tourney). Murphy has that intense but at the same time a dreamy feeling about him. I could see him with the purple eyes and Targ hair.

    I don’t see Murphy taking such a small role but he is how I picture Rhaegar. I personally think they should use Harry Lloyd for the Price of Dragonstone flashbacks.

  • Here is my other pick for Melisandre you can’t go wrong with either. Some picture her as a Exotic Caucasian, for the former pick while I see her as Asian (Asshai, looks an sounds Oriental), for the later pick.

  • George has commented on Dance’s casting now, saying he really likes this choice, and he also said there are some other castings to talk about. I don’t know if that means just commenting on casting we already know about, or revealing (hinting!) at some of the remaining as-yet-uncast roles.

    Most of the roles left are very small, and likely won’t be filled by people we know. This means it will be getting harder and harder to find clues.

    I still like Karl Johnson for Walder Frey, and, heaven help me, I can’t shake the image of Bruce Spence from my mind whenever I think of Ser Illyn.

  • Josh Parker,

    I wonder if GRRM saying “ALL” (Capitalized), in his most recent post concerning all the casting news he has to tell us about, might indicate that HBO has now cast all the roles for the first season.

  • So GRRM gives us are first real news about the first week of shooting:

    “The first week of shooting in Belfast went well, I hear, although the weather screwed with them a bit and pretty much confined them to the Paint Hall.”

    He also mentions working on the final DANCE chapters for a character he calls “Fred”, but going by his posts earlier this week I’d say it’s Jon Snow. Apparently that final chapter turned into three chapters, the first two of which he has just finished, and the third of which he has yet to write. Hmmm.

  • Lex,

    I took it as though he only has yet to FINISH the third chapter, not write the whole thing. Could just be my wishful thinking though…

  • Avalanche3319: Lex,
    I took it as though he only has yet to FINISH the third chapter, not write the whole thing. Could just be my wishful thinking though…    

    You’re right, he says he finished one chapter last week, one chapter an hour ago, and has one more to “finish”. However, that could be interpreted either way I think. Let’s hope he’s getting close…

  • Wow, it’s another GoT casting dream come true for this die hard. Charles Dance as Tywin Lannister is sheer genius! I’m also thrilled with the other cast members just recently added. Is it 2011 yet??

  • David Tysklind,

    I absolutely agree with your suggestion of Paul McGann for Roose Bolton.
    Not only is he the right age range and the perfect look for Roose, he also does creepy and obscure like nobody’s business. He has a phenomenal stillness, a subtle approach to acting and a compelling voice–soft spoken yet commanding. And here’s the clincher, he’s a classically trained, top notch actor who’s not that well known in the US and most likely available! It’s a win-win, wouldn’t you agree? :-)

    A few people here suggested Cillian Murphy as Ramsay. McGann and Murphy resemble each other enough to play father and bastard son.

  • I watched the Contractor yesterday on Five USA (UK). As it turns out, Charles Dance was playing Lena Headey’s father in this one too… I thought it was funny, especially that they looked so different. Once she gets blond hair she might be more believable as Dance’s daughter…

  • This is FANTASTIC. For some reason Tywin has always recalled King Haggard in my mind, and yet when I read the books he bore a striking resemblance to Ed Harris. Charles Dance is a phenomenal actor, and I’m supremely excited to see how he plays Tywin. He’s very good at anger and oh is the man scary when he yells, which, lets face it, is kind of Tywin’s schtick. He also has a quiet scary-strength about him. Awesome.