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Qotho cast?

IMDb is listing Danish actor Dar Salim to be playing the role of Qotho, one of Khal Drogo’s bloodriders, in Game of Thrones. Now, we know that IMDb isn’t always accurate. However this one has a ring of truth to it. First off, Salim has the right look. Interestingly, he also happens to be repped by the same agency that reps Nikolaj Coster-Waldau.

Winter Is Coming: I have a feeling this might be legit. His agent probably submitted the credit to IMDb without waiting for any sort of announcement. It seems to be HBO’s M.O. to only announce the major roles and let the minor ones go to GRRM and if GRRM doesn’t have time to do the clues we don’t get any word until a fact sheet is released. I’m sure a number of the minor roles have probably been filled since we got the first fact sheet a couple weeks back. At any rate, I’m trying to get confirmation on this and will let you know what happens.


  • Lex: SPOILERS:Isn’t Qotho one of the two bloodriders who remains loyal to the Khaleesi (along with Jhogo)?    

    No, I’m wrong.

  • Looks like a Qotho to me!
    Maybe his contract wasn’t finalised and that’s why GRRM didn’t give us clues on him yet…

  • Either way, Qotho is a good role – a mean, hard dude that makes other mean, hard dudes in a land full of mean, hard dudes look weak by comparison.

    His fight with Jorah was epic, and if his sword hadn’t gotten stuck in Mormont’s freaking ribcage, he’d have won.

  • Lex: SPOILERS:Isn’t Qotho one of the two bloodriders who remains loyal to the Khaleesi (along with Jhogo)?    

    I could’ve sworn it was Aggo, Rakharo, and Jhogo? Isn’t Qotho one of the guys that was really mean to her? I have to recheck the book.

  • Poor Dar Salim, to be outed at the same time as a little, unknown character like Tywin. Nobody speaks of him. No wonder Qotho is so upset all the time!.

  • Adrian: If Dothraki only cut their hair after a defeat this guy must be a real scrub

    Pfff haha. I suppose he’ll be bewigged.

  • dizzy_34,

    See I think Trejo is best typecast as the bad guy/villian criminal/druglord. It’s what he knows and what he’s familiar with. As a physical specimen he might fit the bill but I don’t think he’s got the flexibility to play a role like this.

    When I think some of the blood riders I think about Naveen Andrews. I’m sure that just like Jason he could bulk up and bring some power to some of Dany’s blood riders.

  • Josh K,

    I wonder how they’ll handle Drogo’s three blood riders and Dany’s Khas. In the books they’re all basically background characters. Qotho is the only one of the seven who ever stands out.

  • dizzy_34,

    True… I guess I just can’t look at Trejo and really see him as a blood rider, maybe I’ve just never seen him in anything where he hasn’t played the same hispanic bad guy with the same accented English. I try to picture him saying “It is known” and it just doesn’t fit for me. Maybe I just haven’t seen any other movie where he has played a role different from most of his others.

    Then again like
    izakmo, said I don’t know if such a small possibly background role would be something Trejo would even be interested in. I imagine the Khas would get a bigger role for the 2nd season but I can easily see them as non-speaking parts for this season.

  • This guy must look like someone else, because I could swear I’ve seen him before, and a lot, but I don’t recognize anything on his credits.

  • He looks alot like Billy Zane to me, who was the badguy in Titanic, amongst many other movies. Perhaps that’s who you were thinking of.

  • Off Topic
    But can I just say that our Syrio is possibly the coolest guy ever? He tweets back, and is such a charming guy!

    *excited, crazed fangirl eeeeee*

    Haha, Ahem…now, back to being a mature, responsible adult. Blah.

  • Love all the casting news. With just about every role now cast, I want to make a plea to D&D. Please sneak us out a cap or two?!? ;) Here’s an idea. Give Milos permission to throw out a few leaks. I’m pretty sure the guy would be more than happy to throw us a bone!

  • Trejo is like 4’5″, he is scary looking, but I don’t really want to see him in this.

  • Interesting Not a Blog post by GRRM. The most GoT relevant part:

    Got a couple other castings I should talk about as well… but it has dawned on me that there’s no way I can talk about them ALL. Not if I want to do anything else. There are just so many.

    The first week of shooting in Belfast went well, I hear, although the weather screwed with them a bit and pretty much confined them to the Paint Hall. Wish I could have been there.

  • Vohdre,

    GRRM also mentions having finished two DANCE chapters for a character called “Fred” (based on his recent posts I’d say it’s Jon Snow), and having a third one still to write before he’s done with the character for this book. He also says these three chapters were supposed to be one, but they grew longer (as usual).

  • Am I the only one who really wants to see Trejo as Shagga? I’m sure he wouldn’t be interested in such a little role, and I’m not sure we’ve even had confirmation that they’re keeping Tyrion’s wildlings (though in my opinion, cutting them would be a huge mistake), but throw a big shaggy beard on a guy like Trejo and I think you have a perfect Shagga…

  • Cat of the Canals,

    No… no Trejo. Srsly I would rather have an unknown. Trejo is just too well known, his persona would overwhelm the character. I like Danny Trejo, but I would prefer the character that GRRM put forth be the overwhelming influence in this TV series, rather than the actors which portrayed them.