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Day 32: Tourney wrapped, Winterfell next

Well we’ve passed the one month mark of filming on the first season of Game of Thrones. This past week was occupied with filming of the Hand’s tournament. It sounds like they hit all the major points: Gregor vs. Loras, Gregor vs. his horse, Loras and Sansa, Gregor vs. Sandor, etc. It’s possible they may be filming something to do with the tourney today but it doesn’t include Loras or extras presumably.

Next week it sounds like they will transition to filming Winterfell scenes. Isaac Hempstead-Wright and Kristian Nairn have both tweeted about starting filming soon. Crew member Paul McAnearney tweeted yesterday about being “in Winterfell”, presumably doing prep work. (He also tweeted a photo that may or may not have been the same location.)

So that’s where we stand right now. Hopefully we will get some reports from Miltos Yerolemou (who tweeted about posting something soon) and Conan Stevens (who I suspect will post something to his blog upon his return to Thailand).


  • WiC How do we know all the major points have been hit? Is Finn tweeting details or something?

  • I had the same question as Lord Ned. Whenever someone in the cast tweet’s or blogs something about the show it would be nice if the WiC staff could re-post it here. At least in the occasional news summary post if not every time they see one.

  • I hope this isn’t as lame as the rest of the fantasy genre. It’s HBO so I have a little faith.

    They better not pick this to renew over Boardwalk Empire though…

  • Jenn: I hope this isn’t as lame as the rest of the fantasy genre. It’s HBO so I have a little faith.They better not pick this to renew over Boardwalk Empire though…    

    Speaking of renewals, has anyone watched Treme?

  • Actually, canceling Boardwalk Empire or Game of Thrones would be like a shot ine the knee by HBO, so I don’t expect them to cancel them. They would need to have really poor ratings and I don’t think it will be the case.

  • Lord Ned’s Head,

    Ser Mos,

    Well Sophie and Finn tweeted something about everybody getting along very well, which tells us they filmed something involving both of them that day. Then Rimshot reported one day that he’d “been on the Mountain side” and the next that “Every Rose has a thorn. Every Dog has it’s day. »
    And we know from Conan Stevens’ blog post that he practiced his fight with Rory McCann last week and it could only be in preparation for this week since he’s returning to Thailand now.

    That’s all I got for now. But it could be that WiC is giving us info he got from private reports received by raven without giving away his sources so they don’t get into trouble. I don’t know.

  • Just to keep the record straight: we’re not keeping anything of value to ourselves :) Tweets can be followed (there also a cast&crew list of GOT twitterers for your convenience), latest WiC tweets are displayed in the right-hand column. The majority of Twitter accounts can simply be followed even without having an account of your own. Bits and pieces we are able to glean from such info are regularly summarized in posts, some are also newsworthy on their own.

  • Just found this very in depth Finnish fan site for the show:

    There are pictures of about a dozen extras at the bottom of the page. A girl named Laura C. Knowles is listed separately from the others and captioned “role unknown”. Possibly our Jeyne Poole?

    Also, does anyone know how The Clanranald Trust for Scotland is involved with the show?

  • Isaac Moyer,

    I was wondering about that too, but his latest (and hilarious) tweet put any worries to rest.

    @Kristiannairn: just sprayed aftershave into my eye while reading the label. lol. getting into character a week early FTW. #HODOR !!??

    I’m taking from that that the beard wasn’t for GoT since he just shaved it and will be needed on set next week.

  • izakmo,

    Wow thank you for posting this. I’m still browsing, but I was particularly glad to see the video of Joe Dempsie in Merlin. It’s nice to see him in costume. I really hope they don’t keep the droky haircut for GoT! Also, IMO he still has the voice of a teenager, which helps make him look younger than he is. And he’s still too easily grinning to my taste.

    I think Laura C. Knowles was reported back when this was found on the internet.

    And IIRC, The Clanranald Trust for Scotland was involved in the pilot and the source was a member posting something on Facebook.

  • Phoenix_torn,

    I have in fact watched Treme and enjoyed it a great deal. It is very much unlike anything else on television. So I think that if you’re open to something different you might like the show a lot, no matter whether you have had any contact with New Orlean’s history, culture and music before. Keep in mind that, like it was with any season of the Wire, Treme cannot really be judged on a single episode alone as its character and story arcs slowly unfold over the course of the 10 episodes.

  • burth,

    Good to know. I’ll add it to my list of television. My theory is if it’s HBO it’s probably worth watching, but I haven’t actually talked to anyone who has seen it.

  • izakmo,

    The extras listed below were used in the pilot. We found those faces and reported on them. If any were used for named characters, and some were, they have been (or will be) cast properly for the series.

  • I have watched Treme. It’s like typical Simon, which is a city as a main theme.
    It’s quite good, but I have to see what kind of new plotlines they have in store.

  • A MONTH?!? That went by so fast! The lead up to the filming, on the other hand, seemed to go by at a crawl.

    Anyhow, it’s exciting to kow that the tourney is filmed and done. I wonder if Conan Stevens will return to Ireland for any more filming, or if he’s finished for Season 1?

  • Hi guys

    I’ve just done 6 days work on GOT. I have seen so much but can tell you so little. I’m under a very strict contract which forbids any descriptions of the shoot. In fact, I have had to remove some stuff from here and Twitter. I’m really sorry but there’s nothing I can do.

    But I can say that the show looks brilliant. The sets and costumes are beautiful and you guys are seriously in for a treat! We had loads of low-flying planes over the set so I wouldn’t be surprised if some aerial shots appear somewhere. It was a fun but exhausting shoot with long days and very short sleeps in between.

    Sorry, I can’t give you more but you will see it all soon. Just wait till you see what I’ve seen!

  • Well, my above comments state that it looks like he might be playing Lord Rickard Karstark. He is definitely listed as playing a “Stark Bannerman”, but is an extra. It wouldn’t be beyond the realm of possibility that he is Lord Karstark as a featured extra.

  • Josh, Charles Allan, along with many members of the Clanranald Trust, was an extra in the pilot. I don’t think they have been brought back for the full season. So while he would make a great Karstark, I don’t think that is the case.

  • Rimshot,

    I was trying to work out who you were, if you were in Friday then that would narrow things down a lot. Ginger beard, hmmm…

    Anyway, I agree with you that the show is going to be amazing…

  • Rimshot: We had loads of low-flying planes over the set so I wouldn’t be surprised if some aerial shots appear somewhere.

    My goodness – who would be paying for that? News stations or something? You didn’t see my helicopter then….?

  • Just spotted a juicy post over at the sffchronicle forums. Someone mentions a co-worker who is working as an extra, and described a couple things from the Tourney. Sounds awesome!

    “So it’s the jousting scene and he gets to stand behind Mark Addy (the King). Who has a line about getting it started before he p***es himself and Lena Headley storms off .

    There’s a bit where the horses head gets cut off and also one of the jousters gets a lance through the next (bloody apparently)”