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George provides fresh casting news: Rickon and MMD cast

By Hear Me Roar on

GRRM is back, baby! Dealing with heaps of work and correspondence awaiting him upon his return from Australia, he came around to updating us on the progress of the show. At least the bits he’s familiar with after the long … Continue reading

Day 68: Filming in Tollymore and Malta

By Winter Is Coming on

Another day of filming for Game of Thrones is likely wrapping over in Northern Ireland, and maybe Malta as well, and some info about where they might be filming these days has surfaced. First up, it sounds like filming for … Continue reading

The Artisans: Gemma Jackson video

By Winter Is Coming on

Another update to the Making Game of Thrones site today, this one in the form of a video. The video is a first in a series called “The Artisans” which will presumably give us a look at the different folks … Continue reading

MGoT update: Cogman blogs the shoot

By Winter Is Coming on

HBO has posted an update to the Making Game of Thrones site today in the form of six new blog posts from Bryan Cogman. The posts begin at the start of filming (which was actually July 23, not July 26) and … Continue reading

Day 60: Filming continues at Castle Ward

By Winter Is Coming on

We are now nearly a third of the way through this planned 30-week shoot for Game of Thrones. It sounds like they are continuing to film at Castle Ward. Last week it was reported that they would be filming at … Continue reading

Quick hits: More extras, Helfer auditions, and ratings

By Winter Is Coming on

Here are a few Game of Thrones-related tidbits from the past 24 hours: First up, a new casting call for Game of Thrones extras has gone out from Extras NI via email and the Northern Ireland Screen website. It is … Continue reading

Joe auditions for the show

By Winter Is Coming on

Joseph Campo has released the fourth and final of his Get Joe on the Show videos. In this video is his audition for the role of Mance Rayder. Check it out below, but beware it is slightly spoilery for those … Continue reading

Another look: Contrasting GoT and TB

By Hear Me Roar on

One of our long term readers has written a substantial and well thought-out commentary to our previous post, displaying an analytical value worthy of what is going on in the head of the Hand of the realm, which is fitting, … Continue reading

Seven Bloody Sins

By Fire And Blood on

To mark the end of another insane season of True Blood, and to celebrate HBO’s upcoming blood-and-guts fantasy series Game of Thrones, (youronlychoiceforup totheminuteGameofThronesproductionnewsandrumors) has tasked me, your friendly neighborhood FaBio, to compare and contrast seven shared themes between … Continue reading

Illyrio recast

By Winter Is Coming on

As expected, HBO has confirmed that the role of Illyrio has been recast. Award-winning British actor Roger Allam will now play the role of Illyrio in Game Of Thrones. Ian McNeice was originally cast for the role, however he had … Continue reading

New set photos offer glimpse of Winterfell

By Winter Is Coming on

Some new set pics of Castle Ward have emerged, sent to us by WiC reader Paula. These are some of the best set pics we’ve received to date. They show some very large and detailed sets, augmented by the existing … Continue reading

Second season talks under way

By Hear Me Roar on

Nelson McCausland, Northern Ireland Minister for Culture, who wrote about the NI deals with HBO before, now reports on a high-level meeting taking place last week. The government team met with Jay Roewe, HBO’s Senior Vice President for Production, who flew … Continue reading

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