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Day 39: Filming in Ballycarry

Well today has been a pretty exciting day, all things considered. A rash of casting news, both major and minor, which is covered in my previous post. But also we learned quite a few things about the filming today. We first discovered that they were filming on location today, due to this tweet from Northern Ireland artist Anarkitty. After some fine detective work from Jackie, Nymeria, and The Rabbit, we determined the location to be Redhall Estate in Ballycarry.

Shortly thereafter, super spy silverjaime trotted out to the location and was able to snap a few pics. She also was able to glean some info from the locals, namely that they were filming in a barn and that they would be returning tomorrow and Monday as well.

Now we are getting reports that the scene they filmed today was set in an inn and involved Ned bursting into the room, angry over something one of his kids had done. This coupled with the report yesterday that there would be Lannister guards in today’s scene leads us to speculate that they were filming …

… Ned confronting Robert and Cersei over Joffrey and Arya’s tussle. The fact that the scene was in an inn (probably the Crossroads Inn)  means that this scene has been changed slightly from the books, which saw this occurring at Castle Darry. The change makes sense as Castle Darry is not a prominent location in the books, while the Crossroads Inn is featured in a number of big scenes.


  • Ahaaaa….so the inside of the barn is done up like the Inn… probably rustic and wooden and so on….makes sense. And it was surprisingly easy to find – all the wee GOT signs again pointing the way!

  • This is what I love about fan sites. Work done by fans! Spectacular! HBO might even worry a little bit about stuff like this; some studios definitely worry. They shouldn’t, it makes us love it all the more. Yay fans!

  • Steve B,

    I always thought the confrontation should have happened at the Crossroads Inn. There’s an earlier scene in AGoT in which Sansa is in an inn (not specifically the Crossroads, but it could have been) eating breakfast with Septa Mordane … Sansa excuses herself and goes outside to look for Arya. She finds her down by the river, brushing mud out of Nymeria’s fur. The usual argument ensues, etc.

    Sansa then goes back to the inn in a huff but is brought up short by the arrival of Lord Renly, Ser Barristan, and Ser Ilyn. Joffrey “gallantly” whisks her away from the frightening stare of Ser Ilyn … they go riding … and eventually encounter Arya in a different spot (still by the river) sparring with Micah. We all know what happened after that.

    “Lion’s Tooth. Hahaha…”

    What never made sense to me was why Ned and the king’s party packed up and left the inn to search for Arya in the first place. Staying put in the case of a lost child (or a lost anyone for that matter) is a pretty standard rule, just in case the lost person somehow traces their way back to where they started. Not unless there was some message from Darry saying they’d seen Arya (and the book never said so).

    So … that’s likely yet another story fix. Score one for logic if it’s true. It almost ranks up there with having Tyrion NOT flip off a 10 foot wall and land on his hands.

    Painful, drunken flops FTW.

  • Fire And Blood,

    Also, some consolidation of Riverland locations is welcome. I keep confusing the roadside inn, the kneeling man (and perhaps a few others people travel through) with the prominent crossroad’s inn. Despite paying a lot of attention while rereading this time. It doesn’t help that half the places get burned down and revisited later by different characters … hehe.

  • Consolidating locations is a great idea for the screen. In a book it’s easy to tell where you are (at worst, you can find out by going back a few paragraphs), and to slow things down when you get confused.. On-screen the viewer will find it hard to distinguish the inns, and must follow things at the director’s pace. This means that familiar settings help the viewer concentrate on the important bits of the action.

    There was a significance to moving the action to castle Darry: that house supported the Targaryens to the end (Willem Darry took care of Viserys and Dani, for example), and they are not very happy to have King Robert take over their halls. So this way GRRM got to hint at the tensions in the kingdom and connect the action in Westeros to the other storyline. I don’t think the TV series will be able to accommodate such subtle intrigue.

  • Lior,

    I agree with this one. Also when you think how party-party-self-indulgent-king our lovely Bob is, do you really feel he thinks something along these lines :

    -I have just been in north where penguins mate and arses froze, no good food, no sleep, no party-party and everything else also went towards Lions rearend.
    -Now I’m coming back to my own lands where people worship or at least fear me, chance to party-party, some wenches and mead, shove Cersei to near river and eat some pork like a swine.
    -So shall I as a king choose some nice little castle or shall I go to commoners tavern that looks like a barn?

    Well ok, it could have been that Bob would have chosen tavern because he considers himself as a warrior more than king, but Cersei would have never let Bob go to inn if there was a chance to influence some locals with her politics and turn them against Bob and show how lovely Joffrey is. I think Bob would have also chosen the castle for we all can see how his inner warrior has degenerated into fat old pervert. So in book that would have been no-no to put them into the inn, but in series I can clearly see that it is better in allmost every aspect.

  • Maybe they didn’t change the book to have this confrontation at an inn.

    Maybe it’s the inside of a barn made up to look like some Derry castle interior location. Something a little rustic, but that could still be part of a countryside Riverlands castle, like an audience hall?

  • silverjaime,

    Hi all just catching up on all your comments.Been away last two days after my day working on set. Some of you are spot on,some miles out. I had an amazing time, on set pretty much constantly with only two fifteen minute breaks all day. I was blown away again by the attention to detail, and the amount of effort that HBO has put into this production. It was such a pleasure to be close to some of the main characters in action . The actors all looked and sounded perfect.Just like you have imagined. Also one location doesn`t necessarily mean one scene. Wilko and out !

  • Hear Me Roar: th the prominent crossroad’s inn. Despite paying a lot of attention while rereading this time. It doesn’t help that half the places get burned down and revisited later by different characters … hehe.

    I’m also thinking consolidation is a gift. If I had to mention a flaw with the books its that everyone is constantly moving around, and it becomes confusing. For a while, Sansa was my favorite POV character just because she stayed put.