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Joe auditions for the show

Joseph Campo has released the fourth and final of his Get Joe on the Show videos. In this video is his audition for the role of Mance Rayder. Check it out below, but beware it is slightly spoilery for those who haven’t yet read A Storm of Swords.

Winter Is Coming: Wow. That was very well done. Nice job Joe! I have to say that that was one of the best fan audition video’s we have seen. I know season two is still not a done deal and casting is a ways off, but hopefully the producers will remember Joe and give him an audition, at the very least.


  • I love Joe, he’s one of my favourite GOT internetty things (besides Winter, of course). But I’d suggest an accent coach and a re-shot of the audition tape. :)

  • Joe has my full support. This audition has been very well done, lines well delivered. Too young for Mance in my mind, but definitely deesrves a role, a chance to officially audition at least!

  • As I said on Joe’s YouTube page, I love the audition but the accent is tripping me up. I think it’s a little too ‘posh’. Really do wish him luck though, his passion for the role does shine through. Best of luck Joe!

  • Love that he says in the previous video that he will telepathically send us the name of the chr he will audition for, and then sings the song that Mance Rayder sings :) Brilliant!

    And I a actually got goosebumps by his audition :p And about the accent, remember that he is not from the north side of the wall, he was a man of the Nights Watch. And it seems like many of the other characters in this show has a British accent. But ofc, the accent can be tuned better, but I really got a good “feel” of his acting. And I seem to remember that Mance Rayder ain’t that old? Or is he?

  • Wow… Very impressive! It’s like a mini trailer from three seasons in the future! He’s got my vote!

  • For when Joe pokes his nose into this thread…

    Wow! Very nicely done, Joe. Very good production value too, for a fan audition. HBO could do worse than casting you as Mance. Good luck.

    Oh, and my mental image of what Mance looks like just changed. Good job.

  • I want this man on the show! He will continue to deliver I’m sure and we will send the word out there (wic is a great start!)…season 2, Davos, Mance, he’ll be like a legend by then!

    Bravo Joe! :D

  • Wow! Really wow! Great audition! If I were from HBO, I’d give him a part. I’m not sure if would be Mance Rayder, but some part for sure.
    I have a problem however… After seeing Joe in his previous clips, I personally think, that his best part was… Joe Campo – funny American actor living in Ireland.
    I think, I’d be more impressed if I hadn’t seen his Get Joe on the Show.

  • Joe, absolutely superb performance!!! Might I suggest another video as Beric Dondorian (to show your range)?!?

  • Haha!

    That was fun. How can you not love Joe?

    I’m in full agreement that perhaps some coaching on his accent could make all the difference.

  • Amazing. At the beginning of the audition I was skeptical, but the performance grew stronger as he became more intense. Love it. I’d be totally on board with him as Mance or any other character (for some reason, barring the fact that he’s not a ginger, I could totally see him as Beric Dondarrion).

  • A very strong performance that, for me, really kicked into high gear when he started in on the five who fancied themselves “the stuff of kings.” Joe uses his eyes well. They convey the character’s bravado, intensity, and self-assurance well, but when he tells Jon that the wall will be left standing if the gates are opened to him, Joe gives them a fleeting look of softness that perhaps conveys the character’s desire to avoid needless bloodshed. The accent did slip a bit, but that’s a minor trifle. IMHO, he’s earned his shot – and I hope he gets it!

  • I feel somewhat relieved to see that he could actually act. Would certainy be a downer if “after all this” he delivered something very mediocre.

    I liked it all the way. A lot of good eye-acting here, and though i thought he seemed to young for Mance, he managed to look older because of the way he delivered it. I don’t know if that was intentional, but it worked very well for me.

    Whats next in his youtube-series, though? If anything.

  • I felt his british accent felt too forced at times. The area he spoke of the “thrones and becoming a king” lacked truth or belief in his words, perhaps a emotional connection. Joe Looks like he’s acting which is bad to do in film. If the accent is real tell him to use an accent from the Manchester. Southern English sounds horrible in Midevil settings. soskpritt/twitter

  • Don’t have time to watch this until I get home from work, but I had a feeling we’d see the audition today!

    But I notice it says “fourth and final audition”. Regardless of whether Joe makes it on the show, I hope he keeps making youtube videos in some form or another. He’s an entertaining guy!

  • Isn’t Mance Ryder in the first episode of Game of Thrones?

    I suppose he could be easily skipped over, but they don’t seem to have trouble casting people they don’t plan to use for a year or two.

  • Very impressed with that. I’ve heard worse accents in hollywood blockbusters! Joe creates a great atmosphere and moving it outdoors was inspired. Of course there’s room for improvement but he has demostrated that he has the chops for acting! So, does send this to Nina now?

    BTW – It wouldn’t be hard to guess that he is filming in Northern Ireland!

    Joe, if (when) you get a role on GOT – remember us lowly extras!

  • Amaaaazing. I loved it. The man’s eyes are magnetic.

    Full disclosure, for whatever reason Mance never really stuck in my mind as a character (maybe there was just too much going on for me by the time he really comes around). But Joe has totally filled that mental gap for me. I like the accent, and I like the age– for me, it makes sense to have Mance be someone Jon almost can’t help but identify with, and I think Joe fits that niche brilliantly.

    So yeah, adding my voice to the chorus: Get Joe on the show!

  • Good audition. Started a bit weak but improved tremendously as it went on- much more relaxed at the end than the start, so it seemed less staged.

    Joe, I understand it’s very difficult to keep up a convincing fake accent at the best of times, never mind while trying to act as well. I’m not actually sure which of the many British accents you were aiming for (no offence intended, I’m trying to be helpful)- you seemed to be going for quite posh at the start (again, no offence but this sounded particularly false to me) but varied it later.

    I suggest choosing whichever British accent you are most comfortable with and using that when called for an actual audition (which I think you deserve). We don’t know which accent characters outside the noble families will use, so use that ambiguity to your advantage- don’t try to force RP if you find a different accent easier. There’s plenty of them to choose from. Personally I don’t think Mance should sound posh anyway.

    Ask your friends which accent you do best, it’s not always easy to tell yourself. I suggest you practise using it all the time- then when you get to your audition, you won’t be concentrating on the accent and I think the whole thing will come across far more naturally.

    NB I’m not an actress, but have had to learn to speak in a different accent to my original one. These days I’m not sure which is the natural one any more!

  • This is a really impressive audition. I’ll echo a few other folks saying that I’d like to see Joe in any role he can get from HBO. It seems obvious to me that he’d bring the same commitment to anything sent his way. Great work.

  • Well done Joe!

    I’ve watched each of Joe’s Youtube videos and I feel the appeal of those is his comedic value and wit. The role of Mance was a bit difficult for me to envision Joe in for that role. I agree with the accent comments as well. The accent and tone of the voice do not seem that of a battle-hardened warrior-king. I imagined something a bit more gruff.

  • He seems like a great guy, but his acting is okay at best, and I definitely didn’t feel Mance here. Too young, not self-assured enough.

    I kind of dread that the producers might feel obliged to cast someone like Joe as a result of some kind of viral campaign from the fans. It’s great that they are listening to the fans, but that’s a double-edged sword.

    A chance to audition officially – he’s earned that certainly, but straight into casting? Nah.

  • Well done and can only praise the man’s effort but Mance is mostly a charming guy a bit layback at times, sharp at others. I haven’t seen the other videos yet so can’t judge as a whole but Mance is not the right fit imho
    Keep going though

  • Not a bad addition, but I’m sorry to say that Joe just doesn’t have the age to play Mance Rayder (not to mention that’s the kind of part they would angle to get a “name” actor for). There are, however, some reasonable alternatives. Lem Lemoncloak comes to mind, or maybe Lyn Corbray or Dareon.

  • Good stuff, Joe. As I said in the past, if I were still a talent manager, this stuff would interest me.

    The one weird thing for me is that you seem to have stolen my beard from off my face (seriously, I have the same exact coloring and I’m graying i exactly the same spots).

  • Nah sorry but I wouldn’t cast him for a major role. He just doesn’t look the fighter Mance is supposed to be. He could easily play a great minor part though.

  • Hello my little birds…

    Just wanted to thank all of you for the comments, and thanks to WiC for the article. If you did like the audition, please share it with your friends and help spread the word! It’d be awesome if we could get the video in front of the powers that be.

    You know, I actually bought a Horn of Winter, but it never ended up making its way into the shoot. Just in case you were wondering whether or not the Horn really exists, I can safely say it does. I also wanted to do the whole thing in a tent with a kick ass black and red cape and a broadsword… would have splashed out for it if I’d been a Lannister, but on a limited budget, I decided a cow field and some armour did the trick. :)


  • Joe has the talent for a larger role then Mance… but if not Mance I say give him Euron Crow’s Eye or Beric Dondarrion.

    We don’t even know what accents different people will have in the show. I thought Joe’s sounded great. I’m sure if he got the role he could build some more muscle or act tougher and the make-up crew would do the rest. A good actor can play any role and right now nobody is even sure what the showrunners want Mance to look like/sound like/act like, so Joe had to guess and I think he did a pretty damn good job. Once they figure out what Mance is supposed to be like in the show I’m sure Joe will tweak his style to match what the script calls for. Speaking of which, I also thought Joe’s interpretation was great, especially with no show script to work with.

    I wasn’t a big fan of his until just now. I think it was really nice :)

  • Great job Joe but in my mind Mance should sound less “regal” and more like a common man. Look at who the guy hangs with!!!

  • Man, even if he doesn’t get Mance it sure is great to hear those lines spoken aloud by someone that really looks like he feels the words.

  • As w-i-c’s newly crowned mildly perverse bosom-hugging romantic, I say to Joe:
    Oh, yeah.
    We’re on the love train.

  • D’awwwww I can say no to that face. I think that it started out a little shaky but once Joe hit his stride I think that it got pretty good. I will have to say that Joe’s accent did seem a little fake but seeing as he lives in NI it would not be too hard to work out the kinks in his accent, I’ve always thought the wildlings would have an Irish accent.

  • vikrum99,

    Lem or perhaps Tom Sevenstrings came to my mind as well when I watched this and the earlier videos. The reason why I loved Joe’s previous videos was his comedic side. I think he needs a similar character.

  • Happy b-day GRRM!!!
    Sorry I posted here, but where else?

    Almost 62 years ago… a little boy was born… and millions of fans admire him now.
    Thanks for writing these books, that we soon are going to see at hbo.


  • Wow. That was almost as cool as seeing the teaser trailer. I like how understated he portrayed Mance. That is a character with a lot on his mind. As to the accent–I thought it was fine. He didn’t convince me that he was English, but he did convince me that he was from a quasi-medieval society. Great job, Joe!

  • Definitely not a Mance Rayder. But i admire his passion. And the fruition of seeing the book come to life, was definitely exhilarating. I could not see him as the “Onion Knight” either. Davos, being my favorite character of the books, i hold this role, with bias, in high regard.

    My vote for Joe would be to see him in a more minor role, yet impactful to the book fans. I can see him as a Janos Slynt, or even one of the Bloody Mummers (Vargo?). My personal Favorite, would be Ramsay Snow, Roose Bolton’s Bastard =P

  • Really liked this. I think it was a bit over the top, but not to the point of over-acting, just more emotional than I personally picture Mance. I always imagined him with a sort of playful casualness, even talking about serious matters, with the steel of his personality just barely visible past the nonchalance. Then again, that’s just me. The accent did sound like it was slipping here and there, but definitely good overall. And of course you did all this in the rain, and I assume this was one of multiple takes out there in all likelihood? Accent+acting+distracting raindrops taken into account, this is very impressive. Hope you land a role!

  • Completely off topic but I just saw the pilot of Boardwalk Empire and was completely blown away.
    I cant remember the last time I saw such loving detail in any drama set in another era.
    The acting was great, Buscemi was superb in the lead.
    The music, the cars and the set. It felt like I was there.
    The story is unfold in perfect sync. Its not rushed, still its never boring. Your senses are always caught by the atmosphere.
    I am even more impressed by this than by Rome.
    I wonder if AGoT can match in detail and perfection.
    I do hope so

  • c0venant,

    I don’t know. I smell trouble for Boardwalk Empire. A tepid NYTimes review for Buscemi and everything but the sets for what is virtually a NY area “local” show. The HBO boards set up, a la TB, for BE are dead. Absolutely no traffic. Tomorrow you will see the Sunday night ratings reported. TB debuted at 2.1 million in the same time slot in 2008. The audience can be affected by the NFL game of the week, but I’m not getting a good feeling. That time slot does the heavy lifting for the whole week on HBO (there are 12 or more repeats of whatever appears there). Whatever is there has got to do the job.

  • c0venant,

    You know I thought is was good. But I liked the pilots of Rome and Deadwood better. By the way I thought their title sequence was a little lacking considering HBO is kind of “known” for their awsome title sequences.

  • Great performance, great display of love for the source material, definitely deserves to be in the show. But I think a different actor is needed for Mance.

  • Wow. Impressive! I would really like to see Joe on the show even if it’s not as Mance. (After all, that role could very well go to a “big name” actor.) I don’t really agree with the suggestion that he would be great for Beric Dondarion. In book 1, Beric is 21 when he sets out to get the Mountain, I guess that’s a bit out of Joe’s age range… ;-) Anyway, all the best for Joe and his dream to get to the Throne(s)!

  • Still haven’t had a chance to watch Joe’s video (writing this from work), but I wanted to chime in about Boardwalk Empire.

    I watched it last night and was very impressed. It just screamed quality on every level (costumes, cinematography, acting, etc.). I also found it more immediately engaging than many other HBO pilot episodes (most shows take a few episodes before I’m hooked). This one was an instant hit, for me.

    The only thing that lacked, IMO, was the title sequence. Compared to the phenomenal title sequences in other HBO shows, this was just too simple/bland. I dont’ think we’ll have this problem with Game of Thrones, however (i.e. the pilot script indicates some cool effects, as a raven flies over a map of Westeros, probably similar to the raven from the most recent teaser).

  • I think he could definetly land on a role in the show, he has the commitment and a great deal of rough talent. I can see him doing a great Mance Rayder, but he’d also work for me as a Davos Seaworth or Lim Lemoncloack.

  • dizzy_34,

    I don’t follow the NFL (figurine hugger that I am), but is the Sunday night game always a marquee game or are the match ups predetermined before the season starts? You saw TB ratings variations based on (believe it or not) whether the “finals” of some reality show were up against the TB episode or not. If there are yawn fests for the Sunday NFL game, on-the-margin viewers will bounce to HBO; if it is always a top match up, Boardwalk Empire may be up shit’s creek.
    BE is also going to rapidly shed the TB viewers, in my humble opinion. If it does not become plot-driven PDQ, they are going elsewhere until MAD MEN at 10 PM ET.
    I have a sinking feeling that the AGOT lead-in (in the 9PM slot) is going to be the five part sobfest “Mildred Pierce,” with Kate Winslett, touted for early 2011. Not exactly the GOT demo, I suspect.

  • Definitely the best GOT audition I’ve seen on youtube. The only problem was the accent, which drifted between posh english and west country (I think). Get an accent coach, and you’re all set my man.

    I’d certainly be at least somewhat interested in this if I were the powers that be.

  • I think he did a good job and should get an audition. If Joe does get a part HBO will work with him on the accent for whatever part he needs. Joe’s got the passion and talent for it. Add a little polish and he’d be even better.

  • Zack,

    Zack, I hope the GOT pilot is reasonably action heavy. There is a need for plot and character set up, but people are willing to wait a week or two to figure out every little thing that’s going on if what isgoing on is riveting.

  • I enjoyed the audition. Maybe not the best British accent I’ve heard, but it was enjoyable. Hopefully it will be enough to get Joe in front of casting directors for a real audition.

  • Longtime lurker, first time poster… Halfway through my second read of ASOIAF to date (1/4 through ASOS) and unbelievably pumped for the TV series (whenever we UKians get to see it).

    Anyway, I’d echo what others have said – Joe might lack polish, but he certainly has passion and love of the material. It’d be great to see him in some sort of cameo at least, even if they preferred to go with established actors for the bigger parts.

    And does anyone know anything about that Elizabeth Banks story?!

  • Great audition. I think he could handle Mance… the scene is from book three after all. Mance is a charming dude, but there is a lot of pent up rage and disdain for the high lords and their laws there too. If anything you could have projected more bitterness, which is probably appropriate for the character at that point.

    It’s a great choice of scene for a minor character.

    Random fan thought…. If HBO is casting based on family resemblence/looks… Joe he reminds me a lot of another actor Colm Meaney. Maybe they could do a Oswell/Osmund thing, or Black Walder/Ryman.

    (meaning no offense to you Joe… these are just characters that aren’t accounted for yet :) )

    Another solid supporting role would be Jacelyn Bywater (Ironhand)… he gets a lot of scenes with Tyrion in the second book.

  • ABear_ABear,

    Can’t think of any uncast confirmed roles they could’ve auditioned for unless HBO’s already doing some preliminary auditions for season 2 or something. And obviously if they are, they wouldn’t have made any binding decisions yet.

    I wonder if Helfer mentioned 1. That Banks also auditioned and 2. She (Helfer) didn’t get the part and the “journalist” jumped to the conclusion that therefore Banks DID get it? If that’s the case maybe they both auditioned for Cersei or something.

  • I think you deserve an audition, Joe. I’m not sure if you’re right for Mance, but there was some good energy and passion there. The accent got a little “chewy” in a few places, but it wasn’t bad. Good luck!

  • I thought this was FABULOUS! Keep in mind UK folk that the bread and butter of HBO wont pick up on any accent flaws. I certainly didn’t. That’s doesn’t mean that Joe couldn’t fix anything that needed to be fixed. I think he’s certainly proved himself determined. What I thought was really fabulous about this scene was that it was intense but by no means over done; it was simply powerful. I say Get Joe On the SHOW!

  • I’d really hope that the casting people are going to at least TRY to get coherent accents. [no comment on Joe’s, I haven’t watched it]

    On Helfer: if true, good news! Nothing against Helfer, but she was only OK in BSG, and it’s always good when big names don’t get cast – it shows the casting guys are serious about quality and not name-recognition.

    That said, both going for Cersei seems most likely.

    Alternatively: Lyanna? I’m sure she’ll be in the series. But why get an American actress for her? Particularly when it’s a small and not-particularly-challenging role? I’m sure there are plenty of young British actresses who can look attractive and feisty at the same time.

  • I wish they had planned ahead for Mance though, for the brief (ret-conned?) scene in book 1. Perhaps they did, and when it gets to that point in the story, they can flash back to show a hooded gentleman or some such way to mask his appearance. (But nobody knew what he looked like, so would he have bothered with a hood?)

  • gianna ,

    +1, I didn’t hear anything wrong, and I doubt most other Americans would. My only issue with accents is trying to understand what people are saying, which is often an issue for me when watching British TV.

  • The fact that you could pull off such an enigmatic and big character is fantastic, they’d be silly not to hire you for at least some role on the show.

  • Demokritos: Zack,
    Fairly certain Benjen knew him, so he might have.    

    That’s true, I forgot about Benjen. So they probably did include a “Mance.”

    I’d also like to say to Joe that I’d hate for this video to be the last we get to see of you. You could consider trying a few other characters, maybe? :)

  • Ok, I finally got to watch the audition. Awesome job, Joe!

    I agree that the production looked great (loved the rain and the armour). I also agree that it got stronger as it went along (and quickly). I also thought the accent got stronger as well (for me the only part that sounded odd was in the very beginning, on “cloak” and “Snow”). I was particularly impressed because I couldn’t really see Joe as Mance until watching the video (for age reasons mostly), but now I can. I was also impressed with the dramatic approach, considering that the first three videos were so humorous in tone). I also found the intensity and Joe’s eyes impressive.

    I definitely think he deserves an audition with HBO, and a part in the show as well (even if it’s a minor one, or some kind of cameo). Personally I can most see Joe as some kind of outlaw, or minstrel (Tom o’ Sevens would be the obvious choice since he’s both of those things). Out of all the outlaws, minstrels, and sellswords in the books, I’m sure there’s a part in there for you.

    Nice work, and I hope to see more youtube videos! Don’t quit now.

  • DH87: dizzy_34, I don’t follow the NFL (figurine hugger that I am), but is the Sunday night game always a marquee game or are the match ups predetermined before the season starts? You saw TB ratings variations based on (believe it or not) whether the “finals” of some reality show were up against the TB episode or not. If there are yawn fests for the Sunday NFL game, on-the-margin viewers will bounce to HBO; if it is always a top match up, Boardwalk Empire may be up shit’s creek.BE is also going to rapidly shed the TB viewers, in my humble opinion. If it does not become plot-driven PDQ, they are going elsewhere until MAD MEN at 10 PM ET.I have a sinking feeling that the AGOT lead-in (in the 9PM slot) is going to be the five part sobfest “Mildred Pierce,” with Kate Winslett, touted for early 2011. Not exactly the GOT demo, I suspect.  Quote  Reply

    I’m pretty sure the NFL has pre-determined match ups on Sunday night up to 12 weeks and then they can cherry pick the best match-ups. Regardless, the Sunday night NFL game kills in the ratings compared to other shows that are up against it and since GOT would be wanting to pull in some of that audience I’m glad it’s not going against it.

  • I’ve seen a couple of others post the same thing, but I’d like to reiterate from my POV.

    Fantastic filming. Nice scenery, good choice on the rain. Gave it an everyman kind of feel that Mance enjoys as a not-so-usual leader of an “anarchist” group.

    But I don’t think he looks anything like my image of Mance Rayder. Whereas our actor has a smaller frame that he pushes up to look larger, I always imagined Mance with a large frame that he almost tries to hide. He is the enemy that would much rather you underestimate him rather than overestimate.

    As to the scene. Joseph turns Mance into a seemingly arrogant, cocky and almost unhappy individual. I just have a different view of who he is. Mance is a typically quiet, reserved leader. When he speaks, it isn’t arrogance, it’s almost matter-of-factly. As though he is telling you something you already should know. He is extremely confident, but is constantly readjusting so he doesn’t risk miscalculating his enemies or allegiances. I just think Mance would be larger, and a more dominating individual, with a much quieter tone. But there are plenty of characters for which he would be far more suited. His tone for the character is just off, the acting isn’t nearly as bad.

  • vikrum99,

    Anguy (Archer) has a bit of the attitude Joe showed in his earlier clips, and Joe looks the right age to do the part. I think it would be a better fit than Lem.

  • I’m just glad it’s his final one. I look forward to never having to hear his terrible accent again for the rest of my life.

  • Finally got home from work and was able to watch Joe’s audition. I’m very impressed. He certainly has some talent, and the clip gave me chills. Felt like I was actually watching a scene from the show. The rain was perfect! I would love to see Joe get on the show. I think a more minor role than Mance is more realistic, but I wouldnt be dissapointed if he could land the role of the King beyond the wall. As far as the accent goes I’m sure there are dialect coaches for many of the actors who could help with that. Not that I found it all that bad.

  • See, I think it’s funny that people are saying he’s too old for Beric but somehow old enough to be Davos!

    Joe is close to my age (32) and since most of the characters have been aged up, he’s right in the age range to play Beric. I don’t think he looks like Beric at all, but that’s closer to his range. He’s far too young to play Davos, but he could easily play one of his sons.

    Other roles I could see him doing: Dolorous Edd, Ser Dontos, Ramsey Snow, Thoren Smallwood, Jarmen Buckwell, Raff the Sweetling, Chyswick, etc…

    Basically, he’s a total unknown, and American besides. He needs to aim smaller.

  • Ninepenny: Apparently Tricia Helfer recently auditioned for Game of Thrones but lost to Elizabeth Banks

    Okay, that’s REALLY weird because there were some rumors along those lines about a year ago when they were still casting the pilot. Honestly, it sounds like the reporter needed to write something and googled her name, coming up with some bullshit rumor that got spread around here and/or back then.

    Unless they are quietly casting Lyanna, or something, I suspect this is a complete fabrication.

  • Actually, I don’t think it was a rumor, I think Banks’ name came up in regard to some of the clues that GRRM put up as she seemed to fit the clues pretty well, at one point. When I google her name and “game of thrones” I get a few of those posts.

  • Good for Joe.I hope he gets some part. I don’t find too much to complain about in his accent. I remember being quite distracted byViggo in LoTR ( Fellowship , particularly). But fantasy does allow for a bit more deviance.:)

  • Joe shows (again) that he’s got real talent. The comedic role seems to suit him a bit better. Good job, but don’t just focus on Mance.

    He also opened my eyes to a potential problem with the adaptation. In the books a monologue speech as this one works fine, but on screen it gave me too much of a theatrical play vibe. I couldn’t immerse myself in what he was saying, mainly saw someone doing a speech. On TV it works much better (for me) if some sort of dialogue was used.

  • Michael Wincott should be Mance Raydar. Or anything on this show. He could play Patchface and I’d be happy.

  • Jackie MacPherson,

    Yes – I tweeted something similar – I thought Joe was American but his accent is like a posh West Country accent, sometimes posh and sometimes West Country. I was paying too much attention to the accent the first time round. On watching a second time, I think he’s very good, but maybe a bit lacking in expression a lot of the time, given that he (Mance) is asking for his people to be allowed through the Wall or they’ll perish! Also the heavy rain was distracting as I kept seeing it run off his beard.
    Yes – fix the accent and re-shoot without the rain, and with more expression!

  • Kai Alexis Price: This isn’t a monologue in a play by Shakespeare. He needs more honest emotional connection. Kai Alexis Price

    Yes – that’s what it reminded me of! Something from Hamlet or Richard lll. And when I say “more expression” (in my last post) I mean more emotion.

  • very good! a little over-acted on some parts but nothing a little coaching couldn’t correct. imo not a mance role (mance needs to be older and should probably go to a bigger name actor) but he would do well with a smaller role somewhere.. there’s still lots to fill!

  • Romulocks,

    I don’t disagree with your take on Mance, esp. the way he deals with his Wildling followers, but I do tend to think of him as having a bit of…maybe not arrogance exactly, but he likes being admired and followed, he tends to play up to it sometimes. Like when Jon first meets him and thinks that he likes the sound of his own voice. (Then again, a bit later, when they find the remnants from the battle on the Fist and he realises Jon lied to him, we see a harder, more menacing side to him).

  • The accent was a tiny bit distracting, but other than that it was a good audition. I do think you should be invited to a casting, though whether for Mance or not, I’m not too sure. But yeah, definitely get some coaching on the accent. It is certainly not bad (I class Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins as a bad accent), but it did slip at times. But other than that, good luck to you, and I hope you get an audition, and hopefully from there, a part.

  • Completely off topic but just have say what a pisser of a day with IT! First a virus on the home laptop (cleared now) then and close call on the work machine and now HORROR, Twitter has been hacked! . I shall cope..I will refresh this site endlessly all day ;)

  • Yay Joe. You’re starting to get a little fanbase I see! Whether they cast you as Mance or not… they should at least cast you as something, even if it’s a minor roll. I’d love to see you included somehow! You’ve put a lot of effort into this – props for that.

  • On a side note, it’s really interesting to see how differently people visualize Mance. It’s probably appropriate for such an illusive character.

    And could someone refresh my memory– personal preferences aside, is there a particular canonical reason Mance ought to be significantly older than Joe? I kind of like the idea of his being younger; as I mentioned earlier, it makes him easier for Jon to identify with, and it could enhance the idea that he is something of a prodigy in uniting the Wildings as he has. (My memory on what happens beyond the Wall is a bit fuzzyy, though, so my ideas could be entirely inappropriate for the character.)

  • For some reason, when I first read the books I pictured Mance as looking like the N Irish actor Stephen Rea (out of things like The Crying Game and V for Vendetta). I have no idea why.

  • Inkasrain: I kind of like the idea of his being younger; as I mentioned earlier, it makes him easier for Jon to identify with,     

    I always took Jon’s relationship with Mance as another step in Jon’s search for a father figure. And we all know how well that turns out for his father figures…Ned, Benjen, the Old Bear, Qhorin Halfhand…

  • Inkasrain,

    Like with a lot of characters, I personally base my age-guesses on their hair. on mance: “He is of middling height, slender, and sharp-faced with brown eyes and long brown hair gone mostly to gray.”

  • Sorry Joe, I wasn’t as big a fan of this as most people on here. The accent got too awkward at times. I also just wasn’t feeling it…Sorry I can’t provide better criticism. I’m no theatre/actor guy.

    I’d like to see an audition for Dolourous Edd though. I think you could pull that off much better.

  • He should get a shot as an extra with maybe a line or two for all of his effort.

    But, honestly, you can tell that he doesn’t have a lot of experience as an actor.

  • I don’t agree at all that he doesn’t have experience. People don’t have to be movie stars to have a lot of acting experience.

    As for the mention of Shakespeare, ASOIAF is very Shakespearean at times. Tyrion’s arc in ASOS in particular feels very Shakes. And Joe’s auditioning alone, ergo he has to do a monologue. Actors don’t do initial auditions with dialogue-filled scenes with other actors. They do monologues.

  • I enjoyed the audition clip very much, but I agree with those that found the accent distracting. Definitely think Joe deserves an audition for the show. :)

  • It’s a nice audition, certainly much better than I could do, but it’s very one note. I would go so far as to say boring, rife with forced conviction. A nice try, but in no way good enough for the Mance.

  • Well, I love it. Auditions always embarrass me a bit, even those by actors that ended up landing the roles, and at first this one was no exception. Having said that, Joe’s performance quickly grew stronger and more convincing and for a moment I forgot that this was only a fan made audition. The idea of an outdoor setting was great as well.
    There are plenty of characters apart from Mance Rayder or Davos (please God, let Gary Oldman play Davos!) that he could perfectly portray.
    Not that it serves you for anything Joe, but you have my vote!! :)

  • I just saw Joe’s audition and I’m absolutely beside myself. Its amazing! I’m also astounded at some of the negative comments people have given. It takes tremendous courage and a lot of talent to create an audition tape like this. Its not like he’s sitting on the set of a multimillion $ production, with a crew and a director and a trailer… It looks like him, in a field, doing everything himself (OK maybe a cameraman). And its not like he’s cutting from shot to shot… its all in one shot! 2 1/2 mins without a single cut.

    I have to applaud him, and I really hope he gets on the show. I’ll be really disappointed if they don’t hire him, and to be honest, if they do get someone famous to play Mance, every one of us is going to use Joe’s audition as a gauge to determine if they made a mistake or not.

    Go Joe!

  • sumdum gai: Michael Wincott should be Mance Raydar. Or anything on this show. He could play Patchface and I’d be happy.    

    Wincott gives some awesome speeches. I wouldn’t mind seeing him anywhere in Thrones either.

  • Inge,

    Actors SHOULD have the ‘courage’ to audition for shows. It’s not remarkable. Nor is it remarkable that a man is able to recite lines for more than two minutes without a cut. Have you heard of theatre work? And so what if he did it himself? – I mean well done for it, and credit for going for it at all, but it’s an acting job, not a job as a director, cameraman or producer, so his ability to make audition tapes without massive assistance has nothing to do with his suitability for the job.

    The only thing that matters is how well he says the lines. It’s an over-used example, but also the easiest: look at Hugh Laurie’s audition tape for House. It’s him sitting in a hotel room, filmed with a mobile phone or something of similar quality, looking very bored and depressed, reading from a script. As a tape, it’s rubbish – what matters is that somebody thought he said the lines with enough promise to invite him for a more thorough audition, and he won. The quality of the tape played no part in that.

  • Nymeria, haven’t heard anything. She might be reading into some comments here and elsewhere about people speculating about Mance’s cameo at the Winterfell feast.

    I just don’t see any way they would cast Mance now. I mean, I know fans would love to get a glimpse of him during the feast at Winterfell, but I just don’t see them doing that. You spend all that time auditioning for a character that doesn’t appear until S3 for a 2-second cameo in the first episode? That just doesn’t make sense.

  • Nymeria,

    I hadn’t noticed it, but huzzah! Peacey’s awesome. The rumor’s new to me, but there’s plenty of fantastic characters that I’d love to sink my teeth into, if Mance has been cast.

    Thanks for the link!


  • WIC,

    I have just reread Game of Thrones and didn’t notice anyone there that might have been Mance. Are you speculating, is this from the pilot script, or what?

  • spacechampion, it wasn’t mentioned at all in A Game Of Thrones, as far as I know. If I remember correctly Mance tells Jon he was there somewhere in A Storm Of Swords.

  • Winter Is Coming: spacechampion, it wasn’t mentioned at all in A Game Of Thrones, as far as I know. If I remember correctly Mance tells Jon he was there somewhere in A Storm Of Swords. Winter Is ComingQuote

    Right. Why would it be mentioned at that point? He doesn’t have a speaking role in A Game of Thrones because if he was obvious about who he was he would have been captured.

  • I think Peter Stormare would be a good Mance. Kinda crazy/charming, but intimidating enough to remain a leader among a group of men who could easily usurp him.

  • Good effort. But if you have listened to the AUDIOBOOK/Roy Doltrice doing Mance, particularly this scene, it is hard to top. Personally, I think the audiobook performance is extraordinary on every level. It really has set the bar quite high for the series actors for those of us who have come to love listening to it. I have high hopes that they are all up to it. This guy should consider aiming a little lower, like Harwin, or Farlen. The King Beyond the Wall is going to need to command a little more presence. Think about it, we don’t yet know how big his role will become.

  • A yeoman’s effort but he doesn’t have a snowballs chance in hell of getting on GOT in a major role. Accent is way off, his acting is ok for an amateur but there of plenty of GREAT actors who aren’t gettting cast. In the words of the late Gangstarr “Stay off, you’re way off You rookie mother #$%er this is the finals not the playoffs”

  • Personally, he gave me goosebumps. And standing in the rain!

    I like him. I hope he at least gets a background role, but with some extra voice coaching, I think I’d totally buy him as Mance Rayder.

  • Bugger… spoiler for me that haven’t read this far yet!
    Can wait for the series to start though, at the rate I’m reading I will be ready long before it starts :-)