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MGoT update: Inside the Red Keep photo

Those wacky HBO people are at it again! The latest installment of Making Game of Thrones shows us a simple picture titled, “Inside the Red Keep.” Click to enlarge.

Fire And Blood: But what is it? First glance tells us it’s simply a gilded bureau in front of a wall mural. There’s a tall candle, a decorative raised bowl, what appears to be either a strange looking censer or a candle hood, two books, and a fancy, long-bladed dagger.

The picture tends to play tricks with the eye, however. On second glance I thought the bureau was actually part of the wall painting; it’s shot straight-on and the gilding looks slightly off. But the detail is much greater, especially in comparison to the birds. (Are those herons? Ornithologists—I’m calling on you!)

I am unsure whether this picture was taken in Malta or at the Paint Hall in Belfast.

Fun fact: This particular wall within the Red Keep is not, in fact, red. Wallmuralgate is open for business. Discuss!


  • Is it just me or is that dagger made out of bone, possibly dragon-bone? There is one very famous dagger with a dragon-bone hilt.

  • mattg_20,

    Oh, and dragon bone is supposed to be dark, at least according to the books, because it has a very high iron content. (I wonder if they eventually rust?)

  • I posted this on the other thread, but I thought it fit better in this one.

    The style of this mural is a little more Byzantine than I anticipated, but in a sense it is fitting, if King’s Landing is mean to have a more Mediterranean feel. It is just different from the northern Gothic style that is usually associated with fantasy.

  • dizzy_34,

    For sure, in the down left side of the pic, there is defenitly some red stone visible undeneath the plaster and coulors.
    I am obviously not in the wallmuralgate crowd, but rather in the NATOdesigngate.

  • Not as ornate as I had imagined while reading, but I kind of like it! It will take some getting used to, but I am really liking where the design scheme is headed.

  • Fluke200: I posted this on the other thread, but I thought it fit better in this one.The style of this mural is a little more Byzantine than I anticipated, but in a sense it is fitting, if King’s Landing is mean to have a more Mediterranean feel. It is just different from the northern Gothic style that is usually associated with fantasy.    

    Byzantine, huh? Hmmm, I wonder if that explains the style of the peasant clothes we saw that so confused everyone? What was the prevailing style among Byzantine commoners during the Middle-Ages? Was that discussed in the debates over the clothing? Maybe they are going with a largely Byzantine style for King’s Landing, which would be an appropriate motif if you want to take the adjective form of the word byzantine to heart as a theme for the place, relating it to the intricate skulduggery that goes on there.

  • dizzy_34: Brude,
    heh, well the actual hilt is rust color. Though it looks like leather with studs.    

    The grip is rust or brown colored, the rest of the hilt (pommel and guard, at least I think that little creature head – dragon? – is the guard) is all white bone or ivory colored.

  • Dennis Brennan,

    I see your point, the style of the mural is very Asian, but the colors and composition seem more European. That’s why a Byzantine style seems like the best fit to me: a meeting of Eastern and Western style.

  • Fluke200,

    Yeah, the picture of Justinian and his Court, with all those guys in simple, white robes are like an update and simplification of the Roman toga, almost. I wish some of those pictures were of peasants, but maybe nobody bothered to paint pictures of peasants from that time…not like they mattered to anyone, right? But if the clothes the nobles wore still held Roman influences, then it’s quite possible so did that of the peasantry.

    I’m sure somewhere, someone knows what their peasants wore. Of course, it doesn’t need to be identical, just something suggestive of that look, or from a parallel tradition, perhaps.

  • The detail is absolutely unreal; see the wax spattered down the candlestick? I can’t say that picturing King’s Landing and the Red Keep as Eastern/Byzantine in design isn’t jarring, but with that level of care and detail, I have very little doubt that it will make perfect visual sense once we see it on screen.

  • I think that the color of the wax is all wrong. There is no WAY they had the ability to dye candles orange during this fictional time. I just KNOW IT!

  • and the greek influance is also present again: Corinthian capitals on the desk ;p

    I also wonder where that desk is standing, since the first thing that came to my mind was: ‘hallway’ And because I don’t recall a desk standing in the hallway (wich is a bit silly to think about in the first place) so that would mean it’s standing in someones room… Because of the birds I had to think of Littlefinger. I know those birds aren’t mockingbirds (right?), but that was the first thing that popped my mind

  • I don’t think that’s our infamous dagger. The handle isn’t dragonbone (at least not unelss they’ve dramatically changed the appearance of dragonbon for teh series), and it’s rather longer than in the book. I seem to recall Catelyn hiding the thing down the front of her dress? Maybe? Perhaps I’m tripping.

    The painting immediately look to be heavily Asian-influenced to me, but then the Red Keep’s full of art and artifacts from across the Narrow Sea and farther afield, so that’s hardly a thing.

  • For some reason, I feel like this could be somewhere in Cersei’s rooms; maybe it’s the combination of the sort-of-feminine mural with the dagger and book. Plus the gold almost hastily painted over the red walls… does this work for anyone?

  • nice to take a picture and make a stink of it. but i’ll bite

    my anal-sys is: First I look at the two birds that are green. they are the parents. the little red birds are the children. there are 5 children. sounds familiar. what if the colors are mostly gold and green (and red)? hmmm Cersei, Robert and Kids. Static mural in the Red Keep.. makes sense. Over all i’d say this is a woman’s quarters … but it seems fairly generic to me otherwise.. the locks on the chest would indicate cersei I guess.. I’m not taking stock of the items on the chest since they are posed. Nice quality, great ‘flavor’ though I don’t care about the pseudo cultural roots.

  • Beautiful work on all the pieces. The detail is fantastic. I have no idea what room this would be in. Tower of the hand? Pycelle’s room? I’m trying to think books. The birds seem a little strange to me, and I think I’ve read too much GRRM because I’m trying to find meaning in them.

    How I Love/Hate HBO
    Love because they keep giving us photos, and set reports, and interview quotes
    Hate (well it’s not really hate) because what they give us is so very random.

    We may have the weirdest fandom going, guys. In what other world is a picture of a random desk exciting? What other production gives their fans pictures of furniture, and scrolls, and lines heard on set?
    Hell, how many fandoms have actors from the show come on the board and give their 2 cents about a censorship debate?

    We are a bunch of strange ducks, and I wouldn’t change it for anything.

  • Gold always seems more lustrous in my head.

    I find a couple things striking about the picture:
    1. Hammered gold hasps and hinges
    2. The stucco is a bad job. (or old). Wonder if there’s a significance to 8 birds
    3. The dagger sheath is white bone, not the dagger. The dagger could very well be dragon bone.
    4. The handle is intriguing in that its a dark bronze color. It looks like a dragon head facing the camera on the guard. Are the pommel studs gold?
    5. Thats a serious gold hasp on the book. Must be very important.

    Overall, I’d say its regal or Lannister. There’s a LOT of gold in that shot.

  • Interesting…the mural is a bit more sophisticated and “contemporary” (for lack of a better word) than the usual polystyrene brick walls one sees in fantasy productions. I like it.

  • OT… but I’m so excited I have to share…I have made the decision to attend my first ever Worldcon…mainly due to the fact that Mr.Martin will be in attendance…it’s in Reno,Nevada for 2011…I hope to see and meet many of the posters here…If you can attend it would be great to meet you all…..This site kicks ass …I love all you Gals and Guys…Who knows ?…They may even debut the GOT season 2 trailer there…

  • Looks like a dragon’s head makes up one half of the cross guard…I imagine that another dragon head is the other side of the crossguard. Beautiful!

    However, I am inclined to say that this is probably not THE dagger, because I seriously doubt the catspaw would have had a sheath with him and also as others have pointed out, dragonbone is black. No way of know if the blade is Valyrian steel, sadly…

  • I’m no bird expert, but the white bird with the red head in the background (second from the left) is definitely a crane. I see them all the time in artwork at my parents’ and grandparents’ house (we’re Japanese). Cranes are symbols of honor/fidelity and supposedly can grant special wishes (folding a thousand paper cranes).

  • Knurk,

    True, but presumably Cersei would have her own chambers decorated to her taste, which just might be the Lannister taste. That would support Inkasrain’s hypothesis that this is a picture of Cersei’s room.

  • Sweet! Even though I have no idea what it is.

    We must be the easiest fandom to placate ever, going nuts over a random photo. :D

  • What is this supposed to be!??

    It looks like a painting in front of a painting. I like the art and style and all, but…. A painting in front of a painting??

  • I apologize if this has already been said. I only skimmed the earlier comments. But the first thing I noticed is it is a pair of bigger birds and five smaller ones. Could they represent Ned, Cat, Rob, Sansa, Arya, Bran, and Rickon ? No evidence other than the numbers.

  • I definiteley think it’s the Dagger, but the Tome is not THE tome. It’s way too small. I’m guessing the books are just set decorations, but I’m definitely feeling the Dagger.

  • I think we need a new poll WiC
    “What random artifact do you want HBO to post pictures of next?”

    So far it’s been Table with Scrolls, Hand’s Chair, Desk in Red Keep…

    Bed seems to be the next logical step. How about Robert’s death bed?

  • I don’t know. On one hand, it’s cool of HBO to put out these images. On the other hand, it’s a tiny bit insulting that they think the fanbase is so geeky and rabid that a picture of a desk or a chair will send us into spasms of ecstasy. It may be true, but still a teensy bit insulting. It plays into the whole fantasy/sci-fi nerd stereotype just a bit too much.

    It is a nice-looking desk though.

  • sjwenings,

    It’s a desk / sideboard in front of a wall. The wall has birdies painted on it. There are various items on the sideboard.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is… what are you on about?

  • John,

    I think that they know how ravenous we are for ANYTHING, and while they are not at liberty (for obvious reasons) to make any big reveals, they are doing what they can to satiate us. I don’t think they’re trying to insult the fanbase; I think they’re restrained on what exactly they CAN show, and in saying this, they’re showing us some of the finer details that only we might truly appreciate,

  • I’d also to agree that I unless HBO varied greatly from the books description, the dagger shown is clearly NOT The Dagger infamously used by the catspaw to try and murder Bran and owned by King Robert and Littlefinger. That dagger was described as being “nice and plain” with a black dragon bone hilt, though very sharp (Valyrian steel). This dagger is very ornately carved and white. Plus, it looks too big (as previously mentioned by another poster). Such a dagger as the one pictured above would draw attention, which is the last you want if you’re a low born hireling trying to assassinate a lord’s son.

  • ahh.. is this just me or is this picture just a concept art peice? it doesn’t look like a photo in the slightest…

  • GaR,

    I believe sj’s interpretation is that the image might be trompe d’oeil, a decorative technique designed to “fool the eye” into thinking a painted effect is actually an existing object. The smaller version of the image could, one could argue, lead you to that conclusion. The larger version shows better the three-dimensionality of the sideboard, with its painted inlays (I believe) designed to mimic inlays of compass stars/points made of a number of woods, including rosewood, and gold moldings and gold-plated escutcheons. The escutcheons (lockplates) are on every drawer, a necessity for a someone with many valuable objects or documents to keep safe, and more typical of a desk than a sideboard, although many sideboards would have cutlery drawers, and a wine drawer that might lock. I agree that the birds look much more modern than we might have expected, whether based on European or Asian depictions of the period but they seem charming and feminine for the fleeting glances we’ll get at them in the series.

  • Very nice – I don’t mind if HBO keeps throwing us little pics now and then. I’d rather have bits of stuff to mull over than nothing at all during the wait. Maybe this is the beginning of HBO’s campaign for a set-design/art-design Emmy for GoT in 2011 – it’s a very detailed and imaginative fusion of things we’ve seen before and things we haven’t. Me likey.

  • jono,

    I believe it is a photo, based upon the treatment of the pillar candlestick (wood painted and distressed to mimic brass) and the reflection of light off the metal object behind the dagger. We are seeing a lot of distressed (aged) paint treatments in this photo, including the stucco, particularly at the lower left, and the patination of the wood/brass pillar candleholder.

  • sjwenings,

    I thought the same thing … I’ve looked at it several times now, and I still cant see the “photograph.” Nothing in that image looks real to me.

    However, skewed perspective or not, I like the design and the coloring.

  • ScottJ,

    For what it’s worth, the actual title of the post on the HBO site is: “Latest Photo: Inside the Red Keep” but that doesn’t mean the photo has not been digitally altered, contrast intensified, filter applied, etc.

  • DH87,

    I see that, but as I’m looking at this “photo” especially the high-res version nothing actually looks like it has any texture whatsoever, the dimensions look forced or non-existent and the colors at times seem to mold into each other. This is especially evident when looking at the books, the pages look like one solid color in spots and it just doesn’t look like an actual “photograph.”

  • coltaine777,

    Are you sure GRRM will be at Worldcon 2011? I did not see any confirmation of that on their website. It looks like it will be great fun in any case.

  • ScottJ,

    Well, it carries the photo credit of Helen Sloan/HBO, who has been credited with all of the photos we’ve seen thus far, including the chair, Daenerys and Silver, the initial snow/trees image.

  • It is a photo, but it looks like the Photoshop filter “median” has been applied slightly, which tends to smooth out contours and give photos a more painterly look.

  • Interesting picture sent to us from HBO. I think it is a painting. The tall candlestick has no depth or shadow, it’s kind of 2 dimensional. The chest is well done with a lot of detail. I like the oriental birds.
    HOw will something like this be used in the show, just as background? After all we wont be dwelling on it during the action. This might be a test to see if it passes muster with us who scrutinize each tiny morsel they throw our way.

  • It’s definitely a photo. Here’s the Exif data for it…

    Keywords: Bedroom, Interior Red Keep, The Hand of the King
    Camera Model: NIKON D3
    Date Taken: 2010:07:22 14:51:46
    Exposure Time: 3 sec.
    Aperture Value: 8.64 EV (f/20.0)
    ISO Speed Rating: 200
    Flash Fired: Flash did not fire
    Metering Mode: Pattern
    Exposure Program: Manual
    Focal Length: 70.0 mm
    Software: Adobe Photoshop CS4 Macintosh

  • This photo was taken with a very small aperture (f/20), which implies a great field depth. And the lighting is very uniform. I think this sensation that it is almost a painting comes from these two facts (and I think that is exactly wat the photographer wanted :) )

  • I think the strange look can be explained like this, the background and the desk with objects were digitally merged, so no shadows of the objects on the wall, the objects themselfs have shadows.

  • Guys, are you kidding me? This is a photo any way you look at it. It’s just had some filter put over it slightly to make the colors appear deeper or something. Does anyone really think HBO is trying to fool you into thinking a painting is a photo using strange perspectives? Come on now.

  • The lack of shadows and flat lighting is easily and frequently created on sets via indirect lighting (reflecting light off of white cardboard which may or may not be rounded or flat). Setting up the lighting is the job of the electricians (headed by the “best boy”), blocking it strategically is the job of the grips (headed by the “key”). Grips also get to deal with camera movement, setting up dolly tracks and moving the dolly, etc… but that’s another conversation.

  • Hey, sorry if this is the wrong place…but it is a urgent thing kind of. My Brother is a stark guard, and was Told Mr Martin would be in Belfast today for a “moot?” He was sort of invited as my brother is an extra as a stark guard. He would like to go, but does not recall where it is, only that it is 6pm tonight somewhere…can anyone help?


  • Not for a moment had I the impression that this might not be a photo. But let me tell you this: being a bit of a digital painting artist myself I can assure you that making such a detailed and photorealistic painting would simply be too much work. Especially that I don’t see what would be the purpose of doing so.

    And as an amateur ornithologist I have to say that these birds look not much like any real species- the smaller ones might be just about anything, but the larger ones with long necks don’t look neither like herons, nor ibises, storks or cranes. The one with the red on it’s head might represent a crane (typical crane pattern on it’s head), but it’s silhouette doesn’t look too realistic. Wading birds trail their long legs behind them in flight, unlike these birds. And herons fold their necks in a tight S sort of way.
    But don’t get me wrong, I’m not criticizing this, I don’t think it really matters. making it too realistic would probably spoil the middle-age feel they’re trying to convey here. Generally I like the high level of detail in the furniture and props :>

    And by the way- dragonbone is obsidian, right? It’s black, not white.

  • I don’t think this is Cersei’s room… If you look at the details of the picture, it is tagged with “Bedroom, Interior Red Keep, The Hand of the King”.

    Logically, one would assume that the desk/sideboard is somewhere in the Tower of the Hand. Maybe Jon Arryn liked birds… :D

  • StarkBrother,

    pvt message lordMountainGoat at westeros if possible, he is running the guest list


    dragonbone is like Iron, steel or some solid and somewhat metallic alloy I think
    dragonglass is obsidian stone heated by drgon fire and quickly cooled

    I cannot see anything in this photo that makes it look remotely like a painting or false image, detail is just too fine and HBO wouldn’t do that to us (hope not). Beautiful image either way

    also is that blood or wax on the wall splattered across the foreground bird?

  • Hi, he was on set yesterday whenevr he was asked if he would like to go…so perhaps it is too late..

    not to worry!

  • ScottJ,

    Look alittle closer on the copper thingey behind the dagger. It’s almost impossible to paint that kind of shiftings in metalcolor where and near where the light hits it. Also, on the wooden thing on it’ right. top left there is a little bit light falling on just one edge of the “pillars”, also very difficult to think to add in a panted picture. I think it’s real.

  • Slightly OT, but but the material dragonbone in the books was actual dragon bones taken from leftover skeletons. It did have metallic properties since it had such a high iron content (as previously mentioned by another poster).

  • StarkBrother,

    I think Rimshot has been rounding up the extras for the moot, I will send a DM to him on Twitter and let him know you are asking about it on here.

  • Two things:
    – first, looks like they are indeed going for a later feel than the knights-in-full-plate business would lead you to suspect. I’m no furniture expert, but everything there looks more renaissance than gothic – things like those striking inlays, the corinthian capitals again, the whole neoclassical thing of putting pointless columns on an item of furniture just for show, the lack of any arch shapes, the little fidly coving-or-whatever-its-called of wood around the inlays, the fiddly twirls on the sides of the cabinet at the top…. the fullers on the insides of the legs of the thingamajig

    – second, apart from the cabinet it looks disappointingly polystyreney. But maybe that’s a result of the photo editing (which does indeed make it seem flatter in this case; I wonder whether they’re going for a John Adams visual style, where everything seems 2D and painted), or else maybe it’ll be dealt with in photo editing later…

    – third, what I mainly think about those birds is “oh god, Beswick ducks”. For those who don’t know, in the fifties, middle-class people were obessessed with putting little ceramic ducks on their walls, in flight, arranged as they are in the picture here. They can still be seen in many houses of elderly people, and they’re widely used as a synonym for trash and bad taste. [eg entering ‘Flying Ducks’ on google gets you the number one hit of “Flying Ducks”, a shop selling “kitchen kitsch”; another site promises “you can’t get more retro than flying ducks!”.] I’m not sure whether these birds are horribly cheesy or hilariously ironic. Maybe it’s different in America, but here I think the symbolism of a arc-flotilla of flying waterfowl on the wall with necks outstretched is universal.

    – fourth, I was going to say the painting looked far too modern and alien… but if you zoom in, it’s fine.

  • Personally I see nothing ‘polystyrene-ish’ about that shot – the wall painting looks really well done, almost as though it has been leafed in gold and then partially worn away in places with age to reveal previously painted under coats of stucco work.

    The birds look more elegant than the rather kitcsh ‘flying ducks’ – more like herons, and definitely have an asian feel to them.

    Overall, I’m happy to see something that is a bit different from the usual fantasy stalewart of grey stone and oak. It also possibly re-inforces the visual separation of different locales, with differing styles used for each location to aid the viewer in ‘latching onto’ a scene more quickly.

    Martin (just about to dust down my formal wear for the Moot)

  • There’s also a knife.

    Anyway, I haven’t read through everything, but my personal guess is part of Jon Arryn’s rooms.

  • Still want to know why there is a piece of string hanging out from the top of the desk.

    Proof (if any is needed) I suppose that this is a photo and not a painting as why would someone paint in a bit of string that’s not meant to be there. ;)

  • I’m confused by all the speculation on the dagger being made of dragonbone or not–if you look at it in high-res, it’s not even the blade we’re looking at, but an ornate ivory scabbard. It’s possibly the dragonbone dagger, but it might just be a normal one, too.

    Also, it appears this is Ned’s room and the birds are a decorative touch that probably hint at both Varys’s “little birds” and the make up of the Stark Clan (Mother & Father and then five legitimate children).

  • My two cents. That dagger is definately sheathed. I’m not sure how you look at the details of the photo and you see its the Hand’s bedchamber, but if it is, then the book and the dagger are likely THE book and dagger. In the book the dagger was more ordinary, but I can understand the need to blow up the ornateness of it for the series. The whole point of that dagger is that its supposed to be extremely out of place on a lowly catspaw.Its supposed to show just how oafish Joff was. It would be tough to portray that to the average viewer if it were just a simple dagger with a valyrian blade.
    Also, the first thing I thought when I looked at the picture was that wouldn’t the brown thing second from the right in the photo (the one next to the candlabra) be a great stand to place a dragon egg on?
    Wouldn’t make much sence to be in the Hand’s room (unless its a relic from ages past), but it might have been an extra prop just placed in the shot.

  • I think a lot of us are reading too much into the furniture. I don’t think that every table, chair or desk that we will be seeing are being built for the show, more likely the set designers find something that is not too modern and add a few touches to make it fit.

  • Meghan: I’m confused by all the speculation on the dagger being made of dragonbone or not–if you look at it in high-res, it’s not even the blade we’re looking at, but an ornate ivory scabbard. It’s possibly the dragonbone dagger, but it might just be a normal one, too.

    a) Dragonbone is not white, it is dark – sort of a soot colour.
    b) The blade is not made of dragonbone, it is made of Valyrian steel. The hilt is made of dragonbone.

  • It *does* make a beautiful wallpaper! I might have to snag it, myself. Despite the photo vs painting debate ( I personally saw “painting” when I looked at it, but its described as a photo, so that’s what I’ll believe it is ) I’m really pleased with the quality/design/look of the image, and I hope this is a good representation of the “decadence” of the Red Keep that a lot of us had always imagined when reading the books.

  • Mormegil,

    If I’m looking at what you are looking at, I think that is a flaw in the finish on the piece, not a piece of string. It has no three-dimensionality.

  • For all the people speculating about the birds representing some family or another, keep in mind there’s another large bird just out of frame to the right.

    Not saying the speculation isn’t correct, but something else to thrown into the equation.

  • Wow. Some people need to have their eyes checked or something.

    If it were a painting, surely the NATO symbols would look a bit more convincing?

  • I still think it is a photo of a painting. there are very talented people who can paint photo-realistic pictures. Check out That is Roderick E Stevens. He has some awesome paintings that are not photos.

  • LKL: The photo vs. digital painting debate is a new low.  Quote  Reply

    This is true.


    If that is the infamous dagger, and the mysterious tome (I’m still not convinced that’s the case), then there’s no reason for them to be in what people seem to think is a ludicrously detailed background painting. They would be actual props. Since that would mean they are physical objects, the desk they’re sitting on must be as well.

    It’s so blatantly a painting that my brain has actually exploded. That is a thing that has happened.

  • It could be an Apothecary Chest, that’s why each drawer locks, they contain some potent “medications”. The thing that looks like string I think is only a reflection of light in the painting.

  • DH87: Mormegil, If I’m looking at what you are looking at, I think that is a flaw in the finish on the piece, not a piece of string. It has no three-dimensionality.  Quote  Reply

    Looks 3D to me.
    It crosses over itself leaving a loop and the top is in shadow from the top of the desk. I can’t see it being a flaw in the design.

  • I’m amazed at this conversation. Why would this not be a photograph? You can blow it up to a super resolution… and it is clearly not a painting. There is a string hanging out of a drawer, as mentioned. And there is just an incredible amount of detail on everything. I’m not saying it’s not possible to put that much detail into a painting, but it would be incredibly time-consuming.

    And most importantly, why in the world would HBO commission someone to paint an incredibly detailed painting of… a wall with a piece of furniture in front of it? Or, if that isn’t the case, why would they paint a piece of furniture onto a wall mural?

    This is a seriously weird topic, haha.

  • You guys I’m pretty sure it’s a painting. Those birds in the background definitely don’t seem to be real birds. If you look closely, you can even see brush strokes on them. Also, they look all 2D. Personally, I think that using painted birds instead of real birds will make this whole production very amateurish. I hope they don’t intend to just paint pictures of Sean Bean and use these whenever there is a scene with Eddard Stark.


  • This debate reminds me of a particular argument from “Fiddler on the Roof.” “It was a horse!” “It was a mule!” “Horse!” “Mule!” “HORSE!” “MULE!!”

    Photo, painting… what does it really matter in the end?

  • The Red Keep is called that way for what it looks on the outside. It doesn’t mean that the inside walls have to be red as well.

  • You guys are fucking tripping. Long winded post about dragonbone and dragonglass and shit…folks talking about the furniture in the pic like their fucking professional carpenters. Dammit, its sad to see so many ASOIAF fans geek out over a fucking picture.