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Day 90: Filming at Winterfell and the Eyrie

By Winter Is Coming on

Filming continues for the first season of Game Of Thrones in Northern Ireland. Recent reports indicate that they’ve been filming scenes involving Osha, Hodor and Bran at Winterfell. They have been filming in and around Saintfield the past week or … Continue reading

Scripting Episode 7

By Fire And Blood on

Part seven of our ten-part “scripting” series ratchets everything up another notch, beginning a whirlwind of events that will take us to and through the final episodes of season one. This episode has almost twice as many scenes as episode … Continue reading

Report from Octocon panel

By Winter Is Coming on

As promised, here is a report of George R. R. Martin’s Game of Thrones panel today at Octocon with special guest Kristian Nairn. This report comes from loyal reader and Thrones superfan The Rabbit. When I arrived at GRRM’s panel … Continue reading

Quick Hits: Interviews and a blog post

By Winter Is Coming on

A few Game of Thrones related news tidbits from the past week or so… First, Aidan Gillen was interviewed on Irish radio station RTE 2fm. He mostly talks about his career in general and his new television show Love/Hate, but … Continue reading

Looking for a Dothraki crone

By Hear Me Roar on

As part of the news flurry yesterday, we learnt that HBO is casting for “head priestess of the Dothraki” through this tweet. The fan comunity figured that this means HBO is looking to fill a role they need for a certain … Continue reading

The Kingsguard adds a knight

By Winter Is Coming on

As if a new photo wasn’t enough, HBO has confirmed a new casting: Ian Beattie as Meryn Trant. Beattie is a Belfast-based actor whose biggest role to date was as Antigonus in Oliver Stone’s Alexander. Meryn Trant is a member … Continue reading

MGoT update: New photo of Bronn

By Winter Is Coming on

Today’s update from Making Game of Thrones is a new promotional photo from Game of Thrones showing Jerome Flynn as Bronn the sellsword. Winter Is Coming: Wow. I know Flynn as Bronn was one of those casting decisions greeted with … Continue reading

More set photos

By Winter Is Coming on

By now, everyone has probably already seen the purported set photo from Mdina, Malta. It seems quite likely this is from Game of Thrones. The costumes of the two men on horseback very closely resemble the glimpses we’ve seen of … Continue reading

MGoT update: Jousting and Fruit Ninja

By Winter Is Coming on

A new Dispatch from the Seven Kingdoms from Bryan Cogman today, this one focusing on the filming of the Hand’s tournament. Oh, and Fruit Ninja. It was Harry Lloyd (Viserys) who first brought this addictive iPhone game to the attention … Continue reading

Filming: what we know so far, part II

By Winter Is Coming on

A little over two months ago I did a compilation of everything we knew about the filming plans for Game of Thrones which included speculation for the block one filming schedule. Assuming they are still following the three block schedule, … Continue reading

The Artisans: Gemma gives us a lift!

By Fire And Blood on

Well no one else is about, so here’s Fabio’s First Attempt at embedding video. Wish me well! Today HBO gives us more fun stuff on the Making Game of Thrones site. As you can see (fingers crossed), Gemma talks about … Continue reading

Quick hits: Rickon, Payne and a new director

By Winter Is Coming on

Normally we wait until the end of the week for these, but there’s been a few noteworthy Game of Thrones items over the last couple days, so this will be your mid-week edition of Quick Hits. First, an article over … Continue reading

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