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Day 131: Filming in its final weeks

By Winter Is Coming on

With all the excitement of the past couple weeks, one forgets that they are still filming season one of Game Of Thrones. Based on the reports, it sounds like up until this week they had been doing most of the … Continue reading

Reactions to the trailer

By Winter Is Coming on

We’re 18 hours removed from when HBO unveiled the latest trailer (one might call it the first real trailer) for Game Of Thrones. As you might imagine, this trailer has caused much more reaction amongst the mainstream media and general … Continue reading

HBO airs third Game of Thrones trailer

By Winter Is Coming on

Tonight, prior to Boardwalk Empire, HBO aired the newest teaser trailer for Game of Thrones. This is the third, and longest, trailer released so far. And it’s also the awesomest! Clip Preview Winter Is Coming: I am speechless. For now. … Continue reading

MGoT: Inside Game of Thrones Preview

By Fire And Blood on

The flood gates will not close, and we couldn’t be happier! Making Game of Thrones just released another short preview, this one a promo for the larger one due out on Sunday, December 5th, just before the season finale of … Continue reading

MGoT: EW pics in hi-res

By Winter Is Coming on

HBO has uploaded the remaining 12 Entertainment Weekly images in hi-res to the Making Game of Thrones blog. Not only are the images in glorious high-resolution for your zooming pleasure, but EW also cropped them quite a bit to fit … Continue reading

HBO set to air new Thrones footage next Sunday

By Winter Is Coming on

Well the tryptophan and beer buzz is starting to wear off, which means Thanksgiving is coming to a close, but HBO is giving us one last thing to be thankful for, new Game of Thrones footage! First discovered by Twitterer … Continue reading

GRRM confirms Bradley as Frey, we add one more

By Winter Is Coming on

George R. R. Martin has confirmed on his Not A Blog that our guess was correct, David Bradley will be Lord Walder Frey. David Bradley is a veteran actor best known for his role as Argus Filch in the Harry … Continue reading

GRRM posts new casting clues, makes us feel nostalgic

By Winter Is Coming on

Ahh, the good ole days of a few months ago. Waiting for filming to begin, refreshing George R. R. Martin’s Not A Blog for any casting clue posts, watching the same 22-second teaser over and over again. It seems like … Continue reading

Winter interviewed on Television Zombies podcast

By Winter Is Coming on

Just a quick heads up for anyone that may not be following us on Twitter, I (WiC aka Winter aka Phil) recently did an interview with Chris Piers of the Television Zombies podcast talking about Game of Thrones. In the … Continue reading

The Artisans: The weapons of Westeros

By Winter Is Coming on

An all-new Artisans video has been posted at Making Game of Thrones this time featuring the production’s weapons master, Tommy Dunne. The Artisans: Tommy Dunne Winter Is Coming: Awesome stuff. Shots of Ice in there, as well as the sword … Continue reading

Quick hits: Thrones gets press, both good and bad

By Winter Is Coming on

Here are some of the smaller news items from a busy week of Game of Thrones news: The story of the possible environmental damage sustained at Dwerja in Malta doesn’t seem to be going away. A recent article in the … Continue reading

MGoT update: Cogman losing his mind

By Fire And Blood on

Just kidding. I certainly would, given his schedule. He actually seems quite chipper. Then again, he has our freaking dream job … In the latest Making Game of Thrones update, Dispatches From The Seven Kingdoms: Heading to Malta, Bryan Cogman … Continue reading

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