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Quick Hits: Malta once more, read-through, and focus group

A whole bunch of minor and slightly less minor points this Sunday:
  • Adam ‘Werthead’ Whitehead of The Wertzone (say it out loud five times in a row, I dare you) has written a great summary piece on Malta locations doubling as King’s Landing in GoT, which was later also featured on the io9 science fiction blog.
  • Staying on the same theme – some photos from the Malta set surfaced today (thanks for finding them online, The_Rabbit!). According to this blog entry, the author of the blog visited Mdina a few weeks ago in tourist capacity after filming and took a few pictures. Hope you enjoy them all. We especially like this one of the Mdina gate (which we reported previosly is to stand for King’s gate in King’s Landing) complete with the Baratheon banner. A zoom on the banner is among the photos as well.

Photo by Charmaine Tanti

  • Bryan Cogman has posted a production diary entry on the script read-through. They held one in the production building in the Titanic Quarter with all the actors, covering the second half of the season (episodes VI through X):

I am taking on stage direction reading duties – and there are a lot of them.  Quite a high “narrating” the story in the presence of such a terrific cast.  And these read-throughs are valuable.  With so many characters and story threads, shooting all over the place and out of sequence, it’s good to have so many of our actors in the same room, ensuring that everyone knows their part in the grand scheme of things.

  • The information on the focus group and the organisational side of it have been a bit patchy. The latest we have heard (and pretty officially too) is that the participants will NOT be shown the full first episode. While originally scheduled for November 9, the focus group session has now been postponed to a future date to be announced. Everyone who has been signed up for the original date is going to be contacted first. All in all, it is just as well that they are taking some more time, as many things around the focus group seemed rushed as they were working under time pressure.
  • GRRM has dropped a line from a short visit to London where he has met with his publishers. According to him, “the shoot is still going well” in Malta.
  • Last minute info: The missing banners have been found! Carla from Extras NI has done her share of sleuthing, worthy of GoT fans. Well done, and thanks! The banners should be returning to the rightful owner by mail soon. By the way, if you missed it,  Ran has written his piece about the moot here.


  • I was probably the first person to contact the focus group, because I called by phone instead of e-mailing, maybe an hour after news of it was first posted.

    While it is possible they do this routine with everyone,….I seriously think I was indeed the first to call, because they were bewildered how I had even heard about it and kept asking repeatedly where I’d heard of it.

    I think the big reason the focus group was delayed was *they’d never hard of Game of Thrones much less read it*

    I don’t mean that as a criticism of them. They’re a 3rd party focus group….why would they need to know what a specific fantasy book series is?

    What the problem was is that *they found out they were doing the focus group about the same time we did*….they kept complaining that “normally we don’t do focus groups on barely 3 weeks notice” and so forth. HBO should have started setting this up sooner. There was logically no way the focus group could be prepared in time.

    I mean seriously, I asked and they said they knew nothing about the story, so I was frantically trying to explain that, “well…its this fantasy world and the continent is Westeros, with the Seven Kingdoms which are really nine if you count the Riverlands and Crownlands, but the Targaryens took over, but then Robert’s Rebellion overthrew them, but there’s this thing called the Wall, and these vampire things called The Others, but Dany has the dragons, and Cersei slept with her brother Jaime so they’re not Robert’s real heirs, and….”

    And it went on like this.

    Fire and blood!

  • Hi! Just a silly comment, I ‘ve just watched Jacmac30’s video of the raffle and I discovered that Finn Jones (aka Loras Tyrell) is atonishingly BEAUTIFUL.

    My Lord, I can’t wait to see his scenes with Renly…!!

  • did anyone notice that the banner here, while clearly Baratheon is quite a bit different than the one we saw from the Tourney scenes? I wonder why that is

  • tek,

    True that. I wonder if one of them is someone’s (Robert’s?) personal banner, which could be a variation on that of House Baratheon itself.

    Or maybe someone in the props department fucked up.