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Beric Dondarrion cast?

This is a rumor that could have some legs. On Twitter, Ran of Westeros had earlier retweeted this message to HBO:

CompanyD: @HBO Great to be your Beric Dondarrion this week on Game of Thrones. What a series and a stunning professional outfit.

CompanyD is the Twitter account for Australian-born Irish actor David Michael Scott. Scott is theatre-trained, and has worked in television, most recently (and notably) in The Tudors. The rumor was lent more fire when the Amok rendering of Lord Beric was found on Scott’s IMDB page.

Thanks also to our own Hear Me Roar, as well as Mormegil and Steve Hugh Westenra who found the IMDB picture.

Fire And Blood: I actually remember Scott from The Tudors; his character (the unnamed Mine Tunnel Officer) took a tragic turn and died heroically—good enough practice for a Dondarrion, one supposes. Interesting that he looks a lot like Lord Beric has been described (tall, rangy, red hair). I sent CompanyD a tweet asking for confirmation, but haven’t gotten any yet. If the rumor proves true and Scott is Dondarrion, it will also be interesting to see if they stay with Scott for multiple seasons …

[SPOILER] … and if Scott will be able to transform his body into the skeletal being Lord Beric eventually becomes.[end SPOILER]

UPDATE: Thanks to sharp-eyed Daniel Griffin for this, found on the TN Enterprises website: David will make a guest appearance in Season 1 of HBO’s highly anticipated television series GAME OF THRONES, based on George R.R Martin’s ‘A Song of Fire and Ice’ fantasy series; currently shooting on location in Belfast. Here’s a link to Scott’s TN page.


  • The wording of the tweet made me think that he was basically just standing in for Lord Beric… the faceless suit of armour who’d be a placeholder until the role was properly cast in a later season.

    But now, having seen his credits and description… I think this is our Lightning Lord.

  • Nice find! This guy does look like a Beric. But if they were casting Beric for this first season, why did they wait until now to cast him? Now we won’t get his introduction in the tourney scene with Sansa and Jeyne fawning over him.

  • This gentleman definitely looks the part.
    Great casting, both because of the actor and because they bothered to include this rather small role at all. Dondarrion might be a minor character but his reappearence in later novels/series is important as well as interesting. To write his role into the early episodes establishes a nice continuity. It lends credibility and quality to the plot and the production as a whole.
    Now all we need is confirmation that Lords Bolton and Frey are to appear in series one, too. :)

  • Winter Is Coming,

    Well they could have had one of the devil horsemen do Beric in his armour. I read that they did the stunts and jousting for some of the cast. I can’t remember how heavily armoured beric was in the tourney chapter though.

  • Just repeating what I said under the Drogo topic. This (hopefully) casting and others such as Lommy, Hot Pie, Kevan Lannister, etc. really seem to show that the production team is confident they’ll be getting at least one more season. Why bother casting these for the first season if they aren’t looking ahead. For this reason I’m very hopeful we’ll see the Late Lord Frey and Roose Bolton, possibly even bigger name actors despite their small presence in the first season.

  • My first instinct was that he was just the stand-in, but if he was just a guy in armor at the tournament, it seems unlikely they would go through the trouble of getting an actor who looks like Dondarrion. If this is the guy they chose for good, I’m happy with him.

  • Winter Is Coming,

    Is it possible that some bits of the tourney hadn’t yet been filmed? Or that they didn’t show Beric’s face in the tourney scenes, but then cast another actor later for the scenes with dialogue in order to give themselves time to find someone they liked?
    It would be a bit strange though…but I do hope that those scenes are in there, as I think it will help the audience to recognize the character better. Also, I like Sansa and Jeyne’s little bit of chatter. I think the pair of them fawning over Loras and Beric really emphasizes just how young and naive and hopeful they both are, which only serves to make later events even sadder.

  • Looks good to me! I agree with WiC. I am kind of sad at the thought we probably won’t get to see his tourney scenes, but doesn’t he have another pretty good scene later when Eddard sends him off on the “hunt”?

    And hey, at this point, pretty much the only big unannounced non-Tully characters we’ll need for the season are Bolton and Lord Frey.

    I think, of the two, Bolton is more likely. In the book, Frey’s scene is pivotal and so an accurate adaptation would take up a good chunk of whichever episode in which he appears. I suppose it’s possible they’d been planning on casting Frey all along and had a part written in, but it strikes me as odd that we haven’t heard anything about casting yet. They’d be cutting it close. So I think Frey will be a holdover to next season unfortunately.

    Bolton can easily be slotted into a minor background scene, however. Still holding out hope!

  • I found this, TN Enterprises, which is a long established actors agency based in Dublin.
    Check out the bottom line “David will make a guest appearance in Season 1 of HBO’s highly anticipated television series GAME OF THRONES, based on George R.R Martin’s ‘A Song of Fire and Ice’ fantasy series; currently shooting on location in Belfast.”

  • This, Lommy, Hot Pie, and especially the things the 2 HBO execs said in the interview posted previously about their thought process when considering renewing new shows, makes me feel very good about the possibility for a season 2.

  • I could be very wrong about this, but I get the distinct impression that this may be one of those cases where the role gets recast when it becomes more of a meaty dramatic role in S3. Particularly in this case, where the character has 1-2 very brief scenes in S1 and then returns to bring the real drama in S3, it would be a sound economic decision not to have to lock down your best choice for a crucial role 2 seasons in advance.

    The fact that the character goes through some changes in his absence gives the producers some leeway, at least.

    This particular guy does look the part, though, so who knows?

  • Thank god Beric is cast!This keeps Stephen Moyer on the short list for Tom Sevenstrings, not Beric. (Did we ever hear anything more about Moyer’s “walk on”?)

  • DH87,

    Umm…I don’t recall that we ever considered he’d be Tom Sevenstrings, just that he could be Beric or possibly Mance Rayder.

    If there’s any truth to the rumor of his having a role on the series at all, I’d say he’s Mance, and they really will have him as a guest “out-rider” at the feast. After all, they’re pretty much re-shooting the pilot from scratch.

    Now, as for Mr. Scott’s casting, if it’s real, I’m psyched! He totally nails it, and I’m grateful that apparently Beric is more than just a mention or a Random-Dude-in-Armor, and I wonder if Thoros will get the same treatment.

    That being said: WHERE THE [email protected] ARE WALDER FREY AND ROOSE BOLTON!!!???

  • DH87,

    Thus far it looks as though the Stephen Moyer rumor was an incorrect one. At least regarding him filming anything for GoT. Call sheets are almost never wrong, and as far as we know his name hasn’t appeared on any of the call sheets in Malta. (That’s actually usually how “surprise guest appearances” in anything often leak; some low-level production dude sees a famous name suddenly pop up on a call sheet and feels compelled to tell someone else.)

  • I guess this guy was a stand-in… and when later Seasons come around, they’ll either call him back or re-cast the part. Not a problem, really, as Beric looks pretty different the next time we see him…

    Incidentally, I also remember the Tudors scene in question, and it was one of my favourites.

  • I’m a little surprised we are getting Lord Dondarrion in S1. This actor looks the part of Dondarrion in book 1. Very cool news but I am waiting to see if HBO will be casting Lord Bolton, the Late Lord Frey and flashback Prince Rhaegar and Lyanna Stark in Season 1.

    Back to the Lighting Lord. If we get S3, I can’t wait to see a certain trial by combat.

  • Great, this definitely seems valid, short only of direct HBO confirmation. I hope for a few more surprises like that.

  • As for the tournament being filmed, all they need is an insert shot of him riding through the gates, stating how he’s going to win the tournament. Easily done.

  • Great Monday morning news!

    Yay(Jumping like a rabbit in my office chair ;) )

    Another surprise: Thoros of Myr?

  • I like the look of this Beric, and whether they go for some makeup effects or cast a different actor for him in later seasons I think it’s good to provide a ‘before’ and ‘after’, it enhances the tragedy and makes us feel it more.

  • Looks like a very nice Beric to me! Just from the pic, he’s handsome AND he has something like a stern cast to his features that makes me look forward to seeing him as Zombie!Beric. I don’t think they need a different actor.

    This production keeps making us jump on our seats whenever some favourite is cast. Now I’m looking forward to Thoros too, and of course Frey and Bolton.

    Tossing out again my fave Arthur Dayne: Julian Sands.

    And still holding out for some armoured extra with a fish on his helmet…

  • Wow he definitely looks like I imagined Lord Beric at the tourney. I can see Jeyne having the hots for him Sansa thinking he’s too old.

    There’s no guarantee he’ll keep the role though. His profile on TN Enterprises calls it a “guest appearance”. Plus he’ll look completely different when (or if) we see him again.

  • My guess is that either 1) he’s been cast as Beric all along but has only just mentioned it because he’s just filmed his last appearance (Eddard sending Beric out on the mission) or 2) he’s played by a stand-in at the tourney and will only appear in-person at the court scene. Another possibility is that he’s just filmed a new scene for the tourney, perhaps a close-up of his face before cutting away to footage from the tourney.

    The Cat/Frey scene is totally stand-alone with no other actors who recur (the other Frey scions and soldiers who join Robb’s cause could be left out or left as background extras fluttering Frey banners) and so could be left until very late in filming, maybe the very last scene they shoot. They could also perhaps leave it as a flashback in Season 2 or even a special web-only ‘extra scene’ (possibly re-inserted on the DVD?), or both.

    Moyer could be an interesting Roose Bolton, although he’s too young to have a son as old as Ramsay (unless Ramsay is really cast young, like 18-20). According to rumour, he’s not in S4 of TRUE BLOOD much so might want to pick up some more work (even though GoT and TB’s shooting schedules don’t overlap anyway) and sticking with HBO could be a good move. Personally I think we’d have had more info about it by now if it was true, plus Moyer was apparently in Malta and AFAWK all the Riverlands/North stuff was being filmed in Northern Ireland so that rules that out.

  • Well, I know they’re aging everyone up, but this guy looks too old. Wasn’t Beric supposed to be 23?

    Ehh, maybe it’s just my own taste in men coming out, but this is not how I wanted Beric to look!

  • Ser_G,

    I wouldn’t be that surprised if Beric and the Brotherhood Without Banners appear in Season 2 of the show as well– the reason we don’t see them in the second book is because none of the POV characters interact with them during that time.

  • Not sure if it was picked up here or not but GRRM named the two actors who got into a fight in Belfast in his last Not a Blog.

    It was Saxon and Cooper who play Nymeria and Ghost :)

  • I suppose I’m in the minority, but I really don’t care if they introduce Bolton and old Walder Frey in the first season. They aren’t the focus on season 1, and can easily be slipped into season 2. There are hundreds of characters in this story. If you shove them all into the first season, you’re very likely going to not give the characters the attention and writing they require to be well done. They’d be wasted. Anal-retentive sticking to the “But they have this one scene I think is pivotal!” won’t make the show good.
    I would save any bitching for things like major character changes, like say…Gregor being reformed and cuddly, and joining a monastery. Or Brienne looking like a model.

  • Nice. Really like him. Hopefully they already have shot few scenes with him and this was leaked now just by accident. Or maybe they found him just now and are gonna shoot couple face shots from tourney scene and just drop them into good spots in the episode(s?).

    Also they have already wrote some new scenes into the first season so I really don’t see the problem of making him also appear in S2. So there goes the problem of “too early actor casting” and “who is that guy, it’s season 3, I have never seen him before.” Maybe we get to see Mountain stabbing him into the eye, maybe even few “jolly men hunting some badguys” -scenes before and then boom! there dies our Lightning Lord.” I think it would leave good and lasting impression for the next appearence of Beric.

    I myself don’t mind if Bolton does get the cut in S1, I always thought that he made his big debut in later books, but Frey would be nice to see.

  • Mormegil,

    I don’t think they need to spoil anything by showing Beric and co in series 2, just show what happens prior to that point. It would be good to see how much trouble the Mountain causes. We could even see Beric’s first death- the audience will assume it’s permanent until he appears in series 3, and that would be quite the shock.

    It’s nice to know the names of some of the canine actors- which leads to an important question- will they be listed in the credits? :)

  • I was rereading SOS and wondered if HBO had enough foresight to cast Mance, yet sadly I do not think they have. It would have been wonderful to have seen him at the Winterfell feast.