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HBO set to air new Thrones footage next Sunday

Well the tryptophan and beer buzz is starting to wear off, which means Thanksgiving is coming to a close, but HBO is giving us one last thing to be thankful for, new Game of Thrones footage! First discovered by Twitterer ogebaba and confirmed by Ran of Westeros, it looks like HBO will be airing a 15-min Inside Game of Thrones special on Dec. 5th at 8:45 PM Eastern. HBO describes the program as “A special sneak preview of the highly anticipated HBO series Game of Thrones.”

Winter Is Coming: As speculated, it looks like our next big glimpse of Thrones will be prior to Boardwalk Empire‘s season finale. As to what we will see, I’m guessing it will be similar to the Making Of feature they had back in Sept, only much longer obviously. Probably interviews with more of the cast, and much more from David and Dan. Maybe they will add some footage from the Artisan videos for the benefit of all those HBO subscribers not following the production blog. And yes, I would bet good money we will be seeing our first full trailer. Hold on to your hats folks, the hype train is full steam ahead!

UPDATE: Looks like I would have lost money on my bet. We aren’t getting a new trailer on Dec 5… we are getting it tomorrow on Sunday! HBO has just informed us that they will be airing what they are calling the “third tease promo” for Game of Thrones. So maybe not a full trailer, but something new for sure!

The trailer is set to air prior to the 9 PM Boardwalk Empire episode on Sunday Nov. 28th and will be viewable on and immediately after airing on the East Coast. We will of course have it embedded here on the site as well.


  • My head asplode. Also this will force me to have to decide once and for all if I want to go on a black out until the series starts or try to learn as much as possible and be less surprised.

  • I just s*** my pants. Conventional wisdom was that we’d have to wait until the season finally of Boardwalk Empire to see a new preview, I certainly thought so given what they did for the finally of TB.

    This is amazing news! I can’t wait until this Sunday.

  • Jonathan Leard: i’m expecting lots of stuff we have or will have already seen. but i’m still way excited.    

    I suspect you’re right. We’ll probably see all the Artisans so that regular viewer can see them for the first time, so that’ll take up what? like 7-10 minutes. Then they may show the ‘In production’ video that we saw before True Blood. That still leaves enough time for at least one good 2-3 minutes new trailer.

    I’m not expecting anything more in terms of new material other than a new trailer, but I’m still super excited about that. Anything more than that would just be a bonus. Also if they did show all the Artisans videos it would be good for educating the HBO viewers as not many of them really know what GOT is about.

    Second thing on my wish list after a new trailer would be some interviews with D&D and others and having them explain the story and start to peak peoples interest and get some people looking into it who don’t normally go for the fantasy gene.

  • The Artisans webisodes just don’t lend themeselves to a TV sneek preview imo. It works for the web, but it would come across as a bit dull on TV. I’m pretty sure the Artisans spots are all aimes at the core audience of goofballs slavering for any news about the series at all (namely us). The preview need to tickle the fancy of a new audience and no offense to the crew, but watching someone lean against a fence post talking about food just doesn’t say “WoW” to me.

    I think the spot will be more of a get to know the show type of piece. I’m hoping they do that in one of two ways. Either geographically (The Wall, Winterfell, KL, and Essos), or by Family (Starks, Arryns, Baratheons, Lannisters, Targaryens). Breaking the show down in either of those categories should give the new viewer a decent idea of what to expect, or at least where to begin.

  • BTw, My vote for the trailer would begin with a close up on an empty Iron Throne (dramatically lighted for mood of course) and some VO about “Who will sit the Iron Throne” or somesuch. It is after all A Game of Thrones, so the visual would be appropriate and at the same time would give the hard core a long-awaited bone.

  • obsidian,

    Not likely. I already looked on my PVR, and there is already a 30 minuet show scheduled before BE. Before the TB season finally when HBO in the U.S. did their 20 minuets of previews of upcoming shows we got shafted in Canada. Unfortunately HBO and HBO Canada are two different things even though the Raven trailer and In Production videos have been shown pretty much 24/7 since then, they didn’t show it the night of.

    I guess those of us outside of The States will have to watch them on you-tube or some other site. HBO will post them on their site at some time, but its just not the same as seeing the whole 15 minuets together and uncut for the first time on TV.

  • Here is the same thing HBO did for BE, it has lots of footage, so hopefully the GoT version will be similar.

    Of course, that one came out much closer to the premier date.

  • Oh this has just made my night. Thanks for the heads up WiC!

    I can’t wait for the flurry of post-footage talk here; the night of the TB finale was one of the best nights I’ve had on the board!

  • Jose,

    A similar piece like this one for BE would be amazing. Trying to keep my excitement at bay … but as others have said, even with all the material we’ve seen, they need at least about 3 minutes of new stuff. And even so, they would need to re-edit the material into one juicy pack. Can’t wait!

  • Lex,

    Why are you trying to piss me off?!!



    No I think the analysis by many people is about right I think they want something that’s going to grab the veiwers of BE. Most likely a shot of something dramatic like a shot of some of the fighting at the Whispering Woods or the Hands Tournement, then a creeping wide shot of Lena and Sean talking about something dramatic, then cut to interviews and behind the scenes.

    if anything I think the next time we see the Aritisans is in the DVD ‘s special features.

  • Nice bit of news.
    I would not expect much (probably artisans videos we already saw), but let them suprise me.
    As always, I will till Monday 6th of December to see it along side with the gifts by Saint Nicolas, left in my boot ;) (Do not take serious the last part is just related to my local folklore)

  • This was certainly a good start on a Friday.

    If we get something like the BE-video I’d be ecstatic. Even if we “only” get a new 2-3 minutes full trailer I’ll be pleased :)

  • The Rabbit,

    The actual Sinterklaas gift will be the footage itself of course. It easily beats new socks, chocolate letters and those funky pepernoten if you ask me.

  • Rinoa De la Pica,

    My birthday too! Cool present, although I live in the UK which means that the airtime will be 1.45am. Then of course I will need to wait until some kind soul puts it on YouTube to see it as clearly, UK means no HBO.

    Hmm, do I wait up until 3am hoping that someone uploads it? Hell yeah I do!

    Or not, doesn’t really matter to me if I see it close to actual airtime, just that I see it at all.

  • HBO seems pretty chill about letting these things up on YouTube (and not country-restricting them), so for us Europeans, it should be possible to see it. Not like anything would stop us from watching it (I mean, I’d be ready to pay someone to record it and ship it to my place in a friggin’ VHS if that was what it took), but I guess we’ll be able to view it pretty soon and hassle-free.

    Re: Artisans – I really don’t think they’ll air all the Artisan clips. I mean, it’s pretty dry stuff when you’re not a drooling fan like us, especially if they played them one after the other. So I really think we’re going to see at a lot of interviews (probably GRRM, the two Davids, and a bunch of new and old Artisan-type soundbites), plus a 2-5 minutes trailer.

    @Lord Ned’s Head : that would be pretty great, actually. They could even do a series of family-specific teasers (“Meet the Starks”, “Meet the Lannisters”) to replace the Raven trailer.

  • Jose,

    Thinking about it, this preview almost had to be similar to the BE preview – while us fans know the world/characters of ASOIAF, the average viewer doesn’t

    Compare to BE, where the historical framework is largely general knowledge (Capone, Prohibition etc.) whereas GOT will require explaining from the ground up – HBO won’t involve many casual viewers by repackaging the Artisans videos (as great as I agree they are!) which would be counter to what is surely the point of devoting 15 mins airtime to GOT promotion?

    That said, if they do follow BE’s example, it’s likely to be pretty spoiler filled (having watched BE to date, they gave away a lot in that Making Of video)

    I’m ok with that though – as while things will certainly be given away in the coming days/months, points of plot that would be more impactful if not telegraphed beforehand – it needs to be done to draw in casual viewers, which are needed to make it profitable, which is necessary to getting the whole Song in glorious HBO technicolour!

  • I can set my DVR on Monday at 12:01am to tape the episode!! Can’t wait. Wishing for more and more footage plus a 2 minute trailer would be nice. :)

  • I kinda of also agree that the artisan videos wouldn’t really work for a full preview of the series simply because they seem to be for people who already know a little bit about asoiaf (in other words us). A lot of them don’t have the context needed for first time viewers, such as showing the mountain’s sword without explaining who he is for example.

  • This is probably going to be the best Saint Nicolas gift I ever got, I’d better make sure my shoes are shining ;) Haha I feel like a little kid again: wishing for 5th december to come!

  • Danielle Parlatore Daly: i hate wishing my life away, but is it December 5th yet??? 

    Strange–4 years ago I would be as excited as some of these people about the show starting, but not so much these days (and never for a trailer).

    If Bantam published another Fire and Ice novel like one of the first three, I would probably get psyched up.. I haven’t read those books in years, and I can never re-read a book. I can’t bring myself to read the dunk and egg stories for some reason.

    Lately I have been speaking with TV fans with HBO (fans who love shows like Walking Dead, True Blood, etc) and AGOT is barely on their radar–they refer to it as “The Lord of the Rings” show.

  • Sweet news! Thinking about possible trailer content , I reckon we will get flashes of sex and violence to grab folks attention, also dramatic , moody scenery and maybe a glimpse of angry direwolf and a hint of magik….can`t wait.

  • barmor,

    I accually think we need to consider what Fünke is saying here. We live in our own little fan bubble, getting ourselves exited about the awesomeness of it all. I dont doubt this will be an excellent show, and I have not been this exited since the Lotr movies. But nine out of ten wievers who need to watch this for it to be a second season have barely heard of A game of Thrones. Of course they refer to it as “the lord of the rings show”, and thats why all the Games of Thrones footage will be so important. And lets face it, the only way for it to get really interesting and captivating for the average viewer is for HBO to include spoilers. The hardcore fans will have to accept that. C’mon, its not a big deal, we all know whats gonna happen anyway.

  • Those Dunk & Egg tales are hard to find. Our library had only one copy of the Hedge Knight in graphic novel form, so I read it while I was there. Where do you find the stories in normal book form? Our local book store , Hastings, did not have it. If a prequel were filmed would it be all three together or each as it’s own movie?

  • OldGran,

    The first 2 Dunk & Egg stories are found in the Legends anthologies – Legends: Stories By The Masters of Modern Fantasy & Legends 2: Short Novels by the Masters of Modern Fantasy (in paperback form, they are split into 2 books so make sure you get the right one). The third story can be found in the Warriors anthology

  • Honestly, there really isn’t any reason for GoT to be on anyone’s radar yet, except for fans of the book and the few people that just think it sounds really cool. There hasn’t even been a trailer release, no one has any ideawhat it is about besides that it is a fantasy show with Boromir in it. The Walking Dead was probably just “that zombie show” until the trailers released and people started to get an idea of the story and characters.

    Good news is that there are already some critics at major publications that are behind the show, and I’m sure as we get close to air time, there will hopefully be lots of good publicity and reviews to get the layman on board.

  • barmor: Well, you are sorta hanging out in the wrong place, ain’tcha?  

    … because I loved the first three books and I am looking forward to seeing the show next year? I don’t get it.

  • I think you guys are right, the Artisan videos wouldn’t be right for this preview. HBO is going to be targeting new viewers with this, so it will likely include much more exciting footage.

    I also think we’re right to expect spoilers. Massive ones, probably involving Cersei and Jaime… and maybe even Bran.

    It’s actually an interesting question. Why do we care about the spoilers? It’s not spoiling it for us at all, since we’ve read the books. I guess we’re just hoping that new fans could have the same moments of shock and revelation that we had when reading the books… but the fact is, new viewers are already spoiling the entire book by watching the series in the first place.

  • I just got an adrenalin rush off of reading this article. AAAHHHHHHHH!!!!! O.O 15 minutes of Game of Thrones stuff? AAAHHHHHH!!!! I NEEDS IT NOW! MY PRECIOUS!

    I do not care WHAT kind of footage it is. I will take this show any way I can get it!

  • Chris: Honestly, there really isn’t any reason for GoT to be on anyone’s radar yet, except for fans of the book and the few people that just think it sounds really cool.

    Agreed: I repeat—the first fifteen minutes of the first episode are going to be critical, to get people past any initial visual reaction (“Oh, old England again, with a bunch of warring lords”) and if those fifteen minutes have to be spoilery or violent or filled with nudity or shocking, so be it. The preview critics will bring some folks in, but the next-day blogs, if they rave, will get everyone else who missed it to catch the premiere in its many repeats during the week, which will build the audience for Episodes 2/3.

  • Lex,

    I think you hit the nail on the head about the spoilers. They bug me so much because I want new viewers/readers to experience the shocking moments that make this series so special. Events like Neds death and the red wedding don’t happen in your average book or television series. If they’re spoiled you lose that shock and emotional impact. Also as far as spoiling the book by watching the show, my hope is that many people will watch the first season and like it enough to go out and buy the books.

  • Silverjamie mentioned a minimoot in a previous post….does anyone have more details on this? Time and place would be especially helpfull. Thanks.

  • Unfortunately, Fanatics can’t be trusted when discussing the quality of the show they love. It’s up to HBO to create the Da Vinci code level of Public Awareness for the series, which, while we can be happy to fan the flames they fire, we are unable to start those same flames ourselves.

    This is why I’m so interested in their promotional campaign. The better and more successful it is, the less awkward I’ll be talking it up.

  • Grinbomb,

    What’s with that, anyway ? It seems that just a day or two down the road the other BTS stuff was all over the place on HBO Can. I will hunt it out on my computer ,rather than wait , but as you say, it’s not the same.

    Ah, well..still a proud member of the great unwashed…

  • Critical Geek,

    I am perfectly aware of the stuff you are talking about.
    And for the most of it, I totally agree.
    The fact, every fan has to have in the mind is the fact, that we are not ones who will make series to live or to die.
    We are not the target of the HBO marketing camapign, cause we are alreday “in” and so far, we grated HBO and producers with solid trust.
    IMHO, they have difficult task – to make fans happy and which is more important to create the series which would attract the big audience.

    I am not sure that the big audience would show the interest to the series based on the fanatsy novels.
    As a long time fantasy fan (not only GRRM), I know it is sad thing that the genre is so law rated among the average audience.

    And IMO, HBO marketing campaign must be oriented towards the non-fantasy elements in the story.
    The twincest, the murders, the attack on the children are sort of controversy around it, and I am not surprised at all, that HBO decided to put ahead all of it.
    Cause today s audience like (wierd )sex and controversy.
    If twincest would not attract the bigger audience, do not what else would.
    (Dragons, would not do it, I am certain on it).

    So, I know, maybe at first glance we do not like the big spoilers revealed, but I think all the facts revealed by now via EW, can do benefit for series.

  • Updated the post with the news of tomorrow’s trailer!

    Looks like I would have lost money on my bet. We aren’t getting a new trailer on Dec 5… we are getting it tomorrow! HBO has just informed us that tomorrow (with a repeat on Sunday) they will be airing what they are calling the “third tease promo” for Game of Thrones. So maybe not a full trailer, but something new for sure! They don’t give a time but do remind us that the trailer will be viewable on their site immediately after airing on the East Coast. We will of course have it embedded here on the site as soon as it is available.

  • So…this teaser-thing tomorrow, is it instead of or as well as the stuff previously announced for the fifth? If it is instead of, is it a fifteen minute long affair still, or has that changed?

  • Johan Sporre,

    Catelyn looks great in the shot with Tyrion so nothing to worry there, also the armour on ser Vardis Egen is beyond awesome. The detail just blows my mind.

  • TOMOROW!!!!! WHHAAAA I already didn’t feel like going to sleep, but now I’m pretty sure sleep is out of the question ahhh well it’s only 1.21 AM so why should I bother…??? Oh wait gotta work tomorow WHAAAA TOMOROW!!!!!!!

  • Johan Sporre,

    Whenever I try and open any of the pictures on the Making Game of Thrones site other than the first two it says page not found. This happening to anyone else or does someone know why?

  • Alright my head is clear again (I think) Just now I also saw the new pictures for the first time, and ahh well… I was bouncing up and down my chair and all, but uhmm Lady really looks like a dog…

  • The Rabbit,

    lolz mogu naći 15 šiba u čizmi, al ovo je grooo bolje!! I really,really cannot wait for it! And I am happy to announce that I am buying all of my friends AGoT as their Christmas presents. Already have two new zelots converted at my college and they are spreading the word around. Winter is REALLY coming! jeeej

  • hound,

    The same thing happend to me: when they site says the site can’t be found or something like that, you’ll click on the link saying: ‘go to home page’ the pictures will reappear. Try and click those

  • Jimmy,

    Ya he is wearing sunglasses…looks like he’s holding a microphone…getting a sound sample of the horses ?…very sloppy….

  • Dany: I think Dany looks much better in the hi-res picture in terms of her face and expression. You can see a lot more of the detail that Emilia Clarke has brought to the characters. The wig looks a bit strange though (one side of her hair is lower than the other, as though it isn’t on properly). Also, although for the purposes of the shot it looks kind of cool, the bits of hair sticking off everywhere seem oddly wiry (as opposed to just ruffled from riding). Still “meh” about her costume, but I’m not crazy-upset about it,
    And…definitely no purple-ish eyes (but I’m still thinking they may add that in post-production).

    Direwolf: I’d actually much rather that they used real animals than cgi ones or digitally enhanced ones. I always find the shiny, fake look that cgi animals/people have to be highly distracting. Somehow the texture never looks right, and the eyes are always cheesy.

  • Lol. In the hi-res of Dany you can see that the hairs on her arms are standing up. Emilia must have been coooold. Still, she looks stunning in this.

  • Steve Hugh Westenra,

    The high res pictures of Dany’s outfit hurts me. Every string hanging down off that burlap midriff top, every rent in that leather skirt… *Shakes head*

    Still can’t figure out how you’re supposed to ride a horse in that. I think her leather wraps are to protect her soft princess hands from the reins. And if it’s supposed to be a camp outfit (and hence impractical for riding), I think she would have chosen something nicer looking than this. Is it just a gimmick so she can show more skin, like Padme getting her top ripped up in StarWars Episode II? Ugh. Emilia Clarke looks cold, she’s got goosebumps on her arms in high-res. Put her in silk, (not burlap) if you want to make her sexy sexy. But don’t try to pass this off as practical, “barbaric”, riding clothing.

    It is interesting how you can see new details in the high res photos, like the small “medallion belt” around her hips and the metal brooches holding her top closed. I still dislike the outfit though, however inconsequential it is to the series. Costuming just happens to be something I personally care a lot about.

  • Fünke,

    and yet here you are commenting on the “Winter is Coming” site? While I can’t wait for the next book either, I am looking forward to this quality show

  • Thanks for the information…Cant wait to check the trailer…But I just have one question…Why dont they release a full trailer and make us happy.. :) I just cant wait to see a 2 min video rather than this 30 seconds sneak peaks!!

  • Thoughts on the high-res:

    -Michelle Fairley IS Catelyn Stark. She totally matches my mental image, much more than Jennifer Ehle ever did. Love her!

    -The extra details in the Eyrie and the Red Keep’s council chamber are awesome!

    -Sansa looks great!

    Everything looks so richly textured and awesome.

  • Lex: Thoughts on the high-res:-Michelle Fairley IS Catelyn Stark. She totally matches my mental image, much more than Jennifer Ehle ever did. Love her!-The extra details in the Eyrie and the Red Keep’s council chamber are awesome!-Sansa looks great!Everything looks so richly textured and awesome.    

    Oops, wrong thread. Sorry!

  • Half Myrish,

    Yeah, I can definitely feel where you’re coming from with this.
    I think for me some of the disappointment is that, even though Dany’s story was my least favourite in the books, I was excited to see it transferred to the screen due to all the fascinating visual aspects of the character and of the Dothraki culture. Bits of that I’ve really liked, but others not so much. It really does look, as you say, like they stuck her in an impractical top and skirt just for supposed fan service.
    All the same, I’m still hoping there are some leather riding pants underneath that skirt.
    Yes, the gloves do seem to serve some practical purpose, but they look silly with the rest of the costume for some reason (reminds me a bit of Tifa from FFVII).

  • Johan Sporre,

    Thanks for the heads up!

    *ahem* As I mentioned in the original photo thread, Fairley is not anywhere near as “plump” as her sister, she is simply wearing a huge cloak. Its cold up in dem damn peaks!

  • There is no movie at 8PM on Sunday, so I find the post confusing. Leap Year premieres tonight at 8. Tomorrow it airs at 7:15 before Boardwalk Empire. I think it’s more likely to be on tonight, personally.

  • Also:

    Love the seven-pointed star window above Ned.

    Jaime’s white cloak is clearly visible, not only in the shoulder clasps, but hanging down on his right.

    A peacock above the Eyrie door? Oh-kay.
    Looks great, maybe they are only found in the Vale? Lysa wears many colors (thematically)?

    Pretty sure the loose threads on Dany’s tunic are intentional. “We do not sew!” (much)

    Can’t really say what color Emilia’s eyes are, because I keep drowning in them.

  • Yeah, I see Making of 127 Hours at 7:00 – 7:15 followed by Leap Year 7:15 – 9 PM followed by Boardwalk Empire at 9PM. I’m guessing the teaser/trailer will debut between Leap Year and Boardwalk Empire.

    According to Fancast (XFinity) schedule, on December 5 there is a 15 minute Inside Game of Thrones scheduled from 8:45 – 9PM.

    So it looks like these are 2 separate GoT treats. I am really excited. I hope the teaser provides some insight into what the series will be about. We don’t need spoilers, but need information. I hope the Inside GoT feature will also provide more info. I wouldn’t mind some actor/actress interviews as well and hopefully some clips. Someone who knows nothing of the books needs to be wowed visually and have their interest piqued. We don’t need spoilers, but we need to get a good look at the main characters, Westeros, and get an idea of what this show is about. HBO did it with Boardwalk Empire and AMC did it very well with The Walking Dead. I trust HBO can pull this off for GoT.

    I really loved the high-res pictures, especially Arya + Ned and Sansa + Lady. I like the look of the direwolf. I don’t think it is that important to create a CGI direwolf. I’d rather the money be spent elsewhere on costumes and sets.

    I’m still not very happy with Dany’s “look”, but don’t see the point in complaining at this point. Lucretia (Lucy Lawless) of Spartacus pulled off a bright red wig and a blonde/white wig, if I remember correctly. I just think it would have been better to dye Emilia’s hair/eyebrows so it looks more natural.

  • AbstractPlain,

    I know!!! How lucky am I to find it!!! Just came back from birthday party …a bit tipsy…First thing… like always checking Winter-is-comin…and nothing… so next thing HBO and there it was :)

  • Karolina,

    Great find! Unfortunately anything on the HBO site plays really choppy on my computer. I’ll wait to see it properly on my HDTV and Youtube.

    This is the first time I’ve gotten excited about a preview for a preview of a TV show, lol.