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Day 131: Filming in its final weeks

With all the excitement of the past couple weeks, one forgets that they are still filming season one of Game Of Thrones. Based on the reports, it sounds like up until this week they had been doing most of the filming in the Paint Hall. One report we received talked about a scene that was filmed on Friday, it was a feast scene and it involved a direwolf jumping onto the table and running at one of the actors and “ripping his throat out.” This sounds very similar to a scene in the books between Grey Wind and Greatjon.

This week we are getting reports of exterior shoots. Josef Altin (Pyp) and John Bradley West (Sam) both tweeted that they are in Belfast to film their final scenes. Which means they will likely be filming up at Magheramorne quarry for the last time this year.

We have also received reports of filming being done near Audley’s Castle (pictured above), on the shores of Strangford Lough. The report described the set as consisting of tents, banners, braziers and many men and horses. Sounds like a battle camp to me. This could be the set for the Battle of the Green Fork. Alternately, this could be Robb’s camp as the banners being flown are all Northern banners (Stark, Mormont, Stout). In fact, we have been told that they filmed a scene last night with men inside of a tent. Maybe this is Robb’s final scene and, as has been speculated, they changed the location?

It is also possible that they will be filming both Robb’s camp scenes and Tywin’s camp scenes using the same set. Just switch the banners and the extra’s costumes. We will keep an eye on things over at Audley’s Castle and see how filming progresses.

Lastly, we’ve heard a whisper that some of the crew has already been booked for a second season! I am not sure whether this is a concrete booking or just a way for HBO to ensure they have people ready to go in the event they greenlight another season. It might be that this is just standard practice. But if not, this is another sign that HBO is committed to this project and will be looking to place a second season order very soon into the first season!


  • While we all want to see a second season (well, at least we’re pretty sure we do), this is one of those times not to count our dragons before they are hatched.

    I followed the development of LotR closely. I’ve followed the development of GoT *religiously*. It is my favorite series of books of all time. Nothing else comes close.

    I expect many of you feel the same way. That feeling tends to affect our judgment in these matters rather profoundly. We are biased as all hell.

    Let’s wait and see the numbers for the first episode. If they are significant, we’ll see a second season greenlit almost immediately. If the numbers are off — we won’t.

  • In regards to the crew members being hired for Season 2; I know at the Moot Bryan Cogman was saying that after filming has wrapped on S1, work will begin on S2 pretty much immediately (after the break for Xmas), because things such as scriptwriting, costumes, props, scouting for new locations etc. can’t wait until S1 airs and HBO contemplates a green light for S2 or not. So it could just be those that have been kept on (if the rumours are true), are those that will be involved in pre-production, such as the writers, costume department, the armourers, props, and other such departments that need to start work asap.

  • Petter Kristian Vikestad,

    Been thinking the same thing. Seven of them seems like an appropriate number. I plan to give the extra six to people I hope will enjoy it but not enough to make them invest in a DVD-box themselves. Do HBO shows always come out on Blue-Ray? If so, can we expect them to be released at the same time as the DVDs or is there usually a delay? When can we expect the DVDs anyway?

  • Steel_Wind,

    In my head, I agree with every word you say.

    In my heart, every feeling rebels; life would be too, too cruel for the show to be cancelled after one series….

  • seanathin,

    The BluRays tend to come down in price fairly quickly after they come out, or Amazon has them at a discount at some point during pre-order. Best bet is to pre-order them as soon as they are up on Amazon so you get the lowest possible price when they come out (and get them on the release day!)

  • Make sure to show your friends and family the latest trailer. I did and against all odds I’ve converted them into believers who wanna watch…

  • No offense meant here, but I am tired of people talking about “IF” this series gets a second season. There should be no damn doubt about it!! I mean c’mon, HBO just gave viewers Boardwalk Empire, so that leaves regular viewers craving a new series to dive into.

    The costumes, the cast, the production values of the show will DRAW IN VIEWERS….they will not be like “Oh its just a lotr knock-off, guess I’d better watch something else.” No, their response will be “Oh, this new Game of Thrones show LOOKS interesting, I might wanna give it a try especially after HBO aired Boardwalk Empire, I could use another big budget show.” Thanks to BE wrapping up, HBO subscribers will be intrigued to tune into the next big show on HBO.

  • Also, rant not over: I’ve heard a few comments on here worrying about whether or not this show will be like the Wire in terms of viewership. The Wire didn’t draw in a large audience because of its subject matter. Uban decay within the city of Baltimore doesn’t exactly scream tune in next time material. However, manipulative basterds struggling for a place on the Iron Throne with zombies, direwolves, and dragons to back the story up makes for very interesting viewing material….just saying

    You guys here keep worrying about season 2. Don’t worry about that…cuz even if the series has below average ratings (which I HIGHLY DOUBT it will), HBO will still greenlit another season (like they did with Carnivale and Rome). Its just a question of season 3: Storm of Swords, can it hold viewers down? Once we get past season 3, I think we should be good to go for the next several years….possibly

  • Bumped into another possible set this evening outside Ballynahinch (near Drumsnade). It’s a combat games site that includes woods, and it is being marked by yellow directional signs from a roundabout that includes a GoT sign. There is also a yellow double decker bus on site – I spotted a similar bus up at the quarry (catering), plus a number of horse transporters – so I’m guessing it can only really be for GoT.

    The woods there would lend themselves to forest skirmishes quite well, and could be used for any number of contained set pieces to illustrate larger battles.

    Was intending to get to Audley’s castle this evening too, but with snow and treacherous road conditions I chickened out.

    To give you an idea of Audley’s castle, here are a couple of shots I took earlier this year of the Castle (Actually the same day that I managed to get some Castle Ward / Winterfell pictures):

    If they have booked the next series, that would be great news – but I suspect it is just a rumour ?


  • Steel_Wind: While we all want to see a second season (well, at least we’re pretty sure we do), this is one of those times not to count our dragons before they are hatched.I followed the development of LotR closely. I’ve followed the development of GoT *religiously*. It is my favorite series of books of all time. Nothing else comes close.I expect many of you feel the same way. That feeling tends to affect our judgment in these matters rather profoundly. We are biased as all hell.Let’s wait and see the numbers for the first episode. If they are significant, we’ll see a second season greenlit almost immediately. If the numbers are off — we won’t.    

    To true :)

    Although your point about the potential for DVD sales to unlike any TV series before is also a very good one, and one that still may help tip the balance.


  • This would actually make a good Moat Cailin location with some cgi touchup. I looked at other pics online and it has the makings of a strategic locale with the water below the fortified hillock and a wooded area behind the castle that cgi techs could easily turn into a marshland, it would then give the appearance of a narrow pass between marsh and water.

  • The Rabbit,

    Could be. I forgot to mention that the area was quite strongly lit too (it was dark as I drove past), but there was little activity in the open area at the front, which suggests that they are filming deeper in the woods there.


  • GoT has the advantage of an already established and pretty hard-core army of fans. ASOIAF is a best selling series after all. So, don’t forget about the millions of fans outside North America and UK who won’t be able to tune in into HBO. They may be getting the show elsewhere but a vast majority will also buy the DVDs for sure!!!! Even if GoT does not do well on television, the DVD sales should blow HBO’s mind completely. I am not sure about this, but I heard that HBO regretted that they stopped Rome after season 2 once they received the sales figures for the DVD releases. I believe that’s a lesson HBO has not forgotten.

  • Julian,

    My comments regarding The Wire might have been sloppy. I was taking about the experience I had while watching the DVD set I bought sight-unseen, one episode after another, and trying to extrapolate on that experience. This was after the series had already concluded, and was being hailed as one of the greatest television dramas of all time.

    In my opinion, it totally is. It just took me about three episodes to get into it.

    I have no knowledge of what the initial audience reaction to The Wire was, and grant that my speculation may have been unwarranted.

    I completely agree about Season Two being a safe bet.

    I almost feel like there’s an air of superstition around this. Like, if someone says, “There’s DEFINITELY going to be a Season Two,” and then there isn’t, that person will somehow be to blame. Like, if we’re too cocky, the spirits of television will decide to teach us all a lesson.

    GRRM, having been burned in the television game before, was rightly cautious about getting his hopes up regarding the series pick-up. I’ll also agree that HBO’s pattern of renewing a series soon after the first episode airs doesn’t guarantee it’ll happen from Game of Thrones.

    Still, I for one will earn nothing by being cautious and pessimistic. I’ll be sad if it doesn’t get picked up, regardless of whether I’d been saying, “Let’s not be to hasty, people may hate it,” or “There’s NO WAY they’ll only let this go one season.”

    So I take these, “They’re already gearing up for Season Two,” statements at face value. That’s exactly what they’re doing. Can HBO still ax it? Sure. Do I think they’re going to? No. But if they do, it sure as hell isn’t going to be my fault saying that.

  • Tysnow,

    If you are talking about the Audley’s castle for which Martin has posted the pics, I strongly agree.
    My first thougt was the “post Whispering wood s scene”, but when I saw the pic here on Wic and on Flickr, I would rather say it is Moat Cailin set.

  • Although your point about the potential for DVD sales to unlike any TV series before is also a very good one, and one that still may help tip the balance.Martin    

    Well, I imagine that most fans of the series will buy the DVD/Blu-Ray. If it’s good, that is.

    If it is merely passable? Then it will get torrented all to hell and that’ll be that.

    I do think that a wise move would be to overshoot the series and have an episode or so worth of deleted scenes that increase the value of the discs to fans. Make them available on Blu-Ray only to discourage piracy/DivX.

    In that regard, yes, they might entice real fans to buy the first run of discs — and then sell the “collector’s version” of the Blu-ray to the fan base all over again.

    Cynical? Yes. Greedy? Undoubtedly. Quite profitable? More than likely.

    Attractive to a fan? Hell yes. I’d buy it in a hearbeat and so would the large majority of visitors to this website. We’re the choir though. depends on what a more average viewer might do. Last I cehcked, there seemed to be a lot of “average” Ringers who bought the collector’s version of the LotR movies with nearly 2 hours of material not shown in theatres. And yes, most of us bought the normal DVDs too.

    While releasing untelevised collector’s editions would be a departure in terms of how HBO does business, it’s only bad business if it doesn’t make them money. Given the fan base for GoT – I think this has a very good chance of making them money.

  • This is a little interesting. I checked the Game of Thrones page on facebook and I see a bunch of twilight pictures?! Appearently a twilight website posted the teaser for “Jamie Bower’s” Game of Thrones. I’ll take all the free advertising we can get, and the twi-hards are a big group. My wife is among them sorry to say. Funny though that Jamie Campbell Bower isnt even going to be in the show now right?

  • Sounds like the prior information we had about Season 2 being ‘amberlit’ sounds pretty accurate. My guess is that HBO are in effect setting themselves up to renew the show the same way they did with TREME and BOARDWALK: by generating huge amounts of previews and pre-airing hype, getting everyone excited, generating a large audience for Episode 1, using that to justify renewing a second season, and that then gives them two whole seasons plus DVD/NetFlix/iTunes sales of Season 1 to see if they renew for a third season, regardless if there is a dip in the ratings after Episode 1 airs (as has happened with TREME and BOARDWALK, from the sound of it).

    Personally, it sounds very encouraging.

  • Avalanche3319,

    Just to add to that I see “team twilight” has almost 6.5 million fans on facebook. If even a tiny fraction of that watches the trailer they posted, that’s pretty huge.

  • Avalanche3319,

    Should we break the news to them that JCB isn’t in it anymore? Or should we send them the first trailer, the one with Jamie in it and really stoke the Twi-hards fire?

    I vote the latter! ;)

  • Bilbo: Actually Rome had descent ratings….it just became too expensive….which might be the fate of GOT  

    Actually, the HBO suits admitted that they pulled the plug on Rome based on ratings alone without factoring in the eventual very healthy DVD and foreign rebroadcast rights sales that would have made additional seasons profitable. They acknowledged they’d learned their lesson re: big budget historical spectacles— auguring well for GOT.

  • Actually I’m a bit of a Twilight fan myself so I’m pretty convinced Thrones has a good shot of being liked be them…. Don’t get me wrong: A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE FOR LIFE!!!!!! (Is it sunday yet???)

    (oh and team Jaime :p)

  • Steel_Wind,

    There are lots of BluRay torrents out there. I’ve never downloaded any, but its safe to say that any new material on a BluRay GOT set will be available to download almost immediately after its released. That’s just the way it is these days.

  • The Rabbit: Could it be Moat Caillin scene, including Robb s decision to split the armies?    

    I’d be surprised if we get a Moat Calin scene. I think it’s the kind of thing where they’d just point to the spot on the map and explain how it can be held. It’s a neat location, but I don’t think the stuff that happens there moves the plot along very much.

    Looking at the tower in that picture, I am wondering if it won’t be used as the Tower of Joy, if they do shoot that scene. I always imagined it as a small keep not unlike that, and the location of it, by that lovely blue lake looks pretty idyllic. The reports of a camp scene nearby suggests it’s not that, but maybe the site will be used for both if the tower isn’t used in the camp scenes? Just a thought.

  • Hahahahahaha…. I just don’t know.

    But I DO know that it’s not racist. It’s not racist to discuss race. It’s not racist to NOTICE somebody’s race. And it’s certainly not racist to mention somebody’s race. (pet peeve of mine)

    Bilbo: This may seem a wee bit racist here but…….am I the only black dude here??    

  • Bilbo: Actually Rome had descent ratings….it just became too expensive….which might be the fate of GOT    

    There was also the issue that Rome was something that the BBC was partially funding, and then bailed out on when it became too expensive and ratings plummeted (though that was their own fault down to some shoddy cutting and ridiculous airing time, but that is by the by); however, with GoT, HBO from the start know that they are in it alone and can budget accordingly; Rome was completely the opposite.

  • Samantha Hirst: There was also the issue that Rome was something that the BBC was partially funding, and then bailed out on when it became too expensive and ratings plummeted

    Yes, I think all the premium channels have learned a lot about period dramas and horror/fantasy genres in the last few years and that patience/independence will be rewarded. Rome, Spartacus, BE, Deadwood, GOT, even WALKING DEAD (although not on a premium channel) show that given good word of mouth and enough time for repeats, the audience will find the shows it wants.

  • I’m willing to go out on a limb here and say that season 2 is a fait accompli. I simply just cannot imagine the show being cancelled in te first season. From all the evidence we’ve seen its reasonable to assume it at this point. Super-high quality production, great cast, tons of internet buzz, mainstream media beginning to pick up on it. Rumors abound of crew members gettng ready for season 2. Plus, HBO is making trailers for the trailer next week. Who does that if they aren’t jacked about the end product they are seeing?
    If HBO were more cautious about renewing series until near or after their finale, I would be more concerned, but if the pattern holds true, I think we’ll see a season 2 announcement before Robert and company get to King’s Landing. If HBO is as excited about the series as I think, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear of a season 2 pickup before Robert gets to Winterfell!

  • btw, anyone with a fantasy hangup who looks at that first clip between Eddard and Catelyn, should quickly realise that this series will be something completely different to LoTs, Merlin and any of the other genre predessesors that may have turned them away.

  • I preface this comment by admitting it isn’t relevant, but I do quite enjoy reading comments where there is correct spelling and grammar. I’ve spent too long on YouTube comments obviously. Anyway, here comes the relevance:

    marzman has a real point with the mention of viewers without access to HBO picking up the DVD set. But I don’t think it’s that big a deal any more. In Australia, we’ve been managing to get US shows shown fairly soon after they’re aired overseas (overseas being the US) so I don’t see it being too big a problem for us to watch the show. That being said, Rome, a show I really enjoyed, started off in primetime and got itself kicked to 10 or 11pm after about 3 weeks. It made it incredibly hard to keep track of and forced me to pick up the DVD set. Admittedly, I would have done that anyway, but it was a bit of a nuisance.

    If the same problem befalls GoT, I’m just going to stream the episodes (which I may do anyway just out of sheer anticipation) and then buy the DVD set when it’s finally released down here.

  • Gabe of Penny Arcade fame just retweeted a link to the trailer. That dude has a bajillion followers, and I could see a lot of them being into GoT :D

  • I will definitely be one of those people who buys every edition of this series and proceeds to watch it until the disks break.
    Legit rumors about Season 2 made my day. Really really really hope they renew the show after the pilot gets 10 million viewers…I want to see Brienne, Davos, Stannis, Melisandre, etc. Bring on the Clash of Kings! But first Game of Thrones, and before that the 15 MINUTE BEHIND THE SCENES FEATURE! Where is my time machine? I need to find it…

  • I’m really excited for the Night’s Watch storyline in future seasons. They don’t do much in Season 1, but after that it gets pretty awesome!

  • With all this season two talk I’m thinking ahead.

    I want to see more of Renly. With Loras, yes, but also with Margery and especially with Brienne. More on Dragonstone, perhaps more with Cressen, surely more with Mel. More Asha. Much, much more of the Young Wolf, ideally the entire story of his fight at the Westerlings’ castle. More Tyrion in King’s Landing, with Bronn, Sansa and the Hound, much more Littlefinger and Cersei and Pycelle, Varys, and, as I think we can almost expect, Lancel. There’s a lot of Arya already but if they expand her tale I’d like to see more of Yoren.

    Or am I getting too far ahead of things?

  • AJ: In Australia, we’ve been managing to get US shows shown fairly soon after they’re aired overseas (overseas being the US) so I don’t see it being too big a problem for us to watch the show. That being said, Rome, a show I really enjoyed, started off in primetime and got itself kicked to 10 or 11pm after about 3 weeks. It made it incredibly hard to keep track of and forced me to pick up the DVD set. A.    

    Yes, channel 9 has a looong history of doing that to us AJ. I’ve lost count of how many shows I started watching and enjoyed only to find they had been bumped to grave yard time slot or completely dropped after a couple of episodes. Grrrr…….

    Do we even know what channel it will air on in Australia?
    Is it going to PayTv (boo hiss) or have one of the free to air’s got it in their line up?

  • Maester Tcost,

    and, as I think we can almost expect, Lancel.

    Shhh, don’t mention Lancel’s name aloud, please, just don’t. You are risking getting julandro’s attention and having him jumping over here.

    Believe me, you don’t want that.

  • ‘Chuckle-gate’ rears it’s ugly head again over at, it seems. Several people have been commenting on Ned’s little laugh at the end of the “winter is coming” line of dialogue. God, I thought that silliness was over. :-(

  • Brude,

    Heh, as expected. They just used the same sound bit as in the first trailer … it’s not like Ned is going to chuckle all the time, jeez :P

  • Michael Regins: Filming this week at Castleward in Antrim. Not sure of scenes.    

    I guess that could be the Audley’s castle filming – which is pretty well just outside the back gates of Castle Ward. I haven’t been to Castle Ward for a few weeks, but I had heard from someone that they had started dismantling some of the paraphenalia around the Winterfell set – can’t verify that though as I haven’t been there recently.


  • Hear Me Roar,

    Don’t you realize a teaser trailer is by definition a template for the entire contents of the show? Every one of Ned’s lines will be followed by either a chuckle, or “I was trained to kill”, or both. Every two seconds, either a sword will be drawn or a naked woman will randomly appear. And every time we see Joffrey, he will get slapped in the face.

  • mummer,

    In that case, I’m hoping that the episodes are kept to a minute or less each. I don’t think I can stomach much more than that.

    Although I am looking forward to the “behind the scenes” featurette, in which Jack Gleeson talks about the unique challenges of being slapped repeatedly is the face day in and day out. I imagine its been a real challenge for the make-up crew.

  • Am I the only one who pricked up her ears at the mention of Mormont banners?…

    Because if so, it might be a confirmation that the Mormont ladies are in…

    Any words on the design of the banner? Black bear on green field, yes, but I was intrigued by what they did with the Arryn design, and I’m totally curious about the Mormont one.

  • Thanks WiC! Sounds a bit weird, but I hope we’ll glimpse it in some promotional pics or videos soon. I almost hope for a bear-gate, it would be… interesting.

    The utter lack of even the remotest mention of trouts makes me certain that when the second season is made the Tullys will make their entrance with a new, spectacular banner that will capture the hearts of the viewers, bereaved by the loss of you-know-who.


  • The site that I passed the other day is still going, and is almost certainly for GoT. The biggest indicator is the arrows they are using to sign it (yellow hands) are being used in conjunction with the pink GoT signs for the Belfast part of the route, before being used on their own.

    The filming also seems to be predominantly at night, in the wooded area. There are very few vehicles there in the morning when I pass, but then at 7pm (nearly 3 hours after sunset) there are lots of vehicles and horse transporters there, plus hints of artificial light.

    May try and get a closer view, but it is a hard location to simply park up without entering the site – although no signs of any actual people as I pass, so filming is probably deeper into the woods at that point.


  • The Rabbit: Martin,
    Hey, Martin, thanks once again
    I guess you are talking about the Ballynahinch site, and not about Audley s castle?Yeah, @dizzy_34 I also think it is Whispering Wood.    

    Yup, although it’s probably closer to Seaforde than Ballynahinch. Been trying ot find info about the facilities there, found a couple of sites, apparently they have the site set up with a church and crashed helicopter – not sure how useful they will be though :)


  • Drove past again this evening.

    They are still filming, and I’m now as certain as I can be that it is GoT (using the exact same TV production vehicles as at other locations). That’s the best part of all week now – possibly some last week too.

    It’s a big operation, lots of transport vehicles (production and horses) and support (catering bus etc.) a fair bit of lighting too. They are definitely filming in the woods behind, you can see some spill of lighting.

    Looks as though vehicles were there all last night and all through the day today. They had the entrance blocked today, so no chance of getting in to have a look round. We will be passing there very early tomorrow morning though – so may get a few spare minutes to have a closer look.

    Well, at least they are saving on the fake snow for the moment :)


  • If anyone knows the site – it’s the Predator Combat games site, behind the Park House Inn on the Ballynahinch to Newcastle Road about 2 miles north of Seaforde.


  • Been a while since I posted up here on w-i-c, but thought I’d add some info on recent shooting and on what Martin has been talking about in terms of the Ballynahinch site.

    From what I know, ExtrasNI were looking for extras to be involved in a shoot at Ballynahinch that was not Game of Thrones, but instead featured something about sea monsters or something of that sort. From other information I have, the pink signs are still the only GoT signs in use for this shoot – which makes sense when you realise that the drivers they use for the production are simply told to follow the pink signs when they have no idea of where Castleward is from Belfast. I can’t see it making sense to get them to follow the pink signs up to a point and then change to yellow signs. Previously they have just used different sets of pink GoT signs labelled SET1, LOC2 etc to distinguish different shoot sites when in use on the same dates.

    The GoT shoot is still in full swing at Castleward and Audley Castle as of today and I believe was intended to carry on up to as late as 9pm this evening.
    The battle camp mentioned originally is still in place but I would believe is only for Robbs/the northern armies – whether it be Moat Cailin or Whispering Wood orientated I can only ask this – where would a whiskers & she-wolf be seen?
    I know there was a second location @ Castleward being used with a largish Lannister-bannered (and guards) tent in situ so that was probably used soley for Tywin’s side of things (unsure if used for mainly external or internal shots).

    I also heard on the grapevine that there may be shooting some large scale scenes next week – locations unconfirmed.

    Thats all I got at the moment… :)

  • ezeqiel,

    Hey Ezeqiel.

    My first thoughts on the ‘Ballynahinch’ site (closer to Drumaness than Ballynahinch) was that it was probably not GoT, but the vehicle types match those from Tollymore and Maghermorne quarry – including the catering facilities and G+H TV production lorries plus lots of horse boxes. They are obviously a local company, so it could well still be a different production, that just happens to be using the same contractors.

    Guess it could be something completely different, and I guess the sign issue you mention makes sense too – unless they ran out of pink signs :).

    Although, there is a pink GoT sign on the Carryduff roundabout that points towards Ballynahinch that is sandwiched between 2 of the yellow signs. The Castleward signs actually pointed towards Saintfield rather than Ballynahinch too.

    I’m fully prepared to be wrong though – wouldn’t be the first time (and highly unlikely to be the last).


  • Hi Martin,

    It may still be a GoT site – but I can confirm that another show involving ExtrasNI people is being shot in Ballynahinch this week (I know 2people who turned down the chance of being extras in the production due to conflicting work schedules).

    The big indication for me would be if there are any of the pink GoT signs actually pointing to or at the site entrance.

    Albeit the inclusion of horseboxes that you’ve seen would hint at a Whispering Wood-esque scenario.

    Has any confirmation of the Whispering Wood battle being planned for inclusion ever been received by anyone? Correct me if I am wrong, but the battle itself wasn’t told first hand in the book was it? But instead was described through what Catelyn heard going on and then recounted through experiences and events when the main battle protagonists had finished fighting?
    Would it be that HBO do something similar and not show the battle itself? Or at least a very limited view of it and not a grand, sweeping set-piece battle (that I personally would be in favour of!)

  • I am probably the only one following your conversation, guys.
    But curious enough concerning GOT film locations.
    So, thank you, very much :)

    I am looking forward to hear more on Ballynahinch mystery.

  • One more bit of info: (due to my morning read of local newspapers)
    Tonight in Tallin (Estonia) European Film Award final evening will take place.
    Sibel Kekili is one of the nominees, so she would be for sure in Tallin tonight.