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A little present from MGoT

A high resolution version of the photo published in TV Guide (FaB wrote about it here) has been made available at Making Game of Thrones. We shall take this to be our Christmas present for this year. Not too demanding, I know. More wishes coming tomorrow.

The Stark Boys (Credit: Helen Sloan / HBO)

Hear Me Roar: As it has been established before, the photo features all the Stark boys, legitimate or not, with Rickon sitting in the background behind Robb. Also in the background, in the very centre of the photo, the fans will be delighted to notice one of our ranks, the extra known as Two Feathers. An interesting detail is also that Robb is sporting a black eye (he did look a bit off to me in the low resolution version, but I couldn’t see why until now). He must have got that in an earlier confrontation with someone, presumably Prince Joffrey.


  • Nice to see all the Stark boys together, including our first look at Rickon. Sounds like this will be it from MGoT until the New Year. We will, of course, still be here bringing you the latest news, rumors, speculation and discussion. :)

  • Well i like the actors that were chosen for stark boys and others as well, but when it comes to confrontation between stark boys and joffrey, or joffrey and sansa, it seems very weird to me, i don’t know the exact age of Jack Gleeson, but he looks extremely young compared to Jon or Robb (and young and small compared to sansa), so some sort of fight or whatever they choose to do in tv series will probably look very strange. But maybe the will manage to get that work somehow, we will see.

  • Ok, this is totally fan-stuff, non post related, but I thought why not, share a few words…English is not my No.1 language (Croatian is), but ASOIAF is strong enough inspiration. Thank you HBO for making this dream of ours come true! Also, congrats wic on this great, great site!

    A Song of Ice and Fire

    Bearded, clothed, warrior’s last dance,
    He’s packed with a shield and a lance,
    Hurled into howling winds and snow,
    He does not stop, for he knows what he saw.

    Tell me dear, he thinks, he whispers:
    What is left in the lands of Asshai?
    What is forgotten, what lost, far cry?
    What kind of sorcery made you a lie?

    Tell me pretty, tell me how you feel;
    Who sandtrapped your soul?
    Who made you strong like valyrian steel?
    Who took you and shook you for real?

    Hurricanes, they roar and hunger and feast,
    Crows are flying, his shadow turned to mist,
    Ripped apart, still moisting his dart,
    The only real poison inking his heart.

    The roads are blocked, his horse untamed,
    Scars on his hands left him long ashamed,
    Which path should he choose:
    Which is yours, my lady, which is ours?

    He does not stop, for he knows what he saw:
    A dragon’s eye upon a dragon’s sky,
    An icy look seated upon a fire bold,
    Bed of dreams and a sight of molten gold.

    He does not sleep, nor breathe, nor eat,
    Neither dead, nor dying, he’s just a ghost, crying,
    Singing: Love, love, lots of it, love,
    The only thing missing, his seconds so slow.

    Praying: Lady, lady, lots of her, my lady,
    Where are you hiding,
    Are you the one that’s been on a dragon, riding?
    Are you the one I saw up there, gliding?

    Chanting: Love, love, lots of it, love,
    Lady, lady, lots of her, my lady,
    He’s singing this song of ice and fire,
    For her he’s walking, for lady Desire.

  • Great photo of the Stark boys, and that’s so cool that Two Feathers is there, LOL!

    Also, just wanted to wish everyone here a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  • Why does everybody think that “auburn” hair is bright red? It’s very dark red, almost brown.

    The Tullys are repeatedly described as having auburn hair. Yes, at times GRRM hypes the red in it, but auburn and red are two different colors. I’m a redhead, turning auburn. Look at my profile pic. Does it look bright red? The Tullys are even darker.

  • Okay, I know this pic isn’t new, but… Robb really shouldn’t have a beard at this point imo. A big deal is made about how Robb is basically just a boy, and while I understand the reasons for the ageing up, shouldn’t they be emphasizing Robb’s youth at this point? He already looks like a grizzled veteran.

    (Of course Madden’s acting may make this all moot, I’m just saying this based on the pictures.)

  • Great to see them all together, but sad, too, considering how quickly they get separated.

    So far we’ve seen a fair amount of Bran, and Jon. I wonder when they are planning on including some dialogue from Robb. The few scenes of him he looks like a villain, lol.

    It makes sense they aged Rickon up. A 3 year old would be hard to pull off in this type of series. I hope he is given more to do in the TV series than in the books.