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The Artisans: Maisie on Arya

By Winter Is Coming on

In case you didn’t get enough Maisie with the two items in our previous post, Making Game of Thrones has a new Artisans video up that is all about our little warrior. Winter Is Coming: The best Artisans video yet. … Continue reading

Quick Hits: Maisie meets Arya, more press, minor roles cast

By Winter Is Coming on

Game of Thrones news and notes from the past week: George R. R. Martin is back and blogging. He recently posted a photo of Maisie Williams posing in front of a Sky Atlantic billboard featuring her as Arya. It must … Continue reading

MGoT: Dodging death in Dothraki

By Fire And Blood on

In the latest Making Game of Thrones feature, HBO Dothraki language creator David J. Peterson shows us what words may or may not allow one to keep one’s head during an encounter with a Dothraki fonakasar whilst traveling on the … Continue reading

One more interview with David & Dan

By Winter Is Coming on

Kara Wagner of MTV rounds out her initial round of Game of Thrones coverage with an interview clip with executive producers and writers David Benioff and Dan Weiss. They (or rather Benioff) talk about why this show is different than … Continue reading

Casting Season Two: Brienne

By Winter Is Coming on

The long awaited casting speculation posts have returned! No, we haven’t gotten an official season two greenlight, but we are doing this now in anticipation of a quick greenlight after the series premiere draws a huge audience. We’re going to … Continue reading

New David & Dan interview

By Winter Is Coming on

A new interview with David Benioff and Dan Weiss from the TCA press tour has been posted over at AdWeek. In it, David & Dan reveal that they were initially sent these books to do as feature films. Upon reading … Continue reading

Northern Inuits double as direwolves

By Winter Is Coming on

We’ve seen pics of the direwolves now, even had Ghost show up in the most recent trailer. I guess it is fair to say, opinions are mixed on how they look. Some say they are too dog-like. Personally, I think … Continue reading

Quick Hits: GRRM & McKee speak, bloggers blog, Sky promotes

By Winter Is Coming on

For those tired of the political conversation, have a look at some Thrones news from the past week: MTV has another interview video up, this one with George R. R. Martin. He doesn’t talk about Thrones in this clip, just … Continue reading

GoT gay? We GoT that!

By Fire And Blood on

SPOILER NOTE: If our gentle readers do not wish to know which ASoIaF characters are gay, or are not gay, or are pretending to be gay, or are pretending not to be gay, or which ones just use their lofty … Continue reading

Game of Thrones panel at 2011 Winter TCA

By Winter Is Coming on

To cap off our coverage of the press events at the recent TCA winter press tour is our report of HBO’s Game Of Thrones panel. The panel consisted of Emilia Clarke, Sean Bean, Peter Dinklage, Dan Weiss,  George R. R. … Continue reading

Yet another video interview

By Winter Is Coming on

MTV has one more video interview. This one with the final cast member present at TCA, namely Peter Dinklage. He describes his character Tyrion and continues to balk at the use of “fantasy” when describing this show. As for the … Continue reading

‘What to watch’ discussion thread

By Winter Is Coming on

Been meaning to make this thread for a while now (thanks to Johan Sporre for the idea) but the ongoing discussion on Twitter about my complete TV newbness has compelled me to finally get it posted. Basically, we all know … Continue reading

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