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New shirts available to purchase, including house designs!

By Winter Is Coming on

Wow, today must officially be Game of Thrones day. A new trailer to discuss, The Maester’s Path website opens up, an interview with Ran of Westeros at Making Game of Thrones and his continued report about his set visit and … Continue reading

HBO launches The Maester’s Path website

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As part of their ongoing transmedia marketing initiative, HBO has launched The Maester’s Path website today. The site talks of walking the path and encountering five challenges, passing each challenge earns you another link in your maester’s chain. It also … Continue reading

MGoT: Interview with Elio

By Hear Me Roar on

On this already news-filled day, we get another bit from MGoT to distract and entertain us further. This one is an interview piece with Elio Garcia, also known as Ran, the master of A Song of Ice and Fire lore … Continue reading

New extended version of Iron Throne teaser

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HBO has just aired an extended version of the Iron Throne teaser with about 40 seconds of additional footage. Making Game of Thrones has posted this new version. Check it out! YouTube Link Winter Is Coming: Some epic shots in … Continue reading

The Maester’s Path: Secrets of the box?

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We got into this a bit in the last post, but wanted to bring it to a new post for discussion. Plus I made a discovery today that might be the start of something… First off, this post by Making … Continue reading

The Maester’s Path around the web

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As I mentioned, I wasn’t the only one to receive the first link in the chain of The Maester’s Path, HBO’s marketing initiative for Game of Thrones. Many other bloggers and critics received the box of scrolls and vials. I’ve … Continue reading

The Maester’s Path begins

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HBO has launched a creative marketing campaign for Game of Thrones dubbed The Maester’s Path. The first step of this campaign is a box mailed to select critics and bloggers filled with vials, scrolls and a map of the Seven … Continue reading

Thoughts from the recent screenings

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Westeros has the scoop on a foreign network executive who attended the recent screening of the first two episodes of Game of Thrones in London. Göran Danasten, an executive from Swedish broadcaster SVT, was there and shared his thoughts on … Continue reading

Artist’s CVs reveal info about VFX work, include first image of three-eyed crow!

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Some recently discovered CVs give further information on the visual effects work being done for Game of Thrones. Thanks to a relentlessly thorough job of digging for news, WiC reader The Rabbit has discovered several artists’ CVs that reveal their … Continue reading

Game of Thrones to premiere April 18th in UK

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Sky Atlantic, an exclusive station of British Sky Broadcasting, has announced the premiere of Game of Thrones in the UK and it is April 18th, the day after the States. The Guardian reports: Sky Atlantic will begin broadcasting Game of … Continue reading

New behind-the-scenes video! Invitation to Westeros

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HBO has heard your pleas for more Game of Thrones goodness and answered with an all-new behind-the-scenes video entitled Invitation to Westeros. The 3:30 long video, posted over at Making Game of Thrones, gives us clips from new interviews with … Continue reading

Casting Season Two: Melisandre

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Disclaimer: Season two has not been officially greenlit. We are creating these posts for discussion and speculation. Continuing our series of casting speculation posts for season two, we move from Stannis to his right-hand (wo)man, Melisandre of Asshai. The Red … Continue reading