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MGoT: Interview with Elio

On this already news-filled day, we get another bit from MGoT to distract and entertain us further. This one is an interview piece with Elio Garcia, also known as Ran, the master of A Song of Ice and Fire lore at His journey has been an exciting one, both through life, and concerning all things ASoIaFian: learn about the beginnings of his website, the collaboration with George R.R. Martin,  and lastly his up-close-and-personal experience with Game of Thrones.

An interesting read, by all means. The questions directly relating to the show are quoted after the break.

What did it feel like to visit the set after being such an involved fan for so long?
It was just overwhelming.  I know I had a ridiculous grin plastered to my face as I toured the sets and production office.  I was just amazed how much care and craft has gone into it.  George, for a long time, had said that HBO was really the only place for the series to be done.  I’d always discounted it as a possibility, and then suddenly it was happening.  My biggest impression was entering the Paint Hall and going from Belfast to Winterfell in just a few steps.  It was a bit of a giddy moment.

Bryan Cogman is the production’s “keeper of the mythos”… Have you talked to him about the nitty-gritty of Martin’s world?
I know Bryan has been reading quite a lot and knows his stuff so we haven’t been asked anything directly by the production.  Bryan did say that has been a tremendous resource for them.  I’d always hoped when I created the Concordance that it would be useful to artists or set designers searching for details.

There’s already so much buzz around the series online – what do you think is drawing all these new people to the story?
I think George’s prior experience in Hollywood has a lot to do with it.  He came out of there with some techniques and ideas.  It’s no-holds-barred, and there’s a very gritty reality to it.  There’s high drama and a sense that nobody’s safe.  And a happy ending isn’t guaranteed.