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Top 5 moments from the book I can’t wait to see on screen

By Winter Is Coming on

SPOILER WARNING: Let’s get this out of the way right now. The following post will contain very large spoilers for A Game of Thrones. Click through to the full post or the linked articles, ONLY if you have read all … Continue reading

Arya Caption Contest winners

By Fire And Blood on

After delving and double-delving into the 250+ answers we received for the Arya Caption Contest, Winter Is Coming (aided by his trusty sidekick Fire And Blood and the vile minion known as Hear Me Roar) can now state with sound … Continue reading

Thrones featured in SciFiNow magazine

By Winter Is Coming on

The press coverage for Game of Thrones in the UK continues to ramp up. Hot on the heels of the show being featured in SFX, now comes multiple articles on Thrones in SciFiNow magazine. Adam Whitehead of The Wertzone has … Continue reading

Rumors swirl of advance screenings of Thrones

By Winter Is Coming on

There are rumors swirling that advance screenings of Game of Thrones are taking place both in the UK and Canada. First, Ran from Westeros reports that last week executives from international broadcasters were in London to view the first two … Continue reading

Quick Hits: UK promotions & press, podcasts and fan forums

By Winter Is Coming on

Some Thrones news from the past week or so: As we go through a bit of lull here in the States, the publicity for Thrones continues to ramp up across the pond. Sky launched their new channel, Sky Atlantic, a … Continue reading

MGoT: Pronunciation Guide

By Winter Is Coming on

Pronunciation has been something that has been discussed on here from time to time. We’ve been able to get some official pronunciations via interviews and the released promotional material. But now, from writer/script editor/lore master extraordinaire Bryan Cogman, comes the full … Continue reading

So Arya …

By Fire And Blood on

… thinks to herself, “Not allowed to stab her, not allowed to stab her, not allowed to stab her…” This picture is the latest one released courtesy of HBO, and we love it! Great pic, great look by the “Amazin’” … Continue reading

Will you (re)read the book before the show airs?

By Winter Is Coming on

This article by Matt Marquez at Ology, about whether you should or should not read the books prior to Game of Thrones airing, got me thinking. I’m guessing most, if not all, of our readers have read, at least, A … Continue reading

The famous … four?

By Hear Me Roar on

They are one boy short of Enid Blyton’s character group setup (if only Art Parkinson as Rickon Stark was in the pic as well), but still remarkably close, with Arya the tomboy and Lady the dog. Anyway, a needless reference, … Continue reading

Casting Season Two: Stannis

By Winter Is Coming on

Disclaimer: Season two has not been officially greenlit. We are creating these posts for discussion and speculation. With that out of the way, let’s move onto business shall we? Namely the business of casting Stannis Baratheon. Stannis, younger brother of … Continue reading

Thrones switches composers

By Winter Is Coming on

Maureen Ryan of TV Squad has broken the news that HBO has switched composers for Game of Thrones. No longer will Stephen Warbeck be scoring the series, they have brought onboard Ramin Djawadi as his replacement. ‘Game of Thrones’ has … Continue reading

Margaret John

By Fire And Blood on

In the first real bit of truly sad news related to our soon-to-be beloved television show, we receive word that Margaret John, our Old Nan, has died at the age of 84. According to BBC News, Margaret passed away after … Continue reading

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