Food truck serves up tasty Westerosi fare

By all accounts, yesterday’s Game of Thrones food truck was a smashing success. The truck set up shop in the Union Square section of Manhattan and people literally began running towards it from all directions. Within minutes there were over 150 people in line and two hours later those 150 people (plus 150 more) were served up some hot, King’s Landing-inspired morsels.

It was a long and chilly wait for the many folks in line, but all seem to agree it was well worth it. Matt Marquez from ..ology has a great report up about his experience, as does Darth Rachel at her blog. You can find more photos at Campfire’s Flickr photostream.

Today’s food truck will be serving Riverlands-inspired dishes, watch Tom Colicchio preview today’s food and take a peek at the menu. The food truck will be headed to Astor Place today. Keep an eye on @GameOfThrones for the exact location to go out around 6PM. And plan to get there early!


  • That looks really good. A friend and I are going to try to catch it today!

    I can’t believe people were running toward it. I wonder if its all fans or just random people. It’s definitely a chiseled-in-stone Manhattan truth that random people will do a lot of things for free food, even if it is from a book series-turned-TV show.

  • Lina,

    There may have been a few randoms, but I’d say it was pretty fan-heavy. A couple of randoms did stop to ask me what the queue was for, at which point I helped pimp the show (and books) a bit.

  • mummer:
    If you tell them you’re pregnant, you get a free raw horse heart!

    This would be so creepy. And PETA would definitely show up.

  • seb:

    Lol americans, still digusted by horse meat.

    Hah, I think it’s more of the raw heart aspect!

    I’ve actually tried horse! I ate it once while living in Europe. It wasn’t bad, but for the rest of the time I was there I stuck to standard meats, poultry and seafood. ;)

  • seb,

    Is that so? Ah well, they don’t know what they’re missing – together with duck it’s best tasting meat in my opinion!

    Oh yeah, and I’m hungry now, so gotta go home to prepare some food. I guess I won’t be working late this week ;-)

  • seb,
    No worries, I didn’t take offense.

    Oh man, it’s not as cold today, right? Hopefully this one isn’t completely mobbed by random pedestrians. And nice write-up by the way!

  • Yesterday was lots of fun, though I agree lots of people on line didn’t know what was going on. A good number I saw were also there for Tom Colicchio. The woman ahead had never read the books before, and was upset when Colicchio wasn’t in the truck.

    The food was delicious (I had the rabbit) and the lemon cakes were really flavorful. It’s too bad I can’t go tonight, since I have class at 6:20. It’s even worse because I’m an NYU student, so it’s pretty much up the block from my classroom. Oh well.. hopefully they stay around my area.

  • I’m a bit worried about how successful this PR for the show really is (for the average lay person who isn’t a fan or has read the books), especially after reading a few comments that people didn’t know what the lines were for. The problem is when people see free food (or free anything) they tend to “shark frenzy”. No one really is paying much attention to signage. Is anyone really paying any attention to what show, when and what time after stuffing their faces? I think they needed to set up more visible banners or stand up signs promoting the show along with the truck. The size of the lettering stating the day and time of the show and the HBO logo on the truck were way to small. The placement was at the bottom. I think if it had been the lead in phrase at the top of the truck in bigger letters, it would have been a better promo for the show and also easier to understand the purpose of the truck. Maybe even handing out napkins with the title, date, and time of the show or a small flyer with the meal would have been good!

  • Astor Place huh? Dammit… I don’t want to transfer to the 6 during rush hour >_<;
    Mebbe I'll just go to 14th and walk down or wait until Friday. Hmmm decisions, decisions…

  • I know this has nothing to do with the post above, but did anyone notice that if you put A Game of Thrones and A Clash of Kings together its AGOT ACOK… in Ah got ah cock!!!

    Just wandering…..

  • If anyone hasn’t begun the Maesters Path promotion for Game of Thrones yet I would highly recommend it, some of the puzzles are awesome with equally exciting rewards. Anyways it would help me out getting my 5 novices if you signed up for that here

  • OUt of left field. But have any New Yorkers gone to visit the HBO shop to see what props and items they have on display this week? I can’t remember if they were going to change it everynow and then.

  • Wolfheart,

    I was there this past Friday and they still had the first set of props. I was told the props will be changing, but I didn’t get the impression they’d be changing just quite yet. The staff encouraged me to call in and ask if anything had been changed, so that might be an option if you want to check.

  • Sophie Wang:
    HBO just posted on Facebook that new posters are up in the shop. Seems like they are the character promo posters!

    I just checked the site, and they indeed are the Throne promo posters. $9.99 each.

    Yes, I foresee that I will be going back several times. :) Also, I was very glad to see on your blog that you got the Stark tshirt (I did as well)! I was worried there wouldn’t be enough Stark love because people had been complaining about the direwolf design.

  • Lina,

    Heads up on the posters, they are listed as 11×17 inches. I almost ordered one before I noticed that in the fine print. For $10 plus shipping I want a full sized poster HBO…

  • Steve C: SeanFan, Everyone standing in line got a free menu with tune in information front and back.

    Thanks! I was hoping that they had SOMETHING in the way of info. besides just the lettering on the truck (which I still think was way too small). Not everyone had time to stop to eat so for the people passing by (walking or driving) all they had to go by was the info. on the truck. The show title, date, and HBO logo needed to be bigger.

  • Avalanche3319,

    The Targaryen “Fire and Blood” stein is badass.


    Raise a glass to the house of Targaryen! Toast your mates and tell stories of battles won, all while enjoying your beverage of choice from the Game of Thrones Targaryen “Fire and Blood” Stein.

    Price: $24.99
    Ouch. What’s the thing made of, Valyrian steel? Dragonbone? Dragonglass?

    The Daenerys T-Shirt is okay. It’s rated G. I would have settled for PG-13 for the $25. You know, mahaps a navel or thigh. The graphic reads “I do not have a gentle heart.” Lame.

    I think I’ll wait for the Dolorous Edd T-Shirt. The graphic should read “Why does he get more worms than I do?” It would be an all-time best seller.

  • Mike Chair,

    WOW! The steins went down in price. They WERE $40 yesterday, so to me $25 is a good deal. Thanks for pointing that out.

    I’m probably gonna buy the Stark, Baratheon, and Greyjoy ones. I like the Targaryen one, but it should have been black not white.

  • Lex,

    Yeah $25 seems like a good deal now. I wasn’t even considering getting one before, but now I may just have to pick one up.

  • darthrachel,

    Awww, Starks get no love! But I understand. The color is kind of awkward; I’m pretty sure that beige/tan doesn’t look good anyone. I bought mine with the intention of wearing it around my house/for pajamas. I plan to get the Targaryen one, but I’m waiting until the store gets the women’s sizes to see which fit I like better.

    So guys, I went to the Astor Place truck. The squab was really good, but the bread pudding was even better! You could really the spices/wine/raisins! And the lemoncakes are amazing!!! OH MAN I didn’t want it to end! It was funny, because my friend and I were waiting in the middle of the Astor Place intersection (near the cube), and then when the truck pulled up everyone started running, just like some of you guys said happened yesterday. Everyone seemed to be in good spirits, and GoT fans seem to be a really diverse group of people, which is great! An overall awesome experience! :D

  • Ugh, I wanted to go today so bad but my friend had a busted up ACL and other more minor maladies, so I just hung out at her place and watched her play Dragon Age 2, which she just got.

    We’re going to try again tomorrow. She’s all excited about the black fish dish…but shouldn’t that have been for the Riverlands? I think they have it for the Wall (too lazy to check the menu).

  • Lina: and then when the truck pulled up everyone started running, just like some of you guys said happened yesterday.

    Someone has to make a video of that one of these days and put it on youtube! :-)

  • Yeah, today’s menu is not as inspiring as the others, but I may still go. Do we know where it will be yet?

    I really wanted to go to tomorrow (Pentos), but I’m not sure if I will make it. :( But Friday – viva la North!

  • Also, for anyone interested, the GoT Facebook said today’s truck will be in the vicinity of Lincoln Center.

  • So I spoke to a friend today and I found out a few things about the food truck

    Today’s Lincoln Center location will be the only “up town” location.

    There’s a hot dog cart in the spot the truck is going to be at to reserve it beforehand, if you want to scope out the area before the 6pm exact location announcement

    The chefs in the truck are Colicchio’s top su chefs!

  • I just got a ticket for LA, I’ll be going to Monday and Tuesday’s cart! I can’t contain myself, how exciting! So…LA moot anyone?

  • DarthRachel,

    The entire food truck team is from Colicchio & Sons. We’re so lucky to get chefs of that calibre – the way they are preparing and plating the food is unbelievable. Tom is overseeing closely too, although hasn’t been able to get to the truck so far due to the rather more important duty of being a brand new father :)

  • DarthRachel,

    Oh and the reason the truck is in New York this weekend and LA next is so that the same chef can fly to LA to supervise there on site. So the peeps in LA will get the exact same experience and quality (except, possibly, the rain and snow),

  • DarthRachel, your advice about the hot dog truck came in handy! My friend and I found it and ended up being the fifth/sixth person in line! The black seafood stew was better than I expected. Much spicier than what I imagine the Night’s Watch to be eating, but good!