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Littlefinger’s profile video and the props master

By Hear Me Roar on

Now available on iTunes and HBO’s YouTube channel is the character profile of Petyr ‘Littlefinger’ Baelish. Enjoy this closer look at the smarmy type, portrayed by fan favourite Aidan Gillen. Secondly, flying low under the radar, HBO has put out … Continue reading

MGoT: Hi-res stills of Westeros landscapes

By Winter Is Coming on

Some beautiful photos posted over at Making Game of Thrones. They are still shots of the completed CGI work on King’s Landing, Winterfell and the Wall. These babies will make for some great wallpapers. Click on each to bring up … Continue reading’s first podcast!

By Winter Is Coming on is proud (more or less) to present our first ever podcast, entitled the First Annual (Maybe? I Don’t Know) Podcast! Me, Hear Me Roar, and Fire And Blood got together about a week or so ago to record … Continue reading

New Game of Thrones trailer hits the web

By Winter Is Coming on

The new Game of Thrones trailer that HBO debuted Sunday night prior to the Big Love finale has now been added to It is entitled “Power” and has quite a few new scenes, including some iconic ones. Check it … Continue reading

Early impressions of Thrones positive

By Winter Is Coming on

A couple journalists who have been lucky enough to watch the first episode (and maybe more) of Game of Thrones have tweeted their reactions today. First was Stuart Levine, TV and film journalist for Variety magazine. In response to a … Continue reading

The Maester’s Path: Step four

By Winter Is Coming on

This week’s Maester’s Path challenge is now active! Continuing with the five senses theme, this challenge revolves around the sense of touch. Word on the street is this challenge may be the hardest one yet, so be sure to check … Continue reading

An app of Thrones

By Winter Is Coming on

HBO has released an official Game of Thrones app for Apple devices (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad) entitled Ice and Fire. The app relates the weather in a particular city to a region in Westeros (or Essos). I have heard that … Continue reading

Quick Hits: Rising stars, blog buzz, and a comic

By Hear Me Roar on

Another round-up of a veritable host of minor items from the past fortnight or so: This just in: Episode 3 bears the title ‘Lord Snow’ and will run for 58 minutes on May 1. There are loads of Game of … Continue reading

Canal+ provides new interviews, photos and commentary

By Winter Is Coming on

Canal+ in Spain has been doing a fantastic job marketing Game of Thrones, or Juego de Tronos, as it is called in Spanish. They have been steadily releasing new photos and interviews and even trailers with added commentary. We’ve remarked … Continue reading

GoT-themed HBO shop display in NY

By Hear Me Roar on

If you haven’t yet heard, the HBO store in New York at 1100, Avenue of the Americas (Sixth) has set up a fully Game of Thrones-themed display. George R.R. Marin has posted a number of quality photos on Not A Blog, revealing … Continue reading

New photos cropping up left and right

By Winter Is Coming on

With all the excitement of these new videos, we’ve forgotten our first love — photos. Remember those days when a new photo was worth its own post and generated hundreds of comments? Yeah, those were the days. Over the past … Continue reading

New promo poster with Jon

By Hear Me Roar on

Making Game of Thrones has revealed high resolution versions of the four promotional posters, and added a new one featuring Jon. He’s ‘the watcher on the wall’, likely to also be on the walls of many fans very soon. The … Continue reading

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