HBO Marketing

Sit the Iron Throne

HBO continues their marketing blitz for Game of Thrones, now offering fans in select US cities the chance to have their picture taken on the Iron Throne. Starting today and running through Sunday, the Iron Throne will be in New York City, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and San Francisco. Here are the exact times and locations:

Thursday, April 14 – Union Square (photo booth 11am – 7pm)
Friday, April 15 – Columbus Circle (photo booth 11am – 7pm)
Saturday/Sunday, April 16/17 – 14th and 9th (photo booth – 1pm – 9pm Sat / 11am – 7pm Sun)

Thursday, April 14 – Sunday April 17 – Hollywood & Highland Courtyard (photo booth 11am-7pm)

Thursday, April 14 – Sunday April 17 – 30th Street Station (photo booth 11am-7pm)

Thursday, April 14 – Sunday April 17 – Yerba Buena Gardens (photo booth 11am-7pm)

In addition, HBO has Iron Throne-fitted pedi-cabs wandering the streets of New York City, giving complimentary rides for those brave enough to sit on its dangerous, blade-infused seat. (Just kidding, the seats are normal, padded seats.) You can check out a shot of one in action at GRRM’s Not A Blog.

Winter Is Coming: This is crazy. HBO has pulled out all the stops for this marketing campaign. If this show doesn’t get big numbers on Sunday, we can’t blame the HBO marketing dept. And I may just have to head over to Philly and have a seat on the Iron Throne…


  • I think it will pay off. The reviews overall have been very positive and their sales to foreign markets have been more than ever before. I think they have the next big hit on their hands.

    And their bottoms.

  • Disgusting mass market merchandising of the lowest kind.
    I wouldnt be caught dead sitting on that cheap thing.

    Pedi-cabs with Iron throne backseat? I think im going to puke.
    If i see any ill set it on fire.

    (not really no – i really dont give a flying tortoise about it but thats the only comment they deserve)

  • Might have been good to at least have one of these in the middle of the country like Chicago or Dallas.

  • This is a little bit over the top, methinks. May cause the opposite reaction. “Enough of this Thrones b***shite. I’m sick of it”.

    But still, kudos to HBO and its PR & Marketing budget guy.

  • Arghh…Just drove by 30th Street YESTERDAY!

    BTW, does anyone know of any public viewings Sunday in the Philly area? As my name indicates, I don’t have (and can’t get) HBO.

  • okay. HBO has officially jumped the marketing shark with the pedicabs. that is just some ridiculous shite. something like that is just slatternly, seriously HBO have a bit of dignity … i know whoring the show out and about is necessary to get viewers but there is a difference from being a high priced call girl and being a cheap $2 street walker.

    but i would sit in the full sized replica throne if one came to my town, that is pretty damn cool.

  • Today at lunch, I grabbed my ginormous foam cowboy hat and ran to 30th street station. And I got a kickass picture on the Iron Throne! :)

  • Superdeluxe: Basically the guy doesn’t like Fantasy, and is not willing to put in the time.

    What is it about this type review that inspires the author to blather on about some youthful rejection of fantasy?


    LA Times Positive review

    Game of Thrones,” written and produced by David Benioff and D.B Weiss, quickly becomes a great and thundering series of political and psychological intrigue bristling with vivid characters, cross-hatched with tantalizing plotlines and seasoned with a splash of fantasy.

  • fafhrd,

    He wants to make sure everyone knows he was not a geek. I hate the D & D comparisons too. I absolutely hate D & D myself, but I still like some fantasy. You have to be able to judge something for what it is.

    That being said at least he admits in his review that he just hates fantasy.

  • Mary McNamara of the Los Angeles Times has a strongly positive review of Game of Thrones,

    Though some of the visual cues will be very familiar to fans of “Lord of the Rings” or even “The Tudors,” “Game of Thrones” quickly finds that rare alchemy of action, motivation and explanation, proving, once again, that the epic mythology remains the Holy Grail of almost any medium.

    link is here:,0,5959180.story

  • Haha, this almost makes me want to drive back home to Philly for the weekend. :) If the Flyers weren’t playing at 5 on Saturday and I didn’t have plans Friday night… lol

    It would be pretty kick ass to see the throne, just not sure if I’m up for the 2 1/2 hour drive.

  • Loved this tweet:

    miriamgershow‎ Media blitz drinking game: Every time you read, see or hear mention of GAME OF THRONES, take a shot. #letsgetsloshed #itsEVERYWHERE
    Twitter – seconds ago

  • I’ve just made a trek out to Union Square to get a picture. Also went back to the HBO store, this time made sure to snap plenty of pictures, and got a keychain and a Stark beer stein, only to come home and check my mail to find another keychain! (Thanks WiC!)


  • Winter Is Coming,

    It’s going to thunderstorm on Saturday. Will it still be out in the rain?! I would hate to drive there to find out they took it away. Any info would be fantastic! I will still risk getting struck by lighting just to sit on it but it would not be cool if it was gone.

  • Boston is dissed again. Okay, I can see NYC — The Big Apple, Jeter and all of that. But Philly? I’d say “The Others take Philly” but I think they already took it long ago. *pouting with arms crossed, green with envy, and totally going back to the Deathgate post*

  • I swear HBO’s marketing department thinks everyone lives on a coast. Well Lake Michigan has a coast!

    Grumble Grumble

    …Starts bending swords for his own throne

  • Catherine Henry-Greskovic, the one in Philly is inside (see above pic). So you will be safe and dry while seated on the Iron Throne.

    Zack, haha! I told you I was gonna send you one. Did you think I would forget about you? ;) Well now you have one extra to give to a friend!

  • Winter Is Coming:
    The Smiling Knight, u mad?

    Hmm, a difficult question.
    From my point of view, probably not. How about you? All planks present?

    Look, i understand that the marketing must pull of the cheapest dirtiest tricks, and i know why those work.
    But i dont have to like it.

    While the throne (plastic as it is) at least looks quality crafted (painted) those cabs look like the definition of fake and fail.
    -How very Hollywood of them.

    (pukes in someones helmet)

    Although, im really not saying this to ruin anyones fun.

  • I also think there should be an iron throne in Washington DC. 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW?

  • Can anyone tell me if there are long lines? I want to go so bad but have to be at work and cant wait in line. Im kinda banking on the fact that i go on a Friday at 11am when everyone is at work. Any info would be great!

  • Winter Is Coming:
    Zack, haha! I told you I was gonna send you one. Did you think I would forget about you? Well now you have one extra to give to a friend!

    I didn’t forget! They were giving them away for free if you brought in a sheet from where the Throne was, that also gave 15% off any merch. That’s why I made the trek. Made it impossible to pass up on the stein that way, and who can pass up a free keychain? I know someone who’ll appreciate the extra one!

  • Bayrat:
    Can anyone tell me if there are long lines? I want to go so bad but have to be at work and cant wait in line. Im kinda banking on the fact that i go on a Friday at 11am when everyone is at work. Any info would be great!

    None at all when I was there. It takes about 20 seconds per person, and it wasn’t that crowded.

  • My first thing to do as a tourist in NYC was to stop by at the HBO store. I took several nice pictures, talked with staff (and I guess they laughed about me when I left :)), bought 2 t-shirts and 2 beer steins and got swagged a key-chain. While there one of the employees casually dropped the bomb that the throne would be in Union Square today. My day just went from great to fan-frickin-tastic! I seized it while holding my new Targaryen beer-stein.

    There was a nice turn-out by interested people – most of which just seemed to want to sit on a throne and get their picture taken. While I was there Sandor Clegane sat on the throne! (or it could have been some other dog). There never was a line longer than a minute or so.

  • Superdeluxe,

    DH87 prediction: Late in this season/early next season, Hank Stuever is going to be forced to admit that he’s sick of hearing about GOT and its Emmy nominations and its ubiquity on the interwebz and must grudgingly, as part of his sad job, revisit the show and admit that there’s some there there.
    Not that he’s going to like it, but he can’t stay in the kitchen eating his Rice Krispy treats with June Cleaver for two years running while the rest of the television universe is all about GOT. It would be like watching “Kendra” while everyone else is discussing Tony Soprano around the watercooler. Too lonely.

  • Winter Is Coming,

    No need to hate on San Francisco, Winter! They should have made ANOTHER one and sent it to the Midwest :) But SF is a major focal point for a lot of Sci-Fi/Fantasy/near-LA/special-effects/etc. Plus, there are a lot of foreign tourists who visit, and GoT is just as much a global show as a US one.

    I just went to the SF Iron Throne and it was great, the buzz was building!

  • They close promptly at 7 in Philly. Got there about 5 minutes before the cutoff. The promo company takes your picture for you with a professional photography / lighting setup and then emails the photo to you. I’m sure they harvest the email addresses but I didn’t get asked to sign any kind of consent form. The promo company did not seem to think that the prop throne would be traveling to other destinations besides Philly.

  • This is completely crazy! I’ve never never never seen this much marketing for one series ever before! Crazy I tell you! What I wouldn’t give to be residing in America right now…

  • I just got back from the Los Angeles promo… the photographer and greeters were incredibly friendly, they let me take as many pictures as I wanted, and there was no line. They also gave me at least 6 little postcards with Ned on the throne and were even trying to convince me to take some more if I wanted them. The giant… poster? was really impressive, although I couldn’t stay til 7 to see the clip that it plays.

    I recommend checking it out to anybody near Hollywood & Highland. It was quite fun and a quick trip. :)

  • They will most likely bring the Iron Throne to the San Diego Comic Con; they should bring the pedicabs as well, since those things are so ubiquitous outside the convention center.

  • Ace: I just went to the SF Iron Throne and it was great, the buzz was building!

    Where was it in Yerba Buena park?

  • I went to the one in Union Square yesterday. Pretty awesome! And on the line, I overheard people working the booth explaining the series to people who had never heard of it, but were still waiting on line to get their pictures taken. It only took about 5-10 minutes. And when I was almost at the front, I overheard someone who didn’t know about the books, get up from the throne and say, “that’s pretty comfortable”. I couldn’t help thinking it’s not supposed to be.

  • I had an awsome time at 30th street station in Phila. Thanks
    Winter for bringing this to our attention. George was late posting about the photo booths.

    We are 3 hours away for the Game to actually begin. Enjoy!!!!

  • Any news of this happening again? I missed it the first time round even though I’m just 45 min from Philly!

  • I would love to have a chess set, the Starks representing the ( white ). The Lannisters representing the ( black ). I think that would be good seller. HOW ABOUT IT HBO?? WHY NOT MAKE A PEWTER CHESS SET, OF THE STARKS AND THE LANNISTERS??

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