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Ratings dip in US, rise in UK

By Winter Is Coming on

James Hibberd reports that the ratings for Game of Thrones have dipped for the first time in the US. Here are the numbers: Thanks for reminding me, Twitter followers: Game of Thrones ratings are in. But they went down a … Continue reading

Recap round-up: episode 6

By Winter Is Coming on

Here is the round-up of recaps for this week’s episode of Game of Thrones. I did the round-up a bit differently this week, I separated those who I know have read the books from those who haven’t. I think it … Continue reading

Episode 7 – You Win or You Die – Early Open Chat

By Winter Is Coming on

For all those who have HBO Go and decided to use it tonight to watch episode seven of Game of Thrones, use this here thread to discuss your thoughts. As for me, I am waiting until Sunday to see it, … Continue reading

Episode 6 – A Golden Crown – New Viewers Recap

By Winter Is Coming on

Episode six of Game of Thrones is called A Golden Crown. And you new viewers now know why. We Do Not Sow s here with his thoughts on tonight’s episode, after the jump. Feel free to chime in with your … Continue reading

Episode 6 – A Golden Crown – Recap

By Winter Is Coming on

While some of you may already be onto episode seven, the rest of us would like to digest and discuss episode six first (or in some cases, aren’t lucky enough to have HBO Go). And what an episode it was. … Continue reading

Episode 6 – A Golden Crown – Open Chat

By Winter Is Coming on

Thankfully the world did not end yesterday, so we get to watch a new episode (or two) of Game of Thrones tonight! Tonight’s episode is called A Golden Crown, in case you didn’t know. Talk about what moments you are … Continue reading

GRRM viewing auditions now, casting clues to come

By Winter Is Coming on

George R. R. Martin has posted on his Not A Blog a hint that there will be some casting clues soon. The post bears the familiar icon of Froggy the Gremlin and says: Hiya, Kids, Hiya, Hiya I’ll be back … Continue reading

Quick Hits: End of the world edition

By Winter Is Coming on

Depending on how things go tonight, this may be our last post ever. Let’s make it a good one. Your weekly blast of Game of Thrones news from around the web this past week. TitanCon has added a new Game … Continue reading

GRRM details ADwD

By Fire And Blood on

George R.R. Martin’s latest LiveJournal entry holds some interesting details concerning A Dance with Dragons! And a number of them will directly affect season five (and beyond) of Game of Thrones. Assuming we get there. (Of course we will.) WARNING: … Continue reading

Episode 6 preview and clips

By Winter Is Coming on

Brotherhood without Previews, avert your eyes. HBO has released two clips from this Sunday’s episode of Game of Thrones, entitled A Golden Crown. This to go along with the already TWO previews released earlier this week: one for episode 6, … Continue reading

Brienne casting breakdown and more audition rumors

By Winter Is Coming on

Auditions for major season two roles are now in full swing. I have heard an unconfirmed rumor that they have begun auditioning for the role of Asha, and SpoilerTV reports that Melisandre and Brienne are also in the auditioning process. … Continue reading

Tweet tweet

By Winter Is Coming on

With Fire and Blood cavorting across the United Kingdom, it falls to me to compile this week’s ever-popular Twitter highlight post. This week’s episode of Game of Thrones was full of WTF!?! and HOLY SH*T! moments and, as expected, Twitter … Continue reading

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