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Curtain Call: Miltos Yerolemou

And another one bites the dust. Or does he? While we may still question Syrio’s ultimate fate, there is no question that the man who brought the character to life on the small screen did so with grace and aplomb. Miltos Yerolemou took an already fan favorite character and made him even better.

“My name is Syrio Forel. And you will be speaking to me with more respect.”

Miltos Yerolemou was announced as Braavosi water dancer Syrio Forel back on July 6th of last year. The first thing that jumped out about him was that he had hair! And lots of it. Despite Miltos’ offer to shave his head for the role, producers David Benioff and Dan Weiss decided to keep his trademark Greek curls. His willingness to go bald though is indicative of his dedication to playing the role of Syrio.

“Nine years Syrio Forel was First Sword to the Sealord of Braavos. He knows these things. You must listen to me, boy.”

That dedication extended to the physicality required for the character of Syrio as well. Miltos trained with famed fencing instructor and stage fighter Bill Hobbs to prepare himself to play the Braavosi swordsman. In addition, he took up yoga and tai chi. He practiced extensively with Buster Reeves and the fight team to perfect Syrio’s moves. And, of course, he put young Maisie Williams through her paces.

“Remember child, this is not the dance of the Westeros that we will be learning. The knight’s dance, hacking and hammering! This is the Braavos dance, the water dance. It is swift. And sudden!”

Of course, the result of all the blood, sweat and tears was a performance that was a complete joy to watch. Miltos infused Syrio with the right mixture of sternness and playfulness; you couldn’t help but love him. He brought an energy to the screen that was palpable. I couldn’t keep the smile off my face watching his first scene with Arya. “This is Syrio Forel! Come alive before my very eyes!” I thought to myself. And his other scenes were just as good.

“Watching is not seeing, dead girl. The seeing, the true seeing, that is the heart of swordplay.”

This past week we were treated to Syrio’s last stand. A moment of heroism and sacrifice but also pure badassery as Syrio single-handedly took down half a dozen Lannister guards. A scene that I’m sure Miltos and the crew worked long and hard on. Their hard work produced an amazing action sequence, as we saw the full measure of Syrio’s proficiency with a blade (a wooden one, no less!) on display.

“There is only one god and his name is Death. And there is only one thing we say to Death. Not today.”

But even outside of his amazing performance as Syrio, Miltos holds a special place in the heart of readers because, although many actors have admitted to reading, few have added their two cents to the on-going conversations. Miltos did just that, and more than once. He was also one of a handful of actors that met with fans in Belfast last fall. And who can forget his memorable appearance in Get Joe on the Show? Yes, from the beginning, his connection to the fans was very real and very heartfelt. His passion for George R. R. Martin’s story and his desire to do the fans proud won me over before he even walked onto my TV screen. I mean, how can you not love a guy that peppers his tweets and comments with Syrio quotes?

“You’re not here. You are with your trouble. If you are with your trouble when fighting happens… More trouble for you.”

So, take a bow Miltos, this curtain call is for you. A digital one, to go along with some of those stage ones. You were a perfect Syrio and whenever I read the book, your voice and face will echo in my brain as the true Syrio Forel. You did right by David & Dan, you did right by George and, most importantly, you did right by us, the fans.

“Just so!”


  • I have of course liked the show since the beginning, but Syrio’s first scene with Arya at the end of episode 3 made me love the show. That was due to Miltos’ pitch-perfect performance as Syrio. He never fails to put a smile on my face when I watch that scene. utterly brilliant.

    Just missed first post. Bah!

  • He was Syrio the moment he arrived onscreeen. Who didn’t grin like crazy when he sparred with Maisie and then the guards? Lovely and fun. No one’s been better with the fans as well. He’s the best. X

  • Yerolemou is, despite all theories and hopes, likely done with the show, IMO.

    Even if he is Jaqen, I don’t think they’ll recast him. As a Faceless man, this guy can change his appearance. That is the perfect excuse to use another actor…and it still preserves the mystery that may or may not be answered in future. WHEN they do Storm of Swords and Jaqen changes his appearance in front of Arya, perhaps Yerolemou can guest star and with some CG, reveal the character connection. I still doubt it. Jaqen assumed a ‘new’ visage; one Arya did not recognize or remark on, which she surely would have if it were Syrio.

    Anyway, that aside, best of luck in future, Miltos! :) The ease with which you slipped into this role will be missed. They could not have found a better Syrio!

  • Mr Yerolemou,

    You were amazing. Every second you were on screen completely absorbed me in the moment. Thank you for all your hard work in bringing this character to life. It truly paid off.

  • kerning: Yerolemou is, despite all theories and hopes, likely done with the show, IMO.Even if he is Jaqen, I don’t think they’ll recast him. As a Faceless man, this guy can change his appearance. That is the perfect excuse to use another actor…and it still preserves the mystery that may or may not be answered in future. WHEN they do Storm of Swords and Jaqen changes his appearance in front of Arya, perhaps Yerolemou can guest star and with some CG, reveal the character connection. I still doubt it. Jaqen assumed a ‘new’ visage; one Arya did not recognize or remark on, which she surely would have if it were Syrio.

    You said it so I don’t have to. :-) I personally don’t buy the Syrio = Jaqen theory anyway; I think if Syrio were alive, Ser Meryn Trant wouldn’t be, and he was still around to beat up on Sansa for Joffrey’s sadistic enjoyment in ACoK.

    On a tangent, while Arya didn’t recognize Jaqen’s new face, I did, when he turned up again in the prologue to AFfC, murdered the hapless apprentice maester who was the POV for that prologue, and assumed his identity.

  • Great job Miltos!
    my favorite scene this season is the one you and Arya have the first lesson, just a great scene with so much meaning.

    I’ll be looking for you next time I’m in Bravos.

  • Thanks for bringing Syrio to life, Miltos! I definitely enjoyed watching you putting Arya through her paces, just so!

  • Alex H.: You said it so I don’t have to. :-)I personally don’t buy the Syrio = Jaqen theory anyway; I think if Syrio were alive, Ser Meryn Trant wouldn’t be, and he was still around to beat up on Sansa for Joffrey’s sadistic enjoyment in ACoK.

    Heee…I don’t really buy it either, but it seems to be a popular discussion point. :) I recall Arya in that chapter ‘really seeing’ the scene just as Syrio had told her moments before–seeing the armor, the swords…and essentially concluding that her dancing master was a goner. And you’re absolutely right, Meryn Trant is still around, and I just kinda doubt the deed wasn’t done, or Syrio fled.

  • Another great casting choice gone from the show too soon. A perfect Syrio and a great joy to watch. Plus, a good guy all around. Take your bow Miltos. You have gained an army of fans. I know I’ll be watching to see what you do next :)

    Just so…

  • The first dancing lesson scene with him and Maisie is still my absolute favorite of this series (so far), it just gave me chills. Thank you for being all sorts of awesome Miltos.

  • What a great performance by Miltos, every single scene he was in. Bravo!!! And a great writeup too, WiC. Love your final line (what else could it have been?).

  • Rydo72,

    I’ll echo that. There was something about Syrio’s arrival that said, “Okay, the set-up is over. Here’s where things start happening.”

    Miltos was amazing, and I’ll use this space to honor him. Well done, Miltos! Well done.

    While I think it’d be great to see him again, and I want to, I don’t want to eclipse my love for his work this season with my conspiracy theories. I’ve done plenty of speculation regarding his possible return in other threads, but…

    Not today.

  • Absolutely cannot say enough about how awesome Miltos was.

    I also do not buy the Syrio = Jaqen, but I do hold out a whole lot of hope that he and Arya will be reunited, considering her new… career. And besides, by that point, she really deserves some tiny taste of “home”.

    Hey, we can hope!.

  • I will miss him whether he is gone forever or just for a few years. To have trained with a dance master like Syrio would have been priceless. Every scene of Syrio and Arya rang true. My favorite minor and major character on scene together will never be forgotten. And in one sentence he created his own religion and simple yet profound theology….. “There is only one god and his name is Death. And there is only one thing we say to Death. Not today.”

  • Miltos is the man. He only had what, three or four scenes? Yet he made such an IMPACT.

    His first scene with Arya made me giddy like a schoolgirl. His last scene with Arya pulled at my heartstrings. His chemistry with Maisie was undeniable, his foreign flair was magnetic, and his performance was heroic. He gave us a Syrio who looked completely different than how George describes the man in the books, yet the heart of the character shone through in full force on screen. All the while, his accent, his movements, and his look went beyond creating Syrio; he also helped create the culture of Braavos on screen. If/when we see Braavos, we’ll have Syrio Forel as our anchor.

    I’m not necessarily a S = JHG subscriber, but I have to say I would love to see Miltos on screen again.

    Efharisto, Miltos!!

  • In a show filled with wonderful performances, Miltos more than held his own. A name I did not know before has been added to my “Watch this person’s every performance, if possible” list. I look forward to seeing his future work!

  • Miltos, you are Syrio First Sword of Braavos forever. As you move on to your new endeavors, don’t be a stranger, drop by WiC from time to time. You are a part of the House Gatewatch family now.

  • Miltos, there are not enough words in all of the languages on Earth – or elsewhere – to truly give you an idea of what a wonder you are. You fully inhabited one of the greatest, if short-lived, characters in a great series. And you managed to make Syrio yours in a way that few actors would be able to.

    I can only speak for myself, but all future rereads of ASoIaF will feature your face, your voice, and your movements as I meet and enjoy Syrio again and again. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing your time, your dedication, and your love with us.

    I wish you well and look forward to following your future career with much joy.


  • Miltos was perfect as Syrio. Everytime he was on screen I had a smile on my face. Well done ser!
    Just so.

  • Just so Miltos! Fantastic acting job and perfect portrayal of Syrio. We’ll miss both of you!

  • I have to say that this man perfectly portrayed Syrio and that he was given some of the most memorable lines of any character so far this season.

    To chime in on the Jaqen discussion, I don’t think that someone as well know as Syrio “the first sword of Braavos” would end up being a faceless man but I do think he’s alive as no one in the novels so far has just vanished without there being some explaination later. So I will have to say, see you later Syrio. Maybe you’ll come storming from the forest riding Nymeria for the final climax…maybe not.

    …not today

  • Like others have said, the first dancing lesson between Syrio and Arya is my favorite scene of the series so far.

    Miltos did a fantastic job.

  • I’m so glad they found Miltos for the role of Syrio! He took one of my favorite book characters to the screen without a single wrong note in the performance, as far as I’m concerned, making his scenes among my personal highlights of the show thus far. I also have to appreciate a guy that takes time from his schedule to drop in on us now and then with his little insights into the production and everything. Those sorts of actions go a long way to endearing the character with fans.

    I very much hope we get to see him again on the show in some capacity… :D

  • Thank you Miltos!

    Perhaps Syrio can rescue her from the House of Black and White?

    Wouldn’t that be an eye opening experience for the Season 5 premeire?

  • A little Off-Topic:

    I haven’t seen this posted yet. One of my favourite podcasts, the /Filmcast, talked for a little more then ten minutes about Game of Thrones. They were quite effusive in their praise and made some interesting comments as non-book readers.

    I just thought some people might want to hear their thoughts.

    You can also find it on iTunes. They start talking about the show at about 13:40.

  • Thank you Miltos for an unbelievable portrayal!! I personally would really love to see you back on the show as “another” character but totally appreciating your work either way.
    JUST…. SO!!!!!!!

  • I’m so glad they didn’t have him shave his head! He is so handsome with those curls. I have a total crush on the character now, and while I used to mock fans who were convinced that he lived somehow, his performance has converted me! I don’t like the Jaquen theory at all though. I hope Syrio just escaped on his own and will meet up with Arya again in ADWD. I don’t think it’ll happen for real, but hey I can hope, right? ;)

  • Every time Miltos came on the screen the show evolved from The Game Thrones to The Game of Thrones Featuring Miltos Yerolemou, or as I like to call it The Miltos Show.

    I had an idea of who Syrio Forel was from reading the books (twice), but Miltos changed, nay, corrected my interpretation. A character who was riveting in print to begin with became even more so on the screen.

    The word that best describes Miltos is “fabulous.”

    While this is a “Curtain Call” for The Fabulous Miltos in his portrayal of Syrio, the open question is when will be his final curtain call? Hopefully, “not today.”

  • Another great curtain call! And another great actor, his introduction was the very first scene where I thought: HELL YESZ!!! It was perfect, hit all the right notes and gave me goosebumps on places where I didn’t know I could get goosebumps. And so was his exit scene, the most awesome action scene to date, heavypacked with emotion. Miltos, I sure hope you stay lingering around these boards!

  • Thank you so much for a wonderful job Miltos!
    We love you on-screen for your amazing performance, and off-screen for your willingness to engage with fans.

    You certainly fizzled all of our gibblets.

  • Not today! Please don’t be gone, Miltos!

    I’m going to keep hoping for Syrio’s return until I can’t anymore, and now I have added motivation: more Miltos!

  • I really like Syrio in the books, and when I first saw a picture of the actor they had cast for him, (here on WiC) he didn’t look at all like the ‘book’ version in my head, but there was something about that classically beautiful super curly black hair, and this ‘look’ in his eyes, where I found myself instantly thinking: “Hmmm, this could work, and they BETTER keep those curls!”

    And they did! Then when I saw him in the first clip with Arya, I could tell he had the character spot-on. He brought charm, wit, and a twinkle to Syrio’s eye. And I know this isn’t supposed to be a kid’s show, but my daughter, who’s almost 8, takes karate lessons, and she really got right in to the Arya/Syrio scenes, and I swear, after she watched the first one, she told me she wanted me to talk to her karate teacher, and she wanted to get sparring gear and try harder to get her next belt faster. And she is doing that!

    I know that GoT is not put out there to influence or inspire kids, but for my daughter, the Arya/Syrio scenes did. Miltos and Maisie were both a part of that, and I thank them for giving my daughter something to watch that is positive.

    As for his future, I am a S=J theorist, and I think Miltos is a good enough actor that if it IS true, they could use him again, and change his appearance with makeup, prosthetics and wigs to be Jaqen. And Miltos could use his acting skills to hide the “Syrio” side of himself. Only time will tell. And even if Syrio is NOT Jaqen, and he survived his fight with Trant, there’s still a chance we can see Syrio in the future with Arya! Here’s hoping!

    Even if we never see Syrio again, the brief time we had with him in S.1 was awesome, inspirational, and he will be missed!

  • Shock Me,

    I was thinking of something along the lines of this. Although, I don’t know if Arya will be “rescued” from the House of Black and White…as in, Syrio coming in and fighting one of the Faceless Men for her. I foresee Arya learning the assassin techniques from the Faceless Men and then having to make a moral choice of her own as to whether or not she will follow their code and kill people she doesn’t know, or if she’s going to walk away. And Syrio could play a part in that.

    What if she becomes a prodigy Faceless Child and is contracted to kill Syrio? And then he tells her “not today?” Or what if she is told to assassinate Dany, or worse, Jon? I’m not saying I think any of these will happen. But it’s interesting to think about the “what if” because it would create a huge moral conflict for Arya’s character (more so within her for Jon or Syrio, more so for us with Dany).

    Also, when TV Syrio initially used the god of death/”not today” slogan, I thought it was evidence FOR the theory that he is JHG. However, it possibly makes MORE sense for it to be a statement against the mission of the Faceless Men. If the Faceless Men bring death as part of their god’s work, and Syrio tells the god of death “not today,” you can see a sort of implied opposition to what we know of the Faceless Men.

    On a broader note, I think Syrio represents Arya’s childhood. Their moment of separation is when she has to grow up. Then she goes through a ton of really adult, terrible stuff. So if Syrio reappeared, and could remind her of what she once was and once had, it could have an emotional affect on her that could change her current course.

  • Mike Chair,

    So very well said !

    Between Miltos’ first scene and his last , every time they took us to the Red keep , I was hoping for a brief shot of Syrio and Arya practising…

    Bravo! to our bravo..and Yasu, Miltos ! I trust we’ll see you again sometime. :)


    Perhaps someone could create a special award category ? Performance by an Actor That Captured the Most Hearts ..

  • Well done Miltos and so sorry you have to go!! What a great performance from you of a much-loved character in the book; you brought us the very essence of the Dancing Master. You were the First Sword of Bravos indeed!
    Your charm and kindness with the fans in Belfast last year was indicative of the warmth and joie de vivre you brought to the role.
    Thank you for giving me two of my favourite scenes, and good luck in your future projects!xx

  • Thanks Miltos, you are awesome, it is known!

    Syrio: Right low,lunge right.
    Syrio: Left, right.Rah!
    Syrio: Now you are dead.
    Arya: You said right, but you went left.
    Syrio: And now you are a dead girl.
    Arya: Only ’cause you lied.
    Syrio: My tongue lied.My eyes shouted the truth. You were not seeing.
    Arya: I was so. I watched, but you–
    Syrio: watching is not seeing, dead girl.

    I will miss you Miltos!

  • Thanks very much Miltos, your name will be Syrio Forel long after the end of GoT!

    And hey, every great series needs an equally good spin-off*, so my vote goes to ‘Syrio Forel, First Sword of Braavos’!

    (*actually, fewer than few spin-offs ever reach the same(/higher) level than the original series/movie, but with an interesting character as Syrio Forel as the main one, how could this fail?? Especially if GRRM could be convinced to do some writing…)

  • Miltos! Not the first cast member to join us at house gatewatch but certainly one of us. Congrats on your fine work! You definitely made an impact. Being compared to icons such as Yoda, and Inigo Montoya you must be proud.

  • Miltos has been great. Very few actors could have, with only three scenes in the whole series (am I wrong?), develop a character in such a memorable way. Thanks a lot.

    I still find myself unable to spell your surname, though… :P

  • Though you have a totally different *look* than what I always imagined for Syrio (go look up Aldo Nadi for my mental image), you captured the essence of the character perfectly.


    Well done, and thanks for your sterling effort!

  • He deserves thanks for making his few scenes with Maisie stand out as some of the best of the entire season. Perfect accent, fluid movements and a ton of charisma.

    Just so.

  • wow. i am so deeply touched
    i dont know quite how to put this without sounding silly. but i feel genuinely moved to tears by the curtain call and your comments.
    i always felt privileged, honoured, blessed and a little daunted to have the chance of playing such a character as syrio forel.
    that you took it to your hearts is the greatest compliment and send off you could have given me.
    dont worry i wont be far away and i will still be lurking
    thankyou for all the feedback, good times and just so’s….
    i mean that from the bottom of my heart….

  • Thank you Miltos for bringing Syrio to life with such dedication. I wish we could have seen more of you on screen. There were several scenes (most with a certain red head) that I wish would have been replaced with more of you and Maisie. You will be missed on screen, but please continue to stop in here from time to time.

  • A wonderful performance! Thank you sooo much for giving me some of my favorite moments on the show. Your scenes always put a huge smile on my face. I’m hoping we’ll see your Syrio again (I still hold out hope Arya will run into her favorite dancing master in Braavos).

  • Miltos was the perfect Syrio and has been so amazing to the we fans. I’m so glad D&D decided to have him keep the curls. It totally worked and he was awesome. Here’ hoping Syrio’s not dead.

  • Miltos Yerolemou,

    As I said on Twitter, you deserve all the accolades, my friend. The passion and dedication you showed for the role from the start was awesome. And the fact that you felt compelled to join our little community here and interact with the fans was too cool.

    I meant everything I said above. Especially the part about smiling during your scenes. I even let out a little cheer right there on my couch when you dropped the famous “My name is Syrio Forel. And you will be speaking to me with more respect.” line. Such a fun and amazing performance.

    I wish you all the success in the world. I’m sure there will be many other roles, and hopefully bigger and better things in your future, but you will always be Syrio to me!

    Thanks again!

  • Ned may have made some awful missteps when he got to King’s Landing, but hooking Arya up with Syrio wasn’t one of them

    Miltos = Syrio. Forever and ever.

    It is so.

  • What a terrific performance as Syrio! I have not yet read the books, but the actors and actresses in this series have put so much into these performances that i’ve grown attached to many characters, and even very fond of some of the more “evil” characters like Jamie Lannister. These kind of performances make me want to read the books to find out more about what makes them tick, if you know what I mean. Anyways, from somebody who has not read the books and had no expectations about the character before the show, I can say that you still put together a fantastic performance!

  • Thx Miltos, you are probably One of the only castmembers that nobody zere had any issues with, even though you kept your hair:)
    I hope that if there were additional scenes shot, we will see them on the DVD’s, sadly though … Not Today.

  • Love Syrio, and love the fact that you took the time to drop by to show your gratitude towards ours. Thank you.

  • Want to add my kudos to the long list. Amazing Job Miltos! I don’t think anyone else could have done any better. You WERE Syrio to me.

  • For an actor who only got a few scenes to get such a great reaction from virtually every fan of the series is an amazing accomplishment. I enjoyed reading about Syrio Forell in the books but Miltos Yerolemou managed to not only bring him to screen but to improve him. Fan expectations of Syrio were huge but you sir did a great job. Thank you for your dancing sir.
    I look forward towards following your further career. Just so!

  • Syrio’s first scene at the end of episode 3 was the first time that the series gave me a full-energy grin and kind of made me feel like – “yes, this is my book, come to life!”

    I’m still in hope that he’ll grace the series again one day…

  • You were a-m-a-z-i-n-g, Miltos. I hope we’ll be seeing you again… I have a feeling we will, let’s keep our fingers crossed that Martin brings you back from… wherever you are ;)

  • Miltos, probably your final scene was the one I was most looking forward to in the whole series. That’s a hell of a big weight to carry. I’m here to say that you positively nailed it, as well as every other scene you were in. We knew Sean Bean would be great, we hoped you would be. Man, you were EPIC. Big smiles just thinking about you.

  • Awesome job Miltos. So impressed with the dedication you brought to the role and the fact you are interact with your fans as much as you do. It’s a rare actor who brings their on screen charisma and charm to real life. I’m glad you got to read all the praise you’ve recieved here.

    Just So!

  • I just wanted to add my praise and farewell to the list. Your performance was spot on and I can’t even begin to imagine anyone else in the role. Thank you so much for your time and effort, and the respect you showed the character and us. :)

  • Miltos, you put a grin on my face with your very first scene, and it was there in each one you were in. To say that as fans of ASOIAF we have been extraordinarily lucky in getting the adaptation we have is an understatement. From the writing to the acting, the costumes and cinematography – even an awesome theme song! – it has been a dream come true. Thanks for helping to realize that Miltos. Hope to see more of you and your acting.

  • Miltos was Syrio, through and through. For each of my rereads henceforth I will not picture a man as bald as an egg with a beak of a nose, but rather as a man with curly black hair and a precise Greek cadence. Just so. Bravo and well played Mr. Yerolemou.

  • Miltos Yerolemou,

    Thank you Miltos for bringing Syrio to life with such panache. And thank you for also posting here among us.
    “dont worry i wont be far away and i will still be lurking” Was this a hint that you know something we don’t ? ;-)
    Whereas in this show or not, I’ll be looking for more of your work!

  • Thank you, Miltos, you are the First Sword of Bravoss, and were/are Syrio (if J=S), your scenes with Arya were consistently among the best in the show so far, you are a true Thespian (transforming into the character before our eyes). If you don’t appear again on GoT, I look forward to seeing you in some other roles. Just so!

  • Ah Miltos, you will be missed greatly. You are Syrio, ‘nuf said. And I don’t care that you weren’t bald ’cause I friggin’ love your hair!

    You can play the opening theme ofGoT with the Google Guitar just with this:

    Seriously?? That’s brilliant! Must have taken you ages to figure that out. I’m off to try it now.

  • Here’s hoping Miltos gets a chance to join the rotating pool of HBO regulars. I, too, would also welcome him back for any future Game of Thrones seasons in any capacity, in any amount of makeup and with any accent he can pull off. Actually, come to think of it, it would be really funny if he played one of the wandering bravos in the canals who threatens Sam before Arya saves his fat butt in AFFCM should the series make it that far.

  • I feel like a lot of the larger-than-life characters were “grimmed out” for the show, and it was fantastic having Miltos strut his joi de vivre and show them how it’s done. Just so, baby.

  • Initially like others, I was of the mind that Syrio probably should be more stern and task-master like. However, when I saw the performance that Miltos did on GoT (a funny, play- like protrayal of a perfect tutor for a young child), I can totally understand why after all those times of hardship and dispair Arya went through, she still clings on to every single word of wisdom Syrio taught her. I feel that more than Ned, Jon and Nymeria, Syrio is the closest person/creature Arya bonded to and respected.

    Those wonderful dialogues in the dancing lessons were brought to life by Miltos’ restrainted flare of a proud and confident sword master. He did it just right without overplaying the foreign mannerism and accent. Even when his sword was broken by Trant, Miltos’ protrayal of Syrio didn’t show any fear or resignation, just an added sense of urgency and concern for Arya’s escape.

    I am a firm believer of S=J. I just hope that if this is truely the case (It shall be confirmed or denied when TWoW is published), D&D would be sufficient briefed by GRRM by now to make the bold and confident decision to cast Miltos to the role of Jaqen and the Alchemist

    Since FMs are not really the very important characters in the main plot, I don’t think it will diminish much the enjoyment for the series if the decison of casting Miltos in those roles is made. After all, in a visual medium like TV, unlike in a book form, sometimes a revelation could heighten viewer’s interest and curiorsity. It could create more anticipations and intrigues over a longer period of time instead of a sudden shock reaction when the truth is shown at the end.

    A wishful thinking perhaps. But with a performance that wonderful and amazing, it is well worth the risk!!!

  • Since this is a sort of bitter-sweet farewell groups of posts about one the most favorite performances in GoT, with more than a hundred messages already posted, I hope it is not too much of a bad form to mention a news items about a wannabe who desperately wanted to be casted in the GoT series, by any means possible. (I do have to apologize to WiC and others in advance about this. I just have to get it out of my system!!)

    She (don’t want to mention this personal non grata’s name or the series to give her more undue publicity) got the role of an escort in a new series in the other network that will air in 2012. Not to denigrate another actor’s role in this brutal entertainment business, I guess she could finally give a good performance in that series since she and her friends have so much more practice in her unsuccessful campaign to drive professional interest in this forum.

    Nonetheless, she is quite an eye-candy. With role like that in a network that fully embraces T&A, I guess Lex and others including myself will finally be satisfied with enjoying the great actings in future GoT series without having to wonder the what-ifs of a red-haired, milky skinned ingenue.


  • SugarVampire,

    Sort of a “She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named” situation? Maybe we can pretend that the omnipresence of Ros the RED-HEADED whore is D&D’s wink to the unseemly drama that unfolded a while back?

  • Miltos Yerolemou,

    You were brilliant Sir, brilliant. You took a character I liked in the book and made me love him in the show, wow!!

    Also for you to come on here and respond is really wonderful and makes me feel a little teary eyed.

    I wish all the best for you and will definitely be watching anything you do in the future.

  • SugarVampire,

    Completely tacky and unnecessary, and nothing to do with the point of this article and thread. I hope one of the site admins deletes your post.

  • SugarVampire, ha! So it finally was announced. Well good for her and her fan (notice the lack of plural there), I guess. They shouldn’t be bothering us anymore. Although I do have to laugh because her super-fan kept saying how she was going to be “starring” in her “own” cable series… and her casting was only just now made official, the day filming started, in a bulk announcement of about 10 other cast members. Haha!

  • Initially, I wasn’t thrilled about the actor as a choice because he didn’t look how I pictured him at all, but he won me over. He did a great job.

    My only gripes with his portrayal have nothing to do with the actor:
    – Wish they would have shot his big action scene better (quick cuts or something) as it was a bit slow.
    – Would’ve loved if they used more of the “swift as a deer” speak, as I loved that in the book. It was used so often that I began to say it in my daily life!

    And to go against popular opinion, I hope they don’t re-use the actor for Jaqen. He was a fine actor, but re-using him changes Jaqen too much for me. Arya had no clue that Jaqen could/might be Syrio. None of us even know if he could be Jaqen and there’s a pretty good chance he isn’t. It’d just be too big a deviation.

    But I agree with everyone – great job as Syrio!

  • Steve the Pirate, well not only did I not delete it, I responded to it! ;) I don’t think it’s a huge deal to post it here. I mean, it’s not like we ever keep anything on topic for long around here.

  • Still refusing to believe Syro is dead (though not necessarily a FM).
    Miltos, you and Maisie made the first season for me!

  • Heh here’s an idea forGeorge. How about an FM character named Sotlim in WoW. The guy deserves at least this =D

  • I’m for Miltos being cast as Jaqen in season 2 even though I don’t think Syrio survived. He would have to seem to be a completely different actor but I’d love it if they could pull it off.

  • I have never really bought the Syrio is Jaquen spiel, it would almost be too easy for Mr Martin to go that route. As far as I’m concerned any similarities between the two are explained by them both coming from ESSOS. However I have always held hope that Syrio is indeed alive…somewhere…and after Sunday night’s episode I believe that more than ever…pay close attention to his last scene, when we shift focus to Arya, as she looks back over her shoulder we hear the clang of metal hitting the floor…Meryn’s sword getting knocked off his hands? As for him being alive and well later in the throne room, that could be explained in a number of ways. Will we ever read about and eventually see Syrio come alive on screen again? I don’t know…we should all be so lucky. This was written by Mr Martin himself though, and if HE decided to write that sweet metal clang into HIS script i will take that and be content.

  • I always wondered how skillful Arya became from the training from Syrio. We know she kills plenty of men afterwards, but never did she really face off against someone decently skilled. She always kills them in a surprise attack of some kind or catches them off-guard.

  • Off Topic but very cool:

    Over on Teefury, the daily design is an interpretation of the Starks crest and words on a T-shirt. The site offers the design for one day only so snap it up if you want it. It’s pretty cheap and I can attest that their shirts are quite comfortable. Just thought some of you might be interested.

  • “Great” doesn’t really begin to describe his performance. His were some of my favorite scenes.

    Thank you, Syrio!

  • Miltos Yerolemou,

    I hope you enjoyed working on the show as much as I enjoyed watching you! Syrio was perfect, brilliant with Arya and even better fighting the Lannister guards. That last scene was amazing. I hope Syrio survived, not only because he’s a cool character, but because I’d love to see you in the show again. Fantastic performance.

    Fingers crossed this leads to many equally great roles in future, I shall watch out for anything else you’re in.

  • I haven’t read the rest of the comments here so not sure if someone else has said this already.
    Perhaps Meryn Trant is keeping quiet about Syrio escaping. After all it’s pretty embarrassing for him to admit he and several other guards were defeated by single ‘dancing master’. I can just see Syrio fending of Meryn long enough for Arya to make her escape and then diving out of a window into the sea :)

  • Miltos, your scenes with Maisie were a joy to watch. The first training scene is one of my favourites of the whole series so far. Thank you for injecting so much life into a relatively small role. I’ll toss out the old chestnut “There are no small roles, only small actors” and say you were as far from a small actor as can be.

    And on the non-acting side, it’s always a pleasure to see your username pop up in threads.

  • Fantastic performance and Syrio from the book really did come alive. It was a real pleasure watching Arya’s dancing lessons.

  • what can I say, what has not alreay said. Thank you very much for a great performance. I, for my part, do not believe that Syrio escaped. Otherwise it would take away the heroism Syrio displays to protect Arya. Syrio is, as far as I can remember, the only character that dies a heroic death. I wouldn’t want that to be taken away from him.

    anyway… thanks Miltos for dropping by and I hope to see you here again supporting the bottom. You are an honorary member of house gatewatch.

  • We may have seen the last of Syrio Forel on our screens but you can still see Miltos Yerolemou live in person at TitanCon in Belfast on 24 September 2011!

    I can also reveal that Miltos will be holding a Live Water Dancing workshop for anyone that wants to learn the ways of the Braavosi. Just so.

    Many other cast members will also be at TitanCon including Kristian Nairn – Hodor! I really wish I could say who else has said yes but until the guys get their filming schedules from HBO we can’t be sure they will be in Belfast on the day and we don’t want to announce anyone until we are completely sure that they will be there. Announcements will be made as soon as we know.

    But don’t let that delay your decision. This will be an incredible convention for any fan of Game of Thrones. Don’t miss out, buy your membership today only £10.

  • Miltos, you were amazing as Syrio and all the accolades are entirely deserved.

    I’ll miss seeing you on my TV. I don’t think I’m the only one.

  • I’m sure this has already been said in one way or another, but Syrio’s last stand has been (or more accurately, is) the moment of the series for me. Since day one I’ve been anticipating this scene, and it (along with all of Miltos and Maisie’s scenes together) totally lived up to expectations.

  • SugarVampire: Since this is a sort of bitter-sweet farewell groups of posts about one the most favorite performances in GoT, with more than a hundred messages already posted, I hope it is not too much of a bad form to mention a news items about a wannabe who desperately wanted to be casted in the GoT series, by any means possible. (I do have to apologize to WiC and others in advance about this. I just have to get it out of my system!!)She (don’t want to mention this personal non grata’s name or the series to give her more undue publicity) got the role of an escort in a new series in the other network that will air in 2012. Not to denigrate another actor’s role in this brutal entertainment business, I guess she could finally give a good performance in that series since she and her friends have so much more practice in her unsuccessful campaign to drive professional interest in this forum.Nonetheless, she is quite an eye-candy. With role like that in a network that fully embraces T&A, I guess Lex and others including myself will finally be satisfied with enjoying the great actings in future GoT series without having to wonder the what-ifs of a red-haired, milky skinned ingenue.Peace.

    Good God…*face palm while gritting my teeth*

  • Steve the Pirate,

    Part of me do agree with you, hence my apology in the original post.

    Winter Is Coming,

    WiC, you are always a gentleman. We know by now as long as one is being civil to another, anyone is free to voice his/her opinion in this forum, even though sometimes the posting itself might be not be in good taste as illustrated in my post on that actress.


    I was thinking along the same line as you do. The other part of me (the LF part) can’t wait to see the Ros’ like audition “the actress” will show on the screen next year. I am pretty sure it will happen with Olga – the fair and the dark one from the Great North tangling with each other. That would be some sort of magic trick.

  • Miltos you were wonderful! In speech and person, full of poise.

    And for all those who plan to keep a close eye on what he does next, I believe I read in a GoT inerview a few days back that he has a role in The Inbetweeners film, out August (UK). The original TV programme is painfully funny. Here’s the trailer… (sadly lacking Syrio)!

  • Thank you Miltos!! You brought Syrio Forel to life and I thoroughly enjoyed every scene you were in and wished they could have added some scenes for you and Arya. Here’s hoping that a certain theory is correct ;)

  • Miltos was very charming, great job! I hope to see his wonderful energy again, and hopefully not only in other ‘B’ productions.

  • Syrio Forel, first sword of Braavos, we hail thee. Thank you so much, Mr Yerolemou, for your interpretation of such a colourful and unique character. :)

  • Yeah the best scene for me so far has definitely been Miltos and Maisie at the end of episode three, mile wide cheezy grin on my face that I couldn’t remove – it was just right.

  • Sansa’s Lemoncakes,

    Your sentiments reflect my feelings exactly….and you know…you remind me of someone , in an oddly intangible ,intriguing way…I can’t quite think who ..but I think she also may have had an edible name ..Say , you’re not one of those Nameless Women , are you?

  • Oh, and Mr. Yerolemou – I cannot express how much I admire you for being brave enough to dive into the murky waters of fandom.

  • The scene where Syrio kick the arses of the Lannister soldiers was awesome! He did that with a wooden practice sword, but damn it, why the hell did he not pick up one of the metal swords from one of the downed soldiers…if he had he would have made ground-beef out of them, LOL!

    Anyways, I hoped that he survived the masacre of the Stark household in King’s Landing, but since I have not read the books I will contend myself with not knowing what ultimately becomes of him, with a small sliver that he might still be alive…

    If not, here is to you Dancing Master Syrio Forel, RIP! Miltos Yerolemou was a great addition to the cast and if indeed he is gone for good he will be missed!

  • obsidian,

    I will neither confirm nor deny the CC=SL theory save to say that we Faceless Women have many names.

    Valar Bakedgoodness.

  • Syrio’s last (?) stand, and his line about the God of Death, are by far my favorite things in the TV series so far. I enjoyed book Syrio, LOVED HBO Syrio (I’ve been saying that a lot of ‘minor’ characters, Jory anyone?)

  • David Neto,

    Maisie learned everything lefthanded while she is a righty, but the director of the episode just needed to let her do a few scenes with her right hand camerawise. Now back to awesome hockeygame!

  • I’ve been wondering what they’re going to do with the casting of Jaqen. It’s easy to veil a character’s true identity in a book but not easy to hide the identity of the actor playing him on film. The decision to cast or not cast Miltos is going to be seen as a clue by lots of readers.

  • Miltos, hats off to you sir. An excellent performance of a wonderful character. You were one of the reasons I really fell for this series and will now be checking out the books..!

    Here’s to Miltos getting even more great roles for everyone to enjoy, and to the hope that we will one day get to see Syrio dancing on screen!

  • purplejilly,

    I’m someone who has studied karate for years and these scenes were both great fun and very moving. I have had teachers very much like him, who by turns challenge and encourage me, for truly, karate (in its many forms) is an art and a way of life, one of courage, dignity, joy… and one which requires a great deal of improvisation.

    His work and Maisie’s captured the unique teacher-student bond between martial artists beautifully, and I’m so thrilled to read how it inspired your daughter to work harder in karate. Even though this series isn’t “about” being inspirational, all great stories have that ability to touch something in one’s own life and motivate them.

    (I also hope Syrio somehow makes it, no matter how, and that he and Arya meet again. Even if they don’t, it’s clear his teaching leaves an indelible mark on her.)

  • I don’t know whether it’s just me or if perhaps everyone else experiencing
    problems with your website. It appears as though some of the written text in your posts are running off the screen.

    Can someone else please comment and let me know if this is happening to them too?

    This might be a issue with my internet browser because I’ve had this happen previously. Kudos