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Meet the cast and tour the locations at TitanCon

We first wrote about TitanCon, which is to take place in Belfast on September 24, earlier in March – on the very day the release date for A Dance with Dragons was announced, in fact. In case you missed it because of that: TitanCon is a SF&F literary, media, and gaming convention, an important part of which are all things Game of Thronesian, and which in many ways represents an evolution from the previous GoT Belfast moots. You will be able to meet a slew of Irish and international authors, artists, and film-makers there, and participate in many diverse events and activities, as is customary at a con.

For Game of Thrones fans, there are at least two big points of note. First, you will be able to meet members of the cast at the event. Miltos Yerolemou (Syrio) and Kristian Nairn (Hodor) have already confirmed their attendance as guests, and there are others who are more than willing to join, but we need to wait for their shooting schedules first. Several GoT discussion panels will be organised. Second, on the Sunday after the convention proper, the TitanCon guys and gals have organised a full-day activity no fan of the show would want to miss. Read all about it in the announcement below and follow the links. Hear Me Roar will be there!

Game of Thrones Coach Tour
Sunday 25 September 2011 ~ Tickets £28

Our special Sunday event is a coach tour visiting various locations used in the filming of Game of Thrones season one including Tollymore Forest, Inch Abbey, Audleys Castle and Castle Ward (Winterfell courtyard) where we will be hosting a medieval feast, archery workshop by the SCA and a LARP event run by LARPNI.
The tour begins at 10.15 am departing from the Europa Hotel in Belfast. We won’t be back till 9 pm so make sure you can stick around all day because you really don’t want to miss this!

See the full Coach Tour schedule for more details.
Spaces are limited so please buy your tickets as soon as possible to avoid disappointment!
@TitanConBelfast –


  • Arg.. Now I really need to get to Ireland in that weekend. Will have to go right now and ask to get some time off. I suppose we will have some kind of meet-up with the members of WiC.

  • And again a wonderful event I must miss, since there’s no way I’d be able to afford little trip to Ireland… A well I suspect this blog will cover the whole event :)

  • I guess you could try and stay in Ireland but the travel time between there and TitanCon would mean you’d need to get up very early and go to bed very late, at least on the tour day.

    There a few threads on Westeros that have discussed places to stay in Northern Ireland (created for the MiniMoots but largely still relevant).

  • Thanks to everyone at WiC for the news story, much appreciated. We hope to see House Gatewatch there in big numbers, its going to be a great time!

    We have many more guest announcements to make over the coming weeks and months. Follow us on Twitter to get the latest news as it happens.


  • So looking forward to this! Can’t wait to meet some fellow Gatewatchers. In fact we were talking about making tshirts for the event. Is there an ‘official’ House Gatewatch logo/tshirt and if not why not? I’d buy one! :)

    Can’t encourage peeps enough to sign up to this event. It will be a blast!

    Now I’m wondering why I’m sounding all American? “A blast”? I never say that! Shows the excitement I guess ;)

  • I concur. I was at a TitanCon committee meeting last night and there are alot of cool things planned. The tour on Sunday will be a real treat for GOT fans. Get your tickets quick!

  • Belfast is in Northern Ireland correct? Would there be any kind of border crossing issues between Ireland and Northern Ireland?

  • Regarding border crossings, you’ll be lucky to see a couple of bored army/police blokes manning a barricade and that’s about it. I imagine if you’re coming in from Europe you’d still need to be carrying your details (sooner or later you’ll be asked for ID)

  • I’m going to Ireland/Northern Ireland with friends in just about one week. Depending on how much I see then I may just join up for TitanCon as well :)
    For me it’s cheaper (and faster!) to travel to Dublin and then taking the bus or train to Belfast rather than flying to Belfast (via London).

  • Superdeluxe: I know about eva green..any of the other actors/actresses for potential roles?

    I suppose Joseph Fiennes could be in the Stannis conversation now. However I think they’ve probably already got a short list on a bunch of these roles if not already unofficially “commited” actors and actresses.

  • So jealous. Sounds like an amazing time! Time to convince the fiancee to push the wedding date up and go to Ireland for the honeymoon? >.>

  • Thanks for the shout-out WIC – after all the hard work (which isn’t over by a long shot!!) it would be great to start getting the interest translated into sales!
    Come on guys – it’s going to be a HOG ROAST – and archery and roleplay and tours and set locations …..and that’s just the Sunday!!

  • Big shout out to Silverjaime, Rimshot and serMountainGoat (and all the others I’ve not listed) for organising it! I know it’s not easy but it’s very much appreciated! I’ll help out all I can when I get there, promise!

  • RE: Joseph Fiennes as Stannis

    I would be okay with this. The guy is intense, and Stannis is certainly that as well.

    It would be great to see him with actual decent lines to work with, unlike “Camelot.”

  • dizzy_34,

    I’m sad and surprised Camelot was cancelled. For Melisandre I always imagined an older woman with a quiet confidence and inner warmth but very mysterious and capable of doing terrible things– like Pam Grier in Jackie Brown. Of course Pam Grier is older than the role is asking for but Eva G is way too young and wrong.

  • Epic the wonderful,

    Eva Green too young for Melisandre? That’s a new one I haven’t heard yet. I’m afraid you’ll have many around the interwebs that disagree but hey everyone has their own versions rolling around in their heads.

  • Phoenix_Torn,

    If you’re flying in from Toronto then I would imagine you’ll want Belfast International. It is further out than Belfast City Airport but there is a bus service that will bring you right to the Europa Bus Station and our venue is right there, plenty of hotels within walking distance.

    But as others are finding it may be cheaper to fly to Dublin and then take the bus from Dublin Airport which again comes straight into Europa Bus Station.

  • Phoenix_Torn,

    There are two airports in Belfast:

    Belfast City Airport, which is, as suggested by the name, on the outskirts.
    Belfast International – it’s a bit further out, but their is a shuttle bus into Belfast that runs regularly and cost me £8 return.

    So either one is fine. My flight is taking me into Belfast City this time.

  • Looks like we’ve successfully freaked out Paypal with all our transactions today LOL

    Payments are being held pending investigation of the seller (ie: me) but rest assured it won’t be a problem and things will get moving through the system again soon.

    So please be patient if you’re waiting for your confirmation email from us. Thank you.

  • I will be there too. Can’t wait to get my ass kicked by Syrio Forel.

    (Oh, and to meet HmR… Kristian…. Jackie… Silverjaime… Rimshot…. and all you other freakjobs.)

    In other news, I will also be at Comic-Con! Who’s with me?! Raahhh!

  • Here is one swedish lurker who will attend both con and tour. Just received confirmation from TitanCon. Oh joy!

  • Me and my girlfriend are heading to Belfast too.
    We are coming from France, hope we will be able to understand all of you ;)

    Anyway, i’m sure this will be one hell of a week end. Can’t wait to be there !

  • theMountainGoat,

    Big thanks to you and the others on the TitanCon committee for making this happen. I regret not going to the previous moots, but this will make up for it I’m sure. I hope to be more active here and elsewhere prior to the con. It’s a bit weird to have hung around on this site since its inception and not making myself part of its community. You active Gatewatchers are like celebs to me and getting to meet some of you in real life fills me with a measure of trepidation. Lawls. :)