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Recap round-up: Episode 10

Here are the notable recaps and reviews of episode 10 of Game of Thrones: Book Readers James Hibberd – EW James Poniewozik – TIME Mo Ryan – AOL TV Todd VanDerWerff – A.V. Club Jace Lacob – Televisionary Myles McNutt –...


Game of Thrones at Comic-Con

If you’ll recall, last year at this time the internet was fraught with speculation over whether or not HBO would showcase Game of Thrones at the annual Comic-Con in San Diego. It didn’t work out last year, partly due...


Curtain Call: Sean Bean

“You think my life is such a precious thing to me, that I would trade my honor for a few more years… of what? You grew up with actors. You learned their craft, and you learned it well. But I grew up with soldiers. I...