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Live updates from the Game of Thrones panel at Comic-Con

The Game of Thrones panel at the 2011 San Diego Comic-Con is scheduled to begin later today (3 PM PT/6 PM ET/10 PM GMT). The panel will feature writers and producers David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, cast members Lena Headey, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Peter Dinklage, Kit Harington, Emilia Clarke, and Jason Momoa and will be moderated by writer George R. R. Martin. Quite an impressive panel indeed.

We here at will have compete and comprehensive coverage of this panel. Not only will we have Fire and Blood tweeting live from the event, but myself and Hear Me Roar will be compiling all other fan and journalist tweets and photos into the following live stream (embedded after the jump). It’s like a mega-live blog — the next best thing to being there. So come back at the aforementioned time to follow along!

UPDATE 4:45 PM ET: is doing a live pre-panel interview with the cast starting NOW! Watch it here.


  • Will you guys leave this up after? I might not be able to catch the beginning of it, and would like to peruse it in its entirety.

  • OhDanyBoy, yup, you will be able to replay/reread the stream after the event is over. And, of course, we will have a full post-panel report from FaB.

  • Awesome! I love these live blog thingys. Hoping for some casting news, I mean, every role should be filled by now right, shooting starts the 26th?

  • JohnEngedal,

    No, every role is probably not filled. They only need certain parts for the first chunk of filming. They’ve already announced the big parts. There’s no reason they can’t cast others much later in the game – even near the middle/end of the shooting schedule several months from now. It all depends on how they schedule things.

    Probably won’t be able to watch the feed from work but I’ll check it out later. I’m still crossing my fingers for a video!

  • John Engedal,

    If they follow last year’s format, they will film roughly in the order of the episodes. I expect Ygritte will only be in episodes 9 or 10, so probably a while before they HAVE to announce her. May get that soon anyway, of course.

    However, characters like Jaqen and Craster will be very early in the season, so we should get some info on them soon. Hopefully.

  • Just a quick correction. The 11 PM GMT is actually 11 PM BST because of daylight saving time. In GMT the panel is actually at 10 PM.

  • Will our dearest Hoff film this glorious event?
    Hope someone will, I need to see this.
    Also, a little sad that HmR wasn’t mentioned along with you guys in ADWD.

  • Blackfish Blues:
    Johan Sporre,
    sssooo… we’re one hour back… it’s 11 PM for us?…


    *she travelled to Israel*

    *no use, she’s still a goat with time zones*

    Hehe, here is the current GMT time. You can do the math with your local time to find out what time the panel starts for you.

  • dizzy_34: I’m hoping for any kind of Bolton annoucement Balon would be cool too.

    I wouldn’t get your hopes up about any casting announcements. From my conversation with HBO people, they were glad to get those big roles confirmed and announced before Comic-Con.

    I think the only announcement we might get is a DVD release date. But most likely, it will just be the panel answering questions.

  • Hello
    First time posting. I was hoping you guys could ask the producers a question regarding the second season. If the budget is limited and there might not be a battle of blackwater, if they have thought about having it animated. I know it might be somewhat jarring, but if it could be done like in Kill Bill or the recent Mortal Kombat webseries, also what does everyone else think about that idea. Love this site by the way, I check it out every day.

  • Blackfish Blues,

    BST is the standard time for the isles during summer. Even though Greenwhich is situated there the British time is actually GMT +1 during the summer (’cause Greenwhich never changes for summer).
    We in central Europe are at GMT +2 during the summer, so we’ll have the panel at midnight.

  • I would like to see a few more cast memebers do these kinds of panels. I love Michelle Fairley, Jack Gleeson, Aiden, and Nikolaj (yum)! I look forward to more interviews and behind the scenes stuff this season. I hope they got some for the DVD release! Please someone ask about the DVD, if you get a chance!

    Also, I want to know if the actors think it’s a difficult transition from doing acting in contemporary rolls to fantasy types like this.

    Thank you!!!

  • Blackfish Blues:
    “Night gathers, and now my watch begins… it will not end until I learn something about the Blackfish…”

    You’re not alone in hoping for news of a Blackfish. I share your pain, and support your bottom. :] *crosses fingers*
    I also share your befuddlement at the time zone thing. I cannot for the life of me figure out what time this thing is going to start, haha.

  • Kanga,
    Kanga, you’re another of my favourite persons. Assuming I still remember in the morning. If you tinker with my links you’ll find my Twitter, FB etc. Just remind me you are Kanga.

    Don’t drink and post, children, don’t drink and post…

  • Handmaiden: i’d much rather care about the blu-ray release; a series like game of thrones needs to be watched in the best quality available.

  • Damn, I just noticed that Nikolaj will be there….I NEED Pictures please!!!!! :)

  • Blackfish Blues,

    where are you??? I´ll do your math for you if you want. San Diego time: GMT – 8hs. I´m in Argentina (GMT -3) and 4 hours after San Diego. I have to wait until 2 am I think… without drinking.

  • Johan Sporre,

    Thank you so very much, lovely ser :)

    Blackfish Blues,

    I am flattered! You are one of my favorite persons as well. I shall FB you later today, I can’t at the moment since I’m at work and technically should be doing something productive.

  • andrea:
    Blackfish Blues,
    where are you??? I´ll do your math for you if you want.San Diego time: GMT – 8hs.I´m in Argentina (GMT -3) and 4 hours after San Diego. I have to wait until 2 am I think… without drinking.

    San Diego? Argentina? If only. I love you too, Andrea, whichever gender you are, but I’m in Italy. Not too long to wait for, now.

  • I’m excited for Ygritte too.

    My office will not let me live stream the EW interview and it is DRIVING ME NUTS.

  • Blackfish Blues: San Diego? Argentina? If only. I love you too, Andrea, whichever gender you are, but I’m in Italy. Not too long to wait for, now.

    Italia! Love it, my whole family is from Italy. Well, your are 2 hours after Gmt, so it´s 12 pm for you and I did MY math wrong. Here will be at 7 pm… I´m confused now. Sembra contagioso!

  • Wow, luck would have it that I clicked on the EW live stream before coming here! Emilia, Kit, Peter, Lena, and Nikolaj were interviewed. Emilia talked about eating the horse heart and meeting Gwen (Brienne), and Peter said Stephen Dillane is one of his favorite actors. Can’t wait for the full panel :)

  • When the interviewer was going to ask Emilia the number one question they got from the fans, one of the guys piped up (think it was Dinklage) “Phone number?”

    Hahaha! FaB started that meme!

  • Nikolaj and Kit were looking damn fine in the EW interview. People best be getting some pics of them at the panel!!!!!

  • Winter Is Coming:
    When the interviewer was going to ask Emilia the number one question they got from the fans, one of the guys piped up (think it was Dinklage) “Phone number?”

    Hahahaha, that’s fantastic!

  • I am at work so I couldn’t hear it, had to put it on mute, but I got to see it. Hope they have it on EW tonight!

  • Blackfish Blues: I think we’re all related.

    Probably, you know that here we´re almost all of italian and spanish descent. Where in Argentina live your friend? I have friends living there too, of course. Not surprise indeed to end up being relatives.
    Not confuse any more. Me: 7 pm but I have no hope… it seems that I can´t see anything

  • Shadowcat85:

    The GoT bit finished around 5 pm. I’m sure they’ll have the interviews up later though!

    Thanks! I hope so. Maybe in Youtube, it seems the only place where I can watch something.

  • How strange it is to see them all sitting together and having fun instead of conspiring against each other. So today-ish and happy.
    I’m listening to DwD now and often I catch myself on imagining some characters with the actors’ faces. Not all of them, but some.
    Tyrion (Blackwater changed his features a little), Cersei, Jaime, Arya and Catelyn I portrait rather like Amoka’s visions of them, but Dany, Drogo, Robert, Ned, Sansa, Jorah (series discovered this character for me), Tywin and Jon have faces of actors playing them.
    And it’s not that I don’t like the cast. It is that way. Just so.

  • Blackfish Blues:
    She’s in Buenos Aires, but I haven’t heard from her in a while. What on earth are you watching?…

    Before? some actors I don´t know what show.
    Now? loading, loading, loading…

  • That was one of the fastest hours I ever experienced. It worked all great.
    What was it exactly what was said about the blackwater battle?

  • i’m reading ASoS right now. i really wanna get to RW. really wanna know what it is.

  • paulgude,

    I don’t think you should take what the Game of Thrones or HBO twitter says so literally. It’s just a media guy at the event whose job it is to keep discussion going. Not an HBO executive or anything. Nothing that twitter account says is really meant to be “official” HBO news.

  • Thank you guys so much for filling up my “Game Insanity”. Much Appreciated!!!

  • I’m not sure I like the comment that in season three things will start to differ from the books. I’m not necessarily asking for strict adherence, but I think that they’re doing an admirable job at adapting A Song of Ice & Fire, and I’d hate to see them make drastic changes in an attempt to “finish off” the series. I may be a bit off-base (seeing as I wasn’t actually at the panel, and therefore have no context), it just struck me as a strange comment to make. And by “finish off”, I mean wrap things up in a way not consistent with the novels.

    Then again, I’m the kind of viewer who was fine with the fact that Deadwood ended where it did, simply because if there’s one thing I like less than a series being unceremoniously cancelled, it’s when a series whips together an ending with little notice and rushes through events (kind of like Rome, which had a good second season, but certainly moved far too quickly) to provide “closure”. I guess what I’m saying is I prefer consistency. Actually, I’m not sure what I was trying to say…

    *slips away, hopefully unnoticed*

  • Thanks. That was fun. I was surprised to see Lena there. She said in an interview that ComicCon fans scare her. Heh.

    That Wired interview with Nikolaj is funny: He found the breast-feeding scene as disturbing as we did!

  • Ro,

    That wasn’t a post from Jim (@gameofthrones), though. That was a post from the @HBO account.

    It’s used for a lot of different things, including official announcements.

    It could have been asking the question from a place of knowledge. Obviously not, in this case.

  • Pastor_of_Muppets,

    Maybe I’m just a Pollyanna , but I took that to mean moving events between seasons to be more consistent with the chronology. I don’t think they’d stray too far from the storyline.

  • Pastor_of_Muppets,

    I took their comments to mean more… they could retire off that episode when they get there. Meaning their legacy would be made as it would go down in television history. I don’t think they mean they’re happy as long as they get to finish season 3 because they can wrap things up and retire after that, so I doubt it means drastic change.

    As far as things starting to differ, I think they’re referring only to the 1 book 1 season format. By season 3, they’ll have to adjust and move things forward and push things back and break into two seasons or one and a half, etc. Seasons 1 and 2 should be mostly 1 book, 1 season, almost perfectly aligned.

  • paulgude,

    Ya, I realized after that it was from the HBO twitter account, but I think I just took it to mean: “hey, there are going to be questions asked, and depending on what those questions are, there are bound to be some answers regarding season 2 (we don’t know what the questions will be, since some will come from the audience)”.

  • Thanks for the coverage guys! It was fun reading what everyone was saying, but if I’m honest I was a little disappointed with the panel itself and the lack of new info. It seemed like a lot of the questions that were asked were pretty generic or were things that we’ve already had answered numerous times in previous interviews/features.

    It would be really cool to do something live like this again though (for this site).

  • Ro,

    In hindsight, it’s like when you have a controversial guest on a talk show. They show a few past appearances and say, “What’ll they say tonight?!?”

    Still, since it was the @HBO account talking about an HBO show, I had (wrongfully) assumed that it meant they were speaking from a place of knowledge and had some reveal planned.

  • paulgude,

    Makes sense. I was hoping for some casting news too, but after the casting announcements started coming earlier this week, I got the sense that today’s session would be truly just a panel, meant more to recap and relive the past season with the fans.

  • Anywhere you can see or hear this? Doesn’t seem to be much actual reporting of comments in the blog above.

  • Ro,

    Right. The “big three” have been announced, and Brienne besides. Unless there was some sort of cameo In a smaller role I don’t know who it would have been. Who knows? Maybe there are a few roles they’re waiting to finalize that they thought might be signed?

    Granted, it being just teasing marketing language is much more likely.

  • Damn! No Sean! (but I knew he probably wouldn’t show cause he’s up in Montreal filming that Snow White film).

  • Wow, I was late to the panel coverage and have been waiting for Entertainment Weekly to post the cast interview for hours now, and it was terrible. Makes me miss Michael Ausiello :(. He was always able to giddy up exhausted casts for fun little videos.

  • Watched three of the five panel scenes on youtube (waiting patiently for the others).

    Moment in spoilers in case you want to be surprised:

    Loved Dinklage pretending like he was going to step up to the plate when Momoa declined the chants to do the haka.

    Also pleased that the reported “Lena criticized for giving Cersei too much humanity,” was Lena relating that to a questioner who asked her about what it was like playing such a complex character. The way it looked to me during the live Tweeting was that someone had slammed her at the question mic. Glad the fans were nicer than that.

  • Watching part four, I was happy to see that they did talk a bit more about Season 2 than I thought from the live feed. It’s just that a lot of the info was stuff that book readers already know, so maybe wasn’t relayed as much.

  • I know I’m late, but wanted to thank WiC, FaB, and HMR for being so wonderful to post this SDCC experience here for us!!!!!!