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Nikolaj Coster-Waldau interviewed on HBO Connect

Our resident roaring lion of Lannister had a blast with us at the SDCC, elating in the lion-like roar of the hard-core fans (many possibly pro-Lannister—I was certainly sporting my red-and-gold) and media people packed into that hall… and now here is he, back for the fans!

As we reported in our Quick Hits post yesterday, HBO Connect conducted a Live Chat interview with Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, the Great Dane we know as “Kingslayer.” This treat of an interview is great, and it really highlights his positive, playful personality.

You can read the whole thing HERE, at your leisure. But in quick summary of some of the best ones:

What’s your favorite Jaime Lannister quote?

The things I do for love. it’s at his core, I think.”

How does it feel to wear all that epic armor you wear on Game of Thrones?

Bathroom breaks are a bitch.”

Nikolaj, Do you think Jamie could take down Khal Drogo in a fight?

Have you seen the size of Jason. But … yes. As long as I get to carry a sword. No armwrestling!”

What did you think of Charles Dance’s role as your father, Tywin Lannister?

When I saw that scene we shot in the tent where he took out some anger on that dead stag I only saw Tywin Lannister and forgot about Charles Dance. He is the real deal.”

What do you imagine Jaime really thinks about Joffrey?

Cercei, that little shit is all yours!!”

What was the aspect of Jaime that you found most difficult to play/adapt to?

Hmmmm… twincest… trying to kill kid… hmmm… no, I read that he didn’t like apples, and I looove apples…”

What would be the words of “Coster-Waldau’s House”? And it’s sigil?

“Dont Worry!” And sigil would be a smiling lion”

(He’s a Leo. Nikolaj loves the lions.)

Who is your favorite female character in the series?

Character as in the way it’s written… I have to go with Cersei. She is complex and interesting and scary and hurt… Now to pick one to hang out with, then the girl with the dragons would be a pretty cool friend.”

I was quite shocked when I realised you weren’t from a english background. But in the series you have an almost flawless english accent. Did you try specifically to make sure your accent wasn’t noticeable or did it just flow?

We have a dialect coach in Belfast who frantically try to make us all sound more or less as if we are from the same world. A lot of work, a lot of listening.”

Has anyone recognized you from the show, or called you “Kingslayer” yet?

I was in LA just before comicon and had just arrived and was out with a friend and 2 very drunks guys ran up to me and shouted JAIME !!! JAIME!!!! JAIME!!!! Then they ran away…”

Have you met Gwendoline Christie (Brienne) yet?

I haven’t met her yet but I actually saw a tiny bit of her audition and she was fantastic!”

Did it take you long to grow in the beard?

You just run pigeon shit on your face every morning and it grows in less than 4 days.”

And what time is it at your home in Lyngby, Denmark?


Thank you for that salient question!

Were you suprised at how popular and successful the show has become in such a short time?

Yes, I was very surprised. When I went out to Comicon I had only heard from my agent and manager in the states, saying that the show was doing well. But the Comicon experience was shocking. Shocking in the best way possible.”

Thanks, Nikolaj!

We also have a slightly less ‘Thronescentric interview with Jane Espensen, writer of episode 6, “A Golden Crown.” (So any gripes you may have in dialogue from that particular episode—take ’em to her!) Here is Jane’s interview as well!

Fire and Blood: There ya go. Not much to add. So I won’t.


  • I actually asked at the Jane Espensen chat about the awful Snarky Sansa dialogue, and whether it was her idea or direction from the Producers, and it did not get answered. D’oh! Maybe I ofended her..

  • Eh, Sansa was kind of a bitch in the book before the action at Baelor wakes her up. It really wasn’t a stretch.
    Love the Nikolaj interview. Sexy and adorable man.

  • Peruvian Winter:
    Hahaha! In the picture he is practicing zoolanders “steel”. So handsome! ;D

    Nah, that’s not “Blue Steel”! Can’t you tell the difference? It’s more like “Le Tigre” with small parts of “Ferrari” and “Magnum”. ;)

    Btw, there’s a tiny mistake in the passage about the Espenson interview. “A golden Crown” ist actually Ep. 6 not 5.

  • Steve the Pirate,

    Exactly. In fact, it makes later revelations more meaningful as well (though that particular tidbit has interestingly not yet been mentioned in the series, I daresay it will/should be in the second season); for people who haven’t read the books, this would be referring to something Sansa did while in King’s Landing in the 1st book but which hasn’t yet been revealed in the series (though it was slightly hinted at), I believe.

  • OMFG I LOVED EVERY SECOND OF JANE’S WRITING in epi 6. She is a god. I hope she writes a season 2 episode!!!

    Also NCW is a riot. The bit about apples was my favorite. :D

  • I haven’t yet read the books that reportedly goodie up jaime, but thanks to NCW (and a couple of added scenes) he was one of my fave characters in season 1, which surprised the heck out of me. This guy has a great sense of humor too lol.

  • Great interview he seems like a lovely guy. I love his answer to
    Q:”What do you imagine Jaime really thinks about Joffrey?”
    A:Nikolaj Coster-Waldau
    “Cercei that little shit is all yours !!”
    Cracked me up bril reply.

  • Not every actor is necessarily a great “interview guy” who comes across as engaging and entertaining to the fans. In order to connect with fans in that manner, you have to have both a natural flair for it — and you have to be able hone that natural talent with experience, too.

    Of all of the actors on the show so far, NCW seems to me to be the one actor who is best at connecting with fans across the screen in these sorts of interviews – with Emilia Clarke coming a close second as her love for the story as presented in the books seems so genuine. That said, she just doesn’t have the “natural ham” experience in her repertoire in the same manner than NCW does.

    I suspect that HBO has come to the same conclusion as the fans have and recognizes that NCW (the actor) is a great ambassador for the show when dealing with the media. I look forward to seeing more of him as the hype for Season #2 rolls out.

  • I assume you’re not English yourself? Jaime Lannister has a far from flawless accent and that is clear to anyone from the British Isles. Despite that, NCW did a fantastic job as the Kingslayer.

  • Was miffed to hear he hasn’t met Gwen yet. Their scenes together are the ones I most look forward to. I can’t wait to see the bear pit, even though that’ll be S3! :D

  • I had no idea who he was when I heard NCW had been cast as Jaime. He has since made a very complex character even more awesome. I’m now a big fan of NCW, not least because he’s a fan of Fawlty Towers. His interviews are always fun and he comes across as someone you could just hang out with and have a good time, unlike many actors; although GOT has gathered together a good group of people so NCW isn’t alone in that regard.

  • NCW IS Jaime. When I saw the first pic of him that was released (the one where he has just dismounted from his horse in Winterfell), I was thrilled. And I didn’t give a hoot about his nose. I didn’t actually notice ’till the shallow people started shouting about it. He
    has Jaime down to a tee and I cannot wait to see him in season 2.
    Nikolaj, shine on you, crazy diamond!

  • Yeah, must second Dickon (I’m also English) – though a bit better than Peter Dinklage’s, NCW’s accent is very far from flawless – in fact I have more than one Danish friend who has a better English accent than his! It’s possible to overlook though as his overall performance is pretty decent

  • Baxbaxwalanuksiwe:
    NCW’s accent is very far from flawless

    Agreed. I love NCW, but his accent was very sketchy. Worse than Dinklage’s, I’d say. Sometimes you couldn’t even understand him (like when he said “Thoros of Myr” or “My dear brother, there are times you make me wonder…”).

    Luckily, I think all Scandinavian accents sound cool, so I still liked it.

  • I’m in love with this man. Just sad I missed out on the chat, would’ve loved to ask him several things!
    I love his Lannister pride, and I love that he’s a Leo, and I love how perfectly he gets Jaime. They could not have cast a better man to play my favorite character!

  • I just assumed that the Westerlands accent was randomly assigned, rather than its own thing :B

    All joking aside, NCW is brilliant as Jaime.

    Got a bit of a shock watching Black Hawk Down when I discovered the Kingslayer was also a Delta Force sniper.

  • Steel_Wind,

    Agreed that NCW is a great ambassador for the show. As an interviewee, I put him second behind Jason Momoa – that guy has huge enthusiasm and cracks me up without fail. But we all know what happened to the Khal..

    I’m English and none of the accents bothered me at all. Like most people here, I think they all did a decent job. And if any of the accents strayed from ‘English’ I put that down to them not being in England at all. It was Westeros’ own unique version of the accent :P

  • It was a great fun interview,but Nikolaj only had time to answer about 50 questions out of over 2000. Mine was in about the 800 mark. Loved his answers though.

  • KG,

    That’s why I choose Jon, it would be a challenging role, and since Connington is a aging warrior, it would be ideal for Ron.

  • Steel_Wind: I agree — Tormund seems a natural role for Perlman.

    I agree with the rest of you. He was the first actor I thought of when imagining Tormund. I can totally see him pull off Tormund’s bragging and storytelling.

  • heads up – the pigeon shit thing does NOT work. used to love NCW but now I just feel like I’ve been dupped.

    Signed, White-Beard the Drippy

  • Kingthlayer,

    Actually, there is an article today in my local newspaper about how Victoria Beckham uses birdshit to keep her facial skin healthy and good-looking. (Yes, for real.) So NCWs tips might not be all bad… :)

  • Sid: Kingthlayer, Actually, there is an article today in my local newspaper about how Victoria Beckham uses birdshit to keep her facial skin healthy and good-looking. (Yes, for real.) So NCWs tips might not be all bad… :)

    So that’s why she looks like seagull excrement!! :)

  • Kingthlayer,


    It’s apparently inspired by a 1000 year old Geisha-tradition to cleanse(?) your skin with sterilized birdshit. The shit from the Nightinggale is preferred.

    Ok. Some people are just weird…