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Day 22: Filming at Ballintoy Harbour

Well I’m back from a week long vacation in which I took a break from this site and the day job and had spent some quality time with the family (although I did manage to finally finish A Dance with Dragons as well). Now I’m refreshed and ready to jump back into the world of Game of Thrones.

It seems a lot has happened while I was gone! I have a bunch of new faces to add to our season two cast page. But first, let’s do a quick filming update, shall we?

Last Wednesday, filming moved into the Paint Hall for the first time this season. They also reportedly did some filming in a forest in Clandeboye Estate on a set covered in fake snow. Here is a YouTube video of the set. Hard to make out much, but the speculation that this might be Craster’s Keep seems to make sense.

This week the production will be on location again, this time filming at Ballintoy Harbour (pictured above without any set dressing). Numerous set photos have leaked onto the web (via Flickr, Photobucket and Yfrog) and they all show, unsurprisingly, a harbor set. My guess was that this set would be used for the scenes on Pyke. However, reports from the set seem to indicate it is actually going to be a scene prior to a battle. So maybe this harbor is actually on Dragonstone? We should know more tomorrow, once the filming actually begins. Stay tuned…


  • The Rabbit, yeah, that too. Of course, George didn’t show the Ironborn fleet launching out to sea in the books, but they might want to show it in the show.

  • Craster would be right, timing-wise. I wonder when they’re going to Iceland :) For some reason I had it in my head that all of the north of the wall stuff would be there, but now that I think about it it’s probably just for the Quoren/Jon trek through the mountains stuff.

    ps. Seeing the Pyke fleet would be cool.

  • Kalasin: I wonder when they’re going to Iceland :) For some reason I had it in my head that all of the north of the wall stuff would be there

    i thought the same till i realized it’s bloody cold up there and i felt really sorry for the cast. Anyway, i think they will go to iceland as soon as possible, before the weather gets worse xD

  • Kalasin:
    Craster would be right, timing-wise.I wonder when they’re going to Iceland :)

    I think it was mentioned that they would film there late in the year, so I’m guessing October/November. Poor guys. But I heard Iceland has a pretty mild climate for its latitude. ;)

  • I saw a man vs wild episode with Bear Gryls and Jake Gyllenhall out in Iceland romping around, and it looked rough!!

  • Elena Amici: o_O

    It’s just my guess based on that Access Hollywood interview with Emilia and Kit and he said “late in the year”, so for me that’s October/November or even December. But I could also be wrong.

  • Lisa,

    Lisa: It’s just my guess based on that Access Hollywood interview with Emilia and Kit and he said “late in the year”, so for me that’s October/November or even December. But I could also be wrong.

    Hmm, I think I saw that interview and I usually hang on to Kit’s words slavishly, but I don’t remember that. I’ll have to watch it again :)

  • Lisa: I think it was mentioned that they would film there late in the year, so I’m guessing October/November. Poor guys. But I heard Iceland has a pretty mild climate for its latitude. ;)

    Iceland actually doesn’t get that cold thanks to the Gulf stream mainly. In October/November the average high temperature is still around 5°C (40°F).

  • Hey what did you think of ADWD? Give us your review. Did it resolve everything you wanted resolved? Were you able to see all the twists and turns before they happened? Were you surprised by the whole Griff plot line? Were you disappointed by anything?

  • John W, I posted a few thoughts on Twitter and will probably post a more comprehensive reaction in the ADWD thread at some point but here are quick answers to your questions: It was okay. No. Some. No. Yes.

  • i was down today and the set looks really well. cant wait to see it on tv. thought they would have been filming today but i think we got there too early. really wanted to see if tyrion was there!!! i have been going to ballintoy all my life and was strange to see it dressed for the screen!!

  • My first thought was it could probably be the Blackwater but it’s too narrow and none of the stuff that Tyrion ordered to be built for its defence

    There’s one thing I don’t understand about shooting in multiple locations… if they’re going to Iceland late this year, does this mean the filming all the other scenes (everything that happens in the South) should already be complete?

  • Moe,

    They were filming simultaneously in Monaco & N Ireland last year so the answer is probably that if it makes sense they will have crews going in 2 or 3 countries simultaneously.

  • Lisa:

    It’s somewhere in the begininng of the interview if that helps you. Maybe I also misunderstood.

    Nope, I found it. He said Iceland would be cold later in the year. I think I didn’t think much of it because that was back when I assumed most/all of the north of the wall stuff (and hence most/all of his season 2 story) would be in Iceland :)

  • Winter Is Coming,

    Hmm, I thought you would have enjoyed it a little more. I know I did (although like most people, I thought Dany and to a lesser extent Tyrion were pretty boring). I’m pretty sure I liked it better than FEAST, anyway (which I also enjoyed).

    EDIT: It must feel weird having mixed feelings about a book that mentions you in the dedication, lol!

  • I cannot believe Malta would ditch HBO because of some fungus growing on rocks. I mean the notoriety and attention, not including probable winfall from being used as location shooting for a critically acclaimed and popular series, far outweighs some seascum that makes its home on the rocky shores of a beach.
    Malta should wise up and at least allow filming in the cities for K.L. scenes, otherwise their government is very shortsighted.

  • Lex, yeah, I thought I would like it more too, especially after reading all the glowing mainstream press reviews. But it suffered from many of the same problems that Feast did (too much filler, too many characters, etc.). I rate it slightly better than Feast, but only because it includes some more prominent characters (Jon, Dany, Tyrion) and answered a few long-speculated-on questions.

    tysnow, why do you think Malta isn’t going to be used again?

  • Winter Is Coming: tysnow, why do you think Malta isn’t going to be used again?

    WiC, i read the same yesterday here (
    The article is written in italian & the title is “D.B. talks about GoT season 2 filming locations”.
    It also says “They will be filming in 3 countries….the main set is based in NI…The 2nd country is likely iceland.. the third one might be Turkey or Croatia. D&D won’t be filming in malta this year”
    The source provided is D.B. interview in that Variety’s article about the emmys, although there is no link and i’m to lazy to google it ;)

  • Off topic update : the pinky is healing nicelyand i didnt even have to ask ramesy to cut it off! Also winter is coming now comes up second when i google game of thrones, keep up the good work!

  • Winter Is Coming,

    tysnow, why do you think Malta isn’t going to be used again

    Hopefully not, but I get the impression Malta is out and Croatia in from what info I have seen on boards.

  • When the trouble with the beach started, the production team probably ran around and filmed twelve hours’ worth of establishing shots in and around “King’s Landing” just in case.

  • KG,

    I hope so! Even so, if they don’t go back to Malta at all, finding places to match some of the locations may be difficult- the area around Baelor’s Sept for example. There will be external scenes with characters in after all.

    Still, I’m sure the team know what they are doing, with careful set dressing and CGI they can probably find somewhere in Croatia that can be made to look exactly like the places used in Malta.

  • tysnow,
    You can’t underestimate how crazy some of the extreme environmentalists can get at times. They would consider fungus more important than jobs and income for the people in the area. It happens all the time in the US. Farms in California are drying up and people are losing their homes and livlihood because they want to divert water for a small, 3 inch fish.

  • Peruvian Winter,

    I discovered a few days ago. Go to and create an account. Then you choose the image you want and that image will always be connected to your e-mail account.

  • Sim,

    It never ceases to amaze me when people come here, the premiere GOT news site, and post links to “news” that is nearly a week old…

  • Elena Amici,

    I can´t read what it says above but GRRM kills a Stark? if he continues like this I´m afraid your new gravatar will say GRRM killed all Stark family! and erased Tully´s

  • andrea,

    it says “every time you ask when the next book will be out, GRRM kills a stark” fitting, isn’t?
    (although i’ m back to my regular avatar now.. i was just showing off ;D)

  • […] Winter is coming hat ein paar neue Einzelheiten Grobheiten zu den Dreharbeiten der zweiten Staffel Game of Thrones. Im Grunde nichts spektakuläres, da es gerade nicht allzuviel zu berichten gibt, und allzuviel zu sehen gibt es auch nicht. Erst recht keine Spoiler. But Season 2 is still in progress! […]

  • Peruvian Winter,

    ah castellano!!! qué felicidad!!! Gravatar es fácil, te indica todo paso a paso. Tratá de no elegir una foto o dibujo con mucho detalle porque queda de 80 x 80 pix, como las que ves aquí. Preguntame lo que necesites, pero verás que es muy fácil. Son pocos pasos. Yo lo terminé de leer hace poco más de una semana. Aún lo estoy mascullando. La discusión del libro lleva aquí más de 600 comentarios. Que lo disfrutes!

  • purplejilly,

    You’re so right. This is so insane. It is not the 90s when times were good, people can afford those indulgence.

    Anyway, back to GoT news. Saw it on twitter from that an actress/model Sarah Halland, a Marisa Miller type has been casted as a prostitute. Couldn’t find her photos through Google, Bing, YouTube or imdb, except a few photos on her twitter account – .

    I guess more sexposition is in order. Not sure it is a speaking part though.

  • Last night at a book signing in Croatia I got a chance to talk to the man who is GRRM’s editor/publisher and the guy told me Dubrovnik has been a confirmed location for filming, though he was not at liberty to say when they would be shooting there or what scene(s). Apparently, he got the info from GRRM cause he is trying to get him to Croatia when they do the filming there.

  • OT sorta, what happened to the HBO production dairies for this season, are they going to post any?

  • Sid,

    It’s great to see how excited her friends were with the news – “Do it!! You’ll be part of something AWESOME!!!” I guess Ros is a big success in many people’s eyes.

  • SugarVampire,

    Well, to quote GRRMs wording: “They’re not wrong.”
    She WILL be part of something awesome. I mean, even if she will be nekkid the whole time, she can sit back in her 60ies and say: -I was part of that.

    Personally, I’d prefer to be an extra in the background (or Mace Tyrell :D), but that’s just me.

    And who knows? She might be the new Ros! She might even inspire a new series of spinoffs! :)

  • Does anybody know if they’re still filming at ballintoy? I’m going to take a drive over this afternoon and see if there’s anything fun going on.

  • Well, to answer my own question, yes they are still filming. But I couldn’t get within half a mile of the set (without going over fields and hedges. They have the entire village of ballintoy fenced off. All I could see was assorted film related vehicles…and whilst I wanted to stay until I saw either theon or davos depart a trailer, I didn’t have the patience

  • If anyone wants to see some pics from the set, I’ve uploaded some: I live about 20 minutes away from Ballintoy and we were down on Saturday (though we couldn’t get close to the harbour due to security), however we went back down on Sunday and were allowed down.

    The set looks amazing and I can’t honestly wait to see it in the new series!

  • Crasters Keep (possibly) was filmed just half a mile up the hill from where i’m sitting in my living room, & i didn’t have a bloody clue!