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Dubrovnik filming locations revealed

Save for an official HBO announcement (which are unfortunately completely non-existent these days), filming in Croatia is a done deal, and so is the fact that Malta has been dropped as a location. First the minor part of the news: open casting for extras starts next week, there have been radio and poster ads placed in Dubrovnik. The project has not been explicitly named, but specified as a “medieval series”, and they are looking for around 200 extras of all ages (some more info at the end of this article). Call 091 631 6558 from Croatia to sign up. By the way, in case you missed this piece of info: rumour has it the Croatian production partner is the Jadran Film company. the Embassy Films company (apparently the original rumour was incorrect).

Fort Bokar and the Minčeta tower

Now to the juicy exclusive bits! Our BloodRabbit with a thousand eyes and one has entered a clandestine liaison with a local deep-throat reporting on the production, but who is not directly involved (so no agreements have been broken). They have revealed known shooting locations in and around the town of Dubrovnik, and what they are planned to stand for. If you haven’t done so yet, check this post from Thursday on the dates of filming, and then enjoy the known list of locations and the photos we dug out:

  • The city is generally going to stand for King’s Landing
  • St. Dominic Street in Dubrovnik – a scene with Gold Cloaks
  • Lokrum island olive groves and meadows – some outdoor scenes
  • Lokrum island Benedictine monastery – part of Qarth
  • Dubrovnik palaces – Qarth locations
  • The Knežev dvor (The Rector’s Palace) and Sponza palaces
  • Lovrijenac (Fort of St. Lawrence)
  • Fort Bokar and the Minčeta tower

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St. Dominic Street

Lokrum olive grove

Lokrum monastery

Knežev Dvor palace

Sponza palace

Fort of St. Lawrence