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Quick Hits: Interviews and Emmys

  • HBO released a Buzz video highlighting the Game of Thrones cast and crew at San Diego Comic Con.
  • The Times of Malta wonders why the production didn’t return to Malta to film season two.
  • Popular sci-fi/fantasy book-centered podcast The Sword and Laser recently interviewed Kristian Nairn. Hodor!
  • In this video interview, Roy Dotrice talks about narrating the audiobooks and also touches on his role in season two as Hallyne the Pyromancer.
  • With the Emmys right around the corner, the articles and analysis are heating up. Gold Derby evaluates the Main Title Design race, while Deadline handicaps the major awards (they like Dinklage for supporting actor).
  • The Emmys also throw the spotlight on some of the behind-the-scenes people and with that comes interviews. Deadline interviews head hair stylist Kevin Alexander and also showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss. Irish Film & Television Network has a lengthy and interesting interview with Thrones foley artist Caoimhe Doyle.
  • Speaking of the Emmys, Lena Headey recently posted to Facebook that she will be attending, along with “most” of the cast, in support of Dinklage and Benioff and Weiss. Can’t wait to see the Thrones gang on the red carpet!
  • Other awards news: Game of Thrones and Nina Gold were nominated for two Artios awards, the awards given out by the Casting Society of America. Game of Thrones won three Portal awards: Best Actor for Sean Bean, Best Episode for “Winter Is Coming” and Best Series. Don’t forget to continue voting for Thrones in Television Without Pity’s Tubey Awards.


  • Thanks for the Roy Dotrice link – I have a long commute to & from work every day and his audibooks were a wonderful listen on the drive.

  • Steve:
    Is there a different source for the Buzz video? HBO has blocked it here in Germany :/

    Not working in Sweden either!
    Darn you HBO, when will non-americans be able to watch a buzz-video “legally” if not on youtube?

  • plop_,

    It is the right one. For all the ones with problems: If a youtube video is not playable in your country, just run Hotspot Shield and it should work.

  • plop_,

    thanks for the video.. i haven’t played it yet because when i opened the page i saw this frozen frame with NCW’s awesome hat and KH’s wild-eyed face, i laughed a lot & i really had to share it. lol

  • I am disappointed that Daniel Radcliffe beat out Maisie Williams and Isaac Hempstead-Wright for Best Young Actor in the Portal Awards. They’ll have more chances, I hope.

  • ‘DEADLINE: How has it been working with HBO? Anything you’ve wanted to do creatively that you haven’t been able to?
    BENIOFF/WEISS: So far, nothing we’ve considered important to the show has been axed for creative reasons as opposed to financial reasons. That may change this coming season with the ‘2 Dothraki, 1 Cup’ scene in Episode 7.’


  • GaR,
    I finally watched it this spring and I have to say that I was very un-shocked. I’m pretty sure the fact that it didn’t disturb me at all probably means I’m not human, but then, the only thing I could think of the whole time was that it looked like ice cream and not, well, what it was supposed to look like.

    Fake-poo-gate? o.0

  • One criteria for the winners has to be how groundbreaking and timeless an actor’s performance is. All Dinklage’s competitors are fine artists, but his role will be remembered long after those of his fellow nominees.

  • I hate to be the one to reopen the BloodyGate on this thread, but what does “So far, nothing we’ve considered important to the show has been axed for creative reasons as opposed to financial reasons” mean?

    I’m sure it’s the language barrier, but 9 times out of 10 I don’t understand what D&D are saying. Luckily they are better, clearer scriptwriters than interviewees.

    In this case, I understand their declaration thus: “HBO hasn’t asked us to cut anything we considered important to the show for creative reasons; all that has been cut was for financial reasons.”

    In our case, it MIGHT mean: “We really wanted to have Riverrun, but we cut it because it’s too expensive.”

    If this is what they mean, I don’t have to like it but I understand it. But if it is, why not say so?

    In this whole matter of the cuts, what drives me up the wall is the lack of clarity. The HBO viewers guide lacked the Blackfish even before S1 started. GRRM never gave a straight answer to inquiries. In the occasion of the Trout Out thread, someone from this site (sorry, can’t check yet) HINTED that HBO HINTED that the Tullys were tullied. I’m a bit sick of hints.

    Is it possible that at this stage of production they are still in doubt about a whole castle+family? If the Tullys are too expensive, why not just say so and be done? And if it’s meant to be a super secret and they cast Jeremy Irons and Damian Lewis and Christopher Plummer and want to make us a surprise, why not REALLY keep mum about it? They would spare themselves and us the same questions over and over again, leaving time for other interesting inquiries.

    I understand there can be a middle answer and they are quietly going about the casting like they did with Pod and Balon. But they’ve never treated Pod and Balon with all this ambiguity either. Or am I just paranoid?

    Apologies if this is not the thread for blackfishing, but I’m really confused and perplexed, not to mention tired. I’d peacefully wait for the outcome, if not for the continuing mysterious declarations.

  • I saw Riverrun on the Viewer’s Guide; I’m choosing to be optimistic that we’ll see it in some fashion.

  • metalgoddessamb: DB Weiss and David Benioff, the showrunners of the hit HBO fantasy drama Game of Thrones, have revealed that they plan to make the show more about enjoyment and less about the George RR Martin novels. Even if that means upsetting the fans of the books…

    That does not really sound good. And they should remember that many fans of the TV-show are now picking up the books as well…

    But, then again, we knew that they would have a harder time converting the second, third and so on books, because the world keeps expanding with new places and characters and plots. Which naturally means more deviations from the books.

    You never know, but this doesn’t really tell us anything new. Yeah, I’m still a bit worried, though.

  • metalgoddessamb,

    that’s a part of the same innterview linked in the post. There’s nothing about the show becoming “more about enjoyment and less about the George RR Martin novels”. They just say there’re some things that HAVE to be changed, we already know and most people are okay with it. If cutting of tullys and reeds in the most extreme change they’re going to do this season, i’ll be incredibly satisfied

  • I just do not get where is the origin of the hysteria that lately begun to spread by some indivduals on the net.
    I have noticed lately a negativism growing around the season which has not been filmed yet and which is worse from which we have not seen any still, either!

    Few casting choices not simillar to the book? An interview and words pulled from it without the context?

    Calm down people a bit !