Casting Rumors

Rorge cast?

Smells about right, and we have a nose for these sorts of things here at House Gatewatch. So when bottom-supporter James linked us the client CV of one Andy Beckwith in the latest Quick Hits post, we did a little digging.

Looks legit! Beckwith is a consummate character actor known for rough-and-tumble roles, having appeared in movies such as Snatch, Unleashed, and two of the Pirates of the Caribbean films. Beckwith is repped by Shepperd-Fox, and unless someone screwed with their website (and Beckwith’s page), this is legit.

He’s also not the guy who played Rorge for approximately eight seconds in season one’s finale, Fire and Blood. (No, that’s not Liam Neeson either.) Which means Rorge is the first Game of Thrones character played by two different actors on screen. Or at least the first we’ve learned of. Tuck that away somewhere, trivia buffs!

Fire And Blood: I personally remember Beckwith in Jet Li’s Unleashed—pretty fierce dude! I’m not surprised they re-cast, especially if the first guy was just an extra they yanked aside to stick prosthetics on his nose. Speaking of the nose, it will be interesting to see whether or not HBO decides to go with the completely noseless version. My guess is not, but who knows?

Only the nose knows.