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Dubrovnik filming locations revealed

By Hear Me Roar on

Save for an official HBO announcement (which are unfortunately completely non-existent these days), filming in Croatia is a done deal, and so is the fact that Malta has been dropped as a location. First the minor part of the news: … Continue reading

WiCnet Season One Awards: Best Comedic Scene

By Hear Me Roar on

After last week’s serious business, we now give you the chance to pick your favourite funny scene. Sounds simple, but here are a few necessary comments: No, we couldn’t include every Tyrion scene for you to choose from. More seriously, … Continue reading

WiCnet merch site officially launches – Pre-order Always Support The Bottom tee!

By Winter Is Coming on

You asked for it, and now you got it. Today is the day the oft-requested Merchandise site officially launches! We hope to one day stock it full of awesome tees, polos, hoodies and whatever else you guys might request. … Continue reading

Unofficial: Quaithe and Lorren cast, director added

By Winter Is Coming on

A trio of unofficial updates: German-born actress Laura Pradelska has tweeted she just got out of a costume fitting and that she has been cast to play Quaithe in season two of Game of Thrones. So it sounds pretty legit. … Continue reading

Filming in Dubrovnik, Croatia, becoming a reality

By Hear Me Roar on

Rumours on filming Season 2 in Croatia have been around for a very long time. Heck, I might have been the first to inadvertently call it, as an April’s Fool joke on Twitter (mostly to tease our tireless The Rabbit). … Continue reading

Game of Thrones on late night

By Winter Is Coming on

Jason Momoa has been making the talk show rounds lately due to the upcoming release of Conan the Barbarian, in which he stars. A couple weeks back he went onto the The Tonight Show and although they didn’t talk Game … Continue reading

Game of Thrones scripts suspected stolen

By Winter Is Coming on

I missed this news the first time, but it has gone on to make the rounds, including being picked up by Huffington Post and Reuters. So we’ll post it here to help get the word out or if you were … Continue reading

Day 22: Filming at Ballintoy Harbour

By Winter Is Coming on

Well I’m back from a week long vacation in which I took a break from this site and the day job and had spent some quality time with the family (although I did manage to finally finish A Dance with … Continue reading

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau interviewed on HBO Connect

By Fire And Blood on

Our resident roaring lion of Lannister had a blast with us at the SDCC, elating in the lion-like roar of the hard-core fans (many possibly pro-Lannister—I was certainly sporting my red-and-gold) and media people packed into that hall… and now … Continue reading

Quick Hits: Nikolaj! GRRM! D&D! Oona! And… “Dark Side of the Throne?”

By Fire And Blood on

First and fastest, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau will be doing a LIVE CHAT TODAY via HBO Connect at 1:30PM EST. Hopefully if you’re interested in joining in, you read this notice in time. Run, don’t walk! There’s a Great Dane to catch! … Continue reading

WiCnet Season One Awards: Best Dramatic Scene

By Hear Me Roar on

Another friday, another category to vote for. In this edition of WiCnetSeason One Awards, we ask you to select the best dramatic scene out of the five nominees. In the following weeks we are also going to visit the show’s … Continue reading

Robert Pugh cast as Craster

By Fire And Blood on

Master and Craster! The Hollywood Reporter announced just moments ago the casting of Welsh actor Robert Pugh in the role of Craster, friend of the Night’s Watch. His “interesting” relationship with young Gilly (Hannah Murray) is part of what makes … Continue reading

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