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Another season two director revealed

While HBO has been doing better recently with getting more and more of the cast announced, we are still pretty in the dark as to who will be behind the lens for season two of Game of Thrones. Alan Taylor has been the only director to be officially announced; he will be directing four episodes this season. David Petrarca was revealed in an actor’s CV as a director working on Thrones, but that has yet to be confirmed by HBO.

Now comes another unofficial reveal, this time via an article at the Brandon Sun (thanks to OhDanyBoy for the find). The article is a preview of the upcoming Gemini Awards, Canada’s version of the Emmys, where they interview Canadian TV director Jeremy Podeswa who reveals that he will be unable to attend the event due to him working on Game of Thrones. Podeswa is a veteran, Emmy-nominated TV director who has worked on many shows in his career including The Tudors, Rubicon and The Borgias. As with all the other Thrones‘ directors, Podeswa is no stranger to HBO having directed eps of Six Feet Under, Carnivàle, Deadwood, Rome, The Pacific, Boardwalk Emprire and True Blood.

Winter Is Coming: Assuming this is true, Podeswa may be the third and final director added for season two. We know Taylor will direct four episodes, so I’m going to guess the remaining six will be split between Petrarca and Podeswa. Hopefully an announcement will be made soon, to make this whole thing official.


  • I haven’t looked yet at which episodes of other shows he’s directed, but I’m excited all the same! I do like the idea of having a small pool of directors for shows, as it just seems like there would be more consistency from episode to episode.
    Welcome to the show!

  • Héctor López de Victoria:
    If IMDB is anything to go by, 2.1 will be directed by Daniel Minahan, who directed “A Golden Crown”, “You Win or You Die” (personal favorite) and “The Pointy End”. So, that’d take the number of directors to “4″. :)

    IMDb is pretty unreliable. And I’m fairly certain that Alan Taylor has been the director on set at the start of filming here, which means it is likely that he is directing 2.1.

    So no Van Patten this season? While I enjoyed Taylor’s episodes the most I thought Van Patten’s were right up there.

    Well, we don’t know yet. All we know is Taylor is directing 4 eps. These two names have been leaked, so I was speculating that they will split the remaining 6 eps between them. It’s possible that Petrarca and Podeswa may only be doing 2 eps each, which would leave room for Van Patten. Or maybe Dan Minahan.

    One thing I think we can safely rule out is a return from Brian Kirk, who seems to have moved on to bigger and better things.

  • I allways find it really difficult to see the hand of one or another director in series like GoT where you have a mix of various directors and writers every season. So, frankly, I have no opinion whatsoever on director castings ;-)

  • I do think Alan Taylor’s work was some of the strongest, but I would also hazard a guess that much of that was due to the material he was working with (some of the most intense scenes from the novel). Not that I’m denying the awesomeness of his two episodes, but it definitely didn’t hurt that he was given two of the most hard-hitting scripts.

  • I’ve seen quite a few of Jeremy Podeswa’s eps from other TV series such as Carnivale, The Tudors, BW Emp etc etc and from memory, for the most part they were all pretty good.

    However I really did NOT enjoy the action scenes at the end of the Iwo Jima episode he directed of The Pacific, it was pretty corny and terrible.
    Not all of that was his fault I realize, the writing of it could have been the problem, along with the editing and music which was horribly over the top. “John Basilone is the only man here worth a damn and no one else knows what they’re doing, hollywood hero moment and then a corny hollywood death scene … hooray” :rolleyes:

    Maybe some more laid back episodes for him, either way – will be interesting to see how it goes.

  • I must say I’m glad Brian Kirk is not returning apparently. He directed some of the weakest scenes in the show in my opinion, including the unimaginative Arya scene where she overhears Varys/Illyrio in the dungeons. And the Lord Snow ep, which was perhaps the worst episode of the season.

  • Tom Hilton, Jane Espenson confirmed she won’t be back for season two. The writers we know of so far are Benioff and Weiss (obviously), and Bryan Cogman will also pen an episode.

  • Hmm. Actually not that thrilled about this. I believe that The Tudors, The Borgias, and True Blood, though sometimes good, are among the trashiest shows on television. I fear for the expository sex scenes in any of these 4 season 2 episodes.

  • JM, he’s directed a lot more than those shows though. And besides, directors aren’t writers. You can’t blame them for the content of a show they work on.

  • New casting Clues!!!

    Cage Match Pairings

    * Sep. 1st, 2011 at 11:56 AM

    Pirate and Bully.

    Dead Man and Barman.

    Corporal and Potato.

    Gash and Nark.

    And let’s all be grateful, the big dog didn’t get bitten.

  • Tar Kidho,

    Okay, that’s Rorge and Biter. No question.

    Pirate is Andy Beckwith, don’t know who bully is.

    The “barman” clue somehow makes me think Steve Spiers is Biter. But I’m horrible at these.

  • Josh Parker:
    Tar Kidho,

    Okay, that’s Rorge and Biter. No question.

    Pirate is Andy Beckwith, don’t know who bully is.

    The “barman” clue somehow makes me think Steve Spiers is Biter. But I’m horrible at these.

    Would make sense indeed that it’s about Rorge and Biter, but as you, I am awfully bad at these riddles ;-)

  • I am soo glad that Jeremy Podeswa will be involved with “Game Of Thrones”. Of course there is a bit of pride since Podeswa is Canadian…yeah boyyyyyy!

    Besides I have seen a lot of the fine work he did for Showtime, HBO and other networks, and he is a good director on his own terms.

    The cool thing is that he has already worked with Stephen Dillane on the great but overlooked movie “Fugitive Pieces”. Together they created a gem of a movie which I wish more people would see…

    Anyways I’m confident he will be a great asset to the show.

    PS What about Tony To or Bruce McKenna, they are two other HBO stallwarts with the pedigree and balls to direct episodes on a show like “Game Of Thrones”?

  • 3 is a nice number if directors. Someone else pointed out that the episodes are more likely to be consistant this way.

  • andrea,

    sometimes I get mad at you? I don’t know when that happened haha. ‘Word’ means ‘true, that,’ ‘fo sho’ or ‘yes I agree with you very much!’. For someone who’s catching up on the Wire you need to get your ‘slang’ in order! And yes, Rubicon and Terriers were two of the most hurtful cancellations in years.

  • Knurk,

    Terriers? I never heard… I’ll have to look. Oh yes, my slang is very poor… I’m watching season 3 now and I´m really really happy. I can´t believe it. One thing bothers me: Carketi?? c´mon… should be pronounced Carchetti…as befits the Italian sound. It´s my only complaint.
    Hamsterdam? was funny to you? the missing literary reference: Dante’s Inferno. Beautiful.
    I miss Rubicon.