Carice Van Houten Filming Melisandre Rumors Speculation

Day 40: Filming in the Glens

Information for what they have been filming recently has been a bit spotty. Lots of reports of trucks and trailers and signs, but not much info on what or where exactly they’ve been filming.

In our last update, we reported that they would be doing some filming at Murlough Bay. Eyewitness reports indicate that there is in fact a large caravan of trucks and trailers there presently. But now we’ve also received word via Twitter of some filming in the Glens of Antrim, near the village of Cushendun, which is clear on the other side of Northern Ireland. So either they are filming in two locations simultaneously, or the Murlough Bay shoot is winding down and Cushendun is beginning. Or vice versa.

The Cushendun location is interesting because there is a nice seaside cave nearby (pictured above)… Storm’s End anyone? On a possibly related note, Carice van Houten (Melisandre) is in Belfast prepping to film some scenes and sent out  this rather cryptic tweet. Interesting.

Another rumored location is Gosford Forest Park and possibly Gosford Castle. There have been pink “GOT” signs spotted in the area, though where exactly they lead, we don’t know yet. This location may still be in prep mode for later filming. A local newspaper also reported that they plan to film at Dunluce Castle and Whitepark Bay in the coming weeks.

Winter Is Coming: As always, we will keep our eyes open and our ears to the ground, for any other filming activity. If you have any tips or info, drop us a line!


  • Lord Two Feathers,

    K, so you gotta tell us everything you can or at least hint as narrowly as possible; do you know of any Reeds or Tullys we don’t?

    Even a “well, but then I’d have to kill you” would be good. If you don’t know, I can’t imagine they’d be angry at you for saying so, but if you do, give us all you can!

  • @ Starfall

    Yeah, I’m thinking either that, or some nasty makeup with a demon baby crowning between her legs. I wouldn’t put it past this show to be any less graphic than it needs to be.

  • There’s a nice sea cave underneath Dunluce Castle (Google images: Dunluce Castle Cave) which would possibly more fitting than the Cushendun Cave for Storms End. I would suggest that for safety reasons though they wouldn’t film under the castle as it is rather treacherous … Ballintoy Harbour also has a few largish caves which may possibly have been used for some short scenes

    I was up by Murlough Bay on Wed and all that I could see was the GOT tank track laid out but not sure wheather it was prior to or after filming.. I’d guess before as didn’t notice that much disturbance in the surrounding ground

  • Now to business, I was on set this week for a days work, it was a totally different day than I had guessed last week,and my character was also changed last minute.But these things happen. As it turns out I enjoyed it more than if it had been in Winterfells hall. It was a long (15hr) shoot. A huge complicated battle aftermath set with hundreds of extras. VERY impressive.It was shot in Saintfield Demense, the same estate where they shot Robbs camp,and the Winterfell Weirwood tree ( which is back to looking like a normal Beech tree again). I think it will be the battle of Oxcross,when Robb defeats Stafford Lannister. By the time these scenes go through post production they will be pretty epic. Not LOTR epic but definately HBO epic.Roose Bolton was also there and most of the day was taken up filming dialog between Robb and Roose from various angles. Plenty of background blood and guts,great makeup and costumes.I had a lot of fun. Unfortunately ( Dizzy 34 and Josh Parker) due to the changes mentioned I am unable to provide any new intel. regarding the Reeds. Oxcross isn`t really featured strongly in the books, it is only mentioned briefly in ,I think in a Tyrion chapter and again in a Sansa chapter. The scale of what I saw could suggest more emphasis is placed on events there for a reason. What the reason is though is unclear.

  • Lord Two Feathers,

    Thank you my Lord!

    Some news from Dubrovnik though:
    The first CRO-extras are called back these days for the fitting of the costumes.
    Also rumours are circulating about that the preparations for the “artistic look” of the sets are almost over.

  • I think you’ve got your locations mixed up. Cushendun is about a 20 minute drive from Murlough Bay.

    Edit: Not sure how to make the link show up, click my name for Google Maps.

  • Yeah you got to watch out for the Murlough Bay (National Nature Reserve) in County Down, can cause a bit of confusion….

  • In my humble opinion, Gosford Park Castle (East Courtyard) might be used for Riverrun, Dunluce Castle Ruins on the rocky outcropping could be Storms End (after all the CGI) or Pyke but I think the former, and lastly Whitepark Bay perhaps as the standin for the Battle of Blackwater scenes.

  • When I read that Dunluce Castle “is located on the edge of a basalt outcropping in County Antrim (between Portballintrae and Portrush), and is accessible via a bridge connecting it to the mainland,” I immediately thought we’ve got our Pyke, but if there is indeed a cave under Dunluce, I guess it could be Storm’s End, instead.

  • Took another video down in Cushendun Caves and caught some people on a boat. Could it possibly be Melisandre and Davos on the boat, what do you think?

  • I would not post links in here (it is in croatian anyway), but the first reports from the fittings say that one of the first scenes to be filmed in Dubrovnik would be Tyrion, Bronn and the Clansmen entering the KL.
    It is up to me to figure out which gate they would be using: Pila or Ploče ;)

  • tysnow:
    In my humble opinion, Gosford Park Castle (East Courtyard) might be used for Riverrun, Dunluce Castle Ruins on the rocky outcropping could be Storms End (after all the CGI) or Pyke but I think the former, and lastly Whitepark Bay perhaps as the standin for the Battle of Blackwater scenes.

    When I saw Gosford Castle, I immediately thought Riverrun also. But the castle is actually private residences now, so how would that work out?