Game of Thrones wins Emmy for Main Title Design

The Creative Arts Emmys awards ceremony was held tonight in Los Angeles and the winners of all of the technical categories were announced. Game of Thrones was nominated for nine different Creative Arts awards and ended up taking home the gold for Best Main Title Design!

Somewhat surprisingly, they lost in a few other categories where I felt they had a good chance at winning, including Best Casting (they were beat out by Boardwalk Empire), Best Costumes (The Borgias won), Best Stunts (Southland got the statue), and Best Visual Effects (Boardwalk Empire again). They also lost in the categories of Best Hairstyling, Best Make-up (prosthetic and non-prosthetic), and Best Sound Editing.

Winter Is Coming: Too bad about all those losses. I figured at least a couple of those would be wins. We definitely got overlooked for Best Casting. Nina Gold shoulda won that one. But still, the one award they did win was well-deserved. Congrats to Angus Wall and his team!


  • What a joke. Boardwalk Empire doesn’t have a single thing going for it that’s better than anything on Game of Thrones.

  • Happy about the win… and the Borgias did have amazing costumes… But Boardwalk Empire beating Thrones for visual effects is one of the most insane, ridiculous things I’ve ever heard. Complete BS.

  • Well deserved. But i think they were robbed at Casting, Special Visual Effects and Stunt Coordination. the others awards were fine.

    The Special Visual Effects award for BE is quite outrageous. It had GoT all over it.

  • Best casting hurt the most, but there’s only one award that matters most.

    And that is: BEST SERIES. Seriously, without Breaking Bad this year GoT and Dinklage need to bring it home (anyone watch Aaron Paul in Problem Dog last week…?). Though I don’t regard these technical awards represent the best aspects of the show it would have been nice to get some buzz going.

  • I’m very happy about the main title design win because Game of Throne’s main title sequence is perhaps the best title sequence I’ve ever seen for a TV show so I’m glad the team got the recognition they deserve. The song is fantastic—a great combination of magical, melancholy, and epic (for lack of a better word)—way better than I ever could have expected. The CG design is unique and whimsical, and I love how it changes as the story moves to new locations. Pretty awesome. I’d rank Game of Thrones right there with Carnivale’s opening, another favorite.

    That said, the only other technical category I could have hoped they’d win was casting but I guess Nina Gold’s impressive work is probably more apparent to the readers since she was so right for many of our favorite characters.

    I’ve got to say while I enjoyed Game of Thrones more than Boardwalk, Boardwalk looked really, really good from the boardwalk itself to the costumes, hair, and makeup. It was an expensive series and it showed. I’m not surprised they won for visual effects, though I have to say The Wall absolutely took my breath away the first time I saw it in a picture, Winterfell and King’s Landing from a difference, and of course the dragons were top notch.

    I only saw one episode of The Borgias and thought it was awful, but must admit it looked very nice. However, I prefer the costumes created for Game of Thrones. I think they did a great job designing unique styles of dress, yet it felt like something people could have worn in Europe during the middle ages. Lucky Sophie Turner got to wear some gorgeous dresses. Me=jealous.

  • I love Boardwalk Empire, have no desire to put that show down, and it does have a great cast. But Nina Gold killed it with the casting for GoT. I’m shocked she didn’t win.

  • Knurk,

    Unfortunately Boardwalk is going to win Best Series hands down. The news coverage and overall reception has been angling for that ever since the nominations were announced. I would love for GOT to win best series, but I don’t think it will happen. Boardwalk had a full year for people, and voters, to get excited over it, and you had people wanting it to win Best Series ever since the first few episodes, while Game of Thrones only had a few months, and I’m afraid that counts more than the comparative qualities of the series itself, things beings as they are! That said, Boardwalk is a class show and to be neck-and-neck with a series like it will be great for GOT as well – I don’t think anything will be taken away from it.

  • Valon Jakupi,

    i LOVE Boardwalk Empire, but i do have to agree. The casting was pretty awesome for BE, but holy crap these guys who made this show actually WENT to the blogs and comment boards to see who the audience was dreaming up for which actor would be best for each role; then grabbing those actors!!! Sean Bean, Peter Dinklage, Brienne (just announced). That to me tells dedication that deserves an emmy… What if Nina Gold decides that wasnt the best strategy and ignore it altogether now?!?! AAAHHHHHH!!!!

  • Winning best series this year is a little out of reach for us. But in all honesty, if we don’t take best series next year or the the year after (if there is a S3, which there better be *shakes fist*) then THAT will be a tragedy.

    What is a tragedy this year is losing the Special Effects and Casting. BE better than GOT in special effects? I mean HELLO did you see those dragons?! And the freaking wall was so awesome! The castles and such… seriously, wth.

    And I think the casting in Boardwalk is pretty good, but not good enough to beat Nina. :( I was really hoping she would get it.

  • Boardwalk Empire won Best Visual Effects? For what visual effects, exactly? That’s a joke, folks, and a bad one too. BE does have an excellent cast, but GoT’s is better for the sheer number of well-cast actors; the ratio of good BE actors to good GoT actors is probably about 1:3, the BE actors just get a lot more screen time so it is easier to remember their good performances. Glad GoT got Main Title design though, well deserved.

    Crossing my fingers for Dinklage to win Supporting Actor, he deserves it. Best Drama Series is a long shot, going up against other great shows like Mad Men and Friday Night Lights, but Breaking Bad will not be in the running so there is a chance (Mad Men is a great show, but Breaking Bad rivals Sopranos and the Wire for best ever IMO, for some reason the Emmys like Mad Men more despite the fact that the BB acting is simply better).

  • Best Casting-Boardwalk Empire? If there’s anything that holds that show back most it’s the casting, specifically casting Steve Buscemi as the lead. I like Steve Buscemi but they should have cast someone else as Nucky.

  • This is so deserved. Congrats on the recognition for your work on the titles, guys!

    I couldn’t see them taking Best Hairstyling after Cersei’s wigs, but I think Boardwalk probably deserved its Visual Effects win. It pretty flawlessly recreated Prohibition-era US. I think the casting on BE was great, too, so I don’t want to knock them for that, but I did prefer GoT in that department.

  • Lex,

    I agree. I can’t begrudge the Borgias because their costumes were outstanding (I think quality-wise on par with sets and visuals with GoT) But BWE for Visual Effects and Casting? I’ve never seen something as perfectly cast as GoT. The only quibble I have to with the stableboy who was there for like 3 seconds. (and though I dislike the addition of Ros, she was well cast for the part). And losing for visual effects? Gahhhhh. I don’t think it will win Best Series, despite my hopes. The anti-fantasy bias is already in full swing.

  • I can imagine that things like the Dothraki switching from mediterranean tanned and darker skinned extras to pale northern irish extras speaks against Game of Thrones with regards to casting and also to really appreciate the brilliance of Nina Golds casting you would need to read the books which I doubt many Emmy voters have.

  • On Boardwalk visual effects were used to do Richard’s lack of a face and looked stunning. I love GoT to death but what Boardwalk did was pretty amazing in a different way. And most of Atlantic City was done using visual effects as well. Sad about Nina Gold not getting a win though.

  • andrea,

    Hah thank you! For putting my post in perspective, I don’t know why I got excited about these silly emmy awards. The Wire never won or got nominated, ergo: emmy’s suck.

    Edit: the fact that people didn’t see any visual effects in BE makes them deserve the award even more.

  • Whether it is intentional or not you have to remember that BE is a US based show and GOT is filmed in Europe. I’m sure the mostly US based Emmy voters are more likely to vote for people they know or have worked with if there is little between two choices.

    I think the titles were just too outstanding to be denied.

  • Knurk: Hah thank you!

    I´m sorry, wasn´t a happy thought for saturday night but I looked into it (and found nothing) and if that show did not win the Emmy for best series then… those awards really sucks (like the Oscar´s most of the time).

  • Knurk: the fact that people didn’t see any visual effects in BE makes them deserve the award even more.

    yes! although I loved GoT´s effects I think there are much more in BE (that beach!)

    I almost forgot to congratulate this award for Main Title design… is truly well deserved.

  • So everyone who called the “Main Title” emmy way back in April gets a pat on the back.

    In other news, I went to the TIFF screening of Headhunters tonight and Nikolai Coster-Waldau was there (along with the director, and star) for the screening and Q&A. Damn is that man nice to look at. Be proud of me, I kept my nerd in check, even three feet away from him.

    I guess that means no Jaime scenes filmed today ;)

  • andrea,

    The beach, all of the Atlantic City skyline, the neighborhoods that the characters go home to, Richards face. Sorry, I love GOT but they really put in work to make BE’s effects shots look seamless. When you have an actor with half his face replaced by a digital effect and it doesn’t affect the impact his work has on the viewer they deserve to get a nod.

  • As much as I love GoT….Boardwalk Empire’s visual effects work was AMAZING. They definitely deserved that award. Cinematography could have gone either way.

  • The Emmys are just another bullshit award. Like the Oscars, Grammys, etc., they rarely go to the most deserving nominees. As someone has already pointed out, The Wire — widely regarded as the best series in the history of television — was virtually ignored completely by the Emmys for its entire 5 year run. Two writing nominations in five near-perfect seasons. That’s all. It lost once to an episode of House and then later to the pilot of Mad Men.

    All that said however, the CG was not perfect on GoT and I’m not shocked to see it lose in that category. The same can be said about the costumes (the Dothraki stuff was the weak link, I’m sure). No win for casing though? Ridiculous. I thought that was as much of a guaranteed win as the title design. The show is cast brilliantly, right down to relatively small roles.

    Anyone expecting a win for Best Series is setting themselves up for a big let down. Industry awards like these are largely political, and Boardwalk Empire has that one completely in the bag, in no small part because of the big names associated with it (Scorcese). That aside, if you are seeing GoT losing in nearly every technical category it has next to no chance to win a non-technical award, deserved or not. Who knows about Dinklage though? I think he could potentially pull off a win, but I wouldn’t bet the farm on it.

    My point is, though, that none of it matters. Awards are nice, but at the end of the day what is going to get the series a third and fourth season are strong ratings and DVD sales — not silly golden statues.

  • I guess they decided Boardwalk is gonna win best series early on, and therefore, it needed to win in a bunch of other categories as well.

    I have a good feeling about Dinklage, though. Are they really gonna nominate GOT for that many categories and just leave them with this Title design award? Can’t wait to hear Dinklages acceptancespeech.

  • This is disappointing. I haven’t seen any of the shows that won, but I’m surprised any can beat that cast. And the VFX are fantastic… (Do they consider the series as a whole or are they only considering based on a single episode?)

    So, that leaves only Best Series and Best Supporting Actor for GoT’s nominations right? I hope HBO doesn’t put too much credit in Emmy/Awards recognition.

  • Eric Bigpicture: That’s all. It lost once to an episode of House and then later to the pilot of Mad Men.

    Oh my, I can´t believe it… Well, it is just as I always thought about awards… but far worse because The Wire was never rewarded and just now (today) I come to find out… I guess I avoided a big disappointment.

  • Best cast to boardwalk empire!!! What!? Most the cast was,admittedly good BUT buscemi fell short as the dynamic leading male! A fantastic role that he unfortunately fell short in! This is coming from a fellow thespien…rubbish! Please forgive my bad spelling and appalling grammar hahaha im on a slow 3g :p

  • Wow. The one award I was sure about was visual effects. Sure, I’m incredibly biased but this still shocks me. I now have no expectations for the big categories.

  • Only one win, quite disappointing. IMO this doesn’t bode well – sure it’s just the technical awards but it quite shows where the voters’ preference lie. The Kennedy mini-series won more (3) even when it was negatively received by critics.

    But some good news – Downton Abbey won in Best Cinematography and Best Costume! Hurray!

  • This once again reafirms my decision to not pay any attention to awards nor put much value on them, in spite of the fact that I do recognize that any wins for “Game Of Thrones” would benefit the series in various ways, not in the least ensuring a long run.

    However the Emmmy’s and other such award shows tend to play it safe and stick to what they know. They are also quite conservative in nature as are many of the voting members. “Boardwalk Empire” represents something safe and familiar. While it is a good series, actually a very good series, its template is not that foreign to critics and audiences, it is very much in the tradition of “The Sopranos”. Plus, since Martin Scorsese’s career has enjoyed a resurgence during the past decade, the movie and television industry is trying to make up for lost ground and time, and are honouring him lest they be called blind as before, when for some insane reason, movies like “Mean Streets”, “Taxi Driver”, “Raging Bull”, “Goodfellas” and “Casino” failed to win him many directing awards?!?!??

    Furthermore, “Game Of Thrones” is a show that really defies most of the formats and genres of TV shows on-air at the moment. After all AMC’s “The Walking Dead” seems to be going through the same thing. Though both have become wildly popular shows in quite a short period of time, the people who are suppossed to be at the cutting edge of TV programming are asleep at the switch…

    Besides these are the same people that never gave any credit to shows like “OZ” or “The Wire”….enough said!

  • Icebird: I hope HBO doesn’t put too much credit in Emmy/Awards recognition.


    So game of thrones gets nominated for a bunch of Emmys this year – which is more than you can say for almost every show on TV today, and this is still bad news? Even if it doesn’t win a second award, it’s still been more recognized by the Emmys than the vast majority of TV-shows.

  • Lex:
    Happy about the win… and the Borgias did have amazing costumes… But Boardwalk Empire beating Thrones for visual effects is one of the most insane, ridiculous things I’ve ever heard. Complete BS.


    No real surprise here. With a bigger budget there is room for some more complex effect shots.

  • Oh come on, no visual effects award? BE didn’t have anything on them. Casting, objectively, I can see why was close, or couldn’t attract so many votes compared to BE, even if it should … Tough! Hope it’s not a sign regarding the main awards :(

  • A bit dissaåointing that they only won the one award (yet). but one also has to remember that this is considered a fantasy show.

    Lets just keep on crossing fingers and toes for the big one!

  • Oh, and of course big congratulation on the main title design award, let’s not forget to celebrate that, despite everything! They surely won by a mile, kudos. * claps *

  • Have never seen BE, but if it has lots of visual effects and yet people are asking “what visual effects”, that tells me they must have done a good job.

  • As WiC said, congrats to Angus Wall and everyone who was part of putting together that amazing opening!

    And yes, as others have mentioned, our favorite little show has now won more Emmys than the greatest television show of all time, the Wire. So that should tell you how much the Emmys really mean.

    They should’ve won for Visual Effects, but I can’t really be mad, since BE’s were brilliant, as well. I guess I could say the same thing about the Casting award. GoT was clearly better, but BE was outstanding, and I hereby demand trial by combat with anyone who doesn’t think Steve Buscemi is fucking awesome!!

    Sadly, though, I’m pretty sure the Casting award is the true harbinger of our fate come next Sunday, simply because it is probably the best predictor of the other awards. Honestly, though, does anyone even know what the current voting process is? Here’s an article I found from 2007:,0,439435.htmlstory

    The Seven only know what its like now

  • To console ourselves a bit:

    Robb s camp?, Renly s camp?
    It does not look like Dothraki tents to me.

    On topic:
    Did not want to share my opinion of the awards we lost to Boardwalk Empire, simply beacause I have not watch it.
    Still, I am bit disappointed especeally about the visual effects category – been rooting for the guys of BlueBolt with all my heart.

  • They definitely should have won for casting. The others were probably correct. I think if the people had read the books they probably would have realized how spot on the casting was.

  • The Rabbit,

    Awesome pictures! That’s Renlys camp right there, see the melee ground in the middle of the camp?
    It looks pretty small though but since the Kings Landing tourney was way too small, why not make the Renyl melee smaller too :/

    @topic: Just watched the BWE VFX video posted earlier…. it is truly amazing and I can see why they gave the Emmy to BWE. Can’t say anything about the casting since I havent seen the show.
    When will the other Emmys be announced?

  • I don´t get the nerdrage over the loss of the Visual Effects Award.
    BE´s CGI was absolutely amazing, and as good as anything GOT came up with this Season. People asking “what FX?” is – if anything – only confirmation for that. Most of the Boardwalk was CGI, actually.

    No shame in losing here, folks.

  • Let’s be positive about this: Huray, GoT won at least one Emmy in its very first season!!!! Who would have thought THAT all those years ago when the plans to make it into a series first surfaced!

    With the season 1 actors and actresses becoming more familiar, and the strong casting for season 2 so far, I’m sure Nina Gold will have even more chances of getting recognition next year around. For Best Stunts, I think a ‘medieval’-type series like GoT really needs at least one larger-scale fighting scene. Frankly I can’t see why GoT was even nominated this season… And let’s be honest, it should never ever have been nominated in the first place for Best Hairstyling!

    So all in all, I’m happy with this, and I naïvely hope that GoT didn’t get some of the deserved awards (casting, visual effects) because they will be awarded for Best Drama Series and Best Supporting Actor ;-)

  • Dekar,

    Boardwalk has special effects? ²

    That’s kinda the point. They’re so good you didn’t notice them. Most of the Atlantic City panorama was CGId.

  • The Rabbit: To console ourselves a bit:

    Robb s camp?, Renly s camp?
    It does not look like Dothraki tents to me.

    That looks so adorably beautiful I just wonna pack my bags and go camping there! Doesn’t look Dothraki indeed, and although I also find it very small for Renly’s camp, I have no doubt they can make it appear bigger without ruining totally the fantastic natural surroundings of the place. One thought though: who would EVER set up camp there, with the risk of easily being trapped by a small enemy force…

  • Yay for the main title! All has already been said about it. It took my breath away.

    I’m not happy about losing in the other categories. Speaking from the heights of my ignorance about TV shows, however, I think I understand a little the rationale for certain choices. Costumes and visual effects on a history series are judged, I suppose, for their adherence to the original. A fantasy series has no such reference; it can only be liked or disliked. Maybe the GOT mixing of styles, which is inevitable and in my view also brilliant, put off the judges.

    The casting presents the opposite problem. This time, WE have a precise reference to which the actors to be chosen must conform: the descriptions in the books and our imagination. Now, imagination is different for everyone, and certain choices confuse us, but I guess the final results satisfied most everyone. Obvious example: Bronn. I bet very few of us saw him that way, and I also bet most of us now will see him that way forever!

    I think the other series started from scraps, not from pre-existent books (correct me if I’m wrong – Borgias maybe is an exception), so maybe they were judged also by how the cast interacted as a whole. GOT’s storylines typically separates the cast and there were few moments when more than two or three characters interact. In fact the group scenes are among my faves, such as the Night Watch Support Group, but they are few and far between.

  • A visual effects Award for Boardwalk Empire insteaf of Game of Thrones, such a shame…

    But congrats for the winning anymay ! Hope Got will win everything next year !

  • Eric Bigpicture,

    I agree with everything you posted. While I feel let down by the (well-deserved) single category win, and especially the fact that Nina Gold didn’t win for the casting category, if I could get GoT to continue on and on with more amazing seasons and yet zero rewards, I am happy. That said, awards could help make the series even more successful, which in turn will help sales and the possibility for more seasons. That’s my main worry. Still, hoping to be (very) surprised and see GoT win best Drama series and Peter Dinklage win Best supporting actor.

  • Dekar: year for people, and voters, to get excited over it, and you had people wanting it to win Best Series ever since the first few episodes, while Game of Thrones only had a few m

    All of you who ask “What special effects?” have just solidified Boardwalk Empires win in special effects as a good choice of winner. Since you dont even know what is or isnt special effects in that show. And that is mark of good special effects, when you dont even notice the special effects, when it blends in so well you dont know what is what.

    My opinion on it though is that Game of Thrones should have won in many of those categories including special effects. Hopefully they will get it next year

  • Congrats to everyone involved in the titles, great achievement and definitely well deserved.

    Disappointed GoT missed out on casting award since that was excellent, but having not seen the competition I can’t really judge. Though I do think that while all the characters were brilliant, someone who hasn’t read the books might take too much notice of the Dothraki extras (Dothraki being a bit of a mixture, due to taking slaves etc from other cultures does make sense, but it wasn’t explained in the show) and the occasional knight who looks too skinny to swing a sword all day. Which is a shame if that’s the case, because all the characters were portrayed so well!

  • Tar KidhoOne thought though: who would EVER set up camp there, with the risk of easily being trapped by a small enemy force…

    If it looked pretty? Renly would.

  • The beauty of Boardwalk Empires visual effects was the fact that most people (as welldemostrated here) didn’t even notice them. And there was a lot. A lot. I can totally see why this award went to BE. GoT had incredible effects too, but there were also a few of weaker moments.

    Still, I do think GoT would have deserved more here. Main title was obvious and congratulations for that. But Borgias gave a fair challenge in costumes and BE in casting. I still obviously would have hoped Thrones to catch those two.

  • Mörkö:
    The beauty of Boardwalk Empires visual effects was the fact that most people (as welldemostrated here) didn’t even notice them. And there was a lot. A lot. I can totally see why this award went to BE. GoT had incredible effects too, but there were also a few of weaker moments.

    Quoted for thruth

  • Icebird: So, that leaves only Best Series and Best Supporting Actor for GoT’s nominations right? I hope HBO doesn’t put too much credit in Emmy/Awards recognition.

    David Benioff and D.B. Weiss are up for best writing for “Baelor” and Tim Van Patten is up for best directing for “Winter is Coming”, as well.

  • Winter Is Coming: David Benioff and D.B. Weiss are up for best writing

    How do they define ‘writing’? I mean, the level of dialogue in GoT is higher than in most tv series (or movies for that matter), but as we well know this is largely due to the source material. Are D&D in part recieving credit for George’s writing, or am I completely ignorant of what is understood as ‘writing’ for a tv series? Is it even possible to separate the source material (ASoIaF) from the script (written by D&D)?

  • I’ve said all along Boardwalk Empire would win everything.

    1) Martin Scorsese. When a guy most consider the best director since 1970 is producing and directs the pilot, people will automatically consider it good.
    2) Gangsters – for some reason everybody post-The Godfather thinks that the gangster genre is the best, most profound, emotionally/intellectually richest genre.
    3) A not-overused period (the 20s).
    4) Showrunner/Head Writer Terence Winter wrote on the Sopranos.
    5) Oh, and Steven Buscemi adds to the gangster/movie star/great director luster of the production.

    I don’t like BE that much; I don’t think it has a lot to say, and it feels hellaciously boring to me. But it’s a “quality production” all the way.

  • After the initial rush of anger at how they “dared to snub Game of Thrones!” I can’t be too angry at BE getting the Emmy for VFX. GoT had stunning dragons and the Wall, but in the first episode there was also that glaring background VFX when Bran was on the tower wall when the King’s party arrived.
    Casting I still think GoT should have won for the sheer number of magnificent roles they got right.

    I’m very satisfied with the win for Main Title Design. Huge congratulations to Angus Wall and team!

    Writing for Baelor may have a chance, as does Peter Dinklage, but any further win I’d consider a huge success.

  • Tar Kidho: One thought though: who would EVER set up camp there, with the risk of easily being trapped by a small enemy force…

    In the books Renly’s camp is described as being so huge that the campfires stretched out in every direction as far as the eye could see. So this would probably be no more than a tiny part of the entire camp, surrounding thsi place. Plus there are always sentries and scouts about.

  • Lex:
    Happy about the win… and the Borgias did have amazing costumes… But Boardwalk Empire beating Thrones for visual effects is one of the most insane, ridiculous things I’ve ever heard. Complete BS.

    also, i think Nina Gold really deserved a win.
    I’m happy for the Main Title Emmy though, but i was 100% sure about it.

  • I think the fact that most people didn’t realise that Boardwalk Empire had visual effects speaks for itself. I don’t get the miscast Buscemi reasonings though. He has to appear as a genial politician and good guy as well as a ruthless gangster. I thought he nailed it.

    Happy with the Titles win though.

  • Steve: In the books Renly’s camp is described as being so huge that the campfires stretched out in every direction as far as the eye could see. So this would probably be no more than a tiny part of the entire camp, surrounding thsi place. Plus there are always sentries and scouts about.

    In that case it makes sense of course to put the tents of the leaders in a site that is naturally shielded from the sea gusts. Curious now to see how it will look like in post-production – d*mn that’s still such a long wait! (so far we haven’t seen camps that ‘stretch as far as the eye can see’. In fact, all outdoor scenes appeared down-scaled to me in season 1, except for the Wall)

  • BW empire was a gorgeous, sumptious, feast for the eyes if nothing else. So winning for Visual FX is not a surprise to me. Just because GoT is more fantastical setting doesn’t mean it should automatically win.

    Losing in casting is a travesty, though. Buschemi alone was rather a disappointment IMO. Whereas every. Single. Character. in Game of Thrones was brilliantly cast.

  • ashe,

    Ashe, thanks for posting that clip of BE’s special effects. I knew BE’s boardwalk was basically all CG, but seeing the before/after images you realize just how impressive the CG is. Richard’s face—wow is all I can say. While I definitely understand BE’s win, to GoT’s credit BE only had to recreate Atlantic City. Game of Thrones had to create an entirely different world. I think GoT had a bigger challenge on its plate.

    Side note: BE’s main title sequence is awful. Not only is it too literal (liquor bottles washing up onto the beach, lol?!) but the music doesn’t even fit with the time period/genre. I’m hoping they change it for season 2. Even having clips of season 1/2 scenes would be better.

    I just wish the main title award were announced at the actual Emmies because no one even watches the technical Emmies awards. I would have loved to see the GoT team give a short speech in front of everyone.

  • You know, it would be really nice if we could react to losing an award that we were never going to win with a little less petulance; the mainstream already thinks that fantasy fans are a bunch of whiny snot-nosed infants, and if these comments were all I had to go on, I’d agree with them.

    Game of Thrones was never going to win the visual effects award. Plain and simple. This is not a diss on the people that worked on the show’s effects. They were spectacular, and delivered what was required on a budget that didn’t break the bank, but the fact of the matter is that there just wasn’t that much bank to begin with. Boardwalk Empire went all-in on committing to its effects, and it shows: there was a LOT of cg in the show, and it was frakking seamless. It’s a well-deserved award. The funny thing is, the people asking “Was there even any cgi in Boardwalk Empire” are actually giving their cgi work the best kind of praise. Which is well deserved.

    We had better chances at winning for Casting (toss-up between us and Boardwalk imo), costumes (probably would have won if not up against The Borgias), and Stunts, but could never have been considered an odds-on favorite in any of them. We did win the one category in which we were a lock, which is enough.

    These are the specialist awards; shows that do one thing really well but may not necessarily be in contention for the more prestigious awards, like “The Walking Dead” (prosthetic makeup), or “The Borgias” (costumes). That’s the whole purpose of this subset of the Emmys, and apart from our title sequence, which kind of out-of-the-blue hit a home run, Game of Thrones is not a specialist show. The money for the show was spread out in a lot of different places: elaborate sets, backdrops, locations, a few “name” actors and a ridiculous number of speaking roles, vast production design, and enough money for costumes, stunts, sets, and cgi to be nominated in all of those categories as well.

    All of that is nice and all, and gets taken into consideration, but not winning those awards doesn’t mean we can’t take home best series. A lot of shows out there do a lot of little things right, and just because we (rather myopically) love this particular show and appreciate all of its little things doesn’t mean other shows don’t deserve recognition as well.

    The fact is we’re a long shot to win Best Drama, but we do have some things in our favor – namely, the huge, “holy crap” moments of the home stretch – that nobody else can boast. It has the makings of a fashionable pick, so I wouldn’t count it out completely. Our strong showing in the nominations is still a very good thing.

  • plop_:
    I don’t get the praise BE get for its special effects. Green screen technique ? Every TV show uses that one : (yeah, even “Ugly Betty” or “Monk”..).

    CGI creatures that look so realistic in a TV show, on the other hand, you don’t see that too often.

    So then Stargate Universe should have won. ;)

  • plop_:

    Can you explain ? I don’t watch SGU, so I have no clue what kind of special effects they use in that show.

    They also used cgi creatures for some aliens called “Ursini” in the second ep. of season 2, who were not limited to a single scene like the GoT dragons.

    This is just a fun outtake for this ep:

    But that’s the only good thing, that came out of this rather abysmal installment of the stargate franchise.

    Btw, the order of the posts is all messed up. Several comments appear later than they should have.

  • I’d have to argue with those that think BE has an amazing cast. They did a great job with the main female lead and Steve Buscemi, but the younger “kid” — forget his name — I think is pretty mediocre. Keeps losing me.

    It could just be the writing, which I find boring at times.

  • The Rabbit: To console ourselves a bit:
    Robb s camp?, Renly s camp?
    It does not look like Dothraki tents to me.

    Thanks for the photos Rabbit.Weather looks nice,its gone very autumnal in NI ,I am sure the lucky cast and crew will be glad to get to Croatia. Is there much of a buzz there about the filming?
    Congrats to the main title team on the Emmy, its a great start.

  • At least we got one! not that the emmys really mean all that much, still, nice to see at least some recognition.

  • Maybe I’m missing the point, but surely the greatest barrier to broad Emmy recognition for a show like GoT, even bigger than the fantasy hurdle, is the fact that a lot of the talent on it is foreign talent, not US talent. It’s probably a fairly recent phenomenon for a US owned TV show production company to be shooting and post-producing big major shows outside of the US. I can imagine that the people who run and vote on the Emmys are a fairly conservative, inward-looking bunch and it is going to take them a lot of years for them to get their heads around this new way of working and to properly acknowledge it, if they ever do. On top of that I can imagine there are a lot of vested interests, calling in a lot of of favours and a lot of general backscratching going on, again all of which points towards ‘keeping it in the family.’ This isn’t a dig at the US btw – I reckon if the roles were reversed, like with a UK company making a big show in the US, then the BAFTAs might well act with just the same kind of blinkered self-interest. It’s just human nature for organisations with a vested interest against change to acknowledge and accommodate it at a smail’s pace, maybe just throwing the odd bone every once in a while.

  • The Rabbit:
    Lord Two Feathers,

    Yes, it is.
    Croatia is small and relatively young country, with almost dead filming industry.
    The arriving of Thrones filming in Croatia is seen from many as a great opportunity for Dubrovnik and the whole country.

    Thats excellent Rabbit. I hope that all goes well and future seasons will be filmed there also.If you get any stories from some of the extras as filming progresses I would love to here them.

  • Too bad they lost for casting and costumes, but at least they took home some hardware. That title sequence is undeniably amazing.

  • Upon seeing this blog entry title I said to my wife…

    “Just so”. No one could beat it.

    Strange on the visual effects count. And I adore the casting. From top to bottom.

  • BE’s special effects were perfect, they did exactly what they were supposed to the point that people didn’t even realise they were watching a special effects shot.

    GoT’s were not, it’s as simple as that. Game’s were more ambitious, had to be, but I don’t think they give points just because they were harder.

    casting i see as a coin toss between the two. I know many didn’t like SB but for everyone that didn’t, there’s someone like me who absolutely loved him. both casts are truely excellent so I do think it was probably a really close call.

    as for best series, that I wouldn’t want BE to win. the show started strong but really fell short by the end I feel.

  • Glad that they won the titles award. It was definitely deserved. I agree that Nina Gold and company were robbed of the Best Casting award. Some of the other categories had much tougher competition, though. Hopefully they’ll get another chance at them next season and in future seasons.

    And, frankly, I don’t believe that A Game of Thrones could have won in the Sound Editing category, since simply editing out the barking of the dogs would have solved the entire GhostBarkedGate issue before it even started. A mistake like that could easily have been what killed their Sound Editing award chance.

  • This award is good, but sounds to me like prizing Albert Einstein for his sense of humour. He DID have a tremendous, legendary sense of humour, but seriously… Is that ALL???

  • Ashley Blackwoody: as for best series, that I wouldn’t want BE to win. the show started strong but really fell short by the end I feel.

    GoT rather went the other way in my opinion, so let’s hope that the last episodes are what the Emmy voters remembered most!

  • yeah!!!

    I love the Opening show and the main title, awesome!!!
    Hope there will be a similar opning for season two….can’t wait sooo excited of everything…;-)

  • i cant believe that nina didnt win that emmy. thats just insane. visual effects, sound editing, costumes, hair-styling and make-up were ok, those things were clearly stronger in the other shows.

    but come on, casting? didnt they even consider how fucking hard it is to not just search a few good actors and throw in a buscemi or two and be done with it, but have to search actors that fit the looks nearly EXACTLY for about 523425 characters? and not just that, but EVERY single no-name actor was BRILLIANT, perfect fits all together and those with names too, of course. as i said, i cant believe it. casting was a nobrainer.

  • Dekar:
    Boardwalk has special effects? ²

    That quote alone goes to show that their effects were good. BE recreated the entire boardwalk in Computer Generated Effects. And I personally couldnt tell. I love GOT with all the rest of you, but the effects shots while amazing, were definitely much more noticeable.

  • Lex, No it’s not, considering that Empire is mostly done using FX to recreate the city. It is so good that people don’t even notice that most of the things are special effects and not actual sets.

  • Yeah, BE has much better special effects. Game of thrones has a few standout shots, and some decent but fairly simple extension work. Few of the extensions have foreground elements to deal with. BE has numerous replacements and enhancements right in the middle of the action, and recreates real environments in a completely unnoticable way.

    Casting is the other award I think GoT should have won, but communicating the differences in casting between the two shows is more difficult. They both have great casts.

    I actually think best series has a remote chance of going in GoT favor. Very remote, but it could happen. The fact that it was nominated at all gives it a chance.

    Either way, HBO wins :)

  • Peter has a decent chance at an Emmy, because he is American. If he would have been a Brit, more than likely Mr. Dinklage wouldn’t have received a nomination. The Emmy peers are really showing off their bias with the lack of foreigners winning.
    I hope the BAFTAS stick it to American produced shows, so as to clear the way for GoT.

  • GoT’s opening Title is the only one I don’t (and will never) fast forward through when I watch past episodes.

    Casting? One word: Maisie. Academy, I respectfully dissent.

  • In my completely unbiased opinion:) GoT should’ve won every single category it was nominated in. Seriously though Best casting should’ve gone to Nina Gold.