TITANCON: The day before tomorrow

Being an account of my arrival to Belfast and how I scouted the filming locations on the northern coast prior to the Con.

“Ease into it …” says Littlefinger in the infamous scene. So that’s what we’ll do here – bombarding you with the awesomeness that was TitanCon straightaway would be too much of a shock. I flew in to Belfast on Thursday evening, my second ever visit to Northern Ireland, third to the Emerald Isle overall. After settling in at the hotel and having a bottom-supporting dinner, @sirintugbay and Hear Me Roar headed out into the streets of Belfast to find the watering hole where the early birds were gathering. The adventure ended in a success, the detour past the Belfast cathedral notwithstanding. Slightly cold, we arrived at the pub for a meet and greet with the organizers, headed by MountainGoat, as well as TheRabbit, JacMac, Sam, Pod, and others, who had been discussing volunteer duties. Unfortunately we were too late to catch Joe (Campo), but we made up for that at TitanCon proper, so no regrets there.

The next day, on Friday, we took up the kind and generous offer of Lord Two Feathers, a commenter on WiC and an extra on the show, to take us and TheRabbit for a car trip to see the northern parts of the country and of course visit some of the filming locations. We drove past the Paint Hall, just in case we could see any activity, but it was all quiet. The weather cooperated quite nicely, though we didn’t get any sun as we wound our way up the coastal causeway route. First GoT stop, Magheramorne quarry. Or rather, the high ground across the lough from where we could hope to get a look at it. In the photo below you can just discern the new set, whose massive walls most likely represent Harrenhal or Storm’s End. We’ll see in April.

Photo by @sirintugbay

On the way north, Lord Two Feathers told us we were passing the Redhall estate used in the Inn at the Crossroads scenes. It is a completely private estate surrounded by woods, though, so there was nothing to see. The picturesque location of the caves at Cushendun was a different matter. The shore strewn with kelp and seaweed flooded at hightide puts one in the mind of Iron Islands, while the caves could well be the ones below Storm’s End (even if the sea does not reach them).

TheRabbit, Hear Me Roar, and @sirintugbay; Photo by LTF

We continued to the Ballintoy area with several places of interest. The Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge is located right next to village of Ballintoy, and while we do not have any confirmation about it being used on the show, it would be a shame not to take advantage of the scenery and at least use it as the basis of a CGI longshot or two. Just look at the photo below and tell me you cannot imagine Pyke right there? At the other side of the bay is the small stone quarry where they shot the Renly camp scenes, and we saw the site where the ill-fated marquee stood. All tidied up now, of course, but the sand of the melee square was still on the ground, as well as some charcoals from the fire pits. It felt really cool to stand on the actual spot where we are going to meet Brienne.

Photo by @sirintugbay

To wrap up, we descended to the harbour and checked out the location of Theon’s homecoming. Without a doubt, the location scouts found just the right place which should look amazing on screen. On one side there is the stone harbour we saw dressed up in Nordic style in the photos, while on the other side the shoreline is wilder, and to our information they used that site for a scene with Theon and a priest of the Drowned God.

Photo by @sirintugbay

Being to all these places is going to make it even more exciting to wait for the new season and see the locations transformed into the lands of Westeros. We owe a really big thanks to LTF, as well as his wife who packed us lunch, which definitely saved the day at Ballintoy! Follow this link to see the full gallery of photos we made during the trip.

UPDATE: Lord Two Feathers recorded three videos on our trip! Don’t miss them.

On returning to Belfast, @sirintugbay and me joined the walking tour of the city led by the TitanCon organizer Bruce. The event was part of the Belfast Culture Night and so non-Con people joined as well. Needless to say, we spread the word of the convention and of Game of Thrones being shot in Northern Ireland at every oportunity. We had some time after the tour to grab a quick bite and enjoy some other cultural events before joining the crowd at McHugh’s, the venue of the first Belfast moot, where the TitanCon guests Ian McDonald, Paedar Ó Guilín, and T.A. Moore were reading excerpts from their novels. The evening served as a warm-up before TitanCon on Saturday and good time was had by everyone, memories of the first moot were shared, and the slight nervous excitement before the big day that could be felt in the air added a spicy tinge to the atmosphere. The hour was running late – and then it happened. Finally, after all the years, I got to meet the man. He entered the room and the air went out. FaBio had arrived …

Your are hereby invited to read our complete coverage of TitanCon.

Fire And Blood accepts your challenge.

Prelude to a Comment: So this is what really happened. the FaBuloso FaBihoff arrived in Belfast Northern Ireland (apparently unrelated to Southern Ireland, which is a drink I once tried) via air-carrier Continental, which is clearly more than continental yet still not quite Continental as it is now also United… without being wholly united. If that makes sense. Outside my outsized hotel, the Fitzwilliam (which really sounds like the name of an English butler), I almost immediately encountered three other Game of Throne-ie cronies, whose names were something in the proximity of Alia (or Aliah, or Allia, or Alli, who is not to be confused with my wife), Jorge (or George, or Whore-hay, who immediately recognized me as being FaBulous, and is also not to be confused with my wife), and Myranda (or Myra, or Randa, or Randi, who is also also not to be confused with my wife). There was also a guy named Angus (or it may have been Anguy, or Argus, who absolutely no one confused with my wife) who said he knew me but I think was actually just panhandling. A generally-McHugh’s-ish direction was wandered, and people may / may not have gotten lost. And it may / may not have been my fault. Not all of us made it to McHugh’s. And not all of us who made it to McHugh’s made it to the basement of McHugh’s. But that’s a longer and stranger story.

Continuing where Hear Me Roar left off in a single paragraph: FaBihoff led an (admittedly smaller) contingent into the basement of McHugh’s, there to meet, drink mead (I had the awesome Belfast equivalent of an orange Fanta), and do battle with people I had known online for many years but had only glimpsed in pictures. Or some I had never glimpsed in pictures, nor had ever really heard of, but who were very willing to do battle indeed. JackieMacMackity started the barroom brawl, sending an empty flagon of Zima into the unsuspecting jaw of @sirintugbay (not to be confused with HmR’s wife), who responded by delivering a high kick into the solar plexus of an unsuspecting Rabbit (also not to be confused with HmR’s wife, though they do seem suspiciously close), who immediately fell unconscious, or was just drunk. SilverJaime (who is my wife) leapt onto the table and, for no apparent reason, head-butted Sam (or Sami, or Samanthahhh, or HOLY SCH—), who responded by picking up the table and throwing it at Ser Mountain Goat (or Ser Mountain Goat), who was busy trying to organize badges and gamely took one on the chin. All the while Myra was bellowing “Myra Smash!” with Hulk-like enthusiasm, pummeling the three dudes (one who had a very interesting and sexy beard) at the far end of the table with her unloosened iron brassiere. So much more happened after that, including eating cheddar-topped pizza (which we blamed on Pod), and debating whether or not a foam-covered Julia Frey was sexier than a dry Richard Madden. Sporre may / may not have been there. Dennai was possibly there, or that may have been a Fanta-inspired hallucination. Hear Me Roar was most certainly there, twiddling his fingers evilly and using mind-control to influence the action. He is truly demonic. I ended the night in bed with Nick, or “that really cool guy who wound up appearing in all the pictures of last year’s moot.” I think. Irish Fanta really leaves me woozy. It’s really a pity this had to be kept to a single paragraph.

This goes to show you that if you do not go to next year’s TITANCON, you really miss an awful lot of the truth. Next year you all need to be there—the night before the event.

If not, blame Pod.


  • A great report HmR! Loved seeing the pics and hearing about your experience. And, in true GRRM fashion, you ended it on a cliffhanger… ;)

  • Sounds like all us lazy WiC bloggers missed out on a great day, can’t wait to hear what happened after FaBio arrived in such dramatic fashion ;-D.

  • The jealousy continues!

    Great recap HMR. The photos are beautiful and its nice to put faces to names (Our Rabbit isn’t furry, who knew?) So excited to see these places on film.

  • Great post as always!

    It was great experiance to see that beautiful lanscape in real.
    I could add a bit, maybe HmR forgot or just skipped it, but we did see a bit of willow feelds from the car near Ballymoney, where Dothraki tracking has been filmed.

    Well, I could spoil the end of the post but I wont!

    p.s. I was so happy for not having pull a Balon Grejoy on that bridge. Its a bit scary.

  • Nice write up! And as a humorous aside it’s solved one mystery for me – having been comparing notes with The Rabbit fairly regularly on Twitter of late, I’d ended my last note with a cheery ‘see you in Belfast’ intending to say hi and have a beer. Well that never came to pass as for some reason, completely without foundation no doubt, I’d got it into my head that The Rabbit was a fella and so everyone I was talking to I was telling that I was looking for this guy from Croatia who I’d been exchanging messages with on-line, but hadn’t found him yet. And do you know, nobody copped on about my basic error and put me straight! Oh dear, how embarrassing! Sorry Rabbit %-) maybe another time at another GoT Con!

  • NorthRemembers,

    If your joking, very funny, if not OMG!!!

    In fear of stating the obvious, and receiving abuse for doing so, GRRM is George.R.R.Martin, the author of the very books we have all been enjoying so much.


  • fabio induced mass asphyxiation? maybe i lucked out being poor(birthday last week.i broached the subject of travel to NI instead of booze.urine was taken and ribs were ribbed.)
    btw.sweet beard mine but im kissed by fire.xtra points to me

  • Oh, you got a much better look at the quarry than I did when I was there this summer. I was up on the grass wall much close to the quarry, but I couldn’t get as close as I wanted because of the 20 meter drop right ahead of me.

    I also found the rope bridge much to scary to go out on…

    Great write-up!

  • Nick Larter,

    You were sitting back to back with The Rabbit at McHugh’s! When you were talking to FaBio, the Rabbit was next to him ;)

    Assuming this is the Nick of Moot 2 to got Jamie Sives drunk ;)

    “Game” has officially hit cultural icon status!
    Does anyone watch the ABC murder mystery show “Castle?”
    In Monday night’s episode, Beckett, the serious detective, and Castle, the wisecracking writer, are investigating a murder in which the victim was apparently chopped in half with a sword.
    Says Castle: “A sword? That is so “Game of Thrones!'”

    I’m not sure what kind of a milestone that is, but I’m certain it counts as one.

  • Chris,

    Nathan Fillion is a GIGANTIC Game of Thrones fan, and has made it clear he wants a very small and interesting cameo somewhere down the line.

    I personally suggested Vargo Hoat.

  • Thank you Twitter for not showing my nice nose at the moment!

    btw, where is Fabihoffs real fake-wife – that s another sad story I was credited for but Fabihoff asked for it.

    I whish she come in here and say us HI!

  • Fire And Blood,

    Nathan for Vargo! LOL, Uncharted, GoT, Green Lantern, Buffy, Firefly. Is it me or is Nathan Fillion world’s best looking geek?

    Also on a different note, the set at Magheramorne quarry doesn’t look all that big. It’s barely taller than the tourbus standing next to it. Are you sure it’ll be Harrenhal? Now Carrickfergus castle THAT looks like Harrenhal. Why didn’t they film there?

  • Rabbit,

    There are at least five others that can share that distinction, one of whom is a circus midget. Some have stated they will be forever-lurkers. But I may / may not have e-mail addresses for you if you wish to stalk them. That is all.

  • Rabbit,

    Also, my real-not-fake wife is on Twitter, and sometimes posts, but it’s up to her whether she wants the actual distinction “FaBihoff’s wife,” which may include public shame.

    Also, she may just be me—pretending to be a woman—on an alternate account. I can’t say for sure.

  • Winterdark:
    Fire And Blood,

    Nathan for Vargo! LOL, Uncharted, GoT, Green Lantern, Buffy, Firefly. Is it me or is Nathan Fillion world’s best looking geek?

    Also on a different note, the set at Magheramorne quarry doesn’t look all that big. It’s barely taller than the tourbus standing next to it. Are you sure it’ll be Harrenhal? Now Carrickfergus castle THAT looks like Harrenhal. Why didn’t they film there?

    Unless they are going to use 2 sets for Harrenhal, the only one I know of for certain is a custom built castle in Banbridge – 2 stories high, with taller again wall sections in the background to give the impression of further height for wider/upward shots (It’s actually built right beside the huge Baratheon ship they’ve built there too).
    Custom-built may not sound good, but when you see it, you’ll believe it as Harrenhal!

    Unless they are using a secondary set, though I can’t see the reason for it.

  • House Umber,

    Well, we have it on good authority that they have recreated Winterfell at Banbridge (could be other sets as well, dunno). There definitely isn’t any Winterfell left at Castle Ward anymore.

  • The Rabbit,

    Wait, those were THE willow fields? I saw a small plantation, but didn’t think that actually was the one. At least that’s what I understood from LTF.

  • Carsick-a-Rede rope bridge can be slightly alarming when the wind gets up! I agree, that area is certainly ‘Pyke-like’.

    Now you COULD have stopped off at the Bushmills distillery on your way back to Belfast, I have fond memories of sampling some of the goods there once or twice!

  • Hear Me Roar,

    And Nathan Fillion tweeted about it : “Did I make a @GameOfThrones reference on Castle? Yes. Was it a cheap ploy to get on their show? …yes.”

    haha.. ;p

  • Just a bit of ratings news….DeadlineHollywood is reporting “Boardwalk Empire opened its second season with 2.9 million viewers. That was down 40% from [its] series debut last September, when it posted HBO’s largest series premiere audience in six years.” Deadline gives some context on why that huge drop isn’t as huge as it might seem, but that 2.9 million is also significantly down from the season finale (3.3 million). There’s no “good” excuse for that kind of drop-off, since Sunday Night Football is BE’s biggest competition throughout its whole season run.
    I bring this up not to pile on BE, because I know there are BE fans here, but to point out that Emmys, etc., can’t overcome lukewarm reviews and low internet buzz, and to put in context GOT’s very good—and building—numbers by way of comparison, for last season. HBO powerhouse True Blood was down from its series high for much of its fourth season and didn’t recover at the finale. The GOT numbers last year look better and better as a result.

  • Steve: Chris, Awesome! Can somebody upload the scene to youtube, pleease!Natha Fillion IS Mance Rayder, y’all can surely see that, right?

    Wow, I hadn’t thought of that till you said it. You’re right he is like the spitting image of Mance Rayder (or at least the one I have in mind) Way beter than Vargo Hoat which still is not a bad second option. I’m sure he can pull off a sorta British sounding accent. After all Peter Dinklage very succesfully pulled it off as well. I just hope it’ll be possible to combine it with his role on Castle. But then again both shows are shooting at different periods right? I mean Castle airs fall so logically shoots midseason while GoT airs midseason and as we all know shoot during fall and in any case before ADwD Rayder doesn’t have all that many scenes anyway. So this might actually be a real possibillity. At least I really hope it is.

  • BE’s total numbers were friggin’ huge last year (far surpassing the 10 million), I’d wait on those before starting to make conclusions.

  • I’m a Firefly fan and I like Nathan Fillion (even though I’ve never seen a second of Castle) but I’ve got to support my fellow bottom … supporter. Joe gets on the show before Nathan! :)

  • dizzy_34,

    You should try watching Castle. It’s a really nice series. Very funny and sometimes quite clever. Also it’s not that I wish it to be that way but I think Nathan has more chance to be on the show than Joe simply because he’s a famous actor with lots of experience whereas Joe doesn’t have all that much experience and isn’t all that famous outside the GoT community.


    The pub crawlers got bogged down in the complicated art of drinking, so much so that we bypassed the Garrick and Morning Star and (with GENTLE NUDGING by yours truly) rolled into Browns fish and chip shop for tasty local food.

    There were slight language barrier issues regarding how one orders a “small fish” (you don’t, cod is cod and one size fits all) but suitable fortified we stumbled into McHughs considerably later than anyone else but unfortunately still in time to hear the readings ; )

  • Knurk,

    BE’s total numbers were friggin’ huge last year (far surpassing the 10 million), I’d wait on those before starting to make conclusions.

    Agreed. I’d more call that holding steady than a drop off – 400,000 viewers is barely outside Nielsen’s margin of error. BE’s premiere ratings were in line with the ratings for its last few episodes last year. There was no way it was going to match the ratings of the series premiere, which had the Scorsese halo around it, and took place before audience really knew what to expect.

    Which is to say: I’d be mildly disappointed if GoT second season debuted with 2.6 million viewers, but only mildly. Especially taking HBO’s long view into account, those aren’t axing numbers.

  • Winterdark,

    Well I swore off ABC shows after two and half episodes of V and the Lost debacle. And this is where I stamp my foot and say “our” shameless self promoter gets on before the famous one does! :)

  • The Rabbit,

    I don`t know the exact location of the willow fields used in season one, so it may have been them , although there are quite a few farmers here growing willow as a renewable energy fuel for wood burning boilers.
    Lets just say that it was the Dothraki Sea and tick another location off our list.

  • Hear Me Roar:
    House Umber,

    Well, we have it on good authority that they have recreated Winterfell at Banbridge (could be other sets as well, dunno). There definitely isn’t any Winterfell left at Castle Ward anymore.

    HmR, consider this better authority :) , but I can guarantee that Harrenhal has been built from the ground up @ Banbridge.
    Now perhaps they are re-using it in some shots as Winterfell, but I can say this, the colour of the stone work (all hand crafted) is different from S1, so unless they do some jiggery-pokery with the lighting (highly possible) that’s the only way I could consider them being doubled up as the same place.

    Now it’s also likely that they could have some sort of small scale Winterfell scene at Banbridge out of the way from the 2 main outdoor sets (Harrenhal & Baratheon ship) in the same way they also have some sort of Renly camp setup there aswell, as I wouldn’t expect to see Lord Renly dressed in his green garb, getting his lunch if he wasn’t shooting there. Why do I say a “camp” setup… because he had gear on him that, if following the books, would only have been present in a scene at his camp.

    Anyways, Harrenhal is definately @ Banbridge

    (What’s the point in spying if no-one listens or believes? Varys would have treated me better! ;) )

  • Knurk: BE’s total numbers were friggin’ huge last year (far surpassing the 10 million), I’d wait on those before starting to make conclusions.

    Knurk, we need to be careful to compare apples to apples. TV by the Numbers compared first-appearance numbers across the board, since all networks have a single viewing, broadcast and on-demand; that is what best indicates viewers’ “primary” commmitment. HBO likes to use 9 PM and 11 PM repeats in its numbers. The “10 million” business comes from all repeats, including HBO/Go and on demand, but since that option isn’t available for Sunday Night Football and broadcast networks, it’s a relatively useless number.
    Feel free to disagree, but I was an unpopular Cassandra for a year predicting the downfall of True Blood based on the Alan Ball lunacy that passes for plot and character development; now virtually everyone is on board with the idea that the show is a steaming pile of crap. Just sayin.’

  • DH87,

    I know they’re from all the repeats, On Demand and HBO-Go. I know TVbytheNumbers uses the sunday-night ratings only, but HBO is probably more interested in the totals because it shows how many of their subscribers watch the show. If BE once again averages 10 million this year they’ll be more than happy. And 2.9 million isn’t bad and not far off from last year’s numbers, so my guess is they’ll reach the 10 million again.

  • Dear gods, half that report sounds like it was written by someone having smoked/ eaten/ drank something dodgey! Wacky stuff and not in the slightest bad way!

  • Hehe, since becoming an ASOIAF adept, I’ve been wondering when the : “Nathan Fillion for…” would start. Seriously, he is one of the funniest persons on TV ever (and according from his Twitter messages/pics also in real life). I agree he would make a great Mance Raider, I could also see him as Aerys Oakheart or even Edmure Tully (lookswise he could be Caitlins younger brother), I can totally see him being frustrated in that shooting arrows at the boat scene;).
    For all those who say that he can only play funny roles, remember that he played a deranged, fanatical, evil priest on Buffy;)

    PS: If he can manage filming GOT besides Castle, maybe he can get his Castle daughter (Molly Quinn) to play Ygritte.

    Ohh… and Alan Tudyk for Vargo Hoat;)

  • House Umber,

    Thank you for the information! Definitely very useful and we’re listening :) I didn’t disagree with Harrenhal being at Banbridge. Just saying that a Winterfell set is there as well, somewhere, and Castle Ward is not being used anymore.

    What location are they using there exactly? Any studio lots in and around Banbridge?

  • HmR,

    All that I’m aware of is at the Linen Mill studios in Banbridge, I beleive its their main setup in that are (its all big enough & busy enough)… though I thought you guys were pretty much aware of all that was happening there (at least I thought I’d read some of this on WiC… maybe it was somewhere else, dunno now)

    I’m just trying to bring some clarity to something being discussed that I actually know something about, so I’m not dismissing anyone else’s theories!
    It’s the Harrenhal set in the quarry (from the original post) that I would have reservations about being true as the setup they have in Banbridge has a full courtyard, towers, main castle gate, prisoners area, forge, etc so I just don’t think they would replicate it or build a secondary version in Magheramorne – if they did, for what purpose would it serve?

    Might the set seen in the quarry represent a dramatic TV-centric interpretation of the Fist?

  • House Umber,

    If not Harrenhal, then I think the best guess for the new quarry set is Storm’s End. Would you think it plausible? I agree with you that a secondary set doesn’t make sense. If I remember correctly, we knew about a new unidentified set in Banbridge (now we know it’s definitely Harrenhal) and the ship green screen set there. At TitanCon I also learnt that even Winterfell is being shot there this season (the bulk of the scenes still to come, so possibly not everything has been built yet). It makes sense for the production to shoot as many things as possible close to Belfast on one location. It’s all coming together now, cool :)

  • House Umber,

    I’ve never been to Ireland, so I’m just guessing, but it could be both. All those sets that House Umber mentioned, and the set at Magheramorne, could be used to create Harrenhall. Stranger things have happened.

  • House Umber,

    Do you know something about the potential set on the road from Tollymore forest to Castle Ward (more close to Castle Ward, I think).?
    Saw the GOT sign from the bus on the road side on Sunday.

  • Hear Me Roar,

    Er isn’t Storm’s End round? And that set looks very rectangular so I guess it’s not Storm’s End either. I thnik it makes a lot more sense that they’ll be using the round fort in Dubrovnik for Storm’s End. Sorry for making it so hard on you.

  • My guess is that they decided not to use Castle Ward as Winterfell for S2 as they can’t ( pretend to) burn down a listed structure – there’s too much risk of damage so my assumption would be that they’ve built some castle walls at the quarry that they’ll be able to torch at the appropriate time, maybe using it both for Winterfell and for the holdfast that Lorch attacks.

  • Nick Larter,

    What I heard during the Coach Tour was that damage had been caused at Castle Ward and that they didn’t want the production back for S2 as a result.

  • Well this was entertaining to read and the pictures were beautiful but I got very lost on the names of everyone! LOL! So what i would like to know is have we gotten to the actual Titancon? I am so dying to know what the cast had to say,exspecially Maisie and Sophie!
    Off to look at the videos!

  • Wonderful report! Very engaging. And it comes with pictures! :-D
    If the postcards and newsletters my friends and family write were half as vivid, right now I’d be in Bolivia, Turkey, Sardinia, Dubai and a tent at the Munich Oktoberfest. Instead, I feel like I had a great time at to TitanCon. Cheers!

  • The wall and tower section will propably either be the city wall of quarth or a wall section of kings landing where they will shoot parts of the big battle

  • Hear Me Roar,

    I was the one who took some pics of the Harenhal / ship set when they were building it months ago, in Banbridge.
    The new Winterfell set is apparently up the country somewhere near Toome. The Harenhal set is huge – and it takes up most of the land available there, so there wouldn’t be room for Winterfell too.

  • silverjaime:
    Hear Me Roar,

    I was the one who took some pics of the Harenhal / ship set when they were building it months ago, in Banbridge.
    The new Winterfell set is apparently up the country somewhere near Toome. The Harenhal set is huge– and it takes up most of the land available there, so there wouldn’t be room for Winterfell too.

    I was curious about the mystery set at Moneyglass (Toome)….Winterfell you say….interesting. Oh and mega KUDOS for all your hard work organising Titancon. Mrs Feathers and myself had a brilliant day. Thanks.

  • Two Feathers: I was curious about the mystery set at Moneyglass (Toome)….Winterfell you say….interesting. Oh and mega KUDOS for all your hard work organising Titancon.Mrs Feathers and myself had a brilliant day. Thanks.

    So much more fun to read good news like this.

    Seven save you both!

  • “SilverJaime (who is my wife) leapt onto the table …”

    Well! I only leapt because I was so honoured to be named the FaBulous FaBio’s wife, of course…!

  • Hear Me Roar,

    Well, on thinking back, I don’t know where it could go in the set in Banbrdige, but having said that – maybe there are other parts to the place I haven’t seen, but the info I had about Toome was from someone who I thought would know, although we couldn’t pinpoint exactly where. So maybe you’re right. Maybe I should do a bit of scouting this weekend!!!

  • Two Feathers: I was curious about the mystery set at Moneyglass (Toome)….Winterfell you say….interesting. Oh and mega KUDOS for all your hard work organising Titancon. Mrs Feathers and myself had a brilliant day. Thanks.

    “blush…” Thanks again – I’m so glad you had a great day! Your photos looked great ( I set them all out so I got a first look at all of them!).

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