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Day 67: Filming on the Blackwater

Filming on Game of Thrones‘ second season is at a fever pitch as they film major scenes in two separate countries simultaneously.

Somewhere in Northern Ireland, they are beginning to film episode nine, entitled “Blackwater.” Book fans will know what that entails. We know this because the episode’s director, Neil Marshall, is working on the show right now, according to his wife’s Twitter. Liam Cunningham (Davos Seaworth) has also tweeted about filming some interesting scenes.

Meanwhile, back in Croatia, shooting continues in Dubrovnik with reports that recent filming has been centered around St. Lawrence Fortress (above). Dubrovnikportal has some photos of extras from the set. Reportedly the scene being shot was Joffrey’s name day celebration. Another interesting report from Croatia, the production reportedly plans to use these historical boats in filming. Any guess as to what these may be used for?

Back to NI, we also have received word that most of the Winterfell scenes have yet to be shot. This may explain why certain Winterfell-centric characters (the Reeds and Reek, mainly) haven’t been cast yet. And in case you missed the news from the TITANCON posts, Winterfell stuff is no longer being filmed at Castle Ward. A new, custom-built set has been constructed elsewhere, either at Banbridge or Moneyglass near Toome, depending on who you talk to. Check out our filming map for more info on this and other filming locations.

Winter Is Coming: Lots of custom-built sets this season: Winterfell, Harrenhal, the mysterious castle at Magheramorne quarry. Wonder if this is because they have more money to spend or because they are confident they will be on-air longer so they know they will get plenty of use from these?


  • One good thing is that many parts of the Winterfell set were, well, set :) In my estimation, they will need to only build about one third to replicate Castle Ward.

  • Those small boats posted look exactly how I pictured the boat used by Davos and Melisandre when they snuck underneath Storm’s End and she birthed the shadow that killed Ser Cortnay Penrose.

  • The boat(s) certainly looks like what I pictured Davos and Mel to use, but wasn’t that scene filmed many weeks ago? Other than that there’s only Ironborn setting ashore in the west that I think is plausible.

  • My guess:

    They are filming the battle in NI and Dubrovnik.
    Davos POVs from the book (as what I have heard and seen) are gonna be filmed at various locations in NI – including one with the big boat with the stag on it and the green screen.

    Tyrion s POVs are gonna be filmed in Dubrovnik – the above mentioned boats are gonna be used and lots of extras would be in the water (the extras in Croatia were questioned could they swim loaded)

  • I believe there was a bit of damage done in the grounds of Castle Ward estate and a few disputes last year so might be a reason to why they have moved…

  • If they’re already filming Blackwater, there could be some pretty dramatic footage ready for the first actual teaser. BWP members may want to take note.

  • I am thinking that one of reasons the Winterfell sequences may be filmed later in the production schedule is because it involves many young actors that grow very quickly between seasons–the later they wait to bring in the Reeds, the better the continuity. From a budget point of view, it is also better to film the big action sequences first too, in case there are cost, weather or time issues, since once those are in the can they can be more flexible with the less expensive, quieter sequences.

  • sallyrover,

    If the age Reeds along with the rest, then Jojen would be in his mid-teens and Meera 18 or more. Rapid growth is probably not an issue at those ages.

  • dizzy_34:
    It makes sense to build a permanent Winterfell set … well on second thought …

    Maybe just because of that second thought. It would be shame to permanantly damage a real castle.

  • Well, I guess if they build their own Winterfell then it won’t be as big a deal to burn it down. I hear the National Trust frowns on that.

  • Well Liam Seaworth tweeted “Strange things are afoot in Westeros…” This and those boats seem to point to a creepy shadowbaby…

  • Chris77:
    Well Liam Seaworth tweeted “Strange things are afoot in Westeros…” This and those boats seem to point to a creepy shadowbaby…

    I thought they already filmed that. There is even a video on youtube .

  • Good thing they make use of decent sets and locations, this show would be bad if they used more CGI than needed. i.e. a 300 style filming would be catastrophic.

  • Chris77,

    There are some scenes from Clash that I have no idea how they’re going to pull off on screen, and the shadow baby probably tops the list.

  • Isn’t Joffrey’s name day celebration (Tyrion’s gift and Joff’s reaction FTW) in A Storm of Swords? I might be wrong. I do recall what Tywin gives him… and I could have sworn that was done in Book 3.

  • Adam: Isn’t Joffrey’s name day celebration (Tyrion’s gift and Joff’s reaction FTW) in A Storm of Swords? I might be wrong. I do recall what Tywin gives him… and I could have sworn that was done in Book 3.

    That was actually a wedding gift from Tyrion in ASOS. The tourney in ACOK is where Dontos is introduced.

  • One of my favorite scenes to listen to on audio book.

    Tyrion to Joffrey: “I’m sorry for your loss as well.”

    Joeffrey: “What loss???”

    Tyrion: “Your royal Father. A large, fierce man, you’ll remember him if you try. He was King, before you.”

    tek: Good point.

    Almost forgot Dontos. We still do not know who s gonna play him.

  • Tessa Leonie:

    there isn’t a demo out for the game, is there?I’m not yet ready to part with my money seeing as I just pre-purchased Heroes of might and magic 6.

    No demos. The trailer is lacking. The screen shots and the trailer make the game look like a Facebook game, not a PC game. None of the game websites have a review yet. I’ll wait for some reviews before spending any money on this game. The trailer and screenshots don’t look promising. Maybe it was just a case of really poor marketing and the game actually delivers. We’ll see. Should be getting some reviews from players and game sites soon enough.

  • John: I thought they already filmed that. There is even a video on youtube .

    Where? And more importantly, how did I miss that?

    Edit: never mind, found it. Have to say though I’n not convinced it’s that scene. Those people in the boat might be Davos and Melisandre but they might also be Theon and some other guy. In fact they could be anyone and therefor this scene could be anythng. Thanks for sharing it though.

  • Am I right in thinking this is the same Neil Marshall who filmed Dog Soldiers and the excellent The Descent? Not to mention Centurion? I’ve kind of been out of the loop for awhile so if someone could fill me in on this I would be grateful.

  • Harry Hogg: Am I right in thinking this is the same Neil Marshall who filmed Dog Soldiers and the excellent The Descent? Not to mention Centurion? I’ve kind of been out of the loop for awhile so if someone could fill me in on this I would be grateful.

    Yes, that Neil Marshall.

  • Can someone remind me, when filming is expected to finish? Is it late October, or late November?

    I’s been over 3 months since Season 1 ended. Less than 7 months to go!!! Is it too early to begin counting down? :)

    EDIT: Just realized I’ve been posting on this site for over 2 years. Wow!

  • I am wondering how much longer will they be filming these scenes cause the sea is already starting to cool down a bit and if the weather isn’t sunny it can be a bitch to work in those conditions…

  • Anna,
    I agree, and the slogan for this season is the night is dark and full of terrors, im thinkin theyre talkin bout the shadows, and liam is saying thatst interesting

  • When is the filming in Iceland going to commence? Also a friend told me a funny story. Apparently you can’t import horses into Iceland. So expect the Night’s Watch to be riding Icelandic ponies this season.

  • Winterdark,

    Yeah, actually I think that’s true. Wonder if the production thought of that? I guess they could always shoot most horse-shots for the NW in NI like they did last year.

  • Tessa Leonie,

    Looks like it’s time to introduce myself as our resident up-late-and-kinda-tipsy-video-game-addict… I pre-ordered the game even though I was pretty unimpressed w/ the trailer… couldn’t help it! I gotta say, the game has it’s faults but I’m enjoying it. So far the best and worst thing about it is the complexity… I’m the kind of person that has to understand every little thing about the game mechanics so I spend a lot of time w/ the action paused thinking about strategy. True, the graphics are bare-bones, but they really did put a lot of complexity into the strategy… my impression so far in a nutshell is that it was made by people who had a very low budget but a very high level of respect for the books… the lore seems spot on and… here’s a for instance: you’ve just used your envoy to form an alliance with a nearby town. this gets you income and visual intel on that zone, but… an enemy spy may have snuck in under stealth and formed a secret alliance that only gives you enemy half the income of a real alliance but blocks you from any benefit and will make the town declare for them if war breaks out. or the alliance could be bad because your opponent used their spy to infiltrate your camp, so even though the unit looks real to you, all the actions are fake, as is the intel you see on zones they’ve taken control of. there’s a lot more I won’t get into, but it’s kind of a chesslike RTS. So far I’ve just played the first chapter, Nymeria landing in Dorne w/ the Rhoynish folks, making an alliance w/ and marrying Morse Martell, and them bringing the rest of Dorne under their control. What I haven’t yet tried, which looks like where the game will really shine, is the multiplayer with games on a variety of different sized areas of Westeros with players chosing from between 2 and 8 different houses… presumably with no option to pause the action so that would be much faster-paced and unpredictable. Looking forward to getting deeper into it, will keep you posted. Like I said, has it’s flaws, but you can tell they really tried to honor the complexity of GRRM’s world. Feeling good about the money I spent cuz, at the very least I’m about to play as Aegon the Conqueror landing at KL on Balerion for the first time! (Heh!)

  • Sid: Winterdark, Yeah, actually I think that’s true. Wonder if the production thought of that? I guess they could always shoot most horse-shots for the NW in NI like they did last year.

    Yeah, I guess they could do that, but I fear they might need a lot more CGI then. I mean they did it last year like that but then there was only one scene beyond the wall. Now it’s an entire season. I think that’s probably why they decided to move to Iceland. Or maybe they’ll wait till it starts snowing in NI and then shoot all the horse scenes in that period. I dunno, I really hope the producers thought this through. Otherwise I don’t quite know what I’d mind more. The NW riding ponies or no horses at all.

  • Vianney:
    In other news, the RTS Game of Thrones: Genesis came out last night on Steam.

    Its not steam exclusive is it?? Cause i really really HATE steam. So far 3 games forced me to use steam (you could buy at retail but were forced to use steam) the last 2 total war games and civ5 and all 3 were mediocre at best… I don’t really have great feelings about this game but if its out in retail i am going to buy it anyway its GOT after all… Like another poster said though looking forward more to HMM6 (and Skyrim obviously, apparently Bethesda was in talks with GRRM about ASOIAF 2 years ago but they went with their ‘own games’ instead in the end…

    Finally: Good to hear most Winterfell scenes are yet to be shot, good hopes the Reeds will be in. Am starting to doubt House tully though…

  • Mars5446,

    Great for you! :) I’m still unimpressed after the first chapter (Nymeria). The game had a good idea behind and quite some potential, but I think it very clumsily done. Eventhough I like complex strategies, and am not all about presentation only.

  • The Magheramorne quarry castle is probably one of the castles in the westerlands visited by Rob and his army — something not seen directly in the books but we know they’re adding for season 2.

  • Rillion: The kingdguard and gold cloaks raiding a brothel to round up all of Robert’s bastards?

    That woman looks like a noble. I think it’s the king’s caravan escaping the angry mob.

  • Reporting from Dubrovnik. I’ve spent a fabulous couple of days here. A friend and I flew over in the hopes to catch a glimpse of the sets and maybe happen upon some actors in the streets of Dubrovnik. We ran into Tyrion, i.e. Peter Dinklage only half an hour after we arrived. It was midnight and he was taking a stroll with two women, taking pics. Only later did we realize one of them was Lena. We wanted to take a picture but he seemed quite annoyed with our request. Oh well…
    The next day we spotted Littlefinger, i.e. Aidan Gillen. My friend got an autograph. The next day was even better – we spotted Peter (2-3 times that day), Lena, Jack Gleeson and, to our great surprise – Emilia Clarke. She was the best of all – super friendly, sweet, she talked to us, gladly took a photo with us. An amazing girl!!! We ran into her again later that day and had a little chat again and took more photos. What an experience!! The good thing about Dubrovnik is that it’s a small town and you can’t help running into people.
    During the two days they were filming scenes from eps 1 and 6, taking place in King’s Landing. Apparently, some scenes with Daenerys were filmed in the first week. I assume more will be filmed soon as she is in town. As for the Blackwater scenes, we just spotted those boats and some barrels and other stuff (including some scaffolding, apparently to be used for filming) on a beach right outside the City Walls. There was a guy there that I assume is a nightwatchman. So yeah, looks like they might be filming scenes with jetsam and flotsam of the Battle of Blackwater!!

    All in all… what an exciting two days. I’m coming back next year! ;)

  • The Rabbit,

    You’re welcome! And, btw, sorry guys who wanted to come with us… In the end, we went during the week and decided to fly. If you can spare a few days, it is likely that you will have a great GOT experience in Dubrovnik like we did!

  • StarkyZG,

    Thanks for sharing it with us. If I wasn’t so scraped for cash at the moment I would do what you did. Do you have any pictures you wouldn’t mind sharing?

  • I have spent two great days on the set and speak with Tyrion,Bronn,The Hound and few other guys.Even i try to excavate some news about deanerys storyline but for now i excavate something about missing dragons(someone steal baby and i hope this is not true)and we have only one bloodriders(Rakharo). Other two was abandoned from show or only for season 2.

    We shoot on Lovrijenac part when Tyrion,Bronn coming in the Kings Landing with tribe and with Lanister guard and breaking the Joffrey namedays.They also filmed the scene with fight . trail of blood

    It was great to see tourists reaction when we walked to the Pile where was our transport.
    Some tourist was scared but most of them are interrupt from photographing buildings and hunting us for photos.

  • Ivan Popić,

    Sure! I’ve just come back from Dubrovnik and I have to go away again until tomorrow night. In the meantime, I’ll think of a way to post them online so that anyone can see them. Otherwise, they’re going on my facebook page :) I’ll let you know!

  • I just realized something. I don’t think there’s a very big chance that Tyrion is gonna lose hise nose during Blackwater for the simple fact that in that case they’d have to use they’re entire CGI budget in season 3 on erasing Dinklage’s nose in every shot that he’s in. I don’t mind though. It’s not that imporant to the story.

  • Winterdark,

    The Icelandic “ponies” are actually called horses and they can be and are ridden by adults because they are the only horses available on Iceland. Some types can also be pretty big, so it’s not like the Night’s Watch is going to ride on really small ponies.

  • Dario Pavlovic: More shots from today’s shooting from Dubrovnik, + Myrcella’s departure

    It feels very good to know they implemented that sidestory. Thank you so much!