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TITANCON: The panel before the panel

Prior to the public panels (soon to come), TitanCon held a much smaller panel open to press only, and Winter Is Coming was invited! The panel featured Kristian Nairn, Sophie Turner, Maisie Williams, and Art Parkinson.

Hear Me Roar and Fire And Blood were present, along with a small contingent of other site reporters, and were able to ask a few questions. In total the panel lasted just over 20 minutes.

Part 1:

You Tube Link Here!

Part 2:

You Tube Link Here!

Permission to air video coverage of the panel has been graciously allowed by TitanCon. We want to thank MountainGoat and all the rest of the people who put this together for us and for all of you—the fans of Game of Thrones.

Fire And Blood: The panel speaks for itself. We love these kids (Kristian is a kid at heart), though I wish Isaac had been here too. In retrospect I sort of wish we’d asked more direct questions to Art Parkinson so he could have been more involved (he doesn’t leap so willingly onto microphones like Maisie does), but all in all it was a nice way to kick off the ‘con. Thanks to all involved!

Hear Me Roar: It needs to be told that the press conference/panel began several minutes before the video starts. I managed to ask a question about what the guests expected from the day. They told us they were new to conventions, but were very much looking forward to it. Maisie said specifically that she was glad to be able to give something back to the fan community, and to meet the fans and thank them for their support in person. And then FaBihoff barged into the room late, promptly punched Kristian in the arm, declared his allegiance to Team Sansa, appologised to Maisie for not being on her team, and put Art on Team Shaggydog (I’m all in). Poor JacMac30, who handled the event, had to go through some trouble to make him sit down before the press conference could continue :) The rest is on tape.

See some photos from this opening panel.

UPDATE: Art didn’t get to tell what his favourite prop from the first season was. Hereby we rectify the matter: he told us he liked his wooden sword best.


  • Sophie and Maisie are so articulate. I hope the hype and sudden rise to stardom doesn’t screw the kids up. Stay grounded guys!
    In part 2, did I spot Fabio sneaking up to the table to take pics?

  • …and Maisie just keeeps on talking! :-)

    Very nice to see this, just like with the Harry Potter ‘kids’ back in the days, you get the sense that the show is a huge part of their lives, one which they’re enjoying very much. I loved hearing Maisie talk about Needle, and then the contrast with Sophie when she talked about her favorite prop. So fitting to their characters :-) Oh, and yes, next time ask Art some more questions! He may have had only one real line in Season 1, but he delivered it brilliantly. As for Kristian, what more can be said, a kid in heart indeed, and I’d love to go out for a drink with him once. As long as he leaves his favorite prop at home…

  • Bro,

    I haven’t watched it yet but yes I remember FaBio creeping up and taking ‘subtle’ pictures. But if he didn’t do that you wouldn’t have lovely pics to ooh and aah at ;)

    HMR – thanks for recognising my FaBio dilemma and how to get the force of nature to sit down! Was it my panicked face that gave it away? ;)

  • Cringe….the reminder of taking them back downstairs only to head straight back up again..doh! ;)

    Nice to hear the talks again. It’s all a blur now so it’s great to relive them :) Well done FaBio and the photographers.

  • Fabio almost missed the press conference, because I sent him accidentaly into the wrong direction, so I had to run all around the hotel to find him and to bring him in press conference room.

    Considering his subtle ways of dealing with our dear guests I think I should have kept him captured somewhere. :)))))))))

  • Very much looking forward to Hodor’s monologue in season 2. :)

    Great panel. I think Art was understandably nervous, but it’s good that he was there. I hope he gets more lines in season 2. The kids have been great in the series and it seems they get along well in real life, too.


  • I am really having trouble understanding what they’re saying with their accents. Are there any plans to do a transcript for those of us who don’t have such good ears?

  • Lots of cool geeky info there.

    “Seven hells” was already a fan favorite, and Maisies fave too. Sophie choosing “or maybe he’ll bring me yours” , showing that she may prefer to do Sansas stronger side. Sophie saying the actor behind the character we all hate is “SO lovely” in person and her actually locing the doll Ned brought her. And so on. Cool stuff!

    I’m not even particularly disappointed that none of the “bigger names” showed up. For me – these two girls ARE big names already. I’m just as happy to see them there as I would, say Dinklage and Heady. Yeah, it was cool to see Kristian and Art too, don’t get me wrong.

  • lol, i think i’m not the first one to bring this up, but there’s a GoT reference in the last Castle episode, which i started watching like 5 min ago. I have a HUGE fangirl crush on Nathan Fillion, and hearing him saying “that’s SO Game of Thrones” just made my day xD

    EDIT: and like 30 secs after there are 2 Conan references. I’m loving this episode

  • Yeah, I watched Castle this week and I too was all, “oh sweet, Castle just mentioned Game of Thrones!!” :)

    This small panel is so good. I actually kinda prefer it over the big ComicCon one because they are very thorough in their responses. Again, those girls are so fantastic. Nice work

  • sjwenings:
    Sophie choosing “or maybe he’ll bring me yours” , showing that she may prefer to do Sansas stronger side.

    That was one of the few lines where she was allowed to be not bitchy or whiny anyway. Not a lot of good Sansa lines in S1.

  • Boy, hate to go OT but that twitter feed side bar has some interesting developments going on about Alice Henley. A role she was after has been cast? Could we have our Ygritte soon?

  • dizzy_34: Could we have our Ygritte soon?

    Yes, that would seem the most likely part. And as George is at home again for a few days already after one of his travels, here’s hoping they waited for him to share a Casting Clue…

  • I could listen to Sophie talk for hours. She has a lovely voice.

    And I wish Art would have gotten more opportunities to speak, but all in all this was great!

  • Haha, Sophie has only read her chapters because the others are “a bit, um, explicit.” What a cutie! Little Lady Fauntleroy. XD

  • Well I’m 17 and I was told I was too young to read AGOT ……. and they were maybe right lol um wow

  • Emma,


    I find that quite incredibly really. I read A Game of Thrones when I was around 16 and never had the idea (nor was told) that I was too young for that… And hearing how mature Sophie and Maisie sound, I don’t see the reason for them not to read it. Watching the show is actually worse, especially with the newly added sexposition scenes, and not letting them watch that in its entirety I could understand better.

    Btw, then again, anybody calling themselves BieberFeiver probably IS too young to read ASoIaF :-)

  • Emma,

    Hmm… It sounds like the lady Sansa couldn’t hold herself from taking a sneak peak at the other chapters.

  • Art didn’t get to tell what his favourite prop from the first season was. Hereby we rectify the matter: he told us he liked his wooden sword best.

  • Starkgirl:
    I am really having trouble understanding what they’re saying with their accents. Are there any plans to do a transcript for those of us who don’t have such good ears?

    That would be so great, I couldn’t understand most of what Maisie said. Maybe you could do an summery for the questions and answers?

  • I was lucky enough to be there and i know its been a week since it happened but i’m still buzzing and telling stories to my friends about how great the whole event was.Anyway i just want to say a big thank you to the organizers of Titancon for making it one of the best weekends ever.lets make next year bigger and better!highly recommend you guys check it out at

  • As it seems some of you would like a TItanCon to happen in 2012 – could I ask that you go to the TitanCon site and leave your comments about it on the page that Phil has set up? In order to have anohter we would need to attract funding again from Arts Council NI, and in order to give us a bit of feedback to send them, we’re asking that you comment on the webpage. If you enjoyed any of the cultural aspects of the Con as well as the GOT aspects, please comment about that too!! It would also be helpful if you noted your place of origin – after all, toursim and promotion of Belfast and N Ireland are what it’s all about to funders!
    Thanks for all your help and support!