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Thrones wins Scream Awards

We already knew Game of Thrones was a scream; SPIKE TV just confirmed it for us.

SPIKE TV (branded as “The Man’s Alternative to Lifetime Television” when it first debuted back in 2003) held it’s annual “Scream Awards” Saturday night in Los Angeles, and ‘Thrones took home the big TV prize. Sean Bean and Lena Headey were on hand to accept the award for Best TV Show, which was (coincidently?) presented by Ron Perlman.

Peter Dinklage also won Best Supporting Actor, and Emilia Clarke won for Breakout Female Performance, but neither could make it to the awards ceremony this year. (Something about being busy filming a television series or some such.)

GoT was nominated in four other categories, including Best Actor (Sean Bean), Best Actress (Lena Heady), Best Ensemble, and Most Memorable Mutilation (Viserys’ crown of gold), but did not win. Game of Thrones was also nominated for “The Ultimate Scream” (the Scream Awards top prize) but lost to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2.

SPIKE TV is a division of MTV Networks.

Fire And Blood: Great to see Sean on hand getting a little well-deserved recognition. You can tell he’s definitely proud of his role. Lena looks smokin’ in black. It’s too bad Westerosi culture doesn’t push black as its mourning color. I’m a little bummed Viserys’ golden crown lost out to something from Piranha 3D. That better have been one epic decapitation-by-motorboat!

Special thanks to ‘Thrones fan @marcelocordova on Twitter for the heads up on this (and the pic), and to DreadCentral for the play-by-play.

ADDED: More pics courtesy of bottom-supporter Sean Fan: Pics! And more: Sean and Lena sit the Iron Throne! And Sean and Lena (Throne background)!


  • Woot! I knew it was yesterday, and then I forgot again :) To be televised on the 18th! Well done, Thrones.

  • Yeah boyyy! I’m glad for the awards…Scream is more of a genre award, more in-tune with all the sci-fi, fantasy and horror fans. Can’t wait to see the awards air on Tues. Oct 18th!

  • Sean Bean lost to Daniel Radcliffe (Best Fantasy Actor), Lena lost to Natalie Portman (Fantasy Actress), and True Blood won Best Ensemble.

    Piranha had some gruesome deaths (the most memorable one to me is the girl that gets cut in half by a wild wire), but Viserys’ was at another level methinks.

  • Actually, they mention black being the color of mourning on at least one occasion I can think of – possibly there are one or two others.

  • Black is indeed the mourning color of westerosi. Cersei claims she’s glad she can get out of her black clothes now that the mourning of Tywin is over. She also has the audacity to claim she doesn’t look good in black.

  • I still think Ron Perlman should play Mag Mar Tun Doh Weg… or if he insists on playing a human, then Tormund Giantsbane would suffice. But either way, he’d make an aesthetically pleasing wildling.

  • Johan Sporre,

    I have to say, the award to Piranha 3D was well deserved.

    But the performances awards losses were a travestry. True Blood best essemble cast? Are you kidding me?

    Daniel Radcliffe beating Sean Bean? Is it April’s Fool yet?

    And they better awarded Natalie Portman for her role in “Black Swan”, and not for “Your Highness”…

  • I’m happy Thrones won a few awards but looking at the nominations I’d say the whole thing is a big joke. I mean how come the ultimate holy sh!t scene of the year: Ned’s beheading (did that need a spoiler?) is not even nominated? Also *off topic rant* Since when is HP a bigger scream than True Blood or The Walking Dead which are obviously scarier. And why is RED which is a comedy nominated for best thriller while the obviously best thriller(although it didn’t have much competition this year): Source Code wan’t even nominated in that category? And since when is Dexter a horror series? I can go on…(but won’t bother you any longer) *end rant*

  • Wonderful that Game of Thrones won best show. Congrats to Dinklage and Emilia also.

    Lovely to see Sean Bean and Lena Headey together accepting the award. Sean looks so very handsome and dashing. Go Ned!

  • Dogmayor:
    Varamyr Fourskins,

    To me, Ron Perlman is almost the perfect Tormund.

    That’s the role I think is the best fit for him. I’m starting to think we will absolutely see him in a role on GoT. He’s been hanging out with GRRM recently, having dinner with him while George has been jet setting around for book/emmy tours. it’s won’t happen while Ron is still on Sons Of Anarchy though, but…

    Spoilers for SOA (you’ve been warned)
    I’m starting to think this current season (4th) is the season when Ron’s character Clay is going to die. This is something that has been foreshadowed the whole life of the series, and all signs are pointing to it happening this season. If not this season, then it HAS to happen next season. Might even be the season cliffhanger. But Sutter HAS to kill him off, he’s been leading to it for four years now. So that bodes well for Ron joining GoT in the future (season 3?)

  • Congratulations to Sean and Lean—by the way, they both look great in that picture! I can’t fathom why True Blood would win any award over Game of Thrones other than most uneven/uninspired season of television (season 4 was beyond awful).

    Ron Pearlman would make a very good Tormund. Comedy seems to come naturally to him, at least from interviews I’ve seen, and he’s already got a history with GRRM. I don’t see why he can’t join as a guest star, even if he continues his work on Sons of Anarchy (I’m not caught up on season 4, but last I checked he was still alive and kicking).

  • Dennai,


    I don’t understand all this negativity towards True Blood. I mean it’s not GoT/Rome/The Wire/Dexter quality but it’s a fun series imo. So why is it so hated on this forum?

  • I had posted a link and some individual pics last night on another thread as this one wasn’t up yet. I’ll just repost it here.

    Just click on each individual pic there as there are more embedded pics in back of those individual ones. Love the ones of Lena sitting on Sean’s lap on the throne! LOL! Looks like they had a fun time accepting the award. I don’t care for Lena’s outfit…too baggy. She needed to showcase her nice figure better (but not quite as much as Sean’s one daughter did in that one pic of him with both daughters)! LOL! Can’t wait for the taped show on Tuesday night!

  • Winterdark,

    honestly, i don’t know. I like TB better than the books, which are nice, but nothing special, and are kinda penalized because the POV character is boring, dull and self centric. The show has a bunch of interesting characters, many of whom are also good actors (Anna Paquin and ASkar above all) and i abssolutely love how ironic and trashy is. And it’s full of amazing WTF moments, which i love (Now time for the weather. Tiffany?)

    The problems are that all those wonderful storylines always end up in a stupid way (TB’s season finale episodes are ALWAYS among the worst of the season) and there. are. to. many. characters. You can’t really place all the storylines. Sometimes they find an interesting way to keep a character around after his storyline in the book is over (Bill! King of Lousiana? HOW COOL IS THAT?) and somethimes they just hang around with not real conncetion to the main plot. (Almost everybody.. but expecially Sam. Oh, Sam. And TARA! Somebody had to kill her, like, two years ago.)

    I think you can tell from this post that I am a TB fan. Well, at least i was. TB used to be my favorite show (When i was 16. Oh, what a little ignorant girl I was one year ago. Nevermind) and i still liked after the S3 end. I even liked the s4 premiere, which many people hated, but i have to say that TB isn’t as good as it used to be. After the end of s4, i don’t know if i’ll be watching it again.. i’ll probably wait till s5 is over and then i’ll only watch Pam’s, Eric’s and maybe Bill’s storylines.

    About the show being hated here: I think this is because the show is VERY different from the books. As GRRM fan, many of us would hate the books being changed as deeply as TB books were. But, as i said, i think TB plot is way better than anything Charlaine Harris has ever written, with the possible exception of the first books (it looks like she had a bit of an Anita Blake syndrome lately)

  • Elena Amici,

    Any new True Blood season will never live up to its Season Two, IMHO. That was one awesome season, and since then I haven’t loved it as much. Now that it airs right after GOT, it’s just weak. GOT is just so awesome, and by comparison True Blood just…isn’t.

    But Dexter this season has been good thus far. I’ll be sad to see it go, when it does. My only beef is that it airs the same time as Hung. :(

  • Elena Amici,

    Wow thanks for that posts it was very insightful. I mus admit that I haven’t seen the latest season yet.(so thanks for the spoilers) Obviously I’m not that big a TB fan but I’m warned. I never read the novels but I understand from you and others that the series is very different so I can imagine that people who like the novels don’t like the series. I’ve recently watched DCI Banks based on the books by my all time favorite author: Peter Robinson (no offense to GRRM but Peter Robinson books are comfort food) and I really hate the series for messing up the books I love so I can relate to that. I don’t agree it has too many characters just that some aren’t really interesting. And yes allthough I’m a little angry that you spoiled such an obviously big plotpoint I do agree with you that Tara had to go a long time ago. She was interesting in the first season but then not so much anymore. So good riddance to her. Again thanks for your post, I truly mean that.

    The Instrumentalist,

    I completely agree that GoT/TB is no match. Dexter is totally awesome this year. True we’ve only seen two episodes so there’s more than enough time for the writers to seriously screw things up but so far I love every second of it. After season 5 I almost lost my faith in the series but now it’s back and stronger than ever. Halleluja! Btw: They are in talks about a seventh series

  • Wait, if Peter Dinklage was too busy filming, how does Lena Headey have time off? It’s been a while since I read ACoK but don’t Tyrion and Cersei have a ton of scenes together?

  • Winterdark,

    dang, sorry for the spoilers. Altough i think there was only a real spoiler… but it’s kinda big. Dang, again :D
    ….but go and watch S3 as soon as you can. Expecially the “now time for the weather. Tiffany?” bit, that you can easily find online
    (there you go.. warning, spoiler ahed.. but it’s a tiny, little spoiler, more like a WTF moment:

    The Instrumentalist,
    Actually i didn’t like S2 that much because of the huge amount of Sam in it :D and i liked s3 better (Russell!!!) I think dexter has the same problem – an amazing lead and weak supporting characters, and i hate how nothing really happens – how am i supposed to care about dexter if i know he’s never going to get caught? I agree that s6 is really good, though

  • Elena Amici,

    Actually I’ve seen season 3 and yes that time for the wheather Tiffany was awesome. Also I think the only good thing about Tara’s storyline last season was that it had a supercool James Frain. And I’m gonna start watching season 4 tomorrow or the day after. I want to finish John Adams first, great series. Stephen Dillane is amazing in it. I still can’t picture him quite as Stannis but he sure is a great actor.

    About Dexter getting caught. It came really close last season but then they sorta jumped the shark. Not in a big way just a little bit but enough to be annoying imo. Btw: I think Deb and Batista are interesting characters but the series is very much centered on one person and so it’s logical that the other characters are a bit underwhelming

  • Winterdark,

    Where did I say I hate TB? I just commented that awarding it best essemble cast over GOT is a joke and not a good one.

    I like TB for what it is. I’ll watch season 4 when it airs in the UK and probably I’ll enjoy it in some degree (although my level of enjoyement with it is decreasing every season I watch).

    To better ilustrate my point, I did also enjoy American Pie, but if in some awards ceremony it had received the Best Essemble Cast Award while contesting against, say, The Usual Suspects. my reaction would have been similar to this case.

  • Dennai,

    Comparing TB to American Pie is a bit harsh I think but I get the point. Too few interesting characters to call it the best ensemble.

  • I love True Blood, but I don’t really think it deserves most awards (although some of the acting is great, the guy that plays Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis?) is pretty awesome).