TITANCON: Extras panel; Water Dancing with Syrio; Adapting the Book panel

Hear Me Roar: Alongside the large number of panels and other events on Saturday, a smaller panel with extras took place as well. Due to the busy schedule of the day, fewer people attended this one as the guest signing session ran at the same time. Chaired by Rimshot, whom we all know and we appreciate his comments on this site (*waves*), the panel consited of three Game of Thrones extras and Sam, who has experience as an extra in England.

Marc, Rimshot, Sam, and Diarmuid

The discussion was aimed at informing the public of how to become and extra and what it looks like to be one. Naturally, the conversation drifted towards GoT quite quickly. As you all surely know, the extras on the Northern Ireland part of the show were provided by the ExtrasNI agency. I had in mind to write that the extras are (one of) the unsung heroes, but luckily we just had a great interview with one of them, full of cool little details that complement this post.

The Extra Who Lived (with Giant of Lannister in the background)

The consensus was that being an extra is overall great fun, gives you a chance to see the workings of a production up close, and instills cameradery and a sense of belonging to a special group. Still, sleep deprivation, boredom from waiting, and extreme weather conditions often need to be braved. We had a survivor of the hurricane wind disaster in the audience (photo to the left), who escaped unscathed. Do you want an anecdote from the S2 filming? Okay, gather around. During the shooting of the aftermath of a battle (not Blackwater, but I won’t mention any names beyond that), some of the corpses were played by extras. One of them fell asleep, as it happens. No big problem, since he was supposed to be a corpse, if he hadn’t woken up and sat up startled during a scene! Either the CGI guys are going to have to do some overtime fixing that, or there is going to be a cool zombie soldier in the background for us to spot. If they kept the shot at all, that is.

And yes, Rimshot is still considering writing that book he once mentioned in the comments, his Memoirs of an Extra. I would definitely read that.

Fire and Blood: One of the more exciting moments of TitanCon had to be when Miltos Yerolemou leapt to the ballroom stage and proceeded to instruct the gathered gaggle in the art of water dancing—which is to say he became, for a moment, Syrio Forel, and woe to anyone who did not get to see that live.

(I’m hoping they bring Miltos in next year as well. I could not get any video. People, you need to see this!)

Miltos was aided by a number of victi—err, participants, including the Amazin’ Maisie Williams, “Lord” Jo, Joe “Get Joe On The Show” Campo, and a few others, all of whom were willing (and frequent) targets. Smoothness of step and precision of blade-point were drilled into the minds of participants and audience members alike, and we were treated to a rudiment lesson in “dramatic” (over-the-top) (or “stage”) fighting as well. It was great.

It’s probably not entirely coincidental that HBO cast the fantastic Yerolemou in a teacher’s role, because he is clearly comfortable in those shoes; long a stage actor, the indefatigable Miltos strode the stage willingly and with flair. It felt as though you were privy to a peek behind the curtain, so to speak. We were also treated to a number of Syrio-isms, some of which (I’m partly certain) he made up on the fly.

It was entertaining to say the least.

Photo by Jim Corr (

Finally: in our neverending quest to Always Support the Bottom, we here at can never be accused of taking a momentous gathering like TitanCon lightly; no indeed, as it’s mid-October now and we’re still talking about the first day. (What, did you want it all at once?) Have no fear—we’re almost done…

… with Day One.

Lost in the archives that are my tricksy little MacBook Air’s video catalogue was this nearly-forgotten gem: The rumored and reclusive Adapting the Book panel!

See here in two parts (approximately 20 minutes in total) how various adaptation subjects were touched upon and discussed. The panel was moderated by the author Ian McDonald, and included Miltos Yerolemou, William Simpson, Sophie Turner, Maisie Williams, Art Parkinson, and Kristian Nairn.

Part 1 starts (in the middle of) the question, “What prop would you have taken for yourself (to keep) from season one?” Which… alright, that has almost nothing to do with adaptation, but there you have it.

You Tube Link!

Part 2 gets into the meat of the question of adaptation.

You Tube Link!

Kristian Nairn’s stirring and heartfelt thank-you—essentially a love letter (in his own words) from Belfast to the production—was exceptionally moving. There were more than a few misty eyes at the end of that. It’s amazing how well the city has embraced this production, and take it from someone who roamed the streets: Belfast is proud of the fact that Game of Thrones found a home there. And nothing drove that home as much as Kristian’s humbled words.

Loved it. Next: Day 2 … perhaps!


  • I was so sorry to miss the Extras panel, but I was duly in the queue for the signing session. I have to say all the GOT extras I’ve met (and being myself a veteran of all three moots, they are quite a bunch) are really cool guys, very entertaining, very informative, very friendly and you get right away how proud they feel of being part of this production.

  • That happened in S1 too. One of the corpses was breathing mist. So we had to hold our breath. For two minutes. FUN TIMES : D

  • What was Alexander Skarsgård doing there at Titancon? That guy on the left is the spitting image of him.

  • haha, Miltos we all want to know what happened while Ned was out in about…
    Can you imagine if they showed the ToJ in season one.

  • spacechampion:
    What was Alexander Skarsgård doing there at Titancon?That guy on the left is the spitting image of him.

    Maybe Skarsgård desperately want’s to be a part of the GoT-crew. Can you blame him? :)

  • spacechampion: What was Alexander Skarsgård doing there at Titancon? That guy on the left is the spitting image of him.

    He was waiting to shout “Sansa is MINE!”.. Since Sansa might be the GoT Sookie :)

  • Bobben,

    Oh yes, let’s get in some background story and make him Rhaegar if he can’t do anyof the “current” storylines. Warrior, poet, singer… I’d buy that.
    And Sophie is prettier than Anna.
    It is known.

  • OT they’ve just filmed the battle scenes in ep 9 in Northern Ireland. My friend is an extra and said it was the best two weeks of his life.

    SPOILERs (dont know how to do the black cover thing)

    It was the scenes involving the ship combat, and battering rams at the gate.

  • Wabawanga,

    Well, not his cup of tea. I was surprised though. As some pointed out, he called The Wire “just a cop show”. Clearly not so relevant. At least GoT is well produced, according to him, so all is good :)

  • Alex Baxter:
    OT they’ve just filmed the battle scenes in ep 9 in Northern Ireland. My friend is an extra and said it was the best two weeks of his life.

    SPOILERs (dont know how to do the black cover thing)

    It was the scenes involving the ship combat, and battering rams at the gate.

    Thanks for that. Any idea where in NI this was shot?

  • The Rabbit:
    Two Feathers,

    Nosey rabbit is guessing (according to a trace rabbit followed): It is mystery castle at Magheramorne. (as a gate of KL)

    Thanks Rabbit. Thats going to be amazing once the CGI is added. It sounds like filming took at least two weeks, so that should mean plenty of action. Can`t wait.
    I imagine matching the weather and light continuity between Magheramorne KL and Dubrovnic KL will be a technical challange .

  • As far as we heard from various little birds the NI filming was exclusively night-filming: so the light problems are solved with that.
    That was brilliant idea, IMO.

  • Hi, thanks for the kind words about the extras panel. It was great fun and we had more than we expected considering the signing taking place downstairs. I would have loved to have included more extras on the panel but I was asked to keep it at 4 members. I have a video of some of it but I’m not sure if I’ll make it public as it’s me waffling for 7 mins!

    BTW, I’ve heard accounts from a number of extras who have been working on night shoots in the last couple of weeks. The consensus is that the shoots were incredibly hard but very rewarding and the finished product will be amazing. There are many tales of freezing, wet nights stood on ramparts and playing corpses. One guy told me that a tent where they were changing in had to be evacuated in the middle of the night due to a storm again and alot of half dressed Lannisters were standing in the freezing cold! I was on standby one night as a double but wasn’t needed in the end. Can’t wait to see it all put together.